Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney Sentence Starters
  • “Don’t think I’m going to walk in your shadow forever… Our battle… begins now… so you had better prepare yourself.”
  • “Why can’t we have a normal, straightforward killing once in awhile in this country!?”
  • “Yeah, but that’s the problem… She is so mean. And that whip… That thing hurts. It really hurts.”
  • “Sometimes Life Just sucks”
  • “It seems like it was only yesterday. Actually, it was only yesterday.”
  • “I spent a whole day looking for my dentures. They turned out to be in my mouth all along.”
  • “Thanks to you, I’m saddled with unnecessary… feelings.”
  • “Men are like colonies of bacteria. The more heat you apply, the faster they grow.”
  • “We were great together! We were Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra and Mark Anthony!”
  • “No “but”-ing your way out of this one”
  • “You fight to the very end, even when you know the truth is not with you”
  • “It must be nice to live so free of guilt.”
  • “You’re too young to die!”
  • “Isn’t violence against hair a crime?”
  • “You need to stop judging things based on narrow-minded cultural assumptions.”
  • “She’d never do anything like that! You hear me?! Never! She’s a great kid, and really cute… And really great… And cute.”
  • “Someone has to look out for the people who have no one on their side.”
  • “Every time you do it, I have a mini-heart attack. It’s like you’re trying to kill me, pal.”
  • “Proof enough for you, (insert name here)? Or should I say… Mr(s). Did It!”
  • “It is kinda cool though. I wouldn’t mind having a whip myself. I bet cracking that whip on you once or twice would be just what the doctor ordered!”
  • “Now I’m definitely up the creek without a paddle… or a life jacket”
  • “If you keep on barking at me like that, I’ll start singing at the top of my lungs!”
  • “When you’ve run into a wall with no place to go, return to the basics.”
  • “Should I be grateful this coffee’s only hot enough to give me 1st degree burns…?”
  • “Wait, what if the killer was a robot?”
  • “You look as though you’ve seen a ghost!”
  • “I was hoping I’d come up with a question while pounding on my desk.”
  • “Knowing her, the only kind of talking she likes to do is with her whip.”
  • “A “human machine”!? That’s a contradiction!“
  • "I guess putting a poster of a magician in a law office is kinda strange.”
  • “Their debut single was just 2 minutes and 15 seconds long? What a rip-off!”
  • “So that’s why everyone craves about caviar! It’s so tasty it hurts!”
  • “The truth has once again been elegantly revealed to me!”
  • “I have a separate stomach for sweets!”
  • “Our job is to find truth, no matter how painful it may be.”
  • “To err is human, to forgive, divine. Humans aren’t machines… they have souls, feelings. They live, they die, they love, they hate… And yes, they even make mistakes…”
  • “Also, hopefully you realize, things change depending on how you look at them.”
  • “The truth is… when I was a little boy… I wanted to be a wizard.”
  • “Blacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than hell itself… That is coffee.”
  • “We agree there is a lunchbox here, but we don’t know what’s inside! A person’s life is like a lunchbox with pretzels. Don’t you agree?”
  • “A muddy mudskipper in outer space has a better chance of surviving than I do”
  • “What’s the difference? They do the same thing, right? I think you should stick to the basic facts of the matter”
  • “I believe the correct term here is "You fail!”“
  • "I like a man with a big… vocabulary.”
  • “If you wish to hang yourself, (insert name here), you’re welcome to, but not inside my (insert location here).”
  • “Ah, I remember when I was young and in love. Oh, it was a jolly time.”
  • “It’s never a good idea to reveal your hand to the enemy too soon.”
  • “I try not to pay much attention to things that don’t interest me.”
  • “Words can not describe how screwed I am.”
  • “Lies always beget more lies! See through one, and their whole story falls apart!”
  • “Why do I come here to the office every day ? It’s not like I want to work.”
  • “You’re saying that if something isn’t normal, it simply isn’t possible?”
  • “You can’t just go saying "pal” like that! That’s MY endearing character trait!“
  • "Times may change but people sadly do not.”
  • “Uh oh, she’s really pissed this time!”
  • “What’s it to you, porcupine-head!?”
  • “The guilty will always lie, to avoid being found out. There’s no way to tell who is guilty and who is innocent!”
  • “I think I feel a migraine coming on…”
  • “You want more pressure, huh? Why don’t you go down to the fire department and have them spray you with the hose?”
  • “This person… I haven’t got a clue. He seems to know me but maybe he’s mistaking me for someone else?”
  • “You will sick down the penalty (insert name here)… and you will like it!”
  • “It seems (insert name here) has lost his confidence along with their hair…”
  • “Hey! I don’t have anything to do with spirit power. The only thing I can channel is a TV.”
  • “I think it’s high time you went shopping for a better excuse…?”
  • “I was hoping to come up with a question while I was objecting”
  • “Cry and my whip will accommodate.”
  • “People are like books. We’ve all got a front and a back. You get my drift?”
  • “Let’s go let her whip us”
  • “I’ll have you know I like strawberries much better than bananas.”
  • “My motto is: ‘Don’t worry, be happy!’”
  • “Sounds like they’re having a spat. One of those "differences in musical direction” bands are always splitting up over.“
  • "She’s either trying to make it grow… or she’s perfecting her water torture technique.”
  • “See that innocent smile? Everyone has a different way of breaking the news”
  • “Now, now, let’s all be one big happy family, OK?”
Pokemans Headcanon Tiiiiiiime
  • All organisms in the pokemon world decended from, and in cladistic taxonomy classified as, Pokemon.
  • “Normal” organisms, such as humans, trees and grass, are pokemon that have evolved overtime so that their movesets are vestigial. Pokemon such as Beldum and Unown have evolved overtime to have minimal movesets, and like us they will eventually loose the ability to learn moves all together.
  • The national pokedex is purely a layman list of pokemon, there are millions of species of pokemon not listed.
  • Microscopic organisms and parasites are also pokemon, and are capable of leveling up and evolving, tho not often observed by people due to their size and lifestyle.
  • While on the macrolevel humans have lost many “pokemon qualities”, on the micro level our cells still behave as pokemon. Red blood cells’ special ability is “oxygen pickup” and Stem cell’s only move is Transform.
  • Ditto is entirely made out of stem cells
  • Most “inanimate” pokemon like Magnemite and Geodude, are actually the result of colonies of bacteria living inside of metal and rock, like Endoliths irl.
  • There is heavy debate as to whether things like robots with flamethrowers can be classified as a pokemon, as they are capable of learning moves (flamethrower), as well as “faint” (be unplugged)
  • Like irl, there is heavy debate in the Unova school system on whether they can teach the Arceus origin story within pokebiology class.

Plastic food and water bowls can harbor bacteria and mold, even if they’re cleaned regularly. The porous surface and scratches from regular use or chewing are safe havens for bacteria that can hurt your dog.

Stainless steel or ceramic bowls, because of their solid, smooth surface texture, are a better choice. They should still be cleaned regularly with soap and scrubbing to prevent a buildup of biofilm, which are tough bacteria colonies that resist removal from simple rinsing.

There’s a flu bug getting passed around
And it’s spreading like fire through the town
There’s a virus holing up inside us
Everyone that I know is coming down

“Charlie” is one of my tabletop RP characters for a superhero game. They’re actually a sentient colony of bacteria impersonating the young doctor that was studying them. Their powers all have to do with healing, although… they can infect people at will with various diseases.

Submission: I literally just saw this, posted by my aunt. ?????

Hellllooooo psuedo-science.

This is based in some fairly recent human medical things, but it also shows a complete lack of understanding of how they work.

Fecal transplants for people are a thing that happens sometimes - it’s a way to help people who have really serious GI problems help colonize the correct bacteria in their gut again. I want to say it’s done with suppositories rather than oral pills because you need live bacteria to colonize the gut, so stomach acid is a problem. It’s not a miracle cure and I’m pretty sure it isn’t a once-and-done sort of thing, but that’s human medicine stuff I’m not super familiar with.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of fecal transplants for dogs with GI issues, but if they did happen there’s no way to use frozen feces? Because, y’know, that kills the stuff you need to colonize the gut with.

If we take this seriously, I could sort of see the lack of antibiotics being important, because you need a healthy gut flora from which to colonize the recipient… but the lack of vaccines? Antibodies are an immune-system thing, not a GI thing, so they’re not going to be present or matter the slightest with poop. A raw diet might change the selective bacteria colonies in the gut but unless her dog is raw fed too, that’s… not really going to matter.

…I kind of want to know what she plans to do with the poop? Like, uh, force feed the dog or shove it up his butt as a home-made suppository? All possible options are ridiculous and also just a bad idea. If this is a real thing at all, it should be done 100% under the supervision and treatment of a vet and I’m pretty sure they’d get the poop for you too.  

Most life on Earth depends on sunlight, but inside deep caves, darkness reigns. Despite being mostly cut off from the outside world, caves shelter an amazing array of organisms.

The walls of sulfur spring caves are often coated with microbes that scientists wryly call “snottites”—slimy mats of bacteria up to half an inch thick. Instead of using energy from the Sun, as green plants do, these bacteria draw energy from sulfur compounds to make their own food. Snottites can form the foundation of an unusual ecosystem in some caves, where many animals graze on the bacteria colonies as a source of food.

Meet more cave-dwellers in Life at the Limits: Stories of Amazing Species.

Image: Kenneth Ingham/NASA

Oh my god, I got questions about Charlie. So… here’s some more information.

@markquestion : It’s a Marvel FASERIP system game. A super old but super fun system. I think if you google around you can find the books online.

fifth-dimensional : OMG Thank you! Alright! So… Charlie, aka Plague Doctor, is part of a tabletop game with a bunch of my friends. They’re part of a team formed by some big name superheroes and organizations in the Marvel universe, and all the characters have a patron who volunteered them for the team. Charlie was offered up by Reed Richards.

Charlie is a biomass. They’re a sentient bacteria colony of alien origin that has figured out how to imitate a human.

Charlie was formerly in a lab where they were being studied. When another disease broke out and the lab was quarantined, the real Dr. Charles Lorne decided to release Charlie in hopes that they’d be able to neutralize the disease that was killing off researchers. The gambit worked, but Dr. Lorne died. Charlie decided to then take on Dr. Lorne’s name and appearance when they formed themselves into a human-shaped mass. This was not a popular decision. There’s a lot of skepticism about whether or not letting Charlie wander free is a good idea. Charlie is also frequently concerned that they might be a danger to the human organism, but also doesn’t want to go back to a lab.

Charlie refers to themselves in the plural, as in “We’re here.” or “We want to help.”, and goes by he/him or they/them pronouns. They can heal or drain health, cure or inflict diseases, and dissolve their human form and recreate it, which works a little like teleportation. Sometimes reforming is a little difficult, and under that mask Charlie looks… not so great.

Bacteria Art

This bacteria art developed by Prof. Eshel Ben-Jacob, The Maguy-Glass Professor, in Physics of Complex Systems, School of Physics and Astronomy at Tel Aviv University

The structures and forms bacteria can take when multiplying in a petri dish can be quite psychedelic. This fractal looking - “could be album cover” was created by introducing environmental stress onto a colony of bacteria.

anonymous asked:

why does your breath smell bad when you wake up?

Warning: this is gross.

It’s because colonies of bacteria have been growing in your mouth all night.

Bacteria really love the inside of the human body, and your mouth is no exception. Saliva normally keeps things under control by sweeping away bacteria and the food particles they eat. But at night, when you aren’t producing as much saliva, your mouth becomes a prime breeding ground. As the colonies grow, more and more bacteria feast on food particles and dead cells, producing a bunch of different odor-causing compounds as waste products – like one called cadaverine. 

So when you say your mouth smells like a corpse in the morning… that’s not really an exaggeration.

Is the Komodo Dragon Venomous?

It’s pretty well known that Komodo dragons have a rather unusual hunting technique. The huge lizards bite their prey once, then follow at a safe distance until their unfortunate victim inevitably collapses, finally attacking when the other animal is too weak to fight back. For a long time, this phenomenon was explained by a colony of bacteria that made their home in the Komodo’s mouth, which mixed with their saliva and was transferred into their prey’s bloodstream when they were bitten. What was harmless to the Komodos caused a kind of blood poisoning in their victim that weakened the animal until it finally succumbed to both the disease and the predator. 

At least, that was what was widely believed. Now, however, it has been discovered that it’s not a bacterium doing the harm - it’s the Komodo dragon’s own venom.

Researchers at the University of Melbourne in Australia had the opportunity to examine the bodies of two zoo-bred Komodos that both had been put down as a result of terminal illnesses, as well as swab the mouths of several live specimens (which must have been really fun). What they discovered was that most of the microbes in the Komodo’s mouth (and yes, there are plenty) are harmless, and similar to those found in the mouths of many other species. In fact, there were less harmful strains, and less bacteria in general, than exist in the mouths of most predators. 

Next, they discovered the real reason the dragon’s bite is so deadly - two small venom glands located in the lower jaw, ones that had previously gone unnoticed due to their size and unusual placement. An analysis done of the substance found inside showed that it would in fact cause the symptoms seen in bite victims - a rapid drop in blood pressure, expedited blood loss, and an inability to form clots. This actually wasn’t that surprising to Bryan Frye, the lead researcher on the project. Apparently, several other types of lizards were recently proved venomous as well, including multiple other species of monitor lizard (and the iguana).

I suppose this shows why we should double-check scientific studies, as the entire basis for the bacteria theory was one observational study from the 1970′s.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you give a new vulture some tips? I live in a pretty populated area with no woods (sadly, might move soon though!) so most of my finds are lizards and frogs. I have found a squished mole though! Could you help me out on getting the flesh and such off smaller animals while preserving most of the bones? Thank you!

Hi there!

As with larger animals you can be as involved as you want in the cleaning process. You can skin the entire carcass and deflesh it—removing most of the meat and organs—and then start cleaning it or you can just clean the entire thing as is. Skinning and defleshing does usually cut down on the smell a bit and sometimes helps speed the cleaning process up too but it’s certainly not necessary, especially on smaller specimens, if it’s not something you want to do.

I’d either macerate or nature clean them. Small specimens like yours are ideal for using dermestid beetles to clean them but not everyone has access to those darling lil flesh eaters and maceration or nature cleaning will do a fine job too.

For macerating you just put the carcass in a bucket of warm water (around 85 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal), cover it, and wait for the carcass to rot down to bones. If it stays warm enough and you’ve got a good bacteria colony going this can take as little as week but it can take longer.

For nature cleaning you have a few different options. You can make a tiny cage out of fine wire mesh (fine enough that no tiny bones will fall out of the wire), put the carcass in that, and then bury the whole thing in a flower pot. Or put it under an upside down flower pot. Just make sure to cover the pot with a large rock or use something else to weigh it down to prevent any curious passing scavengers from stealing your specimen.

You can also put the carcass in a plastic bag with a few tiny holes poked in it and put that under the flower pot/bucket instead. I like using plastic because it helps hold in humidity and humidity + heat make ideal conditions for the bacteria responsible for decomp. Again, if conditions are right, this can take as little as a week to rot the carcass down to bones. Sometimes it’ll take a little longer though.

Or if you know of any active ant colonies in your area you can put the carcass in that mesh cage, secure it next to the colony so no scavengers will drag it away, and let the ants clean it for you. Here’s a little salamander I found dead on my driveway a while back that ants had already nearly cleaned.

And here’s how it looked the next morning. As you can see, the ants carried away the legs and most of the ribs so that’s why you’ll want to use a fine mesh that the ants can get into but can’t drag anything very large out of.

Just be patient and prepared to experiment and see what works best for you! I’ve been doing this for years and I’m still finding new tricks and ways of doing things. And be sure to check out my Bone Collecting For Beginners post as well as my bone cleaning tag here for loads more info that you might find helpful!

Best of luck with your collection, Anon!

Starter sentences - Phoenix Wright: Trials & Tribulations

“Well, we know whose milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…”
“How else would you get in?! Teleportation?!”
“Ah, the lamentations of my enemy… how I long for them…”
“Boy… this poor kid doesn’t have a clue…”
“Please try to set a better example for the young lady!”
“I thought I’d loosen you up a bit.”
“If anyone says anything rude you can be sure I’ll cut them down to size!”
“That’s supposed to be poetry? Sounds more like a mid-life crisis!”
“ In my personal opinion, he just looks like a typical snotty-nosed college brat.”
“It’s not hard to imagine him just snapping and screaming "Please dieeeee!”“
"Blacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than hell itself… ”
“Men are like colonies of bacteria. The more heat you apply, the faster they grow.”
“ The truth has once again been elegantly revealed to me!”
“Unable to find a rival worthy of my genius, I was forced to create one by myself!”
“Times may change but people sadly do not.”
“Besides, Spaghetti is the only thing more tangled than your reasoning.”
“…Exactly. I’ve never lost. I’ve never won before either.”
“I don’t know how to put this, but the guy was a bit of a moneygrubber.”
“Please, stop leaning towards me like that.. ”
“Should I be grateful this coffee’s only hot enough to give me 1st degree burns…?”
“A single drop of milk is all it takes to destroy the pure black magic in the cup!”
“You’re saying that if something isn’t normal, it simply isn’t possible?”
“T-That coffee! It was laced with something I’m sure of it!”
“There’s no doubt about it. Behind that mask is someone who really hates me for some reason or another”
“Please, no intimidation tricks this time around”
“I already told you! That wasn’t me!”
“You can’t just "oops” your way out of this!“
" Quit playing on the Internet!”
“ Umm, would you mind taking a look at this?”
“Wow, he’s totally unfazed! Doesn’t anything intimidate this guy…?”

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