Bacon Pancakes, New York remix

Have some random facts about these two oc’s of mine and their friendship

(oh also the furry thing is Gayl and the guy with a turtleneck is Todd)

1.  Todd will make Gayl Bacon pancakes in the morning

2. Gayl will make friendship bracelets for Todd, right now he has about 38

3. Todd teaches her about stars and cryptids, she loves it

4. Gayl goes to the store at random times on a bike to get Todd cherry soda, yeah sure she gets some stares from people but whatever

5.Todd never really needs to worry about getting bullied by some dudes anymore because there is always an anthro wolf-girl who can bite people really hard beside him… by that I’m talking about Gayl

6. Gayl and Todd have a secret handshake that includes chanting “LIZARD PEOPLE”

7. They both believe in aliens and lizard people and nothing can change it