bacolod chicken inasal


Chiquito #5 @Bacolod Chicken Inasal

A bit expensive for it’s small size, yet it’s very flavorful and had never failed to make us full last saturday. Every stick of pork cutlets is packed with this sweet, salty, peppery, pork taste, a bit in the higher level of those regular Barbecues I usually eat. 


All death threats will be ignored :))

Sorry for posting it at this time of night (well, at least in my side of the world) but I was so happy with the shoots that I just had to post it already! I have more but I’ll keep that for my thesis ~

For those not familiar with the dish, this is my hometown’s specialty, the Chicken Inasal! :D It’s a sort of barbeque :]

Thank you to Sir Q for the tips during FOTOGRA days and for directing me to a good food stylist!

Thank you Dan for helping out and lending me your lights!

I’d like to thank Sir Theo Zaragoza’s Junior staff Casey and Mariel for the wonderful job on the chicken and, of course, Ms. Marie for helping me organize this.

It was a bit pricey to get the stylist but I definitely think I got what I wanted and more ~

Sorry for the annoying watermark. I’m paranoid that way ahaha 


Dahil diet ako ngayon para sa nalalapit na pag dating ng mahal ko wala ako ibang magawa kung di mag crave at parusahan ang sarili ko sa kakatingin ng mga pictures ng paborito kong pagkain.

Kung dati basta nag crave ako, automatic na yun bibili agad ako ng pagkain na gusto ko kahit pa malayo ang bilihan nito….

Ngayon tanging 4 na basong tubig, 1 fit ‘n right na 330ml at isang sky flakes lang ang kinain ko maghapon :(

Tiis ganda!

*thank you google for the pictures