bad 25

so apparently people who have a pretty good eyesight see the dress in it’s original colors (black and blue) and people who don’t see it in white and gold, because their eyes are not that light sensitive? well, had I known this earlier… my eyesight is pretty bad (-3.25) , so it’s no wonder that I see white and gold then… it’s not even switching for me. I also read that it has to do with the sun - like, if you’ve looked into the sun as a child. I’m pretty sure I have, so… ;D mystery solved?


"There’s this story, actually, that Quincy told me years ago. And what said is that Michael had the ability to come in, he could lay down the lead vocal of a track. And then he could sit there, listen, just put the time in and figure out where all the harmonies should go. And then do that, not leave until he had the harmonies right."~Nelson George