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Hey lovely, I hope your day was awesome sauce. I just wanted to ask if you could reblog that post from a while ago where you recommended a bunch of places to eat in the city in response to someone's question? I'm going to SF tomorrow with my bf and was trying to think of fun things to do/fun foods to eat. If you also have any other recommendations for activities to do in the city that would be great? Thanks for you help!!!

Eep I’m so jealous and excited for you!! You definitely need to spend more than a day there to get a feel of what the entire city is like. Unfortunately I can’t find the post you’re referring to (but I know which one you’re talking about!!) but here’s a list of my faaaavorite places to go. Make sure you check a map before picking out places to go! The 7x7 is a little harder to navigate than you would imagine. Brace yourself cause this list is gonna be long


El Farolito –by far the best burritos I’ve had in my life. If you eat meat, get an al pastor super burrito (it’s my faaav)

Sushirrito –sushi burritos, pretty self explanatory

Ramen underground –my favorite ramen place to go to outside of Japan Town

Blue Hawaiian Acai Cafe –if you like poke and acai bowls

Super Duper burgers –the delicious, gourmet version of McDonalds (my order: mini burger with cheese, bacon, friend egg, and avocado)

Philz/Blue Bottle Coffee/Sightglass coffee/The Mill –if you like coffee

Boba guys or Plentea –if you like pearl milk tea

bi-rite creamery/humphry slocomb –if you like ice cream

Kitchen story/sweet maple/outerlands –if you’re looking to brunch

Seoul on wheels and Senor Sisig –best food trucks in town

Crepes a go go –if you like crepes (check yelp to see if they’re open before you go, and if you do go show them a picture of me and tell them I told you to go there and that I miss them dearly!!)

Hot cookie –for penis and boob shaped cookies from the gayest community in the world

Chez maman –cute lil french bistro w rlly yummy food (great for dinner)

Foreign cinema –if you’re looking for a fancy sit down restaurant with an outdoor indie movie playing in the background for a date night 

Places to visit:

Sutro baths/lands end/ocean beach

Coit tower –best 360 view of SF

DOLORES PARK –my favorite park in the city!! also the only place in the world where it’s more common for strangers to sit down next to you and offer you weed and ask you where you got your burrito than to ignore you

Twin Peaks/Corona heights/Bernal heights –parks with a view

Billy goat hill –famous hill with the cute lil wooden rope swing overlooking the city

Fisherman’s wharf/ghirardelli square –if you go to union square, you can walk down market street until you hit the water and then walk along the embarcadero to get there

exploratorium/cal academy –two of SF’s finest science-y museums

SF MoMa/ de young museum

Hawk hill golden gate lookout 

Check out all these POPOs!! (privately owned public open places) if you like rooftop views –link

Things to do: 

Bike along the embarcadero all the way across the golden gate bridge

picnic in golden gate park

channel your inner sunny and eat an el farolito burrito in dolores park while admiring the sick view of the city :’)

let me know what you end up doing and how you like the city! have fun!!