bad airbrushing

Applejack having a tea party with fluttershy but she’s kind of clumsy, requested by @flowerquest

this picture took like 6 hours to complete why do i try to draw lineless art

edit: here’s the speedpaint

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fashion photography & cosplays

hey guys, so some of you may know that I am a fashion editorial photographer (or I was. law kinda fucked everything up but anyway). I’ve always been slightly bothered by the bad airbrushing in a lot of cosplays and a lot of digital plastic surgery done because of existing media whitewashing (i.e. not the cosplayers fault). 

I think it’ll be cool to do more high fashion style cosplay shoots. I might have time for it while i’m in NYC later this year (or LDN, Paris, Germany). Let me know if you’re keen. DM for portfolio. 

“Fear and shrooming in the Mushroom Kingdom”.
A mash up Super Mario and the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (the movie poster).
It’s mario having a bad trip after biting on to a mushroom.
All free handed airbrush and paintbrush on 21"x36" canvas.