To the people who made this exhibit possible, you are the ones who need to be congratulated your efforts and dedication are golden.
“Our Monalisa” by #NoBraincells (elwah X mgmy) is on display beside Sage you can check it out and other masterpieces as well. Thanks.

‘Paghimud-os’, which means the struggle or endeavor, stands as one of the attractions found in Negros Occidental provincial capitol lagoon. Made by famous Filipino artist Eduardo Castrillo, the larger-than-life metal statue welcomes visitors who are entering the east entrance of the lagoon.
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Sorry can’t keep it simple.

and i’d love to if you could take a glimpse of pieces that passed through and by my mind in the wee hour of the days and nights that i couldn’t sleep of over thinking, boredom, hunger, anger, happiness and madness this is an ensemble of thoughts tossed into a bowl of salad, my first solo exhibit entitled gibberish.. if not now, when? if not there, where?