bad art design

So I was excited to see Hatter as one of the featured rogues in Batgirl Rebirth’s latest arc which concluded yesterday - dude doesn’t have many main appearances at the moment - but was mainly amused that more than half his appearances has him looking like a swollen punctured grape. Punching fodder much. Ouch. I did like his design here tho, the art was my cup of tea. :)

@dragon-con-artist oy.. i have a confession to make… i love all of your characters so FREAKING much

me: why am I getting déjà vu while drawing this 

me: oh yeah it’s because torixi also has the face of a morally-questionable heck rabbit with buck teeth of concerning severity. neat 

Sorry for the watermark overkill I worked way too hard on this for someone to just claim it as their own. Regardless, I’m near the end of my Undertale fan project and I figured it was time for a progress report since I need a break from staring at this for hours on end. I’m aiming to have the whole video up within a month or so.


just in time for valentine’s day, jojolion cards in good taste for you and your friends~

So I found @kanoii-chi ‘s Dad!Au and I couldn’t stop myself