bacon and cheese chips

dismurrart  asked:

I'm excited for if/when they go get pizza and everyone learns about Korean pizza

Oh my god, Korean pizza. They don’t even need to wait, let me tell you about Korean pizza. Ladies, Gentlemen, and Polite Company, allow me to introduce you to the disastrous glory that is Korean pizza. 

Here are some screenshots from the current Korean Pizza Hut website:

Behold the burger bite crust. It has jalapeno, broccoli, and yes those are french fries on it and burgers baked into the crust. There’s your sneakpeek. More below the cut.

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Monster Hunter food!

Potion Drink - Lime flavored soda. Followed this recipe. REALLY delicious

Well-Done Steak - Swedish Meatballs with “dead bread” bones

Heaven Bread - Pull apart bread with multiple cheeses, chives, and garlic bacon butter

Tanzia Chips - Regular and blue nachos with salsa, green onion, and shredded cheese

Felyne Cookies - Shortbread cookies with milk chocolate icing