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170426 - BAEkhyun

Today’s bias is Baekhyun.

Because Baek is bae.

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He’s so bae that he says he wants to provide baekup backup vocals for your life.

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Why not main vocals?  Because he wants you to be the star, of course!

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Chanyeol: “Where’s my kiss?”

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Baekhyun: “Whoops I missed.”

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Hey, you get a kiss from five more of the boys!

Half-heartedly from D.O but whatever

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Live your dreams today!

Boyfriend Jin

boyfriend seokjin? thank you! :))

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  • aaah I already know writing this will make me so emotional ;w; Jin is so stunning, his voice is so beautiful and he’s so caring to the boys omg,,
  • ok
  • so let’s start this pain fest
  • with how you ended up together
  • you were an old friend of Hobi’s. he’s the type that when he likes and trusts someone, there’s no escape, u are his friend for life
  • so even though you hadn’t seen each other in 5 years, he invites you to the after party of BTS’ debut
  • the uncertainty and excitement of what the future may hold was tangible and the party carried on until the early morning hours
  • you met Seokjin while ordering food,, you, the youngins and Seokjin were the only sober ones and the snacks had ran out hours ago. So you all went to pick up food in the local 24 hour convenience store, since nowhere nearby delivered past 3 am
  • Jimin, Tae and Jungkook branched off together
  • leaving you and Seokjin alone
  • his awkward nature meant there were many long pauses and neither of you knew what to say. until you realized you had a shared love of Mario and lame jokes
  • he likes to tell you that this was the moment when he started falling for you,, while you stacked instant noodles in a cart and the babies of BTS argued over which brand of crisps to buy
  • your relationship stayed in the “flirty friends” phase for the next three years. he was busy learning choreo, filming, promoting BTS and you had your own life. you never lost contact but weeks would go by without seeing him and just as you think ur crush is fading … he surprises you with a phone call at 11 pm: “are you still awake? can I come over with the new Mario game and snacks??”
  • this odd schedule might have continued for even longer if it weren’t for resident match maker Jung Hoseok
  • he always sent you texts with updates of Seokjin: “your bf is really happy today” “he lost in a game now he’s mad lol” “I told him u were coming over later & he’s been smiling for an hour straight”
  • and does likewise to Seokjin
  • you knew you liked him, and he liked you, but you were afraid to make a move bc what if it ended badly?? and that effected your friendship w him and the other boys?? and he thought much the same
  • but Hobi didn’t
  • he kept pushing Seokjin to ask you out until one day he cracked and sent you a text message: ‘Knock knock’ ‘Who’s there?’ ‘Kim Seokjin’ ‘Kim Seokjin who?’ ‘Kim Seokjin who’s picking you up at 7 tonight, wear something nice ;)’
  • the dork took you to a restaurant, of course. you better like food bc that’s what 99% of your relationship consists of
  • the boys call you their step-parent, since Joonie is already the dad and Jin is the mom
  • he loves back hugging you
  • and when you run your nails along his back
  • or spoon him, pressing your face between his shoulder blades
  • he’s so whiny sometimes,, like a child
  • “jagi, why aren’t you playing with me? why aren’t you looking at me? why did you say Jimin looked handsome in this comeback but not me?” he needs to be your #1 always, no exception
  • ((although he does love seeing you look after the maknae line))
  • ((but not hyung line, that makes him jealous lol))
  • kissing him is usually soft and warm
  • he pecks you when he wakes up, groggy voice asking you how you slept or telling you about his dream. and kisses you chastely after you’ve had breakfast and taste like greasy bacon. those kisses turn desperate when he knows he’ll be gone a while. and last for hours when he’s going on tour
  • mostly, his kisses are loving and sweet. even when they’re needy and passionate, they express his love, his affection, his adoration of you
  • whines like a child if you bite his lower lip too hard
  • mewls and pants with heated kisses
  • can feel your kisses for hours afterwards
  • especially those on the sensitive spots of his neck since yes,, he has many
  • changed your screensaver to his selca, his name in your contacts to ‘World’s Greatest Visual’ and set his ringtone to the Mario theme song
  • which is super fun when he calls and you’re at a funeral or a wedding or in work and everyone thinks you’re weird :))
  • when you’re in his room and eating a meal,, sometimes the boys don’t know if he’s moaning bc of the food or bc of you so you’ll often hear timid knocks from hungry boys on the door
  • “Hyung?? … Is it safe to come in??”
  • often goofs off in practice if you visit or if he’d rather video chat you,, Hobi is the purest bean on earth lol my bias is showing but you do NOT want to anger him,, so you’re quickly banned from visiting during practice
  • or shows, tbh
  • Seokjin is always more focused on you than learning lines or rehearsing for a show so you basically can’t visit him,, ever
  • no one loves you together more than his family
  • they love seeing him happy, knowing that he’s found someone who loves and supports their precious Seokjin
  • the boys are a close second
  • Taehyung legit talks as if you’re both already married and have kids,, which isn’t too far from the truth tbh … you both already have discussed marriage, and taking care of BTS is more stressful than having actual kids
  • you and Seokjin know you’re going to get married someday, the boys know, your families know. it’s just a thing that is undoubtedly going to happen
  • but he’s afraid of the media attention, of anti’s targeting you so although you know you’ll walk down the aisle someday, you just don’t know when. but you have a colour scheme already picked out (red & white like Mario’s cap lol it will be the nerdiest wedding of the century)
  • like all couples, you have your fights but they’re rare. you’re both mature and the bond is so strong that you always can talk issues out. there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that you’re soul mates, destined to be together, through thick and thin and shitty puns,, til death do you part

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Can you write something about Stuckony with a sick!Tony? I will love you forever <3

Stuckony with sick!Tony! :) Hope you like it! Keep an eye out for under the cut!

Steve and Bucky were ashamed of how long it took them to realize that Tony was sick. The morning had started out so normal, though! Steve and Bucky had gotten up for their run, kissed Tony goodbye, and then left. They’d brought back bagels and Tony was still in bed, which wasn’t abnormal, so they’d brewed some coffee and made some bacon to try and lure him out. When that didn’t work, they went to snuggle him aggressively.

Tony woke up just long enough for hugs, kisses, and bacon, then fell right back to sleep. They chalked it up to a late night in the workshop and merrily went on their ways to watch some Bonanza. When lunch time came, they made sandwiches and went to coax Tony awake again, because he wouldn’t sleep through the night if they let him sleep any longer. Bucky leaned in to press a kiss to the brunet’s forehead.

And then Tony sneezed directly into his face.

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KARAMEL APPRECIATION WEEK DAY 7: FREE CHOICE.  | 100 things I love about Karamel. 

  1. Heart Eyes.
  2. Super happy giddy smiles.
  3. The Couch
  4. The Eyes Lips Thing
  5. Comets.
  7. Married AF banter.
  8. Hand placements.
  9. Mike Matthews x Kara. Paris City. We work out! Two strapping millennials. LOL.
  10. Drunk!Kara + Drunk!Mon-El
  11. A boy from Daxam and a girl from Krypton.
  12. Working through their shit like a real couple
  13. Way to blob babe!
  14. Cooking each other breakfast
  15. Not being able to handle loosing the other.
  16. Synchronised badarse training room flips
  17. Giggles and laughter
  18. Club soda
  19. Blanket sharing
  20. Goofus and gallant
  21. Inspiring one another to be better versions of themselves
  22. Chemistry that is on fucking fire
  23. Terrible insulting skills (bad bad science man. /  jerk… guy. / you…you have a rat face!)
  24. “Hi.” “Hi”
  25. Hugs so tight you can see the super-human strength between the two of them
  26. Literally everyone around them knows what’s up, from Eliza Danvers to J’onn to Alex to Winn to Barry to the entire DEO.
  27. “Don’t Go.”
  28. Little subtle touches and closeness
  29. Matching judging faces
  30. Matching cutesy faces
  31. Light teasing and banter.
  32. Supporting one another. Being there in times of need.
  33. Allowing the other to go out and Superhero while they do laundry.
  34. #supersex
  35. Pointing out each others talents and growth
  36. Looks of longing
  37. So. many. beautiful. karamel. kisses.
  38. Kara teaching Mon-El earth terms and earth culture.
  39. “What a gentleman!”
  40. Sacrifice for the other.
  41. John declaring Mon-El as family
  42. Space puppies in love.
  43. # the karamel fam
  44. We found a connection through the kindness in our hearts
  45. Handholding
  46. Forehead kisses
  47. Cuddles
  48. “BACON. And biscuits! And.. is that a poached egg? when did you learn how to poach!”
  49. The deep connection of sharing their lost planets
  50. Dopey grins.
  51. Making out.
  52. “That woman is the best thing that has ever happened to me!”
  53. Working through flaws.
  54. Partners.
  55. Sassy pants Kara and Jealous Mon-El.
  56. Heartfelt apologies.
  57. Matching mike and kara disguise glasses.
  58. “Why don’t you tell me what you need? I’ll listen.”
  59. Mon-El gazing at Kara with admiration, at her nobility and strength and morality and selflessness.
  60. When his hands are in her hair. When her hands are in his hair.
  61. Dancing together.
  62. Potstickers.
  63. Crinkle.
  64. “To wake up with me.”
  65. Ice-cream.
  66. Sneaking glances at the other
  67. “You came after me?” “Every time.”
  68. Silly dorky puppies.
  69. Mon-El being proud of Kara. Kara being proud of Mon-El.
  70. Passion and sexual tension.
  72. Mon-El thinking heaven involves waking up to Kara and Eliza.
  73. You’re safety is more important. (Mxyzptlk/Kara. Rhea/Mon-El).
  74. Sunshine smiles.
  75. True loves kiss.
  76. Badass team ups.
  77. Mon-El in a suit + Kara in a dress.
  78. “Pssst! “Did you just Psssst me?”
  79. HOT. DAMN.
  80. The utter relief of being reunited. (2x17).
  81. Synchronised outfits.
  82. Understanding.
  83. Real flaws. Real hurts. Real love.
  84. Being surrounded by supportive people that actually want the best for them, and can see that their relationship is a part of that.
  87. “You’re my kryptonite. Well.. my feelings for you.”
  88. Being vulnerable with each other.
  89. Awkard nervous blabbing.
  90. Confessions.
  91. Declarations of love.
  92. Eye sex.
  93. Holding around the waist + holding around the neck.
  94. ‘Every little thing she does is magic’
  95. The multiple time they have launched themselves into the others arms.
  96. Being gentle + being fierce.
  97. Overcoming differences.
  98. Celebrating differences.
  99. Saving each other.

So get this….first this happened…

and I was like OH! That’s hella cool, I landed right on Dean’s birth year! I could totally do my celebration early, I better put the finishing details on that and get it posted….then as I was working on that this happened…

And I was like well, OKAY then…AWESOME! And now I’m up even higher than that. So…I’m going to do a massive celebration and celebrate all of my wonderful followers…plus my birthday is coming up next month so I’ll throw that in there too. :)  So I have several parts to this celebration, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

Before I get to the celebration I just want to say, THANK YOU ALL! My followers, my bunnies who are continuously rapidly multiplying, you guys amaze me. I went on hiatus, slowed way down with my writing and posting, and yet you continued to grow in numbers. THANK YOU. Beyond growing in numbers you have shown me so much love and support and kindness and for that you deserve to be celebrated. So this celebration isn’t about me…it’s about YOU! So high five for being the hella awesome followers that you are! Seriously, I cannot even begin to thank you all enough. 

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Are you taking prompts? If so could you write something where the TARDIS expresses love for Bill with a really posh kitchen and laboratory? Her own personal test kitchen?

yes of course i will write the inaugural Bill/TARDIS fic i mean what do you think i am for if not this

Bill/the TARDIS, vaguely implied Twelve/Nardole, ~1.2k words, not explicit

The first night (“night”) Bill stays in the TARDIS, the Doctor gives her a rambling ten-part set of directions in re: where the guest bedroom is. He grins, she grins, he grins wider, she gives him a thumbs-up, he returns it. She walks with a measured pace to where she’s fairly sure he can’t see her, and then she bolts. And doesn’t forget the instructions so much as discovers they don’t make sense, since everything looks the same, and ‘pass the Mechanical Turk’ doesn’t work at a T-junction with two Mechanical Turks. She runs and the ground feels weird and she sporadically opens doors until she finds what she optimistically hopes is some sort of futuristic Space Toilet, but which is probably a bougie Space Laundry Chute. She vomits into the hole, closes the lid, and straightens herself out before wobbling back into the corridor.

Professor “The Doctor” What had said this was to get her acclimated to time/space travel but she’s 95% certain he’s just lost, or something is broken. So it’s reasonable to have puked in a closet and then walked away, if they’re doing lies. This place is big enough, he probably won’t even notice. Right? Right. She wipes her mouth and soldiers on.

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Wolf!Kris x Reader- Bath Time

Wolf!Kris x Reader

Here you go. I came up with this in the shower for some odd reason water helps me think clearly.


It had been a shitty long ass week, that was how you would describe it. You didn’t care about the PG-13 words coming out of your mouth because you were about one thousand percent done with the week. Filled with unpaid overtime at work, the relentless flirting from your co-worker, clumsiness and unorganizedness. You had to walk home from work in the pouring rain and ended up getting splashed rather rudely by a car speeding through a puddle close to the side walk. And to top it all off, it was transformation week.

What is transformation week? Well it’s the week leading up to the full moon in which your boyfriend was out doing whatever werewolves do in wolf form. And being that today was the night of the full moon it was safe to say that your much loved wolf-boy Wu Fan would not be making an appearance tonight.

So the most logical thing for you to do was to do nothing. You sat on the couch in your pajamas, eyes glued to the screen which was currently playing a rerun episode of your favorite drama. You were dozing off when you heard it. And at first you brushed off the faint scratching sound coming from your front door. Muting the television you listened closely and you heard it again, only this time followed by a howl.

You stood up and walked towards the door although not opening it. What if it wasn’t Wu Fan? What if it was another wolf? A bad wolf. But then again what if it was Wu Fan or one of his pack members? You made you decision and opened the door.

Sitting outside you door was a mud covered, soaked, rather pathetic looking black wolf. It’s brown eyes boring into your soul in a staring contest you were practically destined to lose.
“Wu Fan?”
It let out an adorable bark before jumping on you, knocking you to the floor and licking your face.
“Fan! Fan stop it you’re covered in mud!”

Needless to say a few minutes later you were sitting on the side of your bathroom tub. Inside was more bubbles than water and an amused looking wolf.
“Don’t look so smugly at me Wu Fan, you’re not the one with a dog whistle”, you threatened. He whimpered and looked down at the bubbles.

You turned your back to get more shampoo, having emptied the bottle out into the water already, and when you turned around replacing the wolf was a very human Kris.
“I thought you got rid of the dog whistle”, he whined.

“Exactly I did, and now you know”, you smirked and squirted some of the shampoo in your hands and proceeded to massage it into Wu Fan’s hair, making sure to get behind his fluffy black wolf ears that remained even in human form.

He scowled and grabbed your hands, “I wouldn’t look so smug _____ I’m not the one who’s about to get pulled into a bath tub”, he said mockingly.

You narrowed your eyes, “You wouldn’t.”

Wu Fan’s scowl turn upwards into a smirk. “Try me.”

“There would be no more bacon, cuddling or kisses for a week”, you warned knowing his weakness.

Wu Fan may look tough but he’s actually a gigantic fluff ball who liked bacon and snuggles. Although it would a be a lie to say he was harmless, after all he’s saved your ass many times.

His ears flattened against his head and he looked up at you with puppy eyes. For a moment you got lost in his cuteness, wow something you’d never thought you’d say about Wu Fan, and he took that opportunity to pull you into the tub, effectively soaking you.

You glared at him through you wet hair that now hung in your face.

“Haha I love you. You look very beautiful today, like always my beautiful jagiya please don’t hit me on the nose-”, he speech sped up until you flicked him on the nose.

“I love you to Wu Fan~”, you said sweetly as he whimpered and rubbed his nose.

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So my girlfriend and I decided to have our first kiss using bacon (thanks to your post about the pocky game) and when we'd done it we just started laughing hysterically, so anybody who walked past just saw these two girls dying on the floor.