bad art spree

i need to follow more people like YOU

so please if you post the following like/reblog this lame ass post so I can make my dash a little more exciting

Harry Potter
Game of thrones
Breaking bad
The hunger games
Parks and Rec
The 100
Teen wolf
Cute mf animals
Your own artwork
Marvel because marvel

Just anything interesting and cool. Please I’m begging you. Will be following all those who give this a note until I hit my limit tonight.

Love for you all 😘😘😘

Same old song and dance guys

Dash is dead, you know the drill:

♦ Attack on Titan

♦ Video games

♦ Berserk

♦ Game of Thrones

♦ Art/Fanart

♦ Most anime in general

♦ Breaking Bad and Walking Dead

♦ Some vintage stuffs

♦ More anime

♦ More video games

♦ Superheroes (that is Marvel and DC)

♦ Cartoons (I refuse to grow up)

Again, my blog mainly consists of the list above, therefore I demand more of it~

Let me follow you guys