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Okay so here’s a selection of the photos me and my dad took during Ready Player Three in London! I know I’ve shared some of these before but I wanted to share more together! My arms still ache from all the cheering.

Huge thank you to @therealjacksepticeye, Arin, Danny, Suzy, Jacob, and everyone else involved with the tour!

#TeamYoshi all the way!

(Sorry for poor quality)


I was feeling nostalgic and remembering all the good stories I’ve read about my beautiful OTP. I re-read some and decided to share them with all my awesome fellow shippers. Most of them are canon-versed/post-canon and M-rated, because those are my favorites, hehehe. Enjoy!!



Drabble/one-shot series

anonymous asked:

well i couldn't find any sasusaku fanfic based on sasuke's POV on your ssreclist

My bad then! Maybe I was just thinking about my Sasuke-centric list lol. But here are all the ss fics I know with Sasuke’s POV! I’ll mark the M-rated ones with a * and i’ll indicate they’re AU with a ~ (note: AU to me doesn’t include the canon-deviant ones, hence you’ll find some not canon-compliant that I’ve not marked with AU):

And that’s all! Hope you enjoy them!

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HI DO U KNOW ANY FLUFFY AND SWEET SASUSAKU FICS?? PREFERABLY AU BUT ANYTHING IS FINE !! :)) (im also the same person that asked for the sad fics thatll make u cry hehe i hate myself (: )

I dont remember if I made a list like this before, but w/e! I’m gonna make one anyway :P HERE ARE ALL THE FLUFFY/SWEET FICS I KNOW. They’ll include ssfamily!fics, but I’ll put a * on those if you’re just interested in reading fluffy and sweet fics of only them. I’m also going to put a ~ on AU stories for those who aren’t into AU’s (such as highschool, modern, non-massacre, etc… but not including the UA (universe alteration) such as canon-divergent ones. And while I’m at it, those with a + are rated M, k? :)