backyard ye


Reid: This kind of tastes like it burned. 

Aurora: That’s because mother was too busy posting on Simstagram about cooking. 

Silvia: You follow mom on Simstagram? 

Aurora: I… I’m just curious. I need to make sure she doesn’t post any pictures of me that ruins my image. 

Reid: Oh you don’t need to worry about that, because my account is taking care of that. 

Silvia: Is that why you blocked her so she wouldn’t report your account?

Reid: Maybe…

Aurora: You know what, when I get home I’m cutting down all the tress in the backyard.

Reid: No! 

Aurora: Yes! Unless you of course remove the photos! 

August: What’s Simstagram? 

To be used in “Mission to Taanab”…

“Hey Wes!”

“ What Tycho?”

“Your ‘backyard’ is a cave?”

“Yeah, so?”

“It’s a kriffing cave! The house is literally embedded in a cave!”

“What can I say? Great grandma Lara liked this place…”

“So… When you mentioned a pool, you really meant the lake with the waterfall on the backyard cave?”

“Yes! Look at the bright side! You see that hole directing the sunlight right into the lake? It means the water is warm, even if it’s almost winter…”

“Anything else I should know?”

what’s your least favorite thing about being hunters? 

“You mean aside from the lack of sleep, lack of pay, lack of real food, and lack of stability?”

“Dean, don’t be so bitter. I think the worst part is the fact that we can’t be together in a normal house with a dog or two. I know our lives will never be normal-normal, but having a paying, 9 to 5 job actually sounds nice.”

“Well, I think it sounds really boring, but if that’s what you want, Sammy, we can try it. Although I feel like we already have a house–we live in the bunker.”

“A bunker is not the same thing as a house, Dean. I want a home. Something without a dungeon and with a backyard.”

“Ah, yes, for that dog you want to put in our car, despite the fact that one of the rules is that there are no dogs in the car.”

“What? I wasn’t asking for a dog. Just… maybe… when we get our house with a backyard and we stop hunting…”

“Fine! The worst thing about being a hunter is that I can’t give my Sammy a house and… fine, a dog.”