bacterial contamination


Calcium!Genos AU (based on the song Bacterial Contamination)

Alternate Universe where Dr. Kuseno is a biochemical engineer, chemically and genetically modifying Genos’ body. Genos has an even harder time coming in terms with his physical appearance, and being harder on himself than necessary (refers to himself as a bug instead of robot/cyborg). More timid around people, his appearance scares a majority of people away except for Saitama who thinks he looks “pretty cool” and “straight out of a horror manga”.

His arms and legs can grow back, but it takes awhile for them to do so (he’ll go to Dr. Kuseno for a drug to speed up the process). His LEFT eye’s sight is on par with a mantis shrimp’s (by right eye I mean when viewing him)…

Still eats normal human food, but requires more of it when he needs to regenerate missing limbs.