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Brunch at the Top at California Grill located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Freedom Part 3 (Greaser!Peter Parker x Reader AU)

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Request: hi doll i was wondering if i could request a kinda greaser!peter parker au? like he saves you from your dick boyfriend and idk fluffy shit lmao sorry if this prompt sucks

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A.N. : Sorry this took so long, I was working on some other stories. Thank you for your patience and support! Let me know if you guys like the story, or if you want to see something happen in it, in the future. I love when you guys give me suggestions! Anyway, Hope you enjoy babes!

- Written by Kat - 

The next morning, you woke up not knowing where you were. Filled with momentary panic, you bolted upright. You looked around, realizing that you were on someone’s couch in what looked like a city apartment. Swinging your legs off the couch to stand up, your bare feet landed on something warm that groaned at the weight of your feet. Jerking your feet back, you looked down only to see Peter sprawled on the floor next to the couch, a blanket tangled around his legs. His eyes were closed, making him look peaceful and calm, such a contrast to how you normally saw him around the jocks. Then it all came rushing back; the party, the jacket, Peter, Jake, the fight. Your tongue ran along your lower lip, grazing over the healing cut, the taste of blood still in your mouth. How had it come to this?

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30 Day OTP Challenge Day Sixteen: Morning Ritual(s)

Note: Fluff (Loki takes such good care of you! ^^)

Words: 1270

You and mornings were not friends, you weren’t close. You hated mornings which meant hell for Loki who had to get you up for work, breakfast, etc. You let out a groan hearing the alarm blaring loudly at exactly seven am when Loki reached across from you and shut it off. Your eyes never opened as Loki let out a sigh before running a hand down his face. Suddenly you felt the bed shifted and your shirt being lifted up towards your neck before you smiled feeling Loki’s lip kiss down your spine as you moan softly at the gentle affection. “Loki.” You mumbled.

You could feel his smile when he kissed back up nibbling onto your ear as your eyes struggled to flutter open. “Come on my darling. I need you to wake up.” He whispered so softly before he continued his assault down your neck as you tilted your head to the side to give him more room. “Hmm.” You hum, but didn’t open your eyes when you felt his hands roam down your sides before he sat back making you shiver at the loss of warmth. “Come now, we have to awaken.” He said as you made a noise of protest feeling him get up from the bed.

You finally peeled your eyes open as you looked to see him walking towards the closet in only boxers when you crawled over to his side of the bed. You flopped down onto the floor whining at the coldness of the wooden ground when Loki turned around with a bored expression. “Really?” He asked as you reached up to him with grabby hands when he let out a small sigh. “Every morning.” He mumbled before walking over to you as he picked you up off the floor when you suddenly wrapped your legs around his waist and held him close. “(Y-Y/N)!” He huffed.

“Warm.” You comment placing your cold feet against his skin as he hissed for a moment when he looked down at you before laying you down onto the bed. “You feeling sweats?” He asked going to the closet. “I’m feeling nude.” You said laying your hands behind your head. “Not an option.” Loki said growling as you blushed softly at the possessiveness in his voice. “S-Sweats sound great.” You stuttered when he turned smiling you to you. “Good choice.” He said as you cleared your throat before he grabbed some sweats and a shirt for both of you.

“Come on, we have to get your teeth brushed and your hair.” He said laying the clothes onto the bed as you whined before he grabbed your hands. You made yourself dead weight to make it more of a struggle for him as he growled trying to lift you. “(Y/N)… You.. You are being a child!” He huffs allowing you flop down onto the bed as you looked up to him with a wicked smirk of victory written on your face. Suddenly you cried out as he threw you over his shoulder before he walked over to the bathroom. He set you down onto the toilet as he opened the cabinet.

He got both your toothbrushes and paste before getting it on the brush as he hands you yours when he starts brushing his teeth while yours resides inside your mouth. He starts to brush his hair quickly before looking to you as you sat there with a still dazed expression. He sighed before he starts to brush your own hair when you look to him still not moving your toothbrush. Loki spit into the sink as he raises an eyebrow at you and setting the brush back. “Are you going to make me brush your teeth again?” He asked when you shrug before he pinches the bridge of his nose.

He looked back to you as he wiped his face before he started to brush your teeth while you sat there looking tired. He made you spit into the sink before he cleaned the brushes when he helped you back into the bedroom. You flopped back down onto the bed as he got his clothes on and glanced to you. “You’re dressing yourself. I am your boyfriend, not your mother.” He said crossing his arms. “Besides, I’m better at taking them off then putting them on.” He winks as your face lights up in a dark red hue before you grumble getting your clothes on.

You whined struggling to get them up to mid thigh as he watched you kick and flail around trying to pull them up, but failing. “Oh for the love of Asgard!” He exclaims stilling your sporadic movement before pulling your sweatpants the rest of the way. You grin at him as he sighed laying down on top of you when you snuggle against his chest. “Why are you so adorable?” He asked as you make a face. “Is this face adorable?” You asked making different expression when he cupped your face as you looked up to him. “Absolutely.” He whispered before kissing you.

“Softie!” You exclaimed squirming around as he looks at you. “What the flip-flop! How are you so strong?” You demanded. “I am a God.” He said as if that answered your question as you mimicked his sentence. “Act like that and you will eat nothing for breakfast.” He said standing up as you gasped before wrapping around him like a sloth to a tree. “No! I’m sorry! I love you!” You whine. “Don’t take my food!” You said looking up to him. “I’m beginning to think you only love me for my cooking.” He inquired as you gasp. “N-No way! I mean have you see your body! Ten out of Ten! Would bang again!” You grin.

He let out a sigh when he supported you when a hand on your butt before walking out to the kitchen as you started singing about eating pancakes and bacon. He sat you down onto the chair where you’d eat together in the mornings as you looked up to him. “Any preferred drink?” He asked. “Hm.. I’m feeling Juice today.” You said as he opened the fridge and pulled out a carton of your favorite juice. He grabbed two glasses when he set them down onto the table as you got up and started to set the table. He nodded in thanks as you grin kissing his cheek.

He pulled out the pancake mix and strawberries as he cut them up along with bananas before pouring them into the batter. The kitchenette you had suddenly filled with the intoxicating aroma of fresh fruit, pancakes, and bacon, in other words smiled amazing. Loki got plates and put the stacks of pancakes on them and another plate for the bacon before he shut off the stove. He walked over to the table and sat everything down before he joined you for breakfast. “Thank you.” You said getting out the syrup for the pancakes as you both started to eat.

You enjoyed moments like these, because you and Loki chatted about missions, what you were going to do today, how yesterday went, etc. It made you feel like it was a normal life considering he was a God and your lives were anything but. You laughed with Loki as you told stories about failed missions, or bizarre things that had happened when your phone buzzed. “Guess it’s time for work.” You said standing up as he stood up placing the dishes in the sink when you kissed before going towards the elevator. “How do you feel about kids?” You asked as his eyes widened.

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Wizarding Schools - Borealis Institute of Magical Education

Location: Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada
Headmaster: Headmaster Taktuq Tremblay

The Borealis Institute of Magical Education is located in the uninhabited area of the Rocky Mountains. It was created to cater to the magical families of Canada, both English and French speaking. The students are transported to the school by use of train, and sometimes portkey - due to the remote location of the school and the wide distances between students. The school itself is known for its particular admonishment of beliefs of pure-blood superiority; students and teachers alike often speaking up for the equality of witches and wizards from all backgrounds.

Maple Bacon Whoopie pie from Sweet Spells located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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larry feeling god in a spokane chili's

When Harry had suggested a vacation to Seattle, Louis hadn’t anticipated a side-trip six hours east of Seattle to the mid-sized city of Spokane, Washington. But Harry insisted, and Louis wasn’t one to deny her girl anything if she could help it. 

While waiting in the Enterprise Rent-A-Car office for the agent to run their drivers’ licenses, Louis realized she didn’t know why exactly they were going to Spokane. “Harry?” she asked.

“What’s up, babe?” Harry said, looking up from her Instagram feed.

“What…do you want to see in Spokane? Is there, like, a museum or something?”

“Well, they have the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, but my main reason for going is–,” she began, before Lana from Enterprise returned with two sets of keys. 

“Alright, ladies. You’re all set! Let me show you your car! It’s a 2010 Ford Focus.”

Thirty minutes later, Louis was in the passenger seat yelling at the car’s sound system. “I know I need to connect bluetooth, you piece of shit,” she roared.

“Oh my god, Louis, just turn on the fucking radio,” Harry said, glancing at the navigation on her phone. 

“Fine.” Louis tuned the radio to a country station and left the volume on low. “Does…Google maps on your phone say Chili’s Grill & Bar?”

“Yes!” Harry chirped. “I love Chili’s and I haven’t been in years, so we’re road-tripping to Spokane. There are only three Chili’s restaurants in Washington and they’re all in Spokane. Isn’t that ridiculous?”

“Harry,” Louis said.

“Yes, Louis?” 

“Are we driving six hours into the middle of Bumfuck, Nowhere so you can get a fucking quesadilla?” Louis asked, but there was no malice behind it. She always just wanted to see Harry smile. 

“Well, yeah. And a margarita.”

When they were finally in their booth at Chili’s, it was 7 PM and Louis was starving. Harry had refused to let her stop and eat, because she needed to “have an empty stomach for the Chili’s experience.” 

Louis ordered nachos, two quesadillas, and two bottomless margaritas. Their hotel was next to the restaurant so no one had to drive, and she was planning on getting shitfaced at this Chili’s.

“Holy shit, baby,” she said after taking the first bite of her bacon ranch quesadilla. “This is amazing.”

“I know,” Harry replied between bites of their nachos. 

“Like, I feel like I’m feeling God himself in this Chili’s.” Louis looked reverently at the large neon chili pepper decorating the wall. “I’m so glad you made me come here. I want Chili’s to cater our wedding.”

“Wedding?” Harry asked, glancing up at her. 

“Uh…I mean…I know we haven’t, like, seriously discussed it but…I want you to be my wife someday, Harry.” She reached across the table and wiped queso off of her love’s face.

“Why wait? Let’s do it right now,” Harry said. “Will you marry me, right here in Spokane, Washington, Louis Tomlinson?” 

“Darling…,” Louis trailed off. “Yes, absolutely. Yes. As soon as I finish my quesadilla.”

They found themselves at Spokane City Hall a few hours later, tipsy and giggling as they signed their marriage certificate. 

“You’re my fucking wife,” Louis said, looking radiant and happier than she’d ever been.

“You’re my fucking wife,” Harry replied. 

“You know you guys can go now, right?” the annoyed-looking city hall clerk said. “Please, kindly, get out of my office.” 

They strode out of the office and onto the street, holding hands. They walked back to their hotel and stopped to gaze at the Chili’s before going inside. Louis suddenly grabbed Harry’s waist and kissed her, their faces–and their hearts–illuminated by the Chili’s Grill & Bar chili pepper above their heads.

Boyfriend And I

Another wonderful story submission, I really liked this one! Keep it coming guys!

Boyfriend and I

Me and my boyfriend like to have farting competitions.

But not just any kind, face farting.

We try to see who can get the other last before we go to bed, and whoever loses has to have their face shoved into the other’s ass for the night. Now, I am Italian and he is Spanish, and I’d say we’re both very good looking. He has an amazing bubble butt.

Heres what today went like.

I had just woken up, and stumbled out to the living room. I noticed him sitting on the couch, watching the t.v., so i laid down next to him and put my head in his lap. After a few minutes, he pat my head.
“I have to get up, amor,” he said softly. I moved my head for him, and once he stood up i placed my head back down and he sat on it. I knew he didn’t need to go anywhere, but it was part of the rules that we had to go along with it. We just couldn’t make the other get into position.
He pulled down his sweatpants, revealing his boxer briefs, colored red. He rubbed his bottom on my face for a moment, then out came the fart, in three low grumbles.

Pphhrrt bbrt ppfhhht

He continued to rub it all in, then took a deep breath. This means he had a big one. I put my hands on his stomach to help push it out, by giving it a small massage.


He let out a breath of relief as a low, bubbly grumble was let out and began rubbing his bottom on my face. I breathed it all in, still massaging his stomach. A few small ones were let out, but then he got up and sat down, replacing my head on his lap.

After about ten minutes of silence, my boyfriend playing with my hair, i decided it was my turn to have fun. I sat up, and he put his head down in my lap. “Hey, i was just about to get up,” I huffed, but he knew what i was hinting at. So he lifted his head, i stood and replaced my head on top of his face. I pulled down both my pants and my underwear, revealing bare butt. He reached up and massaged my stomach, and honestly it felt amazing. I let out a few quick ones, nothing special, then let out a monester sized one.


I let out a happy side, and rubbed my butt in his face. I felt another one coming so i bent over and let it out.


I smiled and got up. “Mm.. that was good. Burritos for dinner, right?” I asked. He nodded and sat up. He then told me he had to use the bathroom, so then i got up and sat on the floor in front of the couch.
When my boyfriend returned, he had a grin on his face. I watched as he stepped one foot over and positioned his bottom into my face. He pulled his pants down, and reached back, holding my head in place. Of course i reached up and massaged his stomach. That was also another rule- but not really since we never established it. He held his breath as he let out a few low grumbles of farts.

Pppbbbt bbppt pprrbt brrrtp

He sighed happily, and let out a few more. He always beat me in this challenge- because he was always eating spicy foods that make you pass gas. So as my boyfriend continued on, low grumbles and wet ones galore. I smelled them all. They were terrible- but i loved them.


And off it went again, and my boyfriend sighed in relief. He finally got off after a few small toots. I smiled up at him.
“Just wait your turn,” I said calmly and stayed on the floor. He shrugged, sitting next to me. Soon, out of boredom, my boyfriend laid down, feet by the tv, on his back. Perfect chance. So i pull the pants and underwear off, and scooted onto the spainiards face. “Mm. I got a big one,” he smiled. He felt his boyfriends large hands massage his stomach, and he chuckled. Just as he began rubbing his bottom agsinst the face, he let it out. It had a deep growl to it, very meaty and lasted a good 8 seconds. He sighed happily and got off, laying on the couch behind him.

An hour passed, and nothing happens. My boyfriend decided to make breakfast, an omelete and bacon, and it was amazing. With him, dairy never sits well and results in terrible farts. And with the greasiness of the bacon, that could only mean the bacon won’t sit well either.
So here wenwere, now in a car on our way to a park, with me laying down and my face as his seat. It was truly amazing. Boxer briefs were the only thing covering the whole thing, but he kept quiet and massaged his stomach. Farts were let out.

Pppffrrrt, “you like that? Heres another.” Rrrbffpt, “you want a another? Heres a big one,” Pppppffrt rrrRrPpbt PpPRBBT

I heard him sigh with relief, but i continued to massage. I need more.

So after a day full of back and forth, it was night time. I was in the lead, but wanted so bad to lose.
I was already in bed, and my boyfriend walked in, only in his briefs. He walked to my side and leaned over, letting out a small growl from his buttocks.

“Looks like you won,” I said excitedly. He nodded and got in bed, pushing my head down there. He wrapped his muscular legs around my torso, my face pushed to his butt. That night, I smelled so many farts, but it was so fun and i wouldn’t change a thing about this