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Jazmin Ayala 

I made Jazmin for @simlystrawberry, who needed sims after losing her households and saves.  

Jazmin is a successful model and designer of a popular plus-size fashion line. She knew that she wanted to be a model from an early age and her conviction, confidence, and sunny disposition kept her motivated whenever she encountered prejudice in the fashion industry because she didn’t fit the conventional model look.  Now she’s a celebrity, Jazmin uses her fame and influence to spread a strong body positivity message to the world.  

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An amazing (and somewhat intimidating) discovery made a few mornings ago: a gigantic beehive tucked away in the crevice of my father’s old vehicle! So THAT’S why all my freshly planted marigold flowers have been thriving lately, eh? I know a lot of people don’t hold a liking to bees, but I truly love them. They’re nature’s most economical builders and play a vital role to the planet’s ecosystem. We’re still figuring out a way to *safely* and *respectfully* relocate them – but, I’ll still admire them from afar in the meantime.