bacon rock

ID #27467

Name: Riah
Age: 25
Country: USA

I grew up in a culture where moving around was a constant, but I haven’t left the country yet. To me, every stranger is a possible friend that I haven’t met yet. :)

I’m really good at laughing, living in the moment, people watching, hitting my snooze button (more than I should), listening to people, writing, drinking coffee, eating bacon cheeseburgers, and finding new things to try to just name a few.

For fun, I like going to concerts, music fests, listening to classic rock, spending time out on the water, going to the shooting range, hiking, getting dressed up, shopping with friends, and learning more about other people and their cultures, etc.

Preferences: People 23+, location and gender don’t matter. I like to talk to people who are open minded and are LGTBQ friendly. I would like to be able to talk about issues that our world faces without being judged. Bonus points if you love Bill Nye Saves the World! 

Jilted Lover Dean

Remember the memo Misha got from Carver re Beren’s Heaven Can’t Wait (9x06) - to act like a jilted lover?

Well, here was Beren’s chance to write a little reverse-verse. And he took it!

Jensen played an answering jilted lover in Rock Never Dies (12x06) - jealous that his angel BF had run off and teamed up with his King of Hell ex.

The cold shoulder, the outfit digs…

Good for Cas for getting pissy back.

And Crowley - offering to buy that extra minute ontop of Cas’ three - still not over it, eh Crowley.

And the two of them, angel and demon, Crowley with one eye all shut and purple, standing before their young God in black leather at the end (yes, still so very young, in all the ages Cas and Crowley have lived through). 

What was Lucifer Vince Vincent looking for? Devotees who loved him so deeply they would do anything for him, to the point of bleeding?

Uh huh.

Crowley, of course, the one with the real look in his eye at the end, the raw look that Dean can’t quite meet, that smouldering challenge of feeling.

While with Cas, it’s all shuttered up. They’re both hurt, and they can’t unleash it. Tongue-tied and at cross purposes as ever (sigh).

Because Demon!Dean and Crowley ripped up the sheets and Dean knows it. I bet they were both having flashbacks in Vince Vincent’s room, with all the post-orgy detritus, empty pizza boxes and under-wear strewn about. 

But with Cas it’s all white hot prayer and then fumbled offers of bacon.  

Rock never dies?

Love never dies.