Hi Everyone!

Ok, so an update for you on the Deep Water Aquaponics System.

If you remember, we began planting this system on 9 March this year, so that makes it around 40 days from planting.

The standout for me are the red lettuces. They have turned a deep red colour and look great! Have a look at the first days planting and see what you think!

The Silver Beet too, the last week has seen a big jump in growth.
In fact since we added the aeration and the trout, it has leaped forward in health and growth.

The only significant laggers are the strawberries, they are very slow compared to the leafy greens both in foliage and root growth.

Other than that, the new system is really showing promise very early. It is yet to finish cycling, but it will get there! 

Very Happy!


the ladies are cranking out the product these days. Our Buff Orpington and Silverlaced Wyandotte // Burma hybridish (we’re not sure what diana is but we love her all the same) lady chickens, Eleanor Roosevelt, Miss Diana Ross, Betty Ford, and Rosa Parks are laying daily despite the freezing temperatures. Yesterday we performed comb maintenance so they wouldnt get frost bitten and they thanked us with more of these little beauties. I absolutely love how they are all different :) I guess we better get cooking!