bacon cheeseburger with fried egg

I gotta take a shower and go to bed soon but highlights for today!!

  • woke up at 9AM and left the house by 10AM. granted, all I did was brush my teeth and hair before I left. I was still technically in my pajamas when I left (Pikachu sweater and sweatpants with a secret Pikachu pattern printed on them)
  • had brunch at Steak ‘n’ Shake where I ate one of those cheeseburgers with the fried egg and bacon on top. for that reason alone I consider it a valid breakfast option.
  • bought Minnie one of those cat ring toys with the jingly ball rollin’ around inside, some new copper bowls, and some treats.
  • I saw……… many dogs at PetSmart…………….and I got to pet a couple too………..#blessed
  • spent maybe $130 on new work clothes bc it’s getting warmer out and I need new black shirts for work that aren’t just thick ol’ sweaters with long sleeves……..I walk to/from work sometimes……..
  • at least two people complimented my outfit. one of them was my work supervisor, whose probably my mom’s age if not older. remember, these were my pajamas.

after doing all that and then some, I ended up getting back home at around 2:30PM, where I spent the rest of my day watching vine compilations on YT and eating like a whole bag of dark chocolate granola bites. 

anonymous asked:

how are you like Dean

  • We both love bacon cheeseburgers with a fried egg on top
  • Sassy af
  • Good with kids
  • Aggressive when someone I care about is being mistreated
  • Afraid of flying
  • We drown in self hatred 24/7 but cover it up with humor
  • I would sell my soul for someone I love
  • Pretty eyes
  • ‘Is there anything real about you?’ ‘My boobs’
  • We both sing obnoxiously loud to the songs we enjoy
  • If we had it our way we would both be drunk 24/7
  • We get 4 hours of sleep a night at the most
  • We are both children at heart

-Admin Ziggy