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Can you write something about Stuckony with a sick!Tony? I will love you forever <3

Stuckony with sick!Tony! :) Hope you like it! Keep an eye out for under the cut!

Steve and Bucky were ashamed of how long it took them to realize that Tony was sick. The morning had started out so normal, though! Steve and Bucky had gotten up for their run, kissed Tony goodbye, and then left. They’d brought back bagels and Tony was still in bed, which wasn’t abnormal, so they’d brewed some coffee and made some bacon to try and lure him out. When that didn’t work, they went to snuggle him aggressively.

Tony woke up just long enough for hugs, kisses, and bacon, then fell right back to sleep. They chalked it up to a late night in the workshop and merrily went on their ways to watch some Bonanza. When lunch time came, they made sandwiches and went to coax Tony awake again, because he wouldn’t sleep through the night if they let him sleep any longer. Bucky leaned in to press a kiss to the brunet’s forehead.

And then Tony sneezed directly into his face.

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Sophie/Soliel, 12, 17, 25


  • 12. Who initiates kisses?

SOLEIL. Sophie wants to initiate kisses but always frets over whether or not it’s a good time. Soleil just goes in because she knows that her kisses have a 99.9% success rate

  • 17. Who says I love you first?

Sophie says “I love you” a lot!

  • 25. Who needs more assurance?

Sophie of course. She doesn’t have a lot of self confidence in general so Soleil is there to help her back onto her feet with a bunch of kisses


Kisses $2 bacons each 💋

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Favourite Things - Seokjin

-when you both wake up at the same time, eyes meeting like it’s the first time you’ve ever seen each other.

-when you’re the first to say good morning even when you’ve been staring at each other for the good of five minutes.

-when the both of you cook breakfast together, his chest to your back and his arms around your shoulders while you’re frying eggs and bacon.

-when the first kiss you share is when he heads off to practice and you’re still in your pajamas and you can taste his cherry chapstick on his plump lips.

-when you smack his butt when he’s on his way out and he gives you a pout but he secretly loves it.

-when you can’t finish your food and just kind of push your bowl of unfinished bulgogi towards him without saying anything. he always eats it anyway.

-when you text him during a segment of EatJin telling him he’s adorable and to call you later.

-when he realises that he’s never had a reason to be upset with you other than an argument on who actually won between the two of you when playing mario kart.

-when you kiss his neck before adusting the collar of his dress shirt in his dressing room at an event. it helps him calm his nerves before he has to go out on stage.

-when you blush when he kisses the back of your hand or your cheek or forehead.

-when you take pictures of him when he’s not even doing anything because he looked really good.

-when you always want to hold his hand during sex because you think it’s more intimate that way and he couldn’t agree more.

-when he sees your lockscreen is a picture you took with him when you were visiting his hometown.

-when during the winter you like to wear his big hoodies with knee high socks. he can’t resist you the most in that.

-when you reach over to hold his other hand while he has one hand on the steering wheel.

-when you can never seem to stop staring at him when he’s scoffing down food whether at a restaurant or at home with a meal you cooked for him. you’re wondering how a boy can eat this much while also admiring how adorable he is.

-when you go to the gym together and he grows bold when he locks eyes with you while he’s lifting weights, giving you a wink that almost has you tripping over your own feet on the treadmill.

-when you’re both drunk and singing karaoke and dancing just dance 2 on his wii like you’re the only ones left in the world and it’s all laughs and sloppy kisses until you’re both passed out in bed.

-when you call yourself the peach to his mario and you dress up like them on halloween. this is at the top of his favourite things, honestly.

-when you help cook meals for the rest of the boys and they all call you their mom. there’s a special little twinkle in seokjin’s eyes when he sees you get along so well with his members.

-when even though you both wake up at the same time, you always seem to fall asleep first and it’s always the same way, with your arm stretched across his torso, holding him like you never want to let go.

-when he knows you’re destined for each other when jungkook comes up to him one night and asks him, “hyung, what’s it like to be in love?”. because he is. he truly is.

-when you tell him you know you’re destined for each other when jungkook calls you one day and asks you the same thing.