• Jay: We've been GarmaGONE for a while, huh? Or should I say... DraGONE!
  • Ultradragon: *roars in disapproval*
  • Jay: NOT YOU, TOO! Or... Not you FOUR!

So, I’m at the church where the children are supposed to partake in fellowship and worship (mind you this is one of those mega churches *extreme side eye*) waiting to pick my brother up. Tell me why I see two children displaying too much PDA outside the house of the Lord. The dude was sitting on a trashcan and the girl was in front of him in between his legs holding his hands and shit. She grabbed his head and placed it on her chest…like ????? Why am I the only one seeing this?? Where are the supervisors?? Jesus probably in heaven like…

Dói, mas não sei ao certo o que que está doendo. Sei apenas que sufoca … faz doer o peito, talvez seja o vazio aqui dentro misturado com tantas ausências, não tenho certeza. Mas dói e dói muito, se instala no peito faz cicatriz na alma.
—  Simone Ribeiro.