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Request: “You’re not broken”

Request: Can you do one where you and tig are eagerly trying for a baby but you find out that your infertile and he helps you through the depression

Please, get a tissue before reading this one.  

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: it can be triggering, infertility, depression.

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I nervously bit my nail as I waited the doctor call me. I tried not to stare at the pregnant lady in front of me, a woman who had what I was trying so desperately to have, a baby growing inside me. I was there to know the results of my last exams, hoping the doctor had an answer and could help me. Alexander, my old man, and I had been trying for a baby, we wanted a baby to complete our family. I still remembered the day he had told me…

Alex had finally come back from a two week run. We were naked in our bed, resting after having sex. I was so happy he was home. Alex rested his head on my stomach and put his arm around me.

“Baby”, he softly called and then turned around to look at me. “I wanna have a baby”, he blurted. It was just like Alex to do something like that, to just say whatever was on his mind whenever he decided to. It shocked me when I met him, but I learned to love that about him. He was honest, authentic and I never had to guess what was on his mind, because sooner or later he would let me know.

“Alex…”, I just stared at him in awe. We had been together for almost two years and we never had talked about having kids before. We just continued to be careful as we had been all our lives.

“I’m sorry if I scared you baby. I just have been thinking about it”, Alex grabbed my hand and kissed it, looking right into my eyes, “I wanna have a family with you”

“I want that too”, I smiled and caressed his cheek, “We will try for a baby then”

We had been trying and we thought it would be easier, but it wasn’t. I was getting more and more depressed with each negative pregnancy test. Last time, Alex had found me crying in the bathroom when he came back from work. I saw him tearing up too, but he was strong for me. He carried me to bed and whispered sweet nothings to me, holding me tight until we fall asleep.

“Y/N Trager”, the doctor’s voice caught my attention and I took a deep breath before following him into his office. It had to be good news.


Tig’s POV

Tig hated he hadn’t been there for Y/N on her doctor’s appointment that afternoon, but she had insisted on going alone. He had paced around TM and tried to keep himself busy until he could go home to her. Good or bad news, Y/N deserved to be spoiled, so he stopped to buy her favorite flowers and chocolate. Her car was in the garage and he could see kitchen’s light was on, but Tig only found silent when he entered the house.

“Y/N!”, he called out, putting the flowers and the chocolate on the counter. The rest of the house was in the dark. Tig was about to go upstairs to check the bedrooms when something sparkling over the counter caught his eye. It was Y/N’s ring. He grabbed it before running to their bedroom where he got relieved to see everything was intact. She hadn’t left him, not yet. He went back to the kitchen and then saw there was a light on outside too. He found Y/N in their backyard, seated in the swing. Tig was so confident she would be pregnant soon he didn’t think about it, he just bought the swing for their child. Y/N was looking down and didn’t notice him until Tig kneel in front of her, “Baby…What is wrong? Why you took off your ring?”

“You deserve someone better”, she whispered. Tig tucked her hair behind her ears so he could see her face. She had cried and probably had been in that swing all day. 

“What are you talking about?”, Tig frowned and grabbed her hands.

“You deserve a woman who isn’t broken”, Y/N sadly looked at him, “A woman who can give you a baby. I can’t give you a baby, the doctor said I’m infertile”

“You’re not broken”, Tig swallowed and told himself to be strong for her, Y/N needed him, “And I don’t need anybody else”. Y/N shook her head but he ignored her protest and lifted her in his arms, carrying her inside. She clung to him and let Tig take her to their bedroom. He gently laid her on their bed and took off his boots and kutte before join her. “You listen to me baby doll”, Tig whispered in Y/N’s ear as he held her tight, “You’re not broken and we will get through this. We will do it together, one day at a time. I’m not leaving you or letting you leave me. I got you, my love. I got you”


It definitely hadn’t been easy. They had gone through really bad days when both of them seemed to have no strength to keep going. Y/N had tried to leave him again, but Tig found her and they had cried together in a hotel room before going back home. She had refused to let him touch her, they had spent weeks without making love and she yelled at Tig a few times. He also had found her crying alone in the dark more than once. People told him it was a bad idea and it couldn’t be a substitute, but he got Y/N a dog to keep her company. It gave him a little peace to know she wasn’t completely alone in the house. It took time, but they got better. Y/N got better. She could doubt of that sometimes, but she was perfect to him, there was nothing wrong with her. She was the same Y/N he had fallen in love years ago. 

Tig thought about everything they had been through as he watched Y/N fall asleep next to him on the couch. On the other one, their son, the beautiful little boy they had adopted, was cuddled with their dog. He thanked God every day for them. That was his family and it was good and perfect, just the way it was.

Note of the author: I wasn’t sure if who requested this imagine wanted them to adopt a child, but I guessed you guys needed a happy ending.

You and Cain (and Gerald), part 2


Part 1


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“You met with Cain?”

Dean looked up. “Long time, no see, Cas.”

“You’re messing with strong powers, Dean. And the fact that you’re working with Crowley, no less.”

“Yeah, well, you were kind of gone, so…”

Cas rolled his eyes and made his way to a corner to sulk. Dean could feel the angel’s glare on him.

“I met your sister, by the way. Cute girl. Little weird, but–”

“My sister?”

“Yeah. Y/N.” Dean looked up, finding Cas’ expression having turned from a mean-mug to melancholy. “What’s wrong?”

“You’re sure you met Y/N?”

“Well, that’s what Cain said her name was.”


“Yeah, she lives with him. Something about she fell and he took her in…”

Cas nodded, a small frown still on his face.

“Okay, seriously, what’s with the look?”

Cas studied Dean for a moment before shaking his head. “Y/N… I always felt the need to look after her when I was in Heaven. I heard she fell and…” The angel sighed. “Is she okay?”

Dean shrugged. “I mean, she’s in one piece. But the way she was acting…”


“I don’t know. Cain said something about when she fell, she hadn’t reached angel maturity or something so she–”

“Has the mind of a child,” Cas finished.

“Right.” Dean studied his friend. “But she seemed happy. She had this little bee that was following her around. I think she called it Jim or something.”

Finally, Cas smiled. “She always did like bees.”

Dean watched the angel for a few more moments before standing. “Come on.”

“What? Where are you going?”

“We. We’re going to see Cain and your sister.”


Cain watched out the window as the Impala pulled up the driveway. Dean got out, followed by another man dressed in a trench coat. Cain met them on the porch.

“Dean. I didn’t expect to see you again so soon.”

“Yeah, I know.” Dean nodded to the angel on his left. “This is Castiel.”

“Y/N’s brother,” Cain said.

“I… was hoping to talk to her.”

Cain studied the two men on his porch before going down the steps. He led the visitors around the house into the backyard. You were seated on an old wooden swing, dangling from a strong branch.

“Y/N,” Cain called. “There’s someone here to see you.”

You looked up, finding the three men striding towards you. Your eyes immediately landed on your brother. “Castiel!” you yelled, jumping from the swing. You ran over to him, wrapping your arms around his torso, nearly knocking him over.

The elder angel was startled but gently wrapped his arms around you. “Hello, Y/N.”

With your head still on Cas’ chest, you peered at Dean. “Hello, Dean.”

“Hey, Y/N. Where’s your bee friend?”

As if on cue, the plump little bumblebee floated up to the group, buzzing around Cas’ head.

“Gerald, I’d like you to meet my brother, Castiel,” you said with a smile. “Yes, the one I’ve told you about.”

“Hello, Gerald,” Cas said.

“Cain, can I show him the garden?”

“Of course,” Cain said. He and Dean watched as you slipped your hand into Cas’, leading him towards the small garden plot at the front of the house.

“Come on.” Cain led Dean into the house through the backdoor. The two made their way into the kitchen where Cain offered his guest a beer. Dean took it with a nod of thanks.

From the window in the kitchen, Dean and Cain watched as you led your brother through the garden. A number of bees swarmed around you to greet you and your guest.

“Don’t… read too much into this,” Dean started. “But why’d you take her in?”

Cain said nothing for a few moments, simply continued to stare out the window. “She needed someone,” he finally said. “And… I did, too.”

Dean nodded even though the older man couldn’t see. “Well, for what it’s worth, I think it’s…” He paused. “She seems happy. And of course, there’s the whole bee thing…”

Cain turned his head slightly towards Dean. “She’s adapted.” He turned back to the window. “But she does seem happy that you brought her brother here.”

“Yeah, sorry for bursting in. But you know how angel time works. You see them for five minutes and then they disappear for weeks with no contact, only to reappear when you’re least expecting them.”

Cain shrugged. “Well, since you’re here, I suppose I should invite you to stay for dinner.”



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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: ~1620

Summary: Bucky’s POV; It’s been nearly thirty years since you were separated from the man you called Зима, Zima, Winter. He was made to forget you, and he never knew why. What had the two of you done wrong? Now that he’s found you again… well…

Warnings: This is pure fluff, guys.

I run out to the moving truck, reaching to take the box from (Y/N)’s hands.

“I got it, baby.”

She smiles, handing the box off to me and skipping to the front door. Steve waits there.

“Is that the last one?” he calls, stepping out onto the porch.

“Yeah,” she says, “and thanks for helping us move in, Steve.”

“You don’t have to thank me. You didn’t even have to ask.”


Steve nods, hugging her around her shoulders and pulling her into his side, “You’re welcome.”

I take the couple of steps onto the porch. (Y/N) goes inside first. I follow in behind her with Steve on my heels. Just as I set the last box down in the kitchen, (Y/N)’s phone starts to ring.

“Kitten! Your phone!”

“Answer it! It’s probably just Nat.”

I swipe up the little piece of tech from the wooden counter, pressing the answer key and putting the phone to my ear.

“(Y/N)’s phone.”

“Next time you can pick up the paint!”

I chuckle, “Calm down, Romanoff, and tell me what happened.”

“They mixed the wrong color twice! Like, dude, I gave you the paint card. Just make my color!”

I sigh, listening to her frustrated groaning for a few moments before she finally sighs.

“I’m fine. Did you guys get the truck unpacked?”

“Just brought the last box in.”

“Alright, well, I’m picking up the food now so I should be there in about twenty minutes.”

“I’ll let (Y/N) know.”

“See you in a bit.”

I end the call and set the phone back down. When I go into the living room, I find several open boxes but no (Y/N) or Steve, save for their voices from down the hall as they discuss the paint colors. I decide to leave them to it, going to sit on the couch.

I smile, looking down at my left hand. Specifically, I’m looking down at the dark-colored, titanium band that graces the ring finger of my metal hand. It’s amazing one seemingly insignificant piece of metal can mean the world.

It was after Siberia, after France… When we got back to the states and our future finally felt like it was ours for the taking, (Y/N) and I sat down to discuss just that. I told her I wanted to do right by her. I told her I had everything intention of marrying her one day.

She looks at me, smiling as she says, “Why wait?”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying it’s been long enough, Bucky. I love you. You love me. So what the hell are we waiting for?”

“You’re serious.”

“One hundred percent. We could go right now.”

I chuckle, shaking my head and taking her hand, “Let’s take a couple of weeks, make sure this is something we can even legally do.”

Turns out it was not.

Fury had been working for months to get (Y/N)’s citizenship reestablished. Because she was born overseas, it took a little longer than expected. As luck would have it, her new birth certificate came in a week and a half later. Also in that two weeks, Steve and I got new suits. (Y/N) and Nat found the “perfect dresses”. We bought our rings.

I pull mine off my finger, leaning forward into the light from the window. Our initials, carved in a beautiful script, on either side of the word ‘FOREVER’ written in Russian, a language we both, at one time or another, feared.

As I slide it back on, I look around our living room. A couple of months after saying “I do”, we started looking for a place of our own. We found this little fixer-upper just outside the city, not too far from the Avengers facility. Three bedrooms. Two bathrooms. A decently-sized kitchen that flowed right into the living room. A massive backyard.

(Y/N)’s favorite part is the bay window in our bedroom; it overlooks the backyard. We had the seat converted into storage space, the perfect place for her to store her books or whatever.

At first, I was worried because it more or less out of our price range, but she loved it. I loved it. It seemed like the perfect place, if the universe willed it, for us to raise a family. Much to my surprise, while Steve was trying to help me work out what to do, Tony walked in and offered pay for it, in full and in cash if that would guarantee it would be ours.

“Tony, I_”

“Look, Barnes, don’t get all sentimental. We’re in a good place, you and I, and I like (Y/N). While I’m doing this for you, it’s mostly for her.”

I nod my head, still in slight disbelief, smiling as I look up at him, “Whatever your reasoning, thank you.”

He even covered the repairs and renovation. Clint chipped in his expertise on that. It took a month to get the paperwork finalized and get whatever permits we needed for the work. It took another two months to get everything finished. We spent another month packing and picking out furniture.

She insisted we do the painting ourselves. I agreed assuming it was just her way of reassuring herself that this was, in fact, her home.

“A little help would be nice!”

I jump up at the sound of Natasha’s voice, running out to her help her get the paint cans and supplies from the car. She carries two large take-out bags, walking ahead of me and into the house. (Y/N) runs out from the back, impatiently waiting for Natasha to unbag the food.

Once she finds hers, she takes up a plastic fork and disappears into the living room. The girls sit on the couch. I sit at (Y/N)’s feet, leaning back against the couch, while Steve sits next to me, turned to face us. We talk about a little bit of everything, laughing and just genuinely enjoying the moment.

“So,” (Y/N) says, running her fingers back through my hair, “I was thinking about accent walls.”

“What?” I ask, laying my head back against the couch and looking at her upside down .

“In the bedrooms. I know we’re doing the walls in that dark beige you liked, but I want more color. So I had Nat pick up some extra colors. Dark red for our room. Then dark purple or dark blue for each of the other rooms. What do you think?”

“Sounds good to me, though I don’t know how I feel about that purple.”

She smiles and leans down to kiss my forehead, “I think you’ll like it.”

We’ve finished eating by the time the others finally arrive. From there we split off into five groups. Steve and I work in the back room across from the master. Tony and Bruce take the master, and Thor and Vision take the third room. Clint and Sam work in the living room, putting together what furniture they can. (Y/N), Natasha and Wanda start in the kitchen, unpacking what they can.

We’ve finished the other three walls. I stare down at the two cans of the colored paint, screwdriver in hand. I sigh, kneeling down to open them up and slightly dreading the sight of the color to come. I feel my brow raise when the first color turns out to be a sort of hot pink. I pry the lid from the other can and find a sort of blue-gray color inside.

“Hey, Kitten, can you come here for a minute?”


She and the others arrive in the doorway a few moments later.

“What’s wrong?”

“Didn’t you say purple and blue?”

She nods, biting her lip.

“Well, that’s not what we have here.” She smiles, and my brow raises again, “You knew that, didn’t you?”

She walks into the room and grabs both paint lids from the floor, “Bucky, tell me what you see.”

“I see pink, and I see blue.”

“Uh-huh. What do people usually associate those colors with?”

I don’t know why my mind isn’t grasping what she’s getting at. From somewhere behind me, I hear sounds indicating Steve’s understanding.

“Think, Bucky.” (Y/N) says with a laugh.

Finally, a few more minutes of staring at the paint and looking into her eyes, it dawns on me. My eyes go wide, my hand flying up to cover my mouth as my vision blurs a bit. I drop my gaze to her stomach. I put my hands on her sides, my palms on either side of her belly.


She nods, “Yeah.”

“We’ll give you two a minute.” Steve says, patting my back before leaving the room.

Once everyone’s gone, we both take a seat on the floor, her hands in mine.

“I didn’t even think it was possible.”

“I know. Me either, but I got curious one day. I asked Bruce if there was a way to find out if they’d done anything, you know, sterilization or whatever. He called in a couple of favors. They ran blood tests and things got a little,” she chuckles softly, “invasive. After everything, they told me I should have no problem conceiving if we were trying. I know we weren’t exactly trying, but…” her voice trails off as she crawls over to me, “Are you okay?”

“I’m just processing.” I meet her gaze as a tear finally breaks from my eyes, “I’m gonna be a father.”

She nods, “Are you scared?”

I shake my head, “No. Not even in the slightest.”

I move to stand on my knees. She leans back but after a moment does the same. I cradle her jaw in my hands, pressing my lips to hers.

We earned this, this freedom, this happiness.

Fear is forgotten, and for the first time, in a long time, hope is the overwhelming emotion.

So, the main part of this story has come to an end, but I’ve been doing some thinking over the last few days. I want to do a sort of miniseries that will expand on Bucky’s flashbacks and dig a little deeper into their relationship. I just wonder if that’s something you guys will be interested in.

Update: It happened. It’s happening. Go to the Phobia Masterlist, and you’ll find Recollection: The Companion Series.

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A Housemaid - Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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Genre: Fluff

Characters: Kim Taehyung x You

Word Count: 1, 914

Plot: You’ve been working at the Kim residence for about a week now, and today, you finally have a conversation with Taehyung.

(Y/N) = Your Name

Your first day went by quickly. You cleaned up around the house, did the laundry, watered the plants in the front yard and backyard, prepared meals for the Kim family, and even helped Mrs. Kim by giving your opinion on her outfit for the following day.

Besides talking to Mrs. Kim, you barely communicated with the family. Earlier, when Mr. Kim greeted you by messing up your freshly cleaned floor, was the only time you talked to Mr. Kim. The only other time you saw him was at the dinner table, and even then, the two of you didn’t talk. You didn’t mind though, because he frightened you a bit.

Their son, Taehyung, seemed really nice from when you spoke to him earlier. You didn’t talk to him for the rest of the day either, though. You saw him here and there whenever you walked the halls or transitioned from one job to the next, but all he ever did was give you a friendly smile. Whenever you saw him, you kind of wished he would say something, just to entertain your boredom.

It was 8:30 pm and you were done for the day. You had already said goodnight to Mrs. Kim, so you decided to just leave. You grabbed your bag and made your way to the front door. You looked down and smiled as you proudly observed the floor that you cleaned earlier. You could practically see your reflection.


You looked up quickly and snapped out of the state you were in. It was Taehyung.

“Oh.. hi Taehyung!” You smiled.

Taehyung took a seat on the staircase that was in front of the door. He leaned forward and rested his forearms on his knees.

“You’re leaving?” He raises an eyebrow and had a somewhat concern look on his face.

“Yeah, my bus arrives at the stop in 10 minutes. I don’t want to miss it.” You stood there awkwardly. It was weird talking to him since the two of you hadn’t communicated until now. You put one foot behind the other, waiting for him to just let you leave.

“You take the bus?” Taehyung stood up and walked towards you. He opened the door and stepped out. You followed.

“Yeah..” You quietly said. Taehyung was ahead of you, but he stopped and waited. You did a short little run to be by his side.

“Isn’t it dangerous to take the bus this late,” you could barely see him because of the darkness, but you could tell he had his arms folded behind his head, “I can give you a ride–”

“–it’s okay!” You quickly said. You barely knew the boy, and if you learned anything from school, it was to never accept rides from strangers… Even if you did work for them. “I take the bus all the time. I like the long silence.”

The two of you reached the gate and Taehyung pushed it open. You walked out the gate, while Taehyung stayed within it.

“Okay then,” he held onto the gate and leaned against it so his head peaked out, “goodnight, (Y/N).”

“Goodnight Taehyung. Thanks for walking me here.” You gave him a friendly smile which he most likely couldn’t see due to the darkness. You turned around and walked to your stop.


Over the next few days, you found your job to be easier and easier. As weird as it sounded, you were happy to say that you loved it. The fact that you were alone with your thoughts most of the time, and that you were getting paid to do what you did at you own home made you happy.

When you weren’t alone, you were doing one of either two things. One, was talking to Mrs. Kim. She was a lovely lady and you actually enjoyed conversing with her. You believed she felt the same way because she would always start up conversations out of nothing with you. Even though you worked for her, she treated you as a friend; you appreciated this.

The second thing you did when you weren’t alone, was saying ‘hello’ to Taehyung. Honestly, you never said anything more than just a greeting to him whenever you saw him. He never started up a conversation, or even stopped to greet you. He would always just walk by with a friendly smile and a ‘hello’.


As you were washing the dishes, Taehyung took a seat on a stool adjacent to you. He didn’t say anything and you were used to his silence. This time, however, irked you a bit. He was eating an apple and watching you, which he never did before.

“Why are you always home?” You didn’t mean to ask that. Maybe the silence was bothering you, so you just spoke the first thing in your mind.

You were about to take back your words, you knew that it wasn’t any of your business. However, he spoke up.

“I don’t know.” He took a bite out of his apple. His expression didn’t say much.

“Don’t you have any friends or places to go?” You turned the tap off and wiped your hands on a kitchen towel that hung on a rack near the sink.

“Of course,” he looked at you with a serious face, “don’t you?”

“What?” You furrowed your eyebrows. You were caught off guard by his response.

“I mean,” he chuckled, “don’t you have friends? Or places that you’d rather be than here?”

You leaned against the counter top and tilted your head. You had one or two close friends, but you considered them just school friends. And you didn’t really have anywhere else to be. In fact, if you were given a day off, you would probably reject it. Since your mother wasn’t home, you would be bored out of your mind without work.

“Yeah” you lied.

Taehyung nodded his head as he looked away from you. You didn’t really know what to do next. You felt like you couldn’t just leave because the conversation with him wasn’t over, but no one was talking, so it felt awkward.

“How come we never met before?” Still seated, he turned his body to face you. He leaned back and slouched a bit.

“Uh, haha. I don’t know” you said shyly.

“It’s weird. We’re like the same age and I’ve known you mom since forever. It’s just weird that we’ve never met.”

“I guess.”

He stood up and walked towards you. You stood up straight and you felt your heart beating faster.

“Wanna go outside? I need some fresh air.” He put a hand on your shoulder, and you turned so you were facing the same direction with him. You felt embarrassed. Why did you always get nervous when he got close to you?

The two of you got to the backyard and took a seat on the patio swing outside. You felt like you were being wasteful. You were at work after all, and it was no time to be just sitting back and relaxing. But Taehyung was kind if your boss, so you thought it was okay.

Taehyung sat beside you. He slouched into the seat with one arm resting on top of it. It was almost around you, but not really because it wasn’t. He looked at the ground and slowly kicked forward to cause movement in the swing.

“So..” He didn’t look at you. He was staring off into space. You turned your head to him, waiting for him to finish his sentence. “Tell me about yourself.”

You had a puzzled look on your face, but you couldn’t help but grin. Taehyung noticed your smile from the corner of his eye and laughed.


“–what do you wanna know?” You asked with a small chuckle.

“I don’t know, anything.”

You put your hands over your mouth to cover you laugh. You felt really shy around him.

“Anything? Anything could be… anything.” You said.

Taehyung turned to you and chuckled, “Fine, then tell me…”

You waited with anticipation. You hated being questioned about yourself because you always forget everything that has ever happened in your life.

“Tell me your biggest fear.”

You smiled and looked away from him to think. It took a while for you to think of something, but then you remembered.

“Ghosts. I’m afraid of ghosts and anything paranormal. My biggest fear would be seeing one.” You waited for a response from him. He stared at you with a blank smile as he took in your answer and you soon realized that your answer was kind if childish, and you regretted saying it.

“Ahahaha,” he laughed, “ghosts aren’t you even real!” He shook his head while laughing.

You rolled your eyes. Of course you knew they weren’t real, but just the belief of the slightest possibility that they were real sent shivers down your spine.

“Whatever. What’s your biggest fear then?”

Taehyung leaned forward and fixed his position. The smile on his face disappeared and he looked away from you, and back to the ground.

“Regret” He simply said.

You looked away sort of confused. You didn’t expect something so dramatic.

“Uh, what do you mean?”

Taehyung sighed, “I don’t know. You know when you have something good in your life, and life is just perfect? Then one day that something goes away and you feel like you could have done something to prevent it. But it’s too late, and there’s nothing you can do. I hate that feeling. It scares me.”

Of course, you understood what he was saying. There were many times in which you felt regretful for. Stuff that you did you wish you hadn’t, or stuff that you didn’t do that you wish you did, or even when hen you said you were afraid of ghosts just now. You hated feeling regretful, but you wouldn’t consider it a fear.

“I see…”

You and Taehyung sat in complete silence. All that was heard was the leaves rustling in the wind, and the birds chirping off in the distance.

“(Y/N), honey!” It was Mrs. Kim. She was calling you from inside the house. You stood up immediately and walked towards the door. Mrs. Kim then walked out and met you half way.

“Ah, there you are!–” She stopped and looked beyond you to her son, “oh, Taehyung you’re here too?”

You turned your head back to him. He was still seated and he had his head resting on his hand.

“You’re friend Jimin called. I thought you went out with him and the rest of your friends…”

Taehyung stood up and walked towards you and his mother.

“Oh yeah.” He walked past you without a word and entered the house. He didn’t even turn back. You hoped for at least a goodbye or something.

“Anyways,” Mrs. Kim shook her head at Taehyung and looked back at you. She clapped her hands once with excitement, “(Y/N), I need help planning the party! Shall we go inside?”

You smiled at her graciously and agreed. You thought she was going to yell at you for not doing work. You were relieved to find out that she probably didn’t mind.

You followed her into the house, and into the kitchen. While you entered, you saw Taehyung at the front door. He opened it and left.

“Okay, so let’s start with the guest list…” you turned your focus back to Mrs. Kim who seemed really excited about planning.

“Okay!” You said.

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Prompt!!! Wayhaught - 13

13. “Kiss me.”

After a long week of fighting off Revenants and investigating other paranormal activity, Waverly was exhausted. She knew Wynonna and Dolls were, too, so she had suggested they spend Friday night relaxing if the Revenants left them alone long enough to breathe. Dolls and Wynonna had protested at first, but Waverly reminded them that exhaustion could defeat them as easily as any Revenant, and they eventually folded.

Luck had been on their side and Friday shaped up to be a rare calm day in Purgatory, and Waverly was more than ready to celebrate with ice cream and a bonfire.  

Nicole came over to the homestead after she finished her shift at the police station. Wynonna had dragged Doc along because somehow he had become a part of their little family, despite his faults. He tried to show off his fire-starting skills with the bonfire, but Wynonna was impatient and quickly stepped in to start it with a long lighter instead of a box of matches. Dolls chuckled in his lawn chair at the indignant expression that fell over Doc’s face. 

Once the fire blazed in the backyard, Wynonna took a seat beside Dolls while Doc fell heavily into the rocking chair he had dragged outside from the living room. Waverly and Nicole sat beside one another on the grass, the fingers of their free hands intertwined while they ate ice cream with the other.

Waverly held a bowl of strawberry and vanilla swirl ice cream in her lap. It may or may not have been her second bowl, but the others didn’t need to know that she ate a bowl before dinner. And maybe some at lunch. Beside her, Nicole pushed around the last of her double fudge brownie ice cream.

“What’s up, Buttercup?”

Nicole shrugged.

“Come on, Officer Haught,” Waverly said. She propped her chin up on Nicole’s shoulder and pouted. “You’re really not gonna tell me what’s wrong?”

“It’s silly.”

“Not if it makes you all mopey.”

Nicole pursed her lips, then said, “You took the last of the strawberry swirl ice cream.”

Waverly rolled her eyes, but she scooped up the last bit of her precious strawberry swirl ice cream and held the spoon out to Nicole. When she leaned forward to take some, however, Waverly pulled the spoon away.

“It’s gonna cost you a kiss.”

Nicole laughed before she leaned in and placed a kiss against the corner of Waverly’s mouth. Waverly turned her head before Nicole could pull away and playfully nipped Nicole’s lower lip. After they broke the kiss, Waverly held out the spoon once more, and Nicole captured it between her lips, never breaking eye contact.

The moment was ruined when a marshmallow smacked against the back of Waverly’s head. She looked over her shoulder and glared at Wynonna.

“Literally everyone here can see you two making goo-goo eyes at one another. Everyone. Go be cute somewhere else so all us single people can wallow in self-pity together.”

Waverly stuck her tongue out. Wynonna flipped her off.

Just to spite her sister, she scooted closer to Nicole and leaned her head against her shoulder. Nicole’s hand slipped away from hers so she could slide her arm around Waverly’s side and pull her closer.

Moments like this, surrounded by the ones she loved with ice cream in hand and a bonfire blazing before her, it was easy for Waverly to forget about the curse that haunted her family. She knew moments like this would be few and far between in the weeks to come, so she cherished it as much as she could now.

She snuggled a little closer and held Nicole a little tighter, like it was the last moment of peace they would have together before all of Hell broke loose in Purgatory. With how things were going, it very well could be, but Waverly tried not to think about that.

Instead, she thought of a future filled with bonfires, sweet kisses, and spoonfuls of strawberry swirl ice cream.


Interested in having us play a show in your living room? Let’s talk!

Rusty and I had SO much fun this December doing our first ever House Show run! Now we’re gearing up for round 2, but this time we’re headed West! I’m looking for anyone who’d be interested in hosting a house show in their living room this July! Could you be a house show host? Read on!

What does a house show look like?

6pm, we’ll arrive to set up. 7pm “doors open”, guests start arriving, mingle, eat food or snacks if you wish to provide them. 7:30pm music starts. Our show is just under an hour 30. Rusty does 30 minutes, I do 30, then at the end we do 30 minutes of duets! This tour Rusty and I will both be sining our old music, and be bringing some brand new song! New Eps???? (You’ll have to wait and see!) After the show everyone hangs out for a bit! It’s all very laid back and comfortable! There’s a lot of hanging out and floor sitting!

Who can come to my show?

That’s up to you! We have two options:

option A: Public show! We promote your show in our tour! We do this by listing the city so people can RSVP where they’d like to come! Once they’ve RSVPed, we email them your address(this way your address is not out there for everyone). Public shows are a great way to meet new people in your community who are interested in some things you are! If you would like to do a public show, you will need a living room big enough for twenty people. Floor seating is okay!

Option B: Private show! if you’d like you can host a private show (we call them secret shows) for you and your family! We don’t promote these shows so if you’re interested in this email me and we can discuss our rate! You’re also welcome to sell tickets to your friends to cover costs, or just invite them for an evening of music on you! Please note if you live in a smaller town we may only be able to come if it’s a private show because of it’s remote location! Don’t be afraid to ask either way though!

What do I need to be considered?

1] If you’re interested in a public show, you’ll need a living area that can seat at least twenty people (or a den, or a backyard!) (it’s okay to seat people on the floor, but your guests will probably appreciate some seating!).

2] you need to live in the united states. This time we’re looking to start in Nashville, TN and head west to California, up to Seattle, and over to Chicago. This is a HUGE chunk of the US. This is everywhere west of Tennesse. Please reach out to us! We’re open to coming almost anywhere!

3] You need to be available for a show in the month of July.

4] You need to be 18, or if you’re parents are interested have them email us!

What about money?

Public shows are $10 at the door. We will split the money 90/10 artist/host to help cover any snacks you may have purchased! If you are wanting to do a private show please email us and we can discuss our rate!

I’m interested! Now what?

With your city, state and private or public show preference in the subject line, send me an email at tessaviolethouseshow (at) with:

1] your name

2] your address

3] your living room capacity

4] if you’re interested in a promoted show, or a private show.

5] What days in July you’re available. Please give us a couple options! The more you are available, the more likely we will make it to you!

6] optional: photos of the house and any other prevalent information

I’ll hit you back with a confirmation I’ve seen it and any more questions or information i have. If you’d like to have us email us soon! Last tour our entire routing was determined by the first couple houses who reached out!

Can’t wait to hear from you!


In Saudi Arabia, Instagram—the photo-sharing application—is hugely popular. Not for sharing pictures, but to attract customers and advertise products and services. Saudis, especially women, have turned the photo-sharing site into a platform to create jobs, and sell everything from cosmetics to fresh sushi, to barbecue.

There are more than 4,000 Instagram-based businesses in the capital alone.

We went to a convention of Instagram businesses in Riyadh. More than a hundred booths—all run by women— were set up in a girl’s school. They showed off a remarkable variety of products and services. We sampled chocolates, sipped Arabic coffee, smelled beauty products and admired homemade jams and pickled dates.

We met Nouf al Mazrou, one of the success stories on Instagram. She studied business management in college, looked for a job, but dreamed of setting up her own company. Instagram was the answer. She created “Barbeque Time” ten months ago. She has more than thirty thousand followers and a successful full-time job.

“It’s about catering,” she says, as she grills chicken and beef over hot coals, filling constant orders. Call for her services and she’ll deliver everything for a backyard barbeque, including the seating, the sauces and the grill.

“These are my sisters, they always help me, but I’m the boss,” she says and introduces the women in red bandanas who help her with the cooking. Even her son pitches in and wears a red pirate hat.

Social media is a big deal in Saudi Arabia, says Maha Teibah, an advisor to the Ministry of Labor, “We are number one in the region on Twitter and Instagram.”

The popularity of social media means it’s easy to reach customers online. Instead of staying home and waiting for a job, many Saudi women are now creating their own jobs and services. They can bypass all of the bureaucracy of setting up a formal company and set their own hours and measure of success.

“First it was cupcakes, now it’s getting into interesting stuff,” says Taibah, “It’s their way of expressing themselves.”

The explosion of Instagram businesses has become so large in the Kingdom that the Ministry of Labor is considering how to measure the earnings and track the numbers to include this informal sector in the country’s GDP.

“I think the main idea is that women are starting to voice that they are much more productive than in the past,” says Taibah.

Amal Al Salam started her Gym Rat boutique on Instagram two months ago. “At first, I thought it was a silly idea.”

She’s a personal trainer and knows how difficult it is to find quality activewear for women. Her site was an immediate hit.

The biggest success is @Sugar_Sprinkles. It’s a family-run site that has sold sugary deserts on Instagram for two years. The products became so popular that Sugar Sprinkles expanded from online sales to shopping malls. Sugar Sprinkles now has 15 outlets in the capital.

Deb Amos, #NPRSaudi2015

Twins Separated (Hannah and Isaac)

“Can you do a Clifford twins one shot where they go off to separate universities and start missing each other because theyve never really spent time apart before now?”

A/N: Enjoy this one! This one made me cry writing it! Thanks to my beta, the beautiful luekshemming! Everyone show her some love :)

Isaac couldn’t sleep. He’d had trouble with that lately, but he didn’t complain about it because he knew each family member of his was dealing with it differently. Tomorrow morning they were packing up the family SUV with all of his belongings and driving to Newcastle University of Australia, where Isaac was slated to start in the fall. Not him and Hannah. Just him.

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Sweet Escape Part 3
*Feel free to give me feed back, what I can improve and what you want to happen. Hope you enjoy!*Part One Two So we made our way to his backyard and took a seat on the grass. Once we got seated Jack lit the joint took a hit then passed it to me. We continued to pass it back and forth until there was nothing left. The way my head was becoming all fuzzy and the fact that I had to struggle to make a coherent thought, I knew the weed had started taking effect. I started laughing at nothing, causing Johnson to give me a strange look. “You okay over there?" He asked, starting to laugh himself. "Yeah. I just haven’t felt this good in a while." I answered, in between laughs. "Did you hear that Jack, and I are throwing a party tonight? Your coming aren’t you?" Jack asked, although I have no clue why. He knew I never missed one of their party’s. "Have I ever missed one?” I asked, closing my eyes. “Yeah, yeah, your right. Stupid of me to ask.” Jack said, holding his arms up in defense. “You wouldn’t mind if I just chill here until then, would you?” I asked, hoping that he wouldn’t care. I really didn’t feel like going home and finishing the conversation with my mom. “Sure.” Jack said, laying down on the grass and closing his eyes. Since I didn’t have any where to go I just laid down on the grass and let the weed do it’s thing. Well that was until someone started calling out Jack’s name. “Hey Jack! Where are you?" They yelled out. It was Sam. I would recognize that voice anywhere. I glared over at Jack, who gave me a guilty look. "Did I mention that Sam and Jack were coming over before the party?” He said giving me a sheepish smile. “Do you really think I would still be here if you did?” I said, rolling my eyes in annoyance. “Jaaack!!” Sam called out again. “Yeah, I’m in the back!” Jack yelled loud enough for them to hear. I quickly got up and tried to leave threw the house, but it was to late. “Oh hey Y/N. Didn’t know you were going to be here.” Gilinsky said, taking my spot on the grass. “Yeah I could say the same thing.” I mumbled to myself. I didn’t mind Gilinsky being here. I mean he was my best friend besides Johnson. I just turned to Johnson more cause we seemed to clicked a little better. The problem I had was Sam, no surprise there. “Hey Y/N, how are..” Sam started to ask, before I cut him off. “If you know what’s good for you, you won’t finish that sentence.” I said, turning to face him. “Why?” Sam asked, seeming utterly confused. “Because Sam that’s all anybody ever asks me anymore! Nobody ever wants to have a normal happy conversation with me. I hate how everyone treats me differently. I want things back to the way they were before.” I had started off yelling, but by the end my voice was full of sadness and pain. Everyone was quiet for a few minutes, not sure what to say. That was until Gilinsky spoke up. “Hey are we gonna smoke or not?” Everyone started laughing, the uncomfortable silence forgotten. “Most defiantly.” I said agreeing, while walking over to join Johnson and Gilinsky. “Woah, woah, woah there. What exactly do you think your doing?” Sam asked, coming to stand in front of me.