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Crayons Can Melt On Us

JILY CHALLENGE | @prongsno vs @alicelongbottom

summer tropes + you are drunk and rambling on about how nice the angle of my elbows are at this music festival but I can’t find your friends and I’ve lost mine, wanna spend the rest of the night getting drunk and dancing together??

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Lily Evans blames Mary MacDonald. For everything.

It’s always Mary who’s getting her into trouble. Detentions, fights, blind dates…

But this time’s different.

This time they’re at the Leeds Festival, both completely hammered and belting out the words to One Direction’s ‘Kiss You’. She doesn’t even like them, but when Mary bought her drink number two and started spitting out the lyrics (literally the whole song, not even one word misplaced) to Outkast’s Hey Ya they somehow ended up on boy bands.

Now Mary’s arm is around her waist and they’re grasping onto their cups like it’s their life support. Lily hiccoughs and then suddenly Mary is crying.

Her boyfriend of ten months broke up with her last week. He’s been cheating on her for about two weeks and she only found out because she rang his phone and, of course, who should answer but this girl who says that said boyfriend is in the shower.

“D’ya know he rang asking for my forgiveness?” Mary sobs, gulping down another drink. “That rotten scumbag had the acidity to wait no… the - the adadcity?”

“Aud-acity. ‘Sjust think of the car.”

A group of people in flower crowns walk past at this moment, each biting into a hot dog or kebab or hamburger respectively.

When was the last time she ate?

Lily’s stomach churns at the thought but she’s got no idea if that’s out of hunger or nausea. She decides to sniff the air, the crisp wonderful and gross smell of barbecue and dripping fat with a portion of chips on the side sounds… amazing.

“Y’know what I need?” Her friend’s voice rings out in her ears. It’s a faint voice compared the noise of the festival around them, but being best mates for seven years means she’s now accustomed the soft song of Mary MacDonald.

“A nice juicy hamburger?”

“That too. But also a… a toe-curling and heart palpitating snog.” 

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dismurrart  asked:

I'm excited for if/when they go get pizza and everyone learns about Korean pizza

Oh my god, Korean pizza. They don’t even need to wait, let me tell you about Korean pizza. Ladies, Gentlemen, and Polite Company, allow me to introduce you to the disastrous glory that is Korean pizza. 

Here are some screenshots from the current Korean Pizza Hut website:

Behold the burger bite crust. It has jalapeno, broccoli, and yes those are french fries on it and burgers baked into the crust. There’s your sneakpeek. More below the cut.

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Monster Hunter food!

Potion Drink - Lime flavored soda. Followed this recipe. REALLY delicious

Well-Done Steak - Swedish Meatballs with “dead bread” bones

Heaven Bread - Pull apart bread with multiple cheeses, chives, and garlic bacon butter

Tanzia Chips - Regular and blue nachos with salsa, green onion, and shredded cheese

Felyne Cookies - Shortbread cookies with milk chocolate icing