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hey hi hello, I don’t normally post stuff like this but I actually think it might help people out a bit so here u go. I was downloading random apps yesterday and found this one called Virtual Hope Box, for when ur down or stressed or whatever, which lets u put in comforting pictures n videos n quotes and offers games to distract u (as well as relaxation and coping tools + support contacts). As far as I can tell it is completely free, so if you think this will help u, then 10/10 would recommend! love u all x x x x

Here are some things I’ve experienced during the summer when there is a heatwave in the UK.

- when I was at school we didn’t have a single fan in the classroom, because we ‘wouldnt use it enough’. I ended up passing out because our school uniform involved a tie that had to be done right to the top with the top button done up. I had to be carried by the deputy head teacher down to the sick office where 5 other students were sat in front of a massive fan. All had passes out. We don’t have AC in schools, some classes don’t have a fan.

- in a heatwave we were made to do a 1 mile run. In PE we also had uniform. The tops are thick because we don’t normally get such heat. We had students get heatstroke.

- we had thick black blazers. When I say thick I mean if I snowed I could still walk to and from school in just my shirt and blazer and black trouser. We had to ask to take these off in class. Yeh, in the classes with no AC and no fan.

- we had big windows, but it was a massive pain if you wasn’t next to a window in the seating plan. Because it meant you got nothing. And we could only open them part way because things flew everywhere.

- if you had IT, good luck. That’s Satan’s room.

- walking to and from class, you was lucky if you had to walk outside to get to your class. But that’s where the luck stopped. Walking outside meant you had PE or woodwork. And woodwork meant hot machines and not Windows that opened.

Okay enough about school.

- my first job was in a warehouse. 10 hours a day no break. Only the doors open that allow in deliveries. I shit you not, one of the thermometers in the corner said 100°c. We were told to avoid that area and it only said that much because of machines (bullshit).

- it was like a fucking greenhouse. The machines chucked out heat quicker than we could get it out. I said I needed a break from my machine because I was hot (The uniform again was thick for when It was winter) I was told I’m over reacting. I passed out. We had one guy taken away in an ambulance the week after because it was too hot. They wouldn’t send us home because they would lose money. We couldn’t walk out because we would have no job.

- the hospitals struggle because of the amount of babies and elderly people that end up in there with heat related problems. Our houses are built to keep heat in. People die. If it gets bad, we had adverts on tv’s to warn us.

- I live opposite a doctor’s surgery and next to that is an ambulance station. A lot of elderly people live down my road. The crew go up and down the street to make sure elderly people are okay and to see if anyone needs to go to the hospital.

- and lastly. As I have been writing this something hasn’t felt right. My screen protector on my phone has started to melt. I’m in the shade.

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im saving up to run Bad Adverts in local tv stations…. you leaked the scripts

I’m sorry but I don’t have the time to complete all these 50 Questions thing. I am my Dad’s full time carer so when I’m not looking after him I am doing the washing, cooking, shopping. I barely have time to breathe let alone answer questions about myself. So instead this is my personal preview of the first six months of the year.
Great things first.
1. Booked holiday to Egypt after thought couldn’t afford it.
2. Finally met up with wonderful cousin Lisa and my sister. Had brilliant time.
3. Got fantastic drawing from Seth which was a surprise because I didn’t think I would get an answer.
4. Got concentration back after awful last year.
5. Finally found myself again and am so much more happier nowadays.

Bad things
1. Cancer adverts will always make me cry no matter what. Especially the ones to do with sisters fighting it.
2. My tinnitus is getting worse. Stress doesn’t help.
3. Migraines also still hanging around. Damn that hidden stress.
4. Learning my cousin had been attacked by her bastard husband wasn’t nice.
5. Bloody washing machine kept breaking down was also hell.

Request: Play Your Part

Request: Can you write a dean x reader oneshot where it’s similar to Changing Channels

Word Count: 1,144

Here it is! The game show is just a made up thing, I don’t know. Enjoy!:)

“Dean?” You whisper, “What the hell is going on here?”

Moments ago you were outside a ramshackle house in the middle of nowhere, not a tree in sight. Now, you’re in a dense forest. You hear a voice.

“There are only two thousand of these majestic creatures remaining in the wild.”

You search around for the voice, catching Dean’s eye. Then, he lets out a small sound, pointing in amongst the trees.

You spin, to see a huge tiger in amongst the bushes. You yelp, backing away from it, closer to Dean. He catches your eye and mouths, “Run.”

You take off, crashing through the floor, layered with fallen leaves. Dean follows you, and, as you hear a loud roar, apparently the tiger gives chase. Dean catches up and yells, “The tree!”

In perfect harmony, he bends down and locks his hands. You step onto them, and he throws you up into the branches of a tree. You hang down, and he grabs your lower arms as you pull him up. In the safety of the branches, you stare at each other with wide eyes, and the voice speaks again.

“This time, the prey got away. The tiger, once again, goes foodless.” It says, and Dean glares at the sky.

“Don’t make us the bad guys for surviving!” He snaps. Then, a dark snake winds its way around the branch and opens its jaws wide. You yell out, and back away.

“Dean! Black mamba!”


“Move!” You grab his arm and pull him from the tree. You both land heavily on the ground, but the landing is relatively soft.

“What the hell?”

“That snake is venomous as hell, okay? Just…trust me, I was a girl scout.”

“You were?” He asks, and you shrug.

“No, I lied. Dean, I think we’re in a nature documentary.” The voice says something about the snake but you ignore it.

“That would make sense. Come on, we have to keep moving!” He says, taking your hand and pulling you through the jungle setting. You come to a small pond, where a large grey lump resides in the middle.

“Hippo. Keep-“ You start to say, but the mighty mouth opens and a huge roar comes from the beast.

Then, everything goes black. When the lights turn back on, you’re in an entirely different setting. The ornately adorned room is filled with a tantalizing scent.

Another, different voice speaks a strange word. You look down to find you’re wearing a tight fitting black dress, with painfully high heels and diamond rings and necklace. You stare at the getup, before looking up. Dean wears a carefully tailored black suit, and the first four or five buttons are undone on the crisp, white dress shirt, exposing part of his chest.

You stare at him, and he grins.

“Like what you see?” He chuckles, and you roll your eyes.

“I’m not complaining.” You move closer to him, and his eyes widen.

“That looks amazing on you. Wow.” He grins, looking you up and down. You laugh, blushing slightly.

“Enjoy it while it lasts. I’d think this is some sort of perfume ad, judging by the smell.” You suggest, and he nods.

“That would make sense. It reeks in here.” He screws up his nose and you laugh.

“It really does.” You agree. Suddenly, a disco ball turns on overhead, throwing speckled light over the small room. It reflects off of the mirrors, sending light cascading over your skin.

You meet Dean’s eyes, frowning, “What are we meant to-?”

You don’t get to finish your sentence as he crashes his lips to your passionately. He doesn’t pull away for a long time, and when he does, the setting has changed.

You’re wearing your normal clothes, thank God, and you’re sat behind a desk beside Dean. There’s a selection of letters on a board, and a two people on the other side of the room.

“What is the anagram? First pair to buzz in wins the point!” A voice says. The other couple are staring intensely at the board, but you see it instantly.

The letters are IMDOCNE. Almost straight away, you see the answer. Your hand lands on the buzzer.

“Demonic!” You exclaim. A buzzer sound and the letters turn to form the word.

“Correct answer! Next one!” The voice announces.

The letters, XSREIOCE appear. Dean’s hand hits the red button.

“Exorcise!” He says, and the ‘correct answer’ buzzer goes off again. You high-five Dean and suddenly, you’re sat in a chair, cuffed to the table in front of you.

You’ve been interrogated before, you know what this is. Just a silly crime drama. A half grin makes its way onto your face as Dean enters the room.

“I’ve heard you’ve been naughty.” He smirks, sitting down opposite you. You laugh.

“Oh?” You lean on the grey desk. “What did I do now?”

“According to the nice man outside, you killed the man that divorced your sister.” He says, leaning close to you. “You’re such a bad girl.”

You roll your eyes, “He probably deserved it.”

He leans back, laughing. “This is like a porno.”

“Don’t expect it to head that way, pervert.” You tease, and he laughs again.

“Don’t worry, that wasn’t what I was really thinking.”

“Liar.” You say, and he grins.

“Shh. There’s someone coming.”

“Ooh, can I film a confession?” You ask, giggling.

He laughs, “What are you going to confess?”

“I have a lot to get off of my mind, thank you very much.” You say, trying to cross your arms. The handcuffs stop you, and they clink irritatingly.

“I can tell you haven’t spent much time in cuffs.” He says, and you shrug.

“Just because I’m not getting arrested every ten minutes.”

“I haven’t been arrested for something I’ve actually done in nearly six months!”

You roll your eyes, and the door opens.

“How are you doing, Officer Winchester?”

Dean winks at you and turns to the other man. “Oh, she’s a tough one. Might want some breaking in.”

“You need any help?”

“I got this one, don’t worry.” He assures the guy, who leaves with a glare in your direction. “you just so happened to kill his brother.”

“I’m sorry, officer!” You say, your voice filled with false fear. “Please, don’t put me in jail.”

He doesn’t have time to answer as you’re flung back into the small house. You look around quickly.

“Are we out?” You ask, looking out of a window. He nods.

“I think so.” He comes up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Oh, thank god. That was traumatizing.” You sigh, leaning into his body, glad it’s over.

He smiles, kissing the top of your head. “It wasn’t so bad. That perfume advert was good. You should buy some of it.”

You roll your eyes. “Whatever floats your goat. C’mon, I’m hungry.”