Love square week day one Senses Sight,smell,taste,touch & hearing In which I almost forgot hearing was a sense lol. It’s finals week for me so I only have time for some fun quick sketches.


Happy Birthday, Lelouch!  ♡
Make Me Choose
:: Lelouch or Suzaku - @cldstrifes 

Hello it is I, your local newtina trash, fresh from a second viewing of fantastic beasts and there are some things I need to yell about:

  • watching Newt and Tina starting to like each other is such a gift okay
  • because they definitely don’t at first right
  • Newt is kind of just Tina’s way back into the good graces of MACUSA and he essentially keeps failing her re: disappearing to central park to find a giant magical hippo
  • And Tina literally suggests his book is an extermination guide, so ofc Newt is #offended
  • So they’re not on the same page in any sense of the phrase
  • UNTIL they all get arrested by MACUSA
  • And Tina sees that 1) she brought Newt into this bigger shitstorm by letting Graves make him the scapegoat and 2) that he loves his creatures SO DAMN much.
  • So we get a lil bit of a turning point in the cell with Jacob, where Tina apologizes to Newt for getting his creatures taken away from him.
  • What really effing gets me though, is the following scene in the interrogation room, where Graves is making Newt out to be a bad guy/Grindelwald fanatic. Newt doesn’t give a single flying fuck what Graves thinks. Every question he’s asked, he turns around to explain it to Tina. 
  • Which is kinda cray? That he wants her to think well of him and his creatures. Because they’re in this together now.
  • Anyways then we get the death chamber scene where Newt (and Pickett and the swooping evil) save Tina, and buddy, let me tell u, after that, Tina is like 100 fucking percent team Newt + creatures. (“What is that thing? Because I love it.” Re: swooping evil.)
  • H A N D H O L D I N G while they escape from MACUSA (In the words of my roommate: “That can’t have been comfortable, running for your life and holding hands.” So fantastically #extra I love it.)
  • Back on the roof afterwards, Tina asks him about how to find the remaining creatures and he’s like “With tremendous difficulty” and Tina just fucking grins bc of course it’s gonna be hard to find this loveable nerd’s creatures but she’s so on board now she’s like, hell yell. Near impossible you say? Let’s do it.
  • And then my fave thing that I noticed from the re-watch is the moment when Newt asks Tina about Credence in the secret club place
  • And her answer is literally just that she couldn’t stand to see Credence treated that way. In other words: she had to protect someone who couldn’t protect themselves, which is Newt’s entire MO.
  • HIGHKEY fight me on this: From that moment on, Newt is so totally gone for her. 
  • Bc they’re both such care oriented people, do you see this shit?? 
  • “Save him, Newt” and “Newt and I will protect you” (fucking #married)
  • ALSO we have to talk about eye contact. We have to. You wanna know the only time Newt makes straight, unfaltering eye contact in the movie? THE ONLY TIME??? You better believe it’s in that last fucking scene with Tina. Pls discuss. 5 pages, double spaced.
  • The Scene at the End is still cute af the second time around, maybe even better, knowing it’s coming (bury me in “can I deliver your copy in person” please and thanks)
  • Anyway yeah, there’s more to say, but #teamgreatcoats 2kforever.
Reject Asks (And Answers)

Alright, there’s quite a lot of asks that I wanted to just throw away, but… Honestly, I’m in a bit of a “crappy laptop track pad drawing” mood. I’m sorry to poke fun at ya’ll like this, but there are just some asks I definitely never want to answer on this blog for many reasons, and some asks which just kinda go against the rules of the blog.

I’ve blocked out the names of those asking asks that are mainly inappropriate (and borderline a little too weird for this blog) but like I said, some asks are just me poking fun. Not all these questions are deemed TERRIBLE, just I also have restrictions that keep me from being able to really answer asks like this and incorporate them as part of the overall story.

I hope you folks understand and can take these are more or less a joke than anything else! Thank you~

PS. please don’t send asks like these, I’m not gonna make a habit of doing these “Reject Asks w/crappy answers”, so don’t please make it a thing

WARNINGS: mentions of controversial shippings and some eye strain pictures

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