btw if yall didnt know, trinidad and tobago are two seperate islands lmao 



we’re one country, governed by one government but we’re two seperate islands! ain’t that neat! awesome! wow! 

another fun fact!! we don’t live in fucking mud huts as a lot of people tend to believe!!! woah!!! yeah we’re actually a civilized human race lmao with cities!! and towns!! and houses!!! and normal buildings omg!!!! yeah here’s some pictures

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

Five Rivers, Arouca, Trinidad

Bacolet, Tobago

and we’re wonderfully diverse!! just look at this picture of a musical theatre group! most of them are complete sweethearts btw ive met them

also it’s not like you can stand up in the center of the country and see all around it??? lmao???? islands arent fucking mounds of sand???

so go spread this to other people that trinidad & tobago is more than people make it out to be <3