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yeah smoking is bad, but the ads are killing me more than my smoking addiction. listen... Hire me as your tumblr representative and I'll get these kids off smoking ... I've made many successful posts .. Trust me
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Groupon wins award for worst ad campaign of the night

In case you haven’t seen this hot mess, here you go. Groupon just exploited the Tibetian people to sell its wares, an advertising strategy not seen since, well, ever. While Groupon does have a point, you have to get all the way to this site to find it. The odds that people will reach this site and see the joke: Zilch. Way to go, Groupon. source

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Have you guys seen these gross, fatphobic clickbait ads that target fat women like Gabourey Sidibe and Rebel Wilson and even just anonymous fat women with awful headlines like “ you won’t believe what she looks like now!” because they’re everywhere and they’re so fucking horrible and annoying.


My and GFs first reaction when we saw this commercial -must have been written by this guy: