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Single - Part 3 (Final)

Summary: Dean tries to plan a camping trip for his son and the reader doesn’t make it easy for him.

Pairing: Daddy!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,929

Part 1 Part 2

Dean sets his sparkling hazel eyes on your curvaceous form as you move across the grass in his backyard. He watches you interrupt Mikey and Drew’s game of catch to see if the boys want something to drink.

Even though it’s a totally mundane task, the older Winchester can’t help but be mesmerized by it. How do you manage to make even the simplest things look sexy as hell?

“Dude.” Sam’s amused tone catches his brother’s attention. “If you keep drooling like that you’ll need a bib.”

“What?” Dean immediately wipes his mouth with his forearm, now feeling self conscious and it makes Sam howl.

“Get it together, man. Y/N’s a good one. Don’t close the door before you even open it, ya know?”

“Huh?” Dean unwillingly peels his eyes away from you.

“Don’t fuck it up.” Sam stresses resisting the urge to slap some sense into him.

“Obviously. This will be a piece of pie.”

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[x] - requested by fantasyshowsbu

“Jughead?” you laughed as you opened your window. Jughead was perched on a ladder, and you looked below to see a box of tools at the bottom. “What are you doing?”

“Look around, y/n.” Jughead grinned, gesturing behind him at your background. You looked past him, and gasped slightly when you realised had put together a mini drive-in theatre. Looking over his shoulder to admire his work, Jughead gave you a nudge. “I know you’re just as disappointed as I am that the theatre is closing, so I thought maybe we could watch movies in your backyard instead?”

“Yes!” you replied enthusiastically, clapping your hands together. “I would love that.”


Moments. Chapter 10: Happiness

Idea explained here

You can read all the parts here

(I’ve decided to put the prompts in the end from now on so it’s not like a spoiler or anything)

Chapter 10: Happiness

“Stop it” she said without looking up from her book

“What? I’m not doing anything” he said

“You’re staring at me” she said

“Well, it’s not my fault that you’re so beautiful”

She rolled her eyes and looked at him. He was smiling at her fondly and her heart skipped at beat.

They were in the living room of her house. She was laying on one of the couches reading a book while he sat on the floor leaning against the other couch. He was supposed to be preparing some stuff for his kids from the kindergarten but he had actually been just looking at her for 15 minutes now.

Since she was a little girl Sana had always wished that one day she could have what her parents had. She would see them spending time in silence, a comfortable familiar silence and it was like they didn’t need anything else. They didn’t need to talk, they didn’t need to touch, just knowing that the other person, the love of their lives, was in the same room was enough to make them feel happy. She had always wanted that, be with someone who she could enjoy even in the silent moments.

And now she had that with Yousef.

They had been dating for three months now and every day was better than the previous one. She felt so grateful that after all these months she could still feel the butterflies on her stomach every time she looked at him, every day she fell more and more in love with him and she didn’t want it to stop.

“You’re bored, aren’t you?” she asked

“No, I’m enjoying myself a lot actually” he said with a big smile

“Really? You don’t think this is boring?”

“Hey” he whispered standing up and walking to her.

He crouched in front of her and looked at her tenderly

“I enjoy every moment I spend with you, okay? And I really like being here with you, in silence. Is…” he paused for a moment looking for the right word “heartwarming, familiar, pleasing”

She smiled at him and looked into his eyes, getting lost for a moment. How could that boy mean so much to her? How could he always know the right thing to say? Sometimes her feelings for him were so overwhelming, she never thought she would feel something like this.

He noticed her staring and raised an eyebrow playfully. She shook her head and blushed trying to focus.

“Okay, I need some air” she said standing up

Aww, did you just blush? How cute?” he teased her

She glared at him and all he could do was laugh.

“Fine, smartass, let’s go, I feel like kicking your ass at basketball now” she said marching to the backyard

“Yes, ma’am”


When she thought about it, that was probably what she liked more about their relationship, the fact that they could go from spending time together in silence to just being kids playing basketball and both scenarios felt as good as the other one.

They had been playing for awhile but their basketball match had derived into a new game. They had completely forgotten about the basket now and they were just chasing each other trying to take the ball away from the other one.

Sana had the ball now and she kept bouncing it as she run from Yousef. He chased her and tried to catch the ball but she was really good at blocking his moves. But she wasn’t counting on Yousef’s arms being way longer than hers. He stood behind her and put his arms around hers blocking her moves with a hug, her back against his chest.

“That’s cheating!” she whined

“That’s clever, it’s not my fault you’re so petite.” He said taking the ball away from her and throwing it away “Besides, I really wanted to hug you” he whispered in her ear

She laughed and turned around in his arms to face him resting her hands against his chest, his arms wrapped around her waist.

“You’re so sappy” she chuckled

He smiled at her, his eyes never leaving hers. It felt like he was considering whether he was going to say what he had in mind or not. She noticed it and widened her eyes a little

“What?” she laughed

“I love you” he almost whispered

She opened her mouth in shock. There they were, the three dreaded words. She blinked several times, trying to process his words.

“Don’t panick” he said squeezing her a little and chuckling “I’m not expecting you to say it back but I just needed to tell you that I love you”

She bit her lip and took a deep breath, thinking about her next move. She then put her hands on his shoulders and stood on tip toes a little bit so she could reach the spot she wanted to reach. She then leaned in and pressed her lips softly against his cheek. She heard him gasp as soon as her lips touched his skin, she could feel him holding his breath. She pulled away as slowly as she could, going back to her original position. She couldn’t help but smile when she saw his expression, his eyes widened, his mouth slightly opened.

“Now you’re the one who’s blushing” she chuckled, then her smile faded and she look at his eyes intensely “I love you too Yousef”

The smile he showed her after that was the biggest smile she had ever seen and all she could do was match her smile with his. Suddenly he held her tighter and lifted her off the floor twirling her around. She squealed a little in surprise

“I’m the happiest boy alive!!!!” he shouted being the extra boy he was

She wrapped her arms around his neck trying not to fall and laughed loudly. She held on tight to him, now that she knew what real happiness felt like, she wasn’t letting go of it.



“ Hey! I love your stories and I have a prompt for you. Sana and Yousef play basketball and because it is such a nice game where they have to be very close to each other, at some point Yousef will be behind Sana and will try to take the ball but because he is so close + feelings he forget about the game and hug her and then I don’t know… thank you so much for all the beautiful work!”

“ Is it okay to send you a future Yousana prompt? Don’t worry take all the time you need… prompt: the first time they say “I love you”…”

“ Hey! I decided to send you a prompt even though I know you already have others to write, this is just something that’s been on my mind a lot lately… “the moment after Yousana shares their first kiss, thoughts words and emotions” thanks in advance, I can’t wait to read it!”

I know this is probably not what you had in mind, especially the kiss but I just don’t feel comfortable writing a yousana kiss before marriage since we don’t know where both Sana and Iman stand regarding that and I respect them both so much so I’m sorry if this disappoints you.

I really hope you’ve liked it

and thank you so much for reading!♥

How Exo (O12) Would React To You Being Pregnant With Twin Girls

Author’s note: Sis, I tried. I’ll get better at these I promise! I hope you enjoy anon! If there’s anything I did wrong, please let me know so I can improve.


After months of trying to get pregnant, Minseok would be more than pleased to find out that the two of you had been blessed two times over. He would probably being phoning up the other members to share the good news of him becoming a parent to two little girls, mostly bragging 24/7 to them though.

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“ This is why I fell in love with you. ”

“You want a drink?” You ask as Shadow walks back into the house. You had made yourself at home behind Ostara’s bar, seeing as how almost everyone had left, she probably wouldn’t mind too much. 

Shadow still looked a little shocked from the previous events, so you figured one should stay calm to prevent total chaos. Not that you weren’t surprised yourself, it wasn’t every day that you saw Odin himself summon a storm in the backyard. 

“Yeah…yes, please.” 

You hand him a glass, smiling as he drinks it in one go, “You want another?” 

He takes a deep breath, looking at your calm face, smiling at him like nothing in the world was wrong and you hadn’t just seen the same thing as he had, “ This is why I fell in love with you. ”

I Want To Know The Truth Pt.4 - Tom Holland

Here it is, late but here it is.

Word Count:  2062
Warning: Cursing

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5 |

“Hey, Tommy!” The door burst open, making both of us jump. “Oh shit, did we interrupted something?” Yes, you both did! I looked at Tom he was blushing just like I was, ‘sorry’ he mouths.

“Sam, Harry, good seeing you guys,” the twin brothers, Tom hugs both of them

“Well, shit man, you’ve gotten ripped!” I was the awkward person sitting down on the bed.

“Dude, are you going to be rude and not introduce us to your girlfriend,” the curly haired spoke, I saw Tom’s cheeks turning red.

“This is Kamryn Redeveen, she lives next house. Kamryn, these are my older twin brothers, Sam,” he points to his left, the kid with less curly hair smiled “And Harry” the one with more curls smiled widely and waved.

“So Kamryn, is there a nickname we can call you?” I was in between the twins.

“Kam or Kammy,” I looked up at Tom, he was covering his face probably of embarrassment or annoyance.

“Guys seriously!” His voice cracked at the end.

“I know we ruined your little moment that was going on, it was nice meeting you Kam, hopefully we see you around more often,” Harry got up slightly laughing.

“You two continue what you were doing,but don’t go too far, if you know what I mean” Sam winks at Tom’s direction.

“Get out!” Tom slams the door.

“I am sorry about them”

“It’s okay, I bet you want to spend time with them”

“No! I mean, it’s okay, mum told me they were staying for a week”

“Hey I am always around and they are in the University, spend time with them. I’ll talk to you some other day,” he finally agreed and we both walked downstairs. They all went quiet. “Bye,” I waved at all of them as they said their byes too. Tom went outside with me.

“I’ll walk you home”

“You do realize I live a couple feet away”

“Yeah, but I like spending time with you,” he lets out a chuckle “Maybe we can talk tonight- if you want, I’m not expecting you to but like I-” I cut him off

“I’d love to,” we reached my door. “Well, I’ll see you tonight them”

“Yeah, yeah definitely for sure,” I smiled and opened the door.

“Alright Thomas, go spend time with your family”

“Yeah, bye”

“Bye,” I closed the door and smiled. That was so awkward. I went up to my room and lied on my bed. We were so close on kissing but his brothers had to interrupt. I heard laughing and yelling over at Tom’s house.

“Guys seriously just shut up!” I heard Tom’s voice. Both our windows were open, I quickly went on the floor sitting by the window.

“Harry and I saw the way you two were about to kiss”

“Guys, she seriously has her room right across from mine, can you both shut the fuck up!”

“She’s not in her room, geez Thomas, you have a full view of her room,” I covered my mouth.

“Aye, Tommy, of course you seem to like her, she pretty hot,” I couldn’t tell whose voice was it but for sure it was one of the twins.

“Nope, we are not having this conversation”

“Common Tom, Sam and I got to hear it from mum, and now it’s your turn to hear it from us, you’re a teenager with hormones, she’s a hot teenager with hormones, it’s bound to happen at some point”

“Guys, I love you and everything but you two should shut the fuck up”

“Listen mate, if you like her, ask her out, she likes you too”

“Oh my gosh! Do you guys to know who her dad is! It’s Andrew”

“So, what’s your point”

“I can’t do that to him, he’s extremely nice on helping me out and go making out with his daughter, he will drop everything for both his daughters”

“I think that’s totally shitty and you’re just a wimp to ask her out”

“You’re not listening on what I’m saying!”

“Sam and I are, but you’re excuses are shit”

“We barely know each other”

“Good excuse to ask her on a date”

“Harry, I can’t go out in public with her, everyone believes I- I can’t ruin her life because of me”

“Tom, who-” My phone started to ring from my bed. Oh shit.

“Shit she was in her room!” I crawled out of my room thanking myself for leaving the door open. I got up and casually walked inside. I grabbed my phone and saw who was calling me.

‘Kenny’s Pre-school’

I looked at the time, it was three in the afternoon, pressed the green button.


“Hello is this Kamryn Redeveen?”


“We would like to inform you that Kennedy Redeveen is still at school waiting for someone to pick her up”

“Oh my gosh, okay I am on my way” I walked out of my room and went down the stairs. Did he forget to pick her up? He squally picks her up when he’s on his break. I got in the car and started to drive down to the pre-school.

I walked through the doors of the school and into the front office. This is so embarrassing.

“Hi, came to pick up Kennedy Redeveen” I showed the front lady at the office my ID. She picked up the phone and called someone.

“Kennedy’s sister is here,” I walked out of the office, waiting for Kenny to appear. I saw her small figure turning the corner, she seemed upset.

“Hey Kenny, I’m here” I gave her a hug. Her cheeks were wet from crying. “Hey you’re okay, we are going home and you can ride your bike outside, deal?” She nods her head.

“Okay Kenny, we arrived, get your safety on and your bike. I’ll be waiting for you outside,” she quickly went inside the house and I got out of the car.

“Hey Kam,” I looked over to whoever was calling me, I saw that twins outside with a blushing Tom, as he always seems to be blushing for everything.

“Hey guys,” I walked over to the garage opening the door. Kenny was already on her bike.

“TOM!” She yelled in excitement

“Hey Kenny, I’m here to watch you use your bike,” she started to pedal, Tom followed after her.

“Alright, he’s out of the way now. Time to ask you a couple of questions. If that’s okay with you”

“Sure, why not” we sat on the sidewalk. I was in between the twins once again.

“So, what’s really going on between Tommy and you”

“Sam, you can’t just go straight into that question yet,” Sam was on my left while Harry was on my right. “So, how long have been talking with Tom”

“Just a couple days”

“You’re such an idiot Harry, Tom arrived here what Saturday”

“Shut up, anyways, who told you about his past”

“One of my friends, she was telling me about it”

“Did you believed it,” I looked at Sam

“Not really, it didn’t make sense and it doesn’t add up”

“You’re really nice person, just like your father, has Tom mention how he’s trying to fix a mess he never started,” Harry’s voice sounded upset

“I have a clue on what they are all working on. I read a couple of papers my dad had in his bag”

“You know most of the things now, Harry and I wanted to work on it as well but mum wanted us to go off to the uni and study, while she sent Tom over to- do you know Tony Stark”

“Sam you are such a moron, of course she does. Her father works for him”

“Ignoring your rude ass comment. Well, Mr.Stark allowed Tom to stay over at his place for years, and for sure Mr.Stark made Tom work out mostly everyday. We tried to visit him but they didn’t let us”

“We kept going at least for his birthday but we always got denied, but I’m kinda glad, they were making him become a stronger independent young teenager”

“Horny teenager,” Harry mumbles but it was loud enough for both Sam and I to hear.

“Anyways,” I looked over at Sam, he was glaring at Harry. “Would you go on a date with Tom if he asks you”

“Yeah why not,” they were both surprised

“I thought you were going to say ‘nah, I’m just not feeling it with him’ like I mean we almost caught you two kissin’ and be glad we interrupted because what if nothing else would’ve happened,” Sam elbows me

“Common Sam, you’re embarrassing her”

“Hey Tom, how’s it going,” his smile leaves his face once he saw the twins sitting next to me. He glares at both of them.

“Great,” I wasn’t sure if he was being sarcastic or not.

“Go on a date with Tom Friday at seven, in the backyard”

“Harry you can’t just ask her like that. Tom will ask you to go on a date this Friday, it’s your decision to say yes or no”

“Do you have a boyfriend”

“Or girlfriend we went judge,” Harry quickly added

“I don’t have a boyfriend, I’ve had one but it wasn’t serious”

“Alright playtime is over,” we saw Tom standing in front of us. I got up and went over over to Kenny.

“Let’s go inside Kenny, I’m hungry,” we walked back to the garage, the twins left leaving Tom sitting on his own. “You okay”

“Just my brothers trying to embarrass me”

“I can tell, they are quite funny”

“They are annoying,” we both went Inside as Kenny went to clean herself up.

“Ummh- so, I want to get to know you better, and I was wondering if I could take you on a date, or at least a dinner in my backyard”


“I mean if you want I’m- what, you said yes”

“Yeah, why not”

“Great, that’s totally great,” my phone starts to ring, Natalie.

“Hey Nat whaddup”

“Where were you”

“I slept in, my alarm went off but i didn’t hear it”

“Do you want to hang out”

“I have to babysit Kenny”

“Okay, that’s alright. Maybe next time then”

“Yeah for sure”



I wasn’t telling her a lie. I seriously needed to babysit Kenny. She’s probably going to come over anyways. There was a knock on the door.

“Natalie,” I whispered to Tom. “She can’t know I’m talking to you”

“I’ll leave through the back,” he slowly opens the back door making sure he doesn’t make a noise. I slowly walk towards the door and heard another knock. I opened the door and see Natalie standing there

“Hey,” I wasn’t sure if he made it out or not.

“School was so boring without you, like common. You only had two classes today”

“I stayed up late last night doing my homework”

“So, want to hang out on Friday, the new movie goes out Thursday, but I want to see it Friday”

“I have to babysit Kenny. My dad called saying he was going to be coming out later this whole week”

“Ah man, but please come to school tomorrow”

“I am,” I heard small feet walking down the stairs.

“I better get going it’s getting late”

“I’ll see you at school tomorrow,” I waved at her and she left.

“I don’t like her”

“Why not”

“She looks mean”

“You need to go to bed,” we both walked upstairs.

“Get into your pj and brush your teeth” she searched for pj in her drawer and went to the bathroom to change. After a good five minutes she was laying in bed. “Night”

“Night,” I closed her door and went to my room. I looked at my phone to check the time, nine thirty, I set it down on my bed. I grabbed my undergarments and went to my bathroom to shower.

I wrapped the towel around my body and walked to my room, I opened my drawer and grabbed my sleeping shorts and shirt. I tried drying my hair with the towel and letting it air dry. I looked out my window seeing that it was open. I could feel the heat rise to my cheeks, how embarrassing. His lights were off, he probably wasn’t there. I sit on my bed and go through my phone.

Part 5

an absolutely awful @jilychallenge prompt fill because i had the audacity to write comedy. my partner is @thecupcakeconsumer!

prompt: okay step aside and let me handle the barbeque before you burn my dinner to a crisp thank u very much

“He’s going to burn it,” Lily whispers.

“Shut up.” Marlene hisses back.

“Oh my god. We’re going to spend the night eating badly burned sausages and then get, like, I don’t know. Can you die from the black parts? I know my taste buds definitely will.” Lily leans back against the chair in defeat. “This is some sick joke.”

“What’s a sick joke?” Sirius pipes up from across the table, detouring from his literal (burnt) sausage fight with Peter.

“Nothing.” Marlene says. “Be quiet.”

Sirius holds up his (burnt) sausage and takes a generous bite. “If there’s a joke to be told…” He raises both brows, looking to Peter for affirmation. He nods solemnly in solidarity with his fellow Marauder.

“Is this some kind of flirting tactic on Potter’s behalf?” Lily asks, straightening up. “Poisoning me with burnt sausages and the only antidote is his kiss?”

“No. Why on Earth would he do that?”

“Because he’s in love with me.” She finishes innocently.

“Alright, I’m hungry,” Marlene stands up rapidly, “anyone else hungry? I tried the chips earlier. They were good. Salt and vinegar.”

“No, no,” Sirius says, “let’s hear what Evans has to say. How do you know Prongs is in love with you?”

Lily manages to shoot him a filthy look. “As if you don’t already know. There’s no way you didn’t have a hand in this.” Her gaze drops to the sausage in his hand that’s one bite away from being finished. Sirius has this weird kind of faith in everything James Potter does, and to be honest, it’s beginning to scare Lily. It’s a mix of reckless abandon and confidence, and the only possible positive outcome is a marriage proposal. At worst, it’s a trip to the morgue.

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anonymous asked:

Companions Reaction to Sole getting sick? (Like nothing deadly just like a bad cold or something like that)

As you wish sweetheart! Here’s poor Sole, sick as a dog for you (´◕ω◕`)

Preston: Sole and Preston began cleaning themselves up in Hangman’s Alley after a particularly messy brawl with some raiders. The narrow backstreets forced the two to engage in close-combat, which neither of them cared for, and Sole ended up with foreign blood in several of their cuts. A few days later, Sole began coughing uncontrollably and had difficulty breathing. Even so, Sole brushed it off as a cold and refused to rest with so much work left to be done on the settlements, much to Preston’s chagrin.

Preston finally had enough when Sole coughs hard enough to slam their head into the workbench they were hunching over. WHAM! “Uuuuugh…” Preston gives Sole a sideways glare, “General, it’s time for you to rest. No exceptions.” Sole groans, but ignores him and continues working. “Well then, if you want to do it the hard way, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Preston then heaved Sole up from their perch on the stool, carried them to a bed, and flopped them down on it. He points his finger at them, “Stay.”

Later he brings them some of his famous squirrel stew, a few extra blankets, and even a teddy bear he found laying around. “Don’t patronize me Preston!” Sole glares at the minuteman, but he just chuckles. Preston finished his visit by attentively tucking Sole in and patted them on the head as he left. He chose to ignore Sole’s ranting about insubordination.


During the night Preston revisited Sole to make sure they were still alright. He walked over and softly grazed the back of his knuckles against his commander’s forehead. He jumped a little when Sole began to blink up at him. “Can’t sleep?” He asked. Sole lazily shook their head no. “Get down here.” They demanded. “Alright, alright, calm down.” Preston smiled and un-tucked Sole so that he could slip in.

“Where’s the teddy bear I gave you?” Preston frowns. Sole wrapped their arms around him and snuggled into his chest. “What are you talking about, it’s right here.” That made Preston blush.

Cait: At first Cait was all aboard for Sole’s “tough it out” method, but she drew the line when Sole’s uncontrollably loud sneezes alerted a pack of yao guis that they were trying to bypass. “Alright, that’s it.” Cait drug Sole into the closest standing infrastructure and threw her down onto a dirty mattress. “Listen here now, ya aren’t movin’ from that spot until I say so. It’s too dangerous out there with you lettin’ every creep and critter know right where to find us.” Sole groaned and fell back on the mattress, partly irritated and partly relieved. The ever-present wasteland dust was destroying their nose.

Cait shuffled about the house they were in and managed to scrounge up a box of instamash. She used some of her water and a hotplate she found in the kitchen to prepare it, and then brought it to Sole. “Gotcha some food. Can’t get well on an empty stomach yeah?” Cait hands Sole the bowl of mash and sits down beside them.

“Could you eat any louder Sole? And that’s me sayin’ that.” “I have a stopped up nose be quiet.”


“Okay, that’s enough.” Cait steals Sole’s half eaten bowl of mash. “Hey!” Sole glares at Cait, “I wasn’t finished.” Cait ignores them, “If you’re gonna sit there an’ smack yer lips then I’m gonna give you a reason to.” She then grabs Sole’s shirt and pulls them in for a loud and messy kiss.

Piper: “I told you not to eat that mirelurk sandwich!” Sole vomited into the bucket on the other side of the door. “ Eeugh, does that look as disgusting as it sounds?” Piper slowly creaks open the door to the bathroom in Sole’s house. “Hey Blue, need someone to hold your hair?” Piper jokes, but her voice was soft and concerned. “I feel awful.” Sole moaned during a moment of peace between the hurling. Piper actually did stand behind Sole and rubbed the back of their head affectionately; it always seemed to help Nat whenever she was sick.

“C’mon Blue, time for bed.” Piper escorted Sole to their bed and covered them up with a blanket. “I’ll go get you something really quick, okay.” Sole nodded and watched Piper leave the room. About an hour later Piper shows up at Sole’s bedside with a bowl of warm noodles and bottle of Nuka Cola. “Here ya go Blue. This is the meal I serve Nat whenever she catches a flu from the other kids in Diamond City.” Sole gratefully devoured the treat and then settled into their covers after finishing. They already felt kind of sleepy now, the memory of lunch earlier that day slipping away.

“Nighty night.” Piper whispers as she backs out of Sole’s bedroom.


Sole wakes up fully refreshed that next morning, and they made their first priority to find and thank Piper for taking such good care of them. When they found her they pulled Piper in for a big sloppy kiss. Piper enjoyed it until Sole stuck their tongue in her mouth, “UGH! SOLE, YOU’RE MOUTH TASTES LIKE VOMIT!” Piper screeches. Sole breathes into their hand and shrugs while Piper obsessively gargles her way through five different water bottles.

Danse: “Soldier!?” Danse watched as Sole started to sway and stumble on the road in front of him. They had been trudging through the sweltering heat for hours and had yet to find anywhere to resupply on water. As the afternoon dragged out it had taken its toll on Sole. “SOLE!” Danse rushed to his fainted companion and snapped his fingers in front of their face. When that failed to work, he hastily flung Sole over his shoulder and sprinted to the nearest house.

He laid Sole down on a sunken-in sofa and started clawing his way through the kitchen, knocking pots and pans over and sending various utensils clattering to the floor. He had to find some water, but the house had already been picked clean. With one last hope and a small prayer Danse ran into the backyard. Yes, this house had a pump seated up against the house. Grabbing an empty carton from the kitchen, Danse pumped enough water to overflow the container.

He grabs the carton a little too tightly and water spills over his fingers. He curses but still rushes over to Sole and kneels beside them. Carefully he props Sole up with one hand and pours the semi-cool water over Sole’s forehead. After a minute Sole starts to blink back into consciousness, and Danse audibly sighs. “Next time, let me know when you need to rest soldier.”


“Ugh, I’m so thristy,” Sole croaked. Feeling drops of water running down their face, Sole reaches out their tongue to swipe them into their mouth. Danse became mesmerized by the way Sole’s face and tongue glistened, and soon he had zoned out while staring at them. “What’s wrong Danse? You thristy too?”

Nick: “Ya feelin’ alright there? You’ve got little something coming out of your nose.” Nick raised one of his eyebrows at a sniffling Sole. “Uhhngh. Head hur’s.” Sole mopes. The two had been taking a stroll through Diamond City when Sole began to feel sickly. Nick gently grabbed Sole’s arm and led them to the Noodle stand. “Can I get a hot bowl Taka?” Nick asks the robot chef. Soon, a steaming and delicious smelling bowl of noodles was scooted across the bar to Nick.

Nick thanked Takahashi and turned to Sole. “Here, eat something. It’ll help with the headache.” Nick proceeded to push the bowl towards Sole who gently grasped it, holding it for a while to warm up. “Than’s Ni’. Ugh, I fee’ so awfu’.” Nick leans over and pats Sole’s back. “C’mon kiddo, you can bring your noodles back to the office and take a nap after you’ve eaten.” Sole nodded and hopped down from the barstool, soup in hand.

Back at the detective agency, Sole finished slurping up their soup. “Ah, I already feel much better! Thanks Nick!” “No problem kiddo. Now go to bed because I have a handful of cases for us to work on tomorrow morning.” “Sir yes sir.” Sole saluted and marched off to sleep. Nick chuckled, shook his head, and lit a cigarette.


Nick left his desk after a few hours to check on Sole. They slept peacefully in his bed under the stairs, their breathing even now. Nick smiles with relief and pets Sole’s hair with the back of his covered hand. Before going back to work, Nick bent down to plant a gentle kiss on the crown of their head.

Deacon: “Woah, I never took you for a user Charms.” Sole’s hands were shaking uncontrollably as she tried to pick the lock on an explosives crate. “Ugh, I can’t focus! My hands keep shaking and I just feel so weak! And on top of that, my head is killing me!” Sole threw their bobby pin across the room and slumped over onto the crate. “Hey, maybe you just need a break, y’know. I mean, we have been going nonstop for two days straight now, not that I’m complaining or anything.” Deacon shrugs his shoulders. “Alright, let’s break.” Sole concedes.

The two had just gotten comfortable in a corner of the room when Sole’s stomach growled. “Wow, should I fear for my life?” Deacon jeers, and Sole can only muster a sideways glare. Deacon quickly amended his comment. “Here, I happen to have some Blamco Mac ‘n’ Cheese with me. I’ll go make it!” Sole didn’t argue, not that they had the strength to. Soon, Deacon returned with a warm bowl of delicious yellow noodles and a spoon. He sits down besides Sole, but keeps the bowl in his hands.

“Choo choo! All aboard!” Deacon waved a spoonful of pasta in Sole’s face. Sole grimaced, feeling absolutely mortified at Deacon while also trying to fight a grin. “Give me the bowl Deacon!” “Okay!” Deacon handed Sole the bowl, but, hilariously enough, kept the spoon.


Soon the couple had finished the noodles, and Deacon began rummaging inside his bag again. Once he found what he was looking for, he whipped out a box of Fancy Lad snack cakes and smiled wryly at Sole. “Who’s ready for desert?” He asked, slowly unwrapping one of the cakes. When Sole opened their mouth to comment, Deacon quickly shoved a cake inside their mouth causing them to gag. “Hey genius, you missed some.” And then Deacon gave Sole’s cheek one good long lick.

Curie: “Ouagh *cough* uhhh….” Curie zoned in on Sole as soon as she heard them coughing. “Get inside at once! You are sick! I told you to put on more layers yesterday and you didn’t listen did you!” Curie made a stern face at Sole and ushered them into their home. “Next time, listen to someone wiz more experience in taking care of people than you!” Curie pushed Sole into their bed and harrumphed as she marched into the kitchen. Shellshocked, Sole just sat there with the covers hanging limply in their hands.

Curie made her way back with a steaming bowl of broth and some purified water. “Now, I am going to sit here and you are going to finish all of zhis.” To make her point, Curie sat down on a chair beside Sole’s bed and crossed her legs. Sole, still a little shocked at Curie’s forwardness, stared dumbly at the scientist. “Go on zhen, eat!” Startled, and honestly a little intimidated, Sole brought the spoon to their lips.

Oh no.

Sole grimaced when the soup spread across their tongue. It tasted like the way inside of Danse’s power armor smelled. But, they couldn’t spit it out; she was watching. And so began a torturous thirty minutes for Sole. Needless to say Sole always listened to Curie from then on.


For some unidentifiable reason, Sole started to experience intense nausea. They curled up desperately on the bed, trying to will away the bile rising in their throat. Curie concernedly sat beside them and began to stroke their hair which helped with the queasiness. Sole sighs in relief. “Does zhis help? Ah, I shall have to do it more often then, oui?” Sole didn’t disagree.

MacCready: “WHOA! OH, no… Wow, um. Eugh, uh hey… are you uh… gonna be okay?” MacCready had to stop himself from vomiting. One minute Sole was just dandy, traveling with him to Goodneighbor, and then it was suddenly just vomit everywhere. MacCready wasn’t very eager to step in, but he figured he should at least try to help Sole. “Hey, um… Do you need to go lie down somewhere? I think we just passed some abandoned apartments.” Sole nodded their head wordlessly, taking deep breaths to contain any vestiges of that day’s breakfast.

Upon arriving in the apartment, Sole shakily sat down on the bed. MacCready stood around awkwardly for a few seconds before remembering how Lucy used to take care of Duncan. He quickly dug around in his pack for a bottle of water and handed it to Sole. “You should keep hydrated,” he said, “That’s what Lucy always told me anyway.” Sole gratefully accepted the drink and slowly sipped on it. “Thanks MacCready.” They said gratefully. “Don’t mention it!” MacCready smiles. “But let me know if you’re gonna hurl again.” “Roger that.”

After a few moments, MacCready spotted something on the shelf. “Oh hey! Blast Radius! We used to play games like this all the time in Little Lamplight.” MacCready looked over the box nostalgically. “Wanna play?” He asked Sole. “Sure!” “Heh, get ready to have you’re a- butt handed to you!”


Eventually MacCready packed up the game and stashed it in his bag for later enjoyment. Sole yawned and crawled into one of the mattresses laying around. MacCready watched as Sole tucked themselves in, and then he had an idea. He quietly walked over to Sole and leaned down to give their forehead a soft, lingering kiss. Sole looked up and blushed. When MacCready noticed Sole watching him, he also blushed. “Hey, that’s what you do when people are sick, right?”

Hancock: “C’mon, did you have to sneeze all over the coat Sole?” Hancock screwed his face up at the giant glob of snot hanging from his sleeve. “Sorry… That is kinda a big booger.” Sole breathed through their mouth. “No kiddin’.” Hancock shot Sole an incredulous look, then softened his expression. Wow, they looked really messed up. “Hey uh, let’s you and me go back to the ol’ mayoral residence and get you a couch to lay down on.” Hancock crooked one of his elbows and allowed Sole to loops their arm through his for support.

Sole stumbled behind Hancock into his home but couldn’t get any further than the foot of the stairs. They looked up the spiraling ascent with dread. Suddenly, their feet left the ground as Hancock scooped them up into his arms and began climbing the stairs. Sole felt a little lightheaded now and quickly fainted against Hancock’s chest. When Hancock reached his couch, he asked Fahrenheit to grab Sole some food and water for when they woke up.

Not wanting to disturb the sleeping survivor, Hancock sat down while still holding Sole, and then began fit them inside his coat as much as he could to warm them up. Sole subconsciously drew into the warmth of the coat and spent the rest of the night sleeping under the lapels of Hancock’s collar.


Hancock stayed up for a while, entertaining himself by watching Sole dreamlessly sleep. Their skin looked so smooth, and he couldn’t help but reach his hand up to rub their cheek. Yep, he mentally confirmed, definitely as soft as it looks. He then wondered about Sole’s lips and decided he would ask them about those tomorrow.

X6-88: Sole had been hiding their cough the entire day, as if X6 wouldn’t notice their body tremor every once in a while from holding them in. Finally, X6 rolled his eyes behind his glasses and stopped Sole. “Sir/ma’am, I can tell you’re sick. Stop trying to hide it from me, and let’s find somewhere to stay for the night.” Sole countered him, “It’s just a cold X, I’ll be fine. Plus, we still have a lot of ground to cover.” “It had not been a suggestion Sole. You and I are going to find cover for the night right now.”

And that was that. Sole moped behind X6 as he drug them to an abandoned shack on the side of the road. “This will do.” He affirmed himself. “Alright, lie down.” X6 commanded. “What?! But it’s still two in the afternoon!” X6 didn’t ask them a second time. Sole meekly hunkered over and lowered themselves onto the floor of the shack under the courser’s intensely examining gaze. “Fine, fine. Goodnight.” Sole rested their head on their backpack and tried to sleep.

“…” Sole could feel X6 burning holes into their back with his eyes. “Hey, could you turn around? It’s hard to sleep with you watching me like that.” Sole comments. “Sorry, but I must make sure you actually rest like I told you to.” X6 remarked. Sole decided that it was going to be a very long night.


“Would it put you more at ease if I laid down as well?” X6 asked. “Sure.” Sole shrugged, still not at all sleepy. All at once Sole felt arms snake around them, and they would have jumped about a foot off of the ground had it not been for X6 holding them there. “Better?” X6 asked. Sole remained quiet, too stunned to really reply. X6 smirked. “I should have stopped you earlier. We could have been doing this all day.”

Codsworth: “Oh sir/mum! Why did you go in the water? Did you not see it? It was green!” Codsworth wished he could glare at Sole in disapproval at the moment. Not only did he have to pluck leeches from all over their body, but now they also had a horrible rash blazing across their entire chest. “Tut tut, it is a shame that we have to waste all of this Abraxo on you, and it will likely make the itching worse. I hope you’re happy with yourself. Honestly, who goes for a dip in some random irradiated cesspool? I just can’t-“ Sole listened to Codsworth chatter on and on as they shivered in the washtub he had them soaking in, and every time they went to itch a red spot, Codsworth would smack their hand away. “I swear sir/mum, it’s like taking care of a child!”

Dogmeat: Sole had been laid up in bed the whole day, not even able to gather enough strength to roll out form under the covers. They hear Dogmeat’s tell tale pitter patter of paws on the dilapidated tile and watch as he leapt into bed with them. He hated seeing Sole so weak, so he brought a present to cheer them up.


Strong: Strong refused to stop traveling just because Sole was sick. Instead, he gladly let Sole ride atop his shoulders as they gallivanted across the Commonwealth. “STRONG LIKE THIS! IS THIS WHAT SCARF FEEL LIKE? MAYBE YOU BECOME STRONG’S SCARF?”

Maxson: Maxson almost missed Sole when they passed out in front of him. One minute he was giving them a debriefing and the next he had barely caught them under their arms as they collapsed. “Soldier? Can you hear me?” Maxson barked in Sole’s ear, but they gave no response. He suspected they had not been resting nearly enough to make up for all of the running around they did. Maxson grunted and heaved Sole into a better position to carry them in.

He made his way to the barracks and placed Sole on one of the beds. Hopefully they would sleep through the night and finally feel well rested in the morning. Maxson made a note to himself to go easy with the assignments on Sole for a while.


“Are you feeling better now?” Maxson approached Sole with his resting glare. Sole panicked a little when they couldn’t remember what he was talking about. “Y-yes sir.” They muttered, unsure of what else to say. Maxson smirked a little, “You don’t remember do you?” Sole looked everywhere but at the elder. “That’s fine soldier; just get more rest from now on, alright?” Sole gave an affirmative answer, but blushed when Maxson flippantly tousled their hair as he passed by.

Knitting Chicken Sweaters

My mom’s been with us for the past 2 weeks and it’s been driving me nuts! Out of desperation, I gave her a whole bunch of crappy yarn to keep her occupied.

Then this happened…

My cat-obsessed son (age 11) is trying to steal a neighbor’s cat.

Every time he sees this cat out and about in the neighborhood, he stops and pets it for as long as he can. And today, he saw it in the field behind our house (our backyard abuts a hayfield - yes, I live in semi-rural suburban sprawl) and lured it into our yard. Then he picked it up and brought it inside to pet it and play with it and introduce it to one of our cats. I’m pretty sure this lasted for about an hour until I got home from errands and he hastily put it back outside, because he knew I would not approve.

Now I feel obliged to start reminding him, on a daily basis, that he is not allowed to steal the neighbor’s cat.