bacon family

If you want to draw exploding forests and naked men, fucking draw them. If you want to bake peanut butter and bacon cupcakes, fucking bake them. If you want to fucking dance around listening to Nirvana at 3am in your pjs, you fucking rock that shit out. Don’t you ever let anyone, even yourself make you feel like your passions are unimportant. If you want to go away for school, you pack up your shit; buy some nice blankets and picture frames and fucking go. You go and you make friends, you go to parties and get drunk. Get fucking drunk. Learn to mix your own drinks. Learn what you like and what you don’t like. Study your ass off. Get use to eating KD 3 days a week and Mr. Noodles the other 4. Don’t you ever make excuses for yourself; if you don’t like where you are or what you’re doing, change it.
Stop waiting, stop trying to please everyone. Stop trying to please your parents. They will love you even if you go away for school. They will love you when they meet your crazy roommate and when you call them crying that you failed your midterm. This is your life, every choice you make, or don’t make is yours. You are beautiful, you are a work of art. Each one of you.
Make your decisions, live a little and make yourself so goddam proud. You only get to enjoy being free for so long because one day you will wake up with a mortgage, crying babies and back pain.
You will wake up someday and realize that there are things you wish you had done, but can’t do anymore. So you fucking go out there and don’t be afraid to show yourself to this world. We are all vulnerable, we are all lost and we are all scarred in someway, once you realize this,
you’re free to be you.
Good luck darlings.

Things everyone should hear.

Fredericki Kefalidis 

So I was sitting in bed relistening to The Shadows, and I was thinking about Nalla. If something were to happen to her, she’d have (stating blood family only) her father Zsadist (a black dagger warrior), her uncle Phury (a black dagger warrior, and her other uncle Rehvenge (a sympath–also kinda sorta has half-lineage of a black dagger warrior thanks to his mom being a fallen Chosen–and all-around bad ass) coming after whoever that unlucky bastard was.

That got me started thinking about how all the characters were related, and I made this “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” like tree line.

Most everyone in the brotherhood/mansion is related through marriage or blood of some kind. There’s two bigger branches. And honestly, the WARDen has already hinted that Xcor’s father was Tohrment’s father, and if so the branches are already connected, but I didn’t want to add that until it’s in a book. I didn’t connect LASH THE DOUCHE with Qhuinn because they’re not technically related, since Lash was adopted and is the son of evil.

But then I thought if Nalla and Wrath Jr. were mated eventually that would also bring the two bigger branches together. (AND GOD HELP ANYONE WHO TRIED TO HURT HER because she’d have just family-wise (blood relation or being married to a blood relation)–because of course they’d all go after whoever hurt her regardless–Wrath, Wrath Jr.–because he’d be all grown up–John Matthew, Xhex, Zsadist, Phury, Butch, Payne (being mated to Manny–the king’s other unknown blood relation and Butch’s half-brother–would go, but I’m not sure whether to include Manny since he’s not really a fighter), and Rehvenge all coming after the idiot.)

Poor Rhage though. I couldn’t figure out how to connect him and Mary to either branch, so that when they do merge they can all be related but I just couldn’t do it.

Granted I left other characters off because this was a quick, hurried rush job and maybe I missed a connection. I just wanted to make sure all the brothers were included at least.

STILL NEED TO ADD: Assail and his cousins, Sola, the other Chosen, Lassiter, other parents, Abalone, Paradise, Luchas, and others…

ARRRG! And of course, I just noticed a mistake. Madeline should have a line through her name, too. So, technically should Doc Jane and perhaps Mary. I’ll have to fix that in my next one, and I’ll have to think of something special for Doc Jane and Mary as they are special cases.

brotherhoodconfessions: This doesn’t really count as a confession but….