I feel like i should write this…um…I should say i’m sorry to all Barca and Real Madrid fans who follow me. Um, I do reblog posts from both teams, and that’s bc i do like both of them.
I started liking Barca when I was younger, just bc my brother loved Real more. And I do like Barca a little bit more, so when it’s El Clasico, I do support Barca.
But then there is Real Madrid, where our legend play. When I say our, I mean of Manchester United. Ronaldo is our legend, and I can’t hate him. In fact, I love him. So does Chicha play for Real now, and Chicha is my life. I also like few more players like Bale, Isco and James.
So, once again, I’m sorry Barca and Real Madrid fans who follows me, I get it if you unfollow me bc of this. Sorry