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Disclaimer 1 - This is totally ooey gooey cheese.  If you don’t like cheesy fics, do yourself a favor and not read it.  Disclaimer 2 - I wrote it super fast so it may not only be ooey gooey cheese but full of errors.  Read at your own risk.  

Ironic – A Joe and Taylor Drabble

She can remember their first discussion about this.  Fifteen years old.  Sitting against the pastel painted bed in her room.  Abi had been picking at the hole in the knee of her jeans, rambling on about how much she hated Algebra but that she couldn’t hate it too much because Ben Henson was sitting diagonal and two seats up from her.   She had been writing a song that could really be a poem or maybe a story, she wasn’t positively sure at that point in time.  And when Abi had realized her lack of attention, she had grabbed the notepad from her hand and flung it across the room.  

“Let’s plan our weddings,” Abi had said enthusiastically, her red hair bouncing in waves like it was trying to match, or at least keep up with, her energy.    

Her heart had leapt a bit at the idea because, well the idea of everlasting love made her starry-eyed and planning the wedding she knew she would eventually have made her whole body shiver with excitement.  But showing Abi that wasn’t something she really wanted to do, not after her best friend had warned her to stop living in a fairytale just the day before when she had been whimsically forecasting her future romance with Chad Michael Murray.

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Spilling Tea

AMD’s Latest Doll Gets in the Hotseat

Born in Sleep Hollow to West Indian and Hispanic parents, “Abi Doll” has the desire not only to make her family proud but establish a name for herself on the world stage. Respect and honor is paramount to her as she strives for professional acclaim in modeling and as an ambassador for many prestigious brands. Not to be outdone, she would like to launch her own business later in life and expand her work to include acting. The letters Abi are paramount in the word ambition. 

But that’s not all. 

Hear from Abi in her own words:

Where were you born?

I was born in Sleepy Hallow, Westchester County.

What is your nationality?

My mother was born in St.Lucia; my father is from Costa Rica. So my nationality is West Indian and Hispanic.

Tell us about your personality…

I would describe my personality as passionate and confident. I’m humble, a bit shy at times and easy to get along with, but if I’m around good company I am spontaneous and open minded.

What are some of your hobbies/interest?

Some of the hobbies include spending time with my close friend, experiencing new things and going places I’ve never been before , meeting new people that I can learn from. Things that spark my interest are anything that would contribute to my success in the future. One day I would like to own and run my own business based on something I am passionate about.

Tell us about your style…

I would describe my style as comfortable on a regular day; jeans, a turtle neck, uggs or sneakers. When partying I wear fitted dresses, anything to compliment my curves. I love to look good because when you look good you feel just as good.

How long have you been interested in modeling?

I would say recently I became interested in modeling,when I first starting taking photos professionally I was not comfortable in front of the camera but after being in the industry and taking photos is apart of my job to promote myself I became more open to it and accepting.

What is something about you that sets you apart from anyone else? Favorite music?

Something that sets me apart from most girls in the industry is that no matter what I accomplish I remain humble and true to myself I never let anything get to me or make me feel I am superior to others even though cockiness is something that is common amongst girls I work with.

I love all music Rap, Hip Hop, Old School R&B, new R&B , my favorite R&B artist is NeYo. Reggae, Reggaeton, Pop, and some Rock (Not hardcore). I listen to everything.

Because sometimes everything hurts.
And that’s okay.
Be sad. Listen to sad country music. Read sad poetry. Drink tea and eat ice cream. Cuddle in your favorite sweatshirt and cry.
But do not stay in that state.
Embrace the sadness, never let anyone tell you that your sadness is not justified. But after you’ve embraced it, move on.
Be happy. And if you can’t be happy quite yet, settle for being okay.
Listen to your favorite song over and over again at a ridiculously loud volume. Read your favorite book. Drink tea and eat ice cream. Wear your favorite sweatshirt and smile.
Because it gets better.
We can never break permanently because there will always be duct tape.
And that’s okay.
—  For inkskinned, because you were the first person in a long time who told me my poetry wasn’t complete shit, no matter how inadvertently 
Dizi tarihinin "EN"leri...

Tabi bunlar bana göre. 

1-) Dizi tarihinin en cool karakterleri and the goes tooooooo 

Hank Moody (Californiacation)

Al Swearengen (Deadwood)

Gilfoyle (Silicon Valley)

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2-)Dizi tarihinin zeki azıcık da piç delikanlıları.

Lip Gallagher (Shameless)

Vincent Chase (Entourage)

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Harvey Specter (Suits)

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3-) Dizi tarihinin en karizmatik karakterleri.

Tyrion Lanister (Game of Thrones)

Hannibal Lecter - (Hannibal)

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4-) Dizi tarihinin en iyi abileri.

Mycorft Holmes (Sherlock)

Şevket Ç. (Behzat Ç.)

Gob Bluth (Arrested Development)

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5-) Dizi tarihinin en iyi doktorları.

Gregory House (House M.D)

Jack Shephard (LOST)

Levent Atahanlı (Doktorlar)

6-)Dizi tarihinin en yalancı karakteri.

Dr. Cal Lightman (Lie to Me)

7-) Dizi tarihinin en soğukkanlı seri katili. Bildiğin cinayet sahasının Andrea Pirlo'su.

Lorne Malvo (Fargo)

8-)Dizi tarihinin en cool kötü adamları.

Gustavo Fring (Breaking Bad)

Riario (Da Vinci’s Demon)

9-) Dizi tarihinin en hasta ruhlu ve kompleskli karakterleri. (Bi’ o kadar renkli.)

George Costanza (Seinfeld)

Tobias Fünke (Arrested Development)

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10-)Dizi tarihinin en çok dayak yiyen karakterleri.

Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)

Hırsız Yavuz Abi (Leyla ile Mecnun)

11-)Dizi tarihinin en kıl, en öldürülesi karakterleri.

Joffrey Baratheon (Game of Thrones)

Becca Moody (Californiacation)

Skyler White (Breaking Bad)

12-) Dizi tarihinin en şerefsiz olmayan zengin piçi.

 Sebastian Kydd (The Carrie Diaries)

Oregon (Fresh Meat)

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13-)Dizi tarihinin en başarısız oyuncusu.

Selçuk Bey (Çocuklar Duymasın)

14-)Dizi tarihinin en troll karakterleri.

Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)

Bender (Futuruma)

Erlich Bachman (Silicon Valley)

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15-) Son yıllarda yazılmış en iyi dedektif karakteri.

Rust Cohle (True Detective)

Cover page for “Eyes of a Dragon” by Murkymuse; the premise is that the first seiryuu, Abi, is actually a woman instead of a man

This is gonna be a big project of mine and I’m going to make a comic of the fanfic chapter by chapter (hopefully in full color) 

shamelessly used google translate

I have been watching Shadow Hunters since the first episode, and have fallen in love with the concept of this wonderful show. Before this series came on, I had vaguely heard of the books but never read them, and never watched the movie. Most likely because I have been far too captivated in the world of Harry Potter to really pay attention to other big book series. 

So I was completely unaware of this crazy world that I was about to be dragged into (completely willingly). I recognized Harry (Magnus Bane) immediately and was very excited to get to see him in this new (VERY different) role. Going from Glee, to this was a huge step, and I was very excited to see how he took to it. 

I watched the first couple episodes before I started doing research on Tumblr about the cast and show itself. That’s when I learned about Malec. I had no idea that this adorable couple was actually canon and would most likely be happening in the show. As it normally happens with me (ie: Drarry, Klaine), I immediately got very attached, and just a liiiiitle bit obsessed with the couple. 

What I didn’t realize though, is how separated the fandom seems to be. As I’ve been delving more and more into the Malec tag, I’ve been noticing very disgruntled people. Many other Malec fans have been expressing very intense views about how its obvious that Matthew and Harry are carrying this show, and that without Malec this show would be no good, and that Jace and Clary, and Simon and Isabelle are just a waste of time, etc etc.

Unfortunately (and understandably), many Sizzy and Clace fans are getting fed up with these attitudes. Many posts under the Malec tag are talking about the fact that they can’t even enough their tags anymore, because they’re beening clogged up by Malec. I truly do not understand why we can’t be respectful of the tags, and the other ships on a show.

I don’t know about any of you, but I would be very annoyed, if anytime I went to the Malec tag it would be full of people complaining about the couple, saying it’s no good and posting Sizzy and Clace posts. Now I personally think that the couples are great, and this show is very promising, and I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next.

I guess, what I’m trying to say in this too long of a post, is that the ShadowHunters series, could still possibly be dropped at the end of this season. The writers, producers, everyone needs to see that people are loving this show in order for it to continue. I don’t want to be a part of a fandom that stays on opposite sides of the battle field because we can’t respect each other. Whether you love Magnus, Sizzy, and Clace, or hate them; if we all love the ShadowHunters universe, then we all have one goal. To show everyone how much this show is loved. 

Are we all together on this? 

I just really want to make friends on here with people that love all different types of couples because I want to talk theories! I want to get into heated discussions and playful banter that I would always lose because I only have information from the show and not the books. I want to see more amazing footage of BTS from the cast, and get to gush over it with EVERYONE in the fandom. Because every character on the show is important and deserves to be treated with respect, as well as every tumblr user here.