bacon meatloaf

It’s been five years since we moved into our “new” Marvel offices in Midtown Manhattan, and we still continue to explore the area for the best lunch options. Last week, we walked over to 8th Ave and 49th to check out the Times Square Diner. It wasn’t the cheap dive we had hoped for, going for more of a classy theater district vibe, but the food was quite good. I went with their Bacon Loaf Sandwich, which was a thick slice of their homemade meatloaf on a roll topped with bacon, caramelized onions, brown gravy and melted mozzarella. I really enjoyed it and would go back for this sandwich again!


807 8th Ave.

NY, NY 10019


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bacon meatloaf? mmmmm. bacon flapjacks? deeeeeelish. bacon sandwich? yes please! bacon sundae? yu…what?!?!?! eff no.