bacon friday


Make this!!

Roasted cabbage topped with lotssssss of bacon and cheese.

Peel a cabbage until the dirty layers are gone and rinse it well. Pat it dry. Preheat the oven to 400. Cut it into thick chunks - if the chunks aren’t thick enough the cabbage comes apart. Place the slices on a baking sheet and brush with oil- I used Italian olive oil and salt and pepper (both sides). Put in the oven for a hour, flipping it over after 30 minutes. At about 20 minutes left, I cut up a package of bacon and crisped that up in a skillet. When the cabbage is done, top with bacon and cheese and put back in the oven for 5 minutes.

This was a win.

Fanfic Friday #35

Pawprints by thehaakun
Life is Strange - Pricefield - Rated: Teen

[Werewolf!AU] Based off of: “I’m a newly-turned werewolf without a pack and i can’t really control myself well on full moon nights yet and you keep finding me passed out naked on your lawn” AU.

“Um, I’m Max, and, I just, kinda found you here in my garden,” Max stammered, keeping her hand over her eyes.

“Shit, I’m so sorry, dude - I’m Chloe,” she responded a little breathlessly. “I, uh, oh man, I’m sorry - ”


This is probably one of the greatest death scenes ever put to film, and 50 percent of that is just because it’s Kevin Bacon. How often do you see Kevin Bacon die on film? Not so often at all. Not in Footloose, that’s for sure. Imagine if the climax of that film had been a burst aorta right in the middle of a rousing Don Henley number, with everyone standing around in shock and horror as Bacon clutches his chest and just collapses, his face contorted in a mask of rock ‘n’ roll anguish.

The 8 Most Brilliant Kills In Famous Slasher Movies


Why does Fyeahsmnc get to keep the bacon?! Its MY bacon! Fyeahsmnc with Bacon friday.

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The first ever bacon friday is here! Grab the bacon while its hot!

And as for the prizes for the raffle we have :

Oops taunt, (Sniper) Monday night fever, (Sniper) Monday night metal, For the girls taunt (CG), Veteran Zombie torso, After shock.

Regarding this weeks match :

Time zones are heavily in effect here, therefore you can enter for a chance to be in it, but I will have more details about when it will be hosted later.

Thats it! Go nuts! Eat your bacon! Hell, do what you want with the bacon its your bacon!

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Thank you all for joining, but it’s over! We will be hosting a new one soon!

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