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little things: next gen edition

teddy lupin. hufflepuff. loyal and outgoing. wears his hair blue 90% of the time. splits the remaining 10% between the weasley red and his cousin draco’s platinum blonde. likes snogging victoire all over bill and fleur’s house because bill’s face turns redder than his hair and it makes fleur laugh. kind hearted. sometimes at christmas dinners he changes his nose into all sorts of things to make the younger kids laugh. doesn’t understand why uncle harry looks so sad during this. he misses his mum and dad more than he could ever put into words. expert at potions. 

victoire weasely. ravenclaw. is fluent in both french and english. is extremely glad to be a ravenclaw because blue looks fantastic on her. head over heels for teddy lupin. loves her dad more than anything else except maybe her pet lizard. manages to keep up straight o’s all throughout her schooling. head girl. doesn’t care for quidditch one bit, but loves muggle football. is sick of people always being sad on her birthday. takes her coffee black. 

james sirius potter. gryffindor. loves quidditch as much as breathing. always jokes about being the protective older brother but he’s very much aware that lily luna could kick his ass. his coffee is more sugar than anything else. quidditch captain in his sixth year. sometimes feels like his chest will collapse at the pressure to live up to his namesakes. lives off pop-tarts. shamelessly enjoys muggle soap opera shows. wants to play for puddlemore united when he leaves school.

rose granger-wesley. ravenclaw. has never lost a game of quidditch to james sirius. has a big crush on padma patil’s daughter. can kick her dad’s arse at chess. always gets books for her birthday. loves visiting her mum at the ministry. allergic to cats. sometimes wishes she didn’t feel as pressured to do well in school. thinks her uncle harry’s cousin dudley is absolutely hilarious. can and will beat anyone in an eating competition of any sorts. witnessed a car accident on a street one day and has been able to see thestrals ever since. loves the colour pink even though it looks ridiculous with her hair. 

albus severus potter. slytherin. is sick of people telling him that he has his fathers eyes. can’t decide if he thinks his namesakes were brave or immensely idiotic. despises quidditch with a burning passion. enjoys being his fathers not-so-secret favourite. falls asleep in front of the fire reading 5/7 nights. sneaks into the ravenclaw tour every wednesday night to spend the night with scorpius. thinks mr. malfoy is hilarious. is made up of ninety percent sarcasm. understands his grandpa’s fascination with muggles more than his cousins. loves going on late night drives.

scorpius hyperion malfoy. ravenclaw. his favourite christmas tradition is staying up all night watching movies with his mum. comes home for the holidays in first year to find his father has decorated his room in blue and bronze. ravenclaw win the quidditch cup the first year he’s on the team. sometimes when he looks at albus severus he thinks he’s in love. doesn’t like his grandpa much. loves unicorns. shares hair-care tips with victoire weasley. doesn’t want to have children. still sleeps with the stuffed dragon teddy lupin gave him when he was born.

molly weasley ii. slytherin. has never got higher than an acceptable in any of her classes. best friends with fred ii. proud to be named after her grandma. wishes her dad would let up about her behaviour. her uncle george is secretly her favourite. she was thirteen when she realised that if her cousins stood in a certain way for family christmas photos, they could spell dirty words with their sweaters. loves the pet chickens her grandpa gave her. hates cooking more than anything. wishes lily luna wasn’t so good at quidditch because she’s sick of being the reserve seeker. loves when her mum uses her eggs and bacon to make faces on her plate.

lily luna potter. slytherin. spends months begging her biggest brother teddy to teach her to change her hair because she’s sick of looking like christmas with her red hair and her green robes. is a big fan of muggle romance movies. james once told her that she threw like a girl and she threw the quaffle at him so hard that his nose was broken in three different places. her heart aches when she looks at the stars at night. cuts her hair shorter than albus’ in fourth year. grandma is furious but her mum loves it. opens the chamber of secrets in her third year, much to her dad’s confusion. likes boys and girls but mostly quidditch.

lorcan scamander. gryffindor. in love with lily luna. sometimes resents his twin for choosing gryffindor even after he went to hufflepuff. wants to work with dragons like charlie weasley when he grows up. his dad paints constellations on his bedroom ceiling and then spells them to move like the stars do. if it wasn’t for rose weasley in ravenclaw, he and james sirius would guarantee gryffindor a win every time. when he was very little he set fire to all his dresses and proclaimed he wanted to be a boy like his brother. manages to break something in every divination lesson he attends. 

dominique weasley. slytherin. has a pet snake that likes lily luna better than her. is very glad she didn’t inherit the family freckles. loves visiting her mum’s family in france. loves french food. loves french boys. refuses to learn french. wants to be a professor when she graduates. has her dad wrapped around her little finger. her patronus is a baby elephant and she can’t figure out why. always manages to wing her eye-liner perfectly. 

fred johnson-weasley ii. gryffindor. enjoys studying more than quidditch. spends every thursday night having dinner with molly at hagrid’s hut. wishes his dad didn’t see his dead twin every time he looked at him. has successfully introduced spelling to grawp. would eat cereal for every meal if roxy didn’t force feed him vegetables. hates being away from his mum during school term. spends his summer’s working in his dad’s joke shop. wishes the time turners weren’t all destroyed because he wants to take every class hogwarts offers.

hugo granger-weasley. hufflepuff. loves that school always feels like a big family outing. likes watching quidditch but refuses to get on a broom. has tea with professor trelawney on sunday mornings. wants to be an auror when he’s older. hates history of magic because he’s sick of hearing about the war his parents lived through. his dad gave him a white ferret to take to school in first year and mr. malfoy was red in the face at the train station when he noticed. gets away with every single prank he pulls at school. 

lucy weasley. hufflepuff. wishes that there were more out gay girls at hogwarts than just her cousins. loves her mum but she just doesn’t get her the way dad does. prides herself on excelling at school. is always up for a late night trip to the kitchens. doesn’t understand why her dad won’t let her have a pet rat. spends the weeks leading up to christmas helping her grandma knit everyones jumpers. befriends the finnigan-thomas triplets immediately even though none of them share a house. sleeps in her dad’s old gryffindor shirt.

lysander scamander. hufflepuff. thinks his mum is barmy. loves her anyway. glad his parents made a mistake when they bought home him and his ‘sister’ because he loves lorcan a lot more as a boy. is in love with louis weasley. a big fan of cheerleader movies. wishes his dad would stop bringing home weird things from work. spends summer between fifth and sixth year teaching himself french. flogs the marauders map from james sirius in term two of third year, and manages to keep it hidden for a solid week. loves to fly.

louis weasley. ravenclaw. loves being at school with all his cousins but sometimes wishes he’d taken mums offer to go to beauxbatons. was in love with teddy lupin between ages seven-ten. thinks his dad’s scars make him more handsome. secretly loves lily luna the most out of all his cousins. doesn’t understand why everyone obsesses over quidditch when there’s muggle sports like gymnastics. falls in love with lysander scamander in his sixth year. is a confused and impressed by luna lovegood. wishes victoire wouldn’t let her pet lizard roam around the house.

roxanne johnson-weasley. gryffindor. sometimes forgets the names of all her cousins. is responsible for starting the lgbtq safe space club at hogwarts. thinks uncle charlie had the right idea about not having children. sometimes when she’s flying she wonders how high she could go, wonders if she could just leave earth behind. punches a fifth year hufflepuff in the face when she’s twelve because he made a racist comment. wishes it was acceptable to put gravy on her pancakes. her detention record finally overtook her fathers in sixth year, and she’s making it her goal to overtake james potter and sirius black by the time she graduates. watches the beauty and the beast movie at least once a week when she’s home.

Why?| Bucky Barnes x Reader. (Part 1)

Summary: Reader started to question their relationship and then walks in on something she never expected.

Pairing: Reader x Bucky, Bucky x Natasha

Warnings: Angst, Cheating, Language

Word count: 963 (They will get longer)

A/N: Hey so this is the first ever imagine I am posting on this account or any account….So bear with me, this may not be the best imagine! Anywayyyyy back to the imagine!!!

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How do you think Even helps Isak with his Insomnia?

hey you! great question. I like to think Isak doesn’t suffer from insomnia as much anymore, just because the broken heart he was losing sleep over has healed a little and there is less stuff for him to worry about now, but I can imagine him still having the occasional sleepless night.

and honestly, I think just looking at a sleeping Even would really soothe him. brushing his hands over Even’s cheek and through his hair just softly enough to not wake him up, hearing his steady breathing and knowing that this boy is here and his and safely sleeping next to him must be such a calming thought to Isak in and of itself. you can just see him staring at Even in the dark and feeling so lucky that he has someone to fall asleep next to now.

I can also imagine Even just rolling with it sometimes, that adventurous, spontaneous side of him that wants to go to other people’s pools coming out. like, he’s probably told Isak to put on some warm clothes, and asked him to sit down on the back of his bike to ride through the empty, dark streets with him until the sun came up like, at least three times already and it’s only March. also, and I’m very sure this happens all the time, midnight breakfasts! Isak sits down on the kitchen counter, warm and safe in the knowledge that Even’s going to cook him the best eggs and Even’s a comforting presence next to him, humming under his breath and talking quietly about this documentary he watched earlier and that pair of shoes he really wants to buy. they casually snack on bacon and toast at three in the morning at least three times a month, I think. two sleepy boys and a single mug of tea to share, what a way to spend your night, ha!

General Headcanons


-He is the mascot of the ship. Like, if you want to have fun, just look for him.

-Of course, he does a lot of pranks on his brother, but Thatch is beginning to prank him a lot too so you can see a prank war begin on the ship.

-Whitebeard is always laughing in his mustache when Thatch is pranking him, and he never scold Thatch. (Favorite child huhu).

-His favorite meal is, of course meat, but he also loves paella. Don’t ask him why.

-During Christmas, he always buys the same hat to Marco, even if he doesn’ wear it. It’s a pineapple hat (he doesn’t search very hard). All the crew is laughing and Ace got a punch in the face.

-He very likes Izo, even if they are very different. He likes his style, he finds it very beautiful and kind of unreal. Izo already tried to put make up on Portgas but it never happened.



-Sabo is always taking care of his beautiful blond hair. He really likes it (And Koala too huhu..), that’s his darkest secret.

-He loves reading. Especially about biology. He is interested in everything around him and love to learn new things.

-He doesn’t consider Dragon as his father. He is just the man who saved his life and give him a reason to live (don’t forget that he didn’t remember Luffy and Ace at that time).

-But he finds Dragon’s tattoos ugly 

-Favorite meal is sea food, and even more shrimp with mayonnaise.

-Easily scared. And the revolutionary guys are often pranking him. Like he is walking randomly and suddenly someone BOOO at him and he just jumps for his life, screaming like a girl hahah.


-Shanks is that old man, at your family reunion, that is coming just to eat all day long, drink fine wine, and ask you: So Charlotte, do you have a boyfriend ?

Or: So Charlotte, how is school going

-That annoying old man huuuuun.

-Sometimes Benn just think about everything they lived and be like: How the fucks are with still alive with a stupid captain like him

-Doesn’t care. About anything. Like he could meet Akainu in straw hat, barefoot and a T-shirt saying I love bacon 

-Don’t mock his fabulous red hair. He is very picky about it. He is proud of it and Benn is personally cutting them every month.

-Favorite food is bacon with French fries and a looooot of sake.



-That clever man. Too clever for his brother’s stupidity. So every time Ace or Thatch is doing something stupid he is just like: They do not exist, you didn’t saw them, they are not real, everything is fine in the better world.

-Poor little chicken is being mocked every day.

-So he talk to daddy Whitebeard and tell them who is stupid today, and they got 2 times more work. Hehe don’t mess with the phoenix.

-When Ace is going a little bit too far in his pranks, Marco turns into a phoenix and fly in front of Ace face, so he can see his brother’s jealous face haha.

-Favorite food is Japanese food: sushi, soup and rice.


-Doesn’t sleep because sleeping is for pussy.

-But when he sleeps it is on Bepo, of course. You got style or not.

-Favorite food is -of course not bread- : smoked salmon, with a little bit of lemon. He knows what is good. 

-All of his bedroom is full of medicine books. And he has read all of them.

-But when one of his crewmate is hurt (for example they were doing stupid things and they cut themselves accidently) he will be like: I don’t have the time to take care of such babies, I’m an awesome surgeon, bye.

-Still doesn’t know why he is still with Luffy. Like a complete mystery. But he knows that it’s too late.

-think about Corazon every morning, when he wakes up. He never forgets him. And sometimes when he is in a bad situation he’ll think : what Corazon would have done.

-After he understand that it’s stupid because Corazon IS stupid (joking), and he does the exact opposite.

invertable  asked:

Hi Wayfaring! My sister is graduating from med school on Friday. She matched into a great family medicine residency. I'm super proud. Any thoughts on what would be a good semi-useful graduation gift for the starting intern?

Ooh I like this question! I’m a pretty practical person so most of my suggestions will be practical things, but things people appreciate nonetheless. I’m purposefully not putting any medical stuff here. Her life will be full of medicine. Get her something else. Her residency program will give her an allowance for books and coats and such, so don’t waste your $$ on those. 

K, here goes:

  1. Subscription or intro month to one of those services like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh that sends you all the stuff to make a fancy meal once a month or something. Residents don’t cook right most of the time. 
  2. Massaaaaaahhhhge. Or Acupuncture. Whatever your flavor is. She will need a session to relax those tense muscles at some point in her intern year.
  3. Car wash coupons. Sounds lame, I know, but a friend gave them to me for Christmas one year and it was awesome because I NEVER paid to get my car washed before. A clean car makes you feel better about your life. 
  4. Get her car serviced. Oil change, new fluids, belts, whatever. She ain’t gone have time for it once she gets started in residency.
  5. Starbucks gift card. Because @cranquis and I are the only doctors in America who don’t drink coffee. 
  6. Coloring books. For real tho. They’re so relaxing. She’s going to need something to do during those times she’s stressed out and doesn’t want to use her brain.
  7. Birchbox subscription. Bacon of the month (I got that once for like 6 months and it was AMAZEBALLS). Doggy treats of the month. Wine of the month. Dollar shave club. Something of the month. It’s nice to get a fun package every month. And she will forget about it every month and be surprised every time she gets one. 
  8. Pay for a maid to come clean her apartment/house at some point in residency. Probably in January of intern year. January is the worst. 
  9. Houseplants. Everyone needs something alive in their house to brighten it up. Succulents, african violets, and kitchen herbs are easy to grow in a windowsill, easy to keep alive, and are usually pet-friendly too.
  10. A trash magazine subscription. She’s going to have to read a bunch of boring crap. Help her stay up to date on the things that really matter like who Taylor Swift’s current boyfriend is.
  11. A really good quality pillow and a face mask or blackout curtains. Night shifts are the worst. Help her sleep better. 
  12. Aromatherapy. Candles, spray, whatever. In calming scents. One of my friends used to spray her call room to help her de-stress on 30 hour shifts. It sounds weird, but if it makes it smell or seem a little more like home, it helps it suck a little less. 

Hope these ideas help! Medblrs, do y’all have any suggestions to add?

the signs as quotes from my drama teacher
  • Aries: just because AIDS is in capital letters doesnt mean you scream it
  • Taurus: fuck that cat
  • Gemini: im not gay but william shakespeare could get it
  • Cancer: basically you all have erections and dont know what masturbation is
  • Leo: if someone mentions Cats one more time im going to quit this fucking job
  • Virgo: i wish neil simon birthed my son instead of my girlfriend
  • Libra: imagine youre nathan lane and someone just told you that theyre out of chardonnay
  • Scorpio: willem dafoe is a beautiful man and i will defend him to my grave fuck you
  • Sagittarius: you motherfucker get out of my class with this Rent bullshit
  • Capricorn: oberon has a donkeys head not a cows you ignorant slut
  • Aquarius: i hope you all get drafted into the war
  • Pisces: im going vegan for lent so if you bring bacon near me this month i will fucking fail you and kill your dog

“Oh, you’ll get attention now. Lay across my thighs angel.” I state and Y/N eyes immediately shining with worry and disbelief. “No, daddy I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do it. Daddy please don’t.”

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Words: 4000+

Request: No

Rating: R

[ I don’t know why but I was inspired by this post ]

Luke’s POV

The sun peaked through my black-out blinds in my room, as the dirt particles twinkled in the sun light like little fairies dancing. I rise my hands up to my face and rub my face in my hands, trying to wake myself up, but obviously rubbing my face in my hands doesn’t work because I hear a sound that nearly makes my ears bleed from next door.

I rise up and grab the string that pulls up my blinds, and look and seeing a moving truck settling down the ramp and workers unloading the heavy boxes and some carrying Tim Hortons in their hands.

“Mom!” I shout and jump up and out of my bed, quickly making my way out of my bedroom and downstairs into the kitchen where I smell bacon and eggs. “Yes Luke.”

“When did we get new neighbors?” I ask while leaning against the island counter in the middle of our kitchen.

“When are you gonna put a shirt on?” My mom says, completely avoiding the question that I’ve asked.

“I’ll put a shirt on when you answer my question.” I state while walking over to my mom and reaching over and grabbing a piece of bacon beside my mom. “They bought that house like a month ago Luke, and they’re moving in today. I don’t know what else to tell you about them? I don’t know anything other then that.”

“Thanks,” I say and kiss my mom on my cheek before grabbing a plate from the cracker coloured cabinet.

“No problem-Oh! I almost forgot, I’m gonna invite them over for dinner, you know, lets be nice and welcome them kindly to the neighborhood. So please, clean your room just in case their daughter goes upstairs with you, since you love to stay in that room of yours.”

“They have a daughter?” I ask and quickly make my way over to the small window that we have in the kitchen that my mom always leaves open when she cooks. “Mhm, now go clean your room please.” 

I only nod my hand in response while looking out the window, trying to find the new neighbors daughter, which only gets me a slap in the back of the head and a shout to hurry up and eat my breakfast and clean my room.

“Luke, please go get the door.” My mom says while rushing around and grapping forks and knives from the drawer and hurrying to place them in the dining room.

I let my feet carry me to the door and gently place my hand on the doorknob and twist it while pulling the door open, revealing two people.

I always thought that I would have to be remarkably handsome or even move to a different country to even see a supermodel in front of my eyes, but yet here I am, and I am standing in front of this beautiful girl with the most perfect eyes and cutest nose, and her lips are so pink that I think they’re pinker then cotton candy and strawberry milk combined. And her body, literally sculptured by God and all the arc angels. And her hair, it reaches to her hips. I am just completely memorized by this beautiful girl in front of me.

“Hello! Hello! Hello!” I hear my mother say from behind me, making me snap out of my daze. I gently shake my head and smile up at the man in his mid-30’s and his daughter that is right next to him. “Come on in! I bet it’s cold outside.”

“Uh-yeah-sorry, come in,” I say and peel the door open wider and letting the beautiful girl walk past me with her father right next to her.

“You guys came right on time, I just finished making dinner.” My mom says while leading the way into the dining room, where food is set out, waiting for us to dig in and fill our stomachs.

Once everyone is done sharing out their food, I see my mother and the man that came to the door with his remarkably beautiful daughter, making their way into the living room to watch whatever show that will catch their attention.

“Hey, do you want to eat upstairs in my room. I mean, I don’t want to sit down and eat food while listening to some home renovation guy talk about dry wall for a good five minutes, but if you want to go ahead,” I laugh and she does the same and I feel my heart pound against my chest and butterflies swimming in my stomach.

“Yeah, sure.” She says and then we grab our plates and begin to make our way up into my bedroom. “My name is Luke, by the way.”

“Y/N,” She says and her voice is so soft and gentle, and if her voice were to ever become an object, I think a cloud would perfectly represent it.

“So what is your favourite subject in school?”

“How do you even understand this stuff?” I ask while rubbing the back of my head. And Y/N laughs and I smile and it’s been like this forever, Y/N coming over and trying to make me understand what I’m doing in all my subjects because I don’t understand half of this stuff that my teachers teach me and surprisingly I am passing.

“I don’t know. I just do.” Y/N smiles before bending over and looking at the Math question and explaining it to me, which only makes me let out a sigh and thanking Y/N for moving right next to me, which only makes her let out a laugh, making my heart pound against my chest.

“Please teach me your ways,” I sigh while writing down my last question and trying to figure out the answer before resorting to the back of the book. “I was just born with it.”

“Mm, maybe it’s the continuous episodes of Sailor Moon that you watch. Oh! Maybe because you drink strawberry milk. You put steroids in your strawberry milk, that’s it!” I nearly shout and Y/N lets out a hearty laugh before slapping me in my chest gently.

“I don’t put steroids in my strawberry milk, Luke. That doesn’t even make any sense. And I’m pretty sure Sailor Moon didn’t make me smart.” Y/N says and I shake my head.

“You’re telling me that Sailor Mercury didn’t teach you anything?” I ask and Y/N rises her left eyebrow while crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"I thought you didn’t pay attention when we watch Sailor Moon?” Y/N ask and I feel my cheeks begin to heat up and I let out a low grunt before peeling my eyes away from Y/N’s and looking everywhere but at her.

“I don’t. I just remember some characters, you know.” I state and Y/N nods her head.

“Yeah. I know.”

"Luke! Luke!” I hear someone shout from behind me, I quickly turn around and I am met with Y/N’s face completely red face from running to catch up with me. “Yes.”

“Come over tonight?” Y/N ask and I begin to shake my head while continuing to walk, Y/N following behind me.

“Why not? We can watch Sailor Moon and drink strawberry milk together! How about I dress you up again! It’ll be fun!” Y/N exclaims with a happy tone and if Y/N was in an anime I could only imagine this scene to look like a happy and preppy girl bothering the boy that doesn’t want to do anything with her.

“Unlike you Y/N, I actually have to study for my test,” I laugh and Y/N pouts.

“I study for my test.” Y/N says with a sad tone and I let out a laugh before swinging my arm around Y/N’s naked shoulder and smile down at her when I see a blush begin to heat up her cheeks. “I’m sure you do.”

“Okay, maybe I don’t, but at least come over for strawberry milk and one episode of Sailor Moon?” Y/N pleads and her bottom lip juts out, and her eyes begin to shine with water. I let out a sigh before smiling down at Y/N.

“It wouldn’t hurt to watch one? Now would it.”

And I was totally wrong, because after watching one episode of Sailor Moon only lead Y/N to put in another one, and another one. I finally look up at the clock on Y/N’s desk and see that’s 12:53. I let out a yawn before rising up and off the bed.

"Y/N I should be heading home now.” I state and I feel Y/N grasp my wrist in her hand and gently tug me back onto the bed. “No, sleepover. Please.”

I let out a little sigh and Y/N lets out a smile before tugging me onto the bed and excusing herself to go get ready for bed and grabbing me a toothbrush.

“Here.” Y/N says once she is back and wow. She looks so beautiful and she is in a big white shirt and she looks so beautiful with clothes that don’t fit tightly against her body because, right now she just looks like an actual angel.

“Here’s your toothbrush,” Y/N says once again, knocking me out of my state and I grab the toothbrush out of her hand before thanking her and making my way into Y/N’s conjoined bathroom.

I let out a sigh once I walk into the bathroom, it would actually be a miracle if I don’t get a hard while I sleep over with Y/N. See there has been many incidents where I have gotten hard while just being with Y/N, many times was from just the way she talks, sometimes even her laughter gets me so hard. I don’t know why, but it just does.

Once I’m finish brushing my teeth I make my way back into the bedroom and see Y/N laying on the bed with her phone in her face. I let out a shaky breath before walking over to the bed and laying down right next to Y/N and see what she is looking at, which ends up being a picture of a cute white cat.

“Luke?” Y/N ask me once she is finish done liking a post on Instagram and setting her phone down beside her bed and looking at me with curious eyes. I hum in acknowledgment and Y/N turns around, laying on her side and staring me up and down while biting on her bottom lip, and I’m pretty sure I’m hard and maybe sleeping over Y/N’s house is a bad idea.

“What are your kinks?” Y/N ask and I feel my eyebrows nearly leave my head and my eyes nearly pop out of its sockets. “I-Um-I”

“I mean you don’t have to tell me if you’re uncomfortable with it,” Y/N says nonchalant, like what she just asked was normal. Like it is normal for someone to ask about your sexual desires.

“I just-I um-What’s yours?” I ask, trying to get the attention off of me and I see Y/N’s eyes twinkle bright with excitement before sitting up on the bed while staring down at me.

“I have a daddy kink.”

 And just with those words my life spun out of control. Every time she touched me or even spoke to me I would just think of her doing something remarkably attractive that I would immediately get hard about. And it got worse, and when I mean worse, I meant it got to the point were whenever I would look down at Y/N I would just imagine her down on her knees and taking me into her mouth and her pretty pink lips wrapped around my cock just doing the most delicious swirls with her tongue that she does around her strawberry coloured lollipops that she has in her room.

"Luke!” I hear Y/N shout from beside me and I quickly move my gaze away from the blank white wall that I am looking at in Y/N’s room and to Y/N bright Y/C/E eyes. “Yes.”

“Why are you always dozing off all of a sudden. I mean, ever since I told you about my kink you’ve gotten quieter and you always doze off now? Are you okay?” Y/N ask and I look at Y/N and then I look at the TV that is playing a Sailor Moon episode.

“I want to be your daddy.” I say and I didn’t mean for it to come out like that- I’m totally lying, I really did mean for it to come out like that and I can’t imagine Y/N having someone pour her strawberry milk or watch Sailor Moon with her, I can only see myself doing it and I don’t even know what I’m getting myself into but I think it’s gonna be okay if I have Y/N by my side.

“Really? I didn’t think of you having a daddy kink,” Y/N says and I shrug my shoulders. “I mean every since I you told me about your kink I-I-I just started dozing off and day dreaming about like-you know,”

"No Luke, I don’t know. Do tell,” Y/N says with a slight smirk on her lips and I watch as Y/N begins to climb up my body and I feel my face begin to turn red and my cock begin to get hard.

“Like-I-I-I would imagine your lips wrapped around my cock,” I say and Y/N smirk widens before dragging her hand up my leg and then running it over my growing member.

“Mm, sounds great.” Y/N says while licking her bottom lip and applying pressure to my cock, making a moan slip past my lips.

“Can I suck your cock, daddy?” Y/N says in the most innocent voice and I let out a moan before grabbing Y/N’s face and crashing my lips against hers, and God does it feel so good. So fucking good. And she tastes like strawberry milk and cotton candy, so sweet and addicting that I don’t even want to pull away from Y/N’s lips, I just want to swirl my tongue against Y/N’s for the rest of my life if I could, but suddenly Y/N peels away from the kiss and begins pressing kisses down my neck and rubbing her palm against my member.

“Mm, lift your shirt up,” Y/N says and I do what she says, lifting my shirt up and over my head and tossing it across the room. Just as Y/N continues to press kisses down my body. I let a moan slip past my lips as I feel Y/N press small pecks against my hip bones before undoing my belt and gently tugging my pants off.

“Daddy, you’re so hard,” Y/N breathes against my member while licking me over my black boxers, making my hips buck up and letting a moan slip past my lips.

"Stop playing around angel,” I say and I see Y/N’s eyes twinkle with excitement before pressing one last kiss on my boxer covered cock and then peeling my boxers off, making my cock slap up and against my stomach.

“Daddy you’re so big.” Y/N states while licking her lips and then looking up at me as she presses small pecks along my cock before sucking my head into her mouth, making my head fall back while Y/N runs her tongue along my slit gently before running her tongue up and down my cock.

“God,” I moan once Y/N takes me in her mouth. Her tongue swirling around the tip of my cock while her mouth continues to suck me into her mouth. I let my hands gently wrap my hands around hair, making a makeshift ponytail as she begins to bob her head around my cock.

“You look so pretty, baby. My little angel,” I moan as Y/N eyes look up at me before taking me all the way into her mouth, her nose pressing against my pelvic bone as she swallows around me and swear words are slipping out of my mouth from left to right because, fuck does this feel amazing.

“Ahh fuck baby, I’m gonna come,” I moan as Y/N keeps on deep throating me. I tightly grip Y/N’s hair in my hand and begin to make Y/N bob her head more frequently then before but at slower paste making me nearly come when I feel Y/N’s tongue running up and down my slit once again.

“Y/N- Holy shit- Fuck,” I moan when I see Y/N stare up at me, her eyes twinkling as I feel my self spilling into her mouth. “Mm, you taste so good daddy.”

“God, you’re gonna be the death of me, come here angel,” I say breathless and Y/N does just that, moving her body up from between my legs to rest in my lap, her thighs pressing against my hips while her lips meet mine.

“God you’re so wet, I can feel you dripping through your panties angel.” I state, making Y/N moan when she feels my finger run against her clothed slit. “Daddy.”

“Mm, don’t worry, daddy is gonna make you feel good angel, don’t worry.” I state while pushing Y/N’s panties aside and running my fingers along Y/N’s slit, making Y/N suck in a breath while dropping her head onto my shoulders.

“Fuck baby, I didn’t even touch you and you’re fucking soaking,” I say while slipping a finger into Y/N’s warm tight heat, making Y/N grip my shoulders tightly in her hands. “Fuck daddy.”

I continue to thrust my index finger into Y/N’s soaking core while making my thumb run fast figure eights on her clit. Once I feel Y/N begin to clench around my finger I decide to add a second one, making Y/N nearly scream, and I gently grip Y/N’s hip in my hand, making her ride my fingers while her white tennis skirt bounces with her hips.

“Fuck, daddy, I’m gonna come,” Y/N moans while picking up her paste, I let a moan slip past my lips as I let go of Y/N’s hip, I grab Y/N’s pink tank top in my hand pulling it down, making her perking nipples spill out of her tank, and I quickly use my other hand and grasp a nipple in my finger and gently pinch and tug on it while my mouth pays attention to the other one.

“Ahh, fuck!” Y/N shouts, her legs shaking against my hips and her hips stuttering against mine while Y/N continues to let moans slip past her lips.

“God that was amazing. I’m glad you’re my daddy.”

“No, no, everything is good down here, don’t worry mom, just enjoy yourself.” I say into the phone while I feel Y/N tugging on the sleeve of my black and red flannel. “Y/N stop, I’m talking to my mom right now.”

“No it’s nobody mom, continue.” I say into the phone while I see Y/N whine and pout her bottom lip. I let a sigh slip through my lips before I slump into the couch more with my eyes shut and continue to listen to what my mom is saying about heating the casserole in the fridge properly.

“No I’m not hungry right now. Listen mom-Shit,” I moan out when I feel Y/N rub her hand over my cock. I let my eyes pop open and I stare at Y/N with a dangerous glare. “No, I dropped something by accident, continue.”

“Daddy I want your cock,” Y/N whispers in my ear before shoving her hands down my jogging pants and into my boxers. I let a moan slip past my lips when I feel Y/N’s cold palm against my now growing cock.

“Y/N you better stop or you’ll get punished.” I state, moving my phone away from my ear as I watch Y/N just shrug her shoulders before peeling my jogging pants and boxers down to my ankles and running her tongue alongside my cock.

“Uh yeah, yeah, I’m listening. You said to not put it in the microwave,” I breathe out with a shaky breath.

“Mm, I love how hard you get daddy.” Y/N states before taking me all the way into her mouth, her nose brushing against my pelvic bone as she deep throats me. My mouth letting a moan slip past my lips.

“I-I just stubbed my toe mom. Listen I need to go now. Yeah I’m getting pretty tired, okay, love you too, bye.” I say with a shaky breath before hanging up the phone and gripping Y/N from her hair and pulling her off of my cock.

“Do you think that was a good idea angel?” I ask Y/N and she lets out shrug before starring at me with her doe eyes.

“I’m horny daddy. I wanted your cock and you weren’t paying me any attention,” Y/N says with an innocent tone while playing with the ends of her white tennis skirt.

“Oh, you’ll get attention now. Lay across my thighs angel.” I state and Y/N eyes immediately shining with worry and disbelief. “No, daddy I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do it. Daddy please don’t.”

“Oh no angel, do you think you can back out now?”


“So lay across my thighs.” I state and Y/N lets out a whimper before bending over and laying across my thighs. I peel Y/N’s skirt up to see her not wearing any panties, her naked backside in my face.

“You’re so wet and I didn’t even do anything to you.” I state while running my finger along Y/N’s wet soaking slit. I hear Y/N suck in a breath before grasping onto my calf tightly.

“I want you to count for me, okay?” I ask and all I see Y/N do is bob her head.

"I’m sorry I didn’t hear you, what was that?”

“Yes, daddy.” Y/N says and from there I begin to lay my hands upon her perky backside, her ass cheeks jiggling around as I continuously lay my hands upon her now crimson ass cheeks. After every smack on Y/N’s cheeks, I feel her grip tighten around my calf.

“Twenty.” Y/N whimpers out before she gently turns around in my lap and rises up and presses a kiss on my lips.

“You still want daddy’s cock?” I mumble against Y/N’s lips while she continues to place light and gentle pecks against my lips. “Mhm, please.”

“So ride me angel,” I say while watching Y/N tug her white halter top over her head and pulling her skirt off also. After she peels her skirt down her legs, she sets her self on my hips once again, and I see a smirk written on her strawberry coloured lips before she reaches behind herself and grips my aching cock in her soft tiny hands and slips my cock in her tight wet heat.

“Fuck,” Y/N and I moan in unison as soon as she begins to move her hips against mine, her hips moving in a delicious way that it makes my eyes roll to the back of my head and my mouth fall open, leaving me speechless. 

“Fuck, daddy, your cock is so huge,” Y/N moans as she increases her pace, making my eyes roll to the back of my head as I feel Y/N’s tight walls wrap around my cock in the most sinful way.

“Fuck Luke,” Y/N moans as I begin to thrust up into Y/N her hips continuing to move sinfully against mine. I let my eyes fall on Y/N’s face as she continues to ride me.

“Spank me Luke, please,” Y/N whimpers while placing her hands against my chest as she begins to ride me.

“I thought you didn’t like to get spanked?” I ask in a questioning tone while smacking my hand against her ass, Y/N’s body jolting up and a moan slipping past her lips as her eyes fly open.

“God I love getting spanked, spank me more, please!” Y/N moans and I let a chuckle slip past my lips before placing five more slaps against Y/N’s ass and thrusting my hips up into hers. “Fuck I’m gonna come.”

“Me too,” I moan as I feel Y/N’s walls begin to clench and unclench against my cock. I release my hand from Y/N’s ass and place my thumb on her clit as I begin to rub slobby figure eights on her clit, and after that Y/N and I are totally gone. Her body withering against mine as I feel her come, and I let my arms wrap around Y/N’s waist as I come with her.

“God that was amazing,” Y/N sighs while running her hands down my arms and pressing a kiss against my forehead.

“It’s always amazing with you, angel.”

[ I’m sorry for any spelling mistakes!!! ]

Without You

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader (friendship)

Summary: Dean is in hell, and you promised him you’d move on. When you try, everything seems to remind you of him and the friendship you’d cherished so much.

Word Count: 2,750

Warnings: Canon divergence, depression, lightly implied smut, overall sadness, some fluff, mention of vomiting (non-graphic). If I missed anything, just let me know.

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Two months ago, Dean Winchester was torn to shreds by hellhounds. He knew it was coming. Two days before his untimely death, Dean made you and Sam both promise not to look for him, not to make any deals, to just go on with your lives, to be happy together. You swore you would, and so did Sam, but it was hard for him to keep his promise. Just over a week after losing Dean, Sam was screaming into the night as he summoned crossroads demon after crossroads demon in a feeble attempt to bring Dean back.

You just laid in bed. You didn’t want to move, eat, sleep, none of it. Dean was your absolute best friend, the older brother you’d never had. When he died, so did a piece of you. Sam did what he could to pull you out of your dark place, but he was in one himself, so it wasn’t always the easiest task. More often than not, you both ended up in bed, crying on each other until you both fell asleep.

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every time someone disparages anime tiddies your clique responds with vitriol. it's like the bacon of your culture; the more (and bigger) the better and there is no upper limit. if it is true that people make fun of shit like high school of the dead I've never seen it happen

no one has ever made fun of high school of the dead tittie are to anime culture as bacon is to bacon culture and all of this because i haven’t watched anime in two months

Friend: omg I’m on this new diet where I eat only raw veggies and chia seeds with a hint of blueberry essence and spinach and kale and blahblahblahblah and I lost a half a pound in a month.

Me: ….I’m eating bacon fried in butter and BBQ smoked salmon and avacado with cream and cheese and more butter (list goes on) and I lost 3 kilos (6lbs) in 5 days.

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I regret nothing.

[day 15/30 | productivity month] - Backlog 11.11.15

Remembrance Day, 2 hours of sleep, and work. 

I wasted 3 hours on Tuesday when I passed out and napped instead of doing my readings so I decided, crappy sleep or no, that I’d wake up early and get myself a decent breakfast to fuel some study time before work. I got a decent amount done, using @studyign‘s post-its note taking method, so I felt good. The brekkie was pretty great too.

His Mum Finds A Condom

A/N: I honestly have no idea wha this is but hopefully it brings a smile to your face because I spent a lot of time cringing. There are a few swears here and there and obviously it mentions, *gasp* sex, but apart from that it’s pretty much clean :-)))

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Staying at the Irwin’s for a week during one of Ashton’s breaks from tour was meant to be a great idea. You got to spend time with your boyfriend and he got to be with the most important people in his life.

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We Need You Again-Isaac Lahey

Teen Wolf Imagine:#91

Prompt:The phone rings. The voice on the other end says “We need you again.” then hangs up.

Word Count: 790

Warnings: None that I can think of?

A/n: So there is probably going to be at least a part 2 of this…maybe more…we’ll see.

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Coming Soon

Last Imagine

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