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taylor swift, red, breathe, long live, state of grace, and 22 💙💙💙💙💙

oh my gosh i love you SO much for sending so many

taylor swift: how long have you been a ts fan?

gosh i know the first thing i ever saw was the picture to burn video im placing that like… 2008 i think? i saw her at the jonas brothers tour shortly after so thats the timeline!

red: what is your favorite season and why?

FALL but like real fall not this california fall i want coziness and hot ciders and actual cold its like 80 degrees right now

breathe: just take a deep breath, you deserve it!

thank you for being an angel

long live: tell me the deepest reason or story of why taylor swift is so important to you

this is so hard! which do i want to talk about, how many times ive cried to tied together with a smile in my darkest times? how every time ive had an emotion ever taylor has a song for it? how just now shes given me a place to escape to in one of my hardest times? how she really solidified the bond with my soulmate friend ashley? how taylor lets me feel empowered and magical and happy and sad and scared and how she supports me through all of it with her songs? shes such a huge element of so many parts of my life shes just in everything.

state of grace: where do you feel most at peace?

in a forest! not to sound like a hippie but when im in nature i feel like im where im supposed to be and muir woods is my happy place, especially when its foggy and cold and a little rainy

22: when’s the last time you just let go and had fun?

over the weekend i had to drive a couple hours north for a very serious thing but on the way there i turned up some of my favorite music and just let myself scream along and it was just so nice to have no responsibilities for a few hours

send me taylor related asks

a little witch levi and apprentice eren fic based on my friend cat’s wonderful and adorable au!!! 

Levi, who was kind and gentle where others said he would be cruel. Levi, who laughed when Eren used the wrong herb and the spell turned into a foul-smelling fog instead. Levi, who sang his own made up songs when he thought he was alone in the garden in their backyard.

read on ao3 / under the cut

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When the Moon Fell in Love With the Sun (Connor Murphy x reader)

((Based off of the P!ATD song “When the day Met the Night”. Also, I know that the sun is the more masculine symbol, but I kept it the same because of their personalities…..but like seriously listen to the song while reading it, it makes it like 10x better))

*When the moon fell in love with the sun
All was was golden in the sky
All was golden when the day met the night*

You had just moved to the town around two weeks ago. Your family moved here when your dad had been promoted to a higher ranking position in the company. You moved into a large house in a rich person neighborhood to put it simply.

Now you were sitting in the hammock in your backyard, sipping tea and reading a book, enjoying the mid summer weather.

*When the sun found the moon
She was drinking tea in a garden
Under the green umbrella trees
In the middle of summer*

Connor had just gotten in another fight with his parents and decided to leave. He was going on his normal route: go to his backyard, go into the empty houses backyard and take that back way into the forest. There was a bigger opening in that yard, so it just made more sense.

He jumps the fence, his eyes widening as he sees a girl. She was wearing a bright yellow sundress and had a necklace with the sun on it. She looks up, her eyes widening as she sees him, dropping her mug. You almost fall out of your hammock as you get up. You smile softly, trying to ask what he was doing there.

*When the moon found the sun
He looked like he was barely hanging on
But her eyes saved his life
In the middle of summer*

You look into his eyes, noticing the mixture of emotions. Your face immediately softens as you walk towards him. You know what it felt like to be barely hanging on, and that’s how he looked. Now you just felt compelled to help the mystery boy.
“Sorry…. I didn’t know that anyone had moved in.” He mumbles.
“Oh, uh, it’s okay! I was just reading and it was kinda boring. If anything, you just made my summer better. Are you okay though?” You ask, then mentally face palm. That was such an awkward thing to say.

It took a little bit of convincing, but you got him to sit with you. You had now learned his name and that you were neighbors, but you hadn’t brought up why he jumped the fence. You cracked a few jokes ever so often, causing him to smile. “You should smile more.” You said softly, going back to reading. Then he spoke up,

*So he said, “Would it be all right
If we just sat and talked for a little while
If in exchange for your time
I give you this smile?”

You laugh, nodding your head.

*So she said, “That’s okay
As long as you can make a promise
Not to break my little heart
Or leave me all alone in the summer”*,

you joke. You sit and listen to his problems, knowing this won’t be the only time this meeting will happen.

Like you predicted, Connor came around quite frequently. You started making two mugs of tea instead of one, and always had a book for him to borrow.

You two became closer over time. From you two curling up in your hammock, to there being multiple meetings per day.

*Well he was just hanging around
Then he fell in love
And he didn’t know how
But he couldn’t get out
Just hanging around
Then he fell in love*

He was lying awake in bed, unable to get you out of his head. From your (very different and bubbly) personality, your bright eyes, how you’d listen to him and cheer him up. He felt his heart flutter as he thought about you, knowing that it wasn’t a stupid crush anymore. You genuinely cared about him….and he cared about you.You were the reason he was still alive honestly. Clutching on to the moon necklace that you had given him (matching your sun necklace), he grabs his guitar, brushing up on the cords to “When the Day Met the Night”.

He decided to sneak out , jumping the fence and used the ladder from the shed to climb up to your window. He opens the window, setting his guitar inside first. He climbs in, shutting your window. You sit up, jumping as you see his figure.
“Jesus fucking Christ, Con….you scared me.” You mumble, letting out a soft laugh. “What are you doing here anyways?” You say as you put your hair up, fiddling with you sun necklace as he sits on the edge of your bed.
“I came here to tell you that……just listen.” He says shakily, beginning to play his guitar. You smile as you recognize a song that he had sang under his breath the other day. He smiles as the fairy lights above your bed illuminate your face. He begins to sing, the heat rising to your cheeks as you listen to the lyrics, thanking every deity out there that your parents still weren’t back from thir date night out.

*In the middle of summer
All was golden in the sky
All was golden when the day met the night
All was golden in the sky
All was golden when the day met the night
Summer, summer, summer, summer
When the moon fell in love with the sun
All was golden in the sky
All was golden when the day met the night
Summer, summer, summer, summer
In the middle of summer, summer, summer, summer
The middle of summer, summer, summer, summer
The middle of summer, summer, summer, summer
In the middle of….*

He fades out, looking at you with a nervous smile. You smile widely, scooting closer to him. You set his guitar to the side, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. “Can….can I kiss you Connor?”

He nods his head, leaning in. Your lips meet, feeling fireworks as you touch. His arms snake around your waist as you pull away slowly. “I think I love you.” You both say at the same time. You giggle as he presses his forehead against yours. You take this opportunity to grab his necklace “I never told you this, but” you grab your necklace, fitting the sun and moon charms together, “our necklaces do this.” You blush. He smiles, laying down with you. “Well, our lips do this.” He hums then kisses you again. You laugh as you break the kiss. You curl up with him, the both of you falling asleep, the moon and sun necklace charms still connected. “I love you (Y/N)”
“I love you too, Connor.”

*When the moon fell in love with the sun
All was golden in the sky
All was golden when the day met the night*

Notorious (pt. 02)

Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: Angst, future Smut & a bit of Fluff…
Word Count: 9k

Summary: Kim fucking Taehyung was notorious for being a pranker, a player and an asshole, and you hated him for it.

Pt. 01  |  Pt. 02

“Summer loving had me a blast
Summer loving happened so fast
I met a girl crazy for me
Met a boy cute as can be
Summer days drifting away to oh oh the summer nights

Tell me more, tell me more
Did you get very far
Tell me more, tell me more
Like does he have a car”

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it’s another empty grave 
that you’ve fallen into,
and you can’t believe it;
you just finished digging 
your way out of the last one

maybe this time,
the dirt won’t be so dry
as it sinks in between your teeth
and down your throat,
mouth unable to close 
around an unheard
cry for help

or maybe, 
someone will finally notice 
your absence and the headstone
that appeared in your backyard 
that reads: MAYBE 

—  relapsed and reburied || O.L.
PSOTM: Gabe/Stephen, Jake/David; misunderstanding

For the prompt:  Someone from one of the other stories in the ‘verse finding out about Jake and David

So much of Gabe&Jake stuff centres around the Jays, but it has become an official bro-date for the two of them, and has been at least semi-official since they were in Juniors. 

Feat. Gabe and Stephen FINALLY talking the Jake thing out.

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Sign a petition, participate in a protest, join the local chapter of your political party, share information with others, keep an emergency preparedness kit on hand, build submachine guns in your garage and hide them in the backyard, read PDFs of 1960s guerrilla warfare, purchase surplus police riot gear through eBay and refurbish it

Above all, be safe.

My Burning PLL Questions

I’m gonna list out all the questions I want answered - or answered better (more completely than they have been already) in the finale or by the story the finale tells us. There’s so much we’ll likely never get answers for, but I’m gonna list ‘em anyways. This is largely for me…but eh I’ll share it anyways. If we’re lucky, I’ll be able to answer them during the finale…or by simply remembering the answer - It’s likely I’ve forgotten some answers by now anyways.

I’ll add to this over the next day or so - right up until the finale. I hope that I don’t have to add more after =/

I think anything left unanswered - or seemingly unanswered - I’ll try and answer. A whole rewatch will probably be needed after TuesdAy anyways….

These are in no particular order, but it does seem to start out with the older questions first. This isn’t a comprehensive list - just the stuff I want to know or haven’t pieced together on my own. Feel free to send me more!

1. When Mona was A…was she truly the only A? Or was there always a “Big A” kicking around?

2. Why did Jenna seem to know Alison before even moving to Rosewood? She knew who she was in the costume shop…and at the memorial or whatever, Jenna said that “her whole life” she thought she knew Alison. That always seemed odd to me.

3. Who killed Garret Reynolds?
I feel like it was probably Wilden. Then Melissa and Jason were meant to dispose of the body on the train - not knowing Aria was in there too. That’s why Jason had the hip wound.

4. Garret said medical records don’t lie…which records did he refer to? Was it to do with Melissa not being pregnant? Alison not being dead? Jenna not being blind? Spencer being adopted? We’ve never had a clear answer on this so we don’t really know how much Garret knew.

5. Was it actually Cece (Charles?) that drugged Emily at the start of the third season? This has never been revealed.

6. While Emily was drugged, she was found by Jenna and Noel. We get a hint later that they had some connection to Cece that night as well (the game of truth in Noel’s place). We found out this season that Noel and Jenna were working with Charlotte….so what were they up to that night? Was it actually them that drugged Emily and they weren’t so “lucky” finding Emily that night?

7. There was a short scene where Mona in her black hoodie was tailing Byron from his office at Hollis..but we never find out why she’s tailing him.

8. The whole Beach Hottie vs. Board Shorts debate needs to be settled. I’m still convinced it’s two different people. There’s several reasons, but mostly how Alison reacted to each of them. She was afraid of one but intrigued by the other.
Was Wilden Hottie while Board Shorts is Ezra (Ezra being all but confirmed) ? There’s some hints to Wilden for sure - and he would definitely be enough to scare Alison if she thought she was pregnant. It would have been statutory rape…And I know it wasn’t real, but we do see Wilden in bed with Ali (it’s Dunhill in a mask..but hey, symbolism!).

9. Who did Alison fear had gotten her pregnant. I’m inclined to believe both Ian and Ezra that they never slept together, so who was she sleeping with? According to Mona, Alison wasn’t pregnant in the end, but she was damn sure she was…
I’m putting my money on Wilden.

10. Once upon a time, when we were super suspicious of Jason, he was hiding someone in his house. We never found out who that was.
I almost wonder, now, if it was Mary Drake? But who else could it be?

11. Around that time, they showed a dog sniffing around the house and A petting the dog. That was never explained either. Neither was the bloody tissues that Jason had…

12. We saw A rifle through a bag and pull out a bottle of pills that belonged to  Maya,..but we never found out why? Especially since, according to the writers and all, Maya had NOTHING to do with A and was already dead at this point?

13. I’m still not convinced the story we were told about Maya’s death is true…but I suppose we’ll have to live with it. Bah.

14. What the hell did the NAT club have to do with anything? Was it just a really intricate red herring? Really? I find that hard to believe…

15. It seems clear that the Hastings/DiLaurentis feud is about more than just Jason, so what started it all?

16. Also, why did Mary seem the Hastings as someone who also needed to be punished?

17. Who is the father of the Emison baby? This I assume we actually will find out.
Wren? Please don’t be Charles…

18. Why the hell was Sarah Harvey working for Charlotte?

19. Why was Sydney involved with this all?

20. Mona, in the woods at a picnic table, met up with Jenna and Sydney…and someone else. Who?

21. Did Mary really have more than two children? It seems that she did, based on lines delivered earlier in the season (Dr. Cochrane), but why wouldn’t she share that with Spencer now?

22. Why would Archer Dunhill shack up with Alison BEFORE Charlotte was killed…if we’re supposed to believe that his motive to torture Alison was because of Charlotte’s death? That doesn’t add up at all.
Unless shacking up with Alison was the only way to get Charlotte back in on the family business?

23. Why would Archer Dunhill pretend to be Dr. Elliot Rollins in the first place? Something about getting close to Charlotte…so are we to assume that he knew her before this?
I actually think this is exactly what happened. He knew her before she was discovered as A.

24. It is said that Cece taught Alison how to be..well…Alison (the Queen B we knew). But then Charlotte says that she was doing her best Ali impression - and evidently Alison was like that before Cece taught her..soo…what?

25. How could Cece have pretended to be Alison to be admitted to Radley IF SHE WAS ALREADY IN RADLEY!? We see in a flashback that Jessica was enraged by this little game…but if Cece (Charlotte) was a patient already, how could that have worked out?

26. This is super out of order here but…why was Alison crying when she left her house and went to the Hastings while Jason had a party (The scene where she goes “your family has the worst apples”)

27. Just…everything ever concerning Wren. I have questions upon questions. Why go after the 16 year old sister? Why continue to go after her? Why always show up with Spencer is upset? Why did his name have quotes around it on the police murder board? Why did Mona stop trusting him? Who did he call to “take care of their end?” Why colour that jacket in red? Why get a visitor pass for Cece Drake when she was a patient still? Why lie and say Melissa convinced him to let her in? What was he and Spencer arguing about in the airport? The questions are RELENTLESS.

28. Alison wanted masks made of her for her friends…A has them but the four girls don’t. What happened there?

29. Who was wearing the Emily mask?

30. So Jenna was scared of Cece Drake (as told by Shana) but totally okay working for/with her?

31. Who attacked Alison in “The First Halloween” !? It supposedly wasn’t Noel.
I have a feeling this may have been Lucas? Maybe he was encouraged by his friend Charles to protect himself like Arcturus would. The comment of “Bitch” later may have been trying to spook her further?

32. The night Ali disappeared has had the timeline messed up a couple of times with different tellings of where Cece was during it. If the story we were told by Charlotte is to be believed, then she showed up at the end of the night and hit Alison by mistake…but before it was mentioned that she was speaking with Melissa Hastings. Jason’s eyes can’t be trusted, but who did he see Melissa talking to? Was it just Alison after all? Or maybe she was arguing with Bethany?

33. What was up with that meeting Melissa had with a hoodie in the backyard? Spencer read her lips as saying “do it” or something?

34. Why make Lesli Stone so suspicious? All the fake glasses and shit…

35. Why did the people at the Kahn party remember Cece? Noel’s brother knew her well apparently…but how? She was in Radley all that time and somehow I doubt she escaped that often?

36. Which reminds me. Cece said that Mona knew how to help her escape Radley. Mona says that she made a deal with the devil and she gave her ways in and out of Radley. Which is true?

37. Was it Charlotte that tried to kill Jenna in the DiLaurentis house?

38. Was Sarah Harvey a prisoner in the Dollhouse all those years and THEN signed up to help Charlotte? Otherwise, how had she been hiding for so long?

39. Early on we were told that A was a man and a woman with dark hair that wanted to hurt Alison? What? Was that actually Mona and Lucas? Still confused about that clue.

40. What did Maya want to show Emily the night she was killed? They found a note but that’s all that was mentioned of it…

13. Things you said at the kitchen table

A reader on AO3 asked me to write some fluff to atone for my sins with regard to yesterday’s piece.  I decided to make it Harry Potter-themed, because why not?

i. April 2007

“Hey, Scully?”

“Mmmm?” She looked up from her laptop and the piles of notes spread out before her on the kitchen table. Mulder was standing at the window, peering through the drapes into the sunny backyard.

“What’s Will reading?” She leaned back in her chair and peered past him, through the window, to the distant form of their son reclining in the hammock, a pastel-colored book propped on his thin chest.

“Harry Potter, I think,” said Scully, returning to her journal article. Across the kitchen, Mulder turned to look at her, eyebrows raised. “What?”

“Isn’t that a little advanced for a six-year-old? Like, shouldn’t we be reading it with him?”

“I tried,” said Scully. “He said I was going too slowly. Said he was never going to get through all of the books before the last one comes out at the pace I was setting.” Mulder chuckled.

“Sounds about right. Your kid through and through.” She glared at him over the top of her reading glasses. “What? I mean his advanced reading level, not his impatience.” She looked skeptical. “Honest. You gonna tell me you weren’t reading at a fourth grade level when you were in kindergarten?”

“Fifth,” she said grudgingly, returning to her work. Mulder smirked, then returned his gaze to his son, relaxed and absorbed in his book.

“You know those books are completely inaccurate, right?” he said. “Completely off the mark when it comes to established practices in witchcraft.” She sighed, rolling her eyes.

“Mulder, are we really going to go through this again? Do you remember what happened when we tried to watch E.T.?” She shook her head. “It’s a children’s book series, Mulder. They’re fiction. They’re cute. Let it go.”

“Where’d he get them, anyway?”

“From my mom,” said Scully. “She bought them for Matthew, but Bill won’t let them in the house. Says they promote witchcraft.” Mulder snorted.

“Of course he did.” He watched his son for another moment, then glanced back at Scully thoughtfully. “He seems pretty absorbed.”

“He’s barely looked up all day,” Scully agreed.

“Seems like it’s unlikely he’ll look up anytime soon,” he said, crossing to stand behind her. “Don’t you think?” The corner of Scully’s mouth turned up slightly.

“I’d have to agree with that assessment,” she replied. He bent, brushing his lips against the side of her neck, feeling her inhale sharply. “Did you have something in mind? Something more pressing than this article that’s due in a week?”

“I think I do, yes,” he murmured into her hair. “Can I see you upstairs for a brief consult, Dr. Scully?” He headed for the stairs, and she got up to follow.

“Brief? Mulder, he’s on book three of six. He’s gonna be in that hammock the rest of the day. You make this brief, and that same hammock is exactly where you’re gonna be sleeping tonight.”

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How come we don’t talk about Sarah more? Like she wasn’t the centre of Hop’s universe for the few years she was alive? How come we don’t talk about those Sunday mornings where he would make her pancakes with chocolate chips and sing really badly to Frank Sinatra records? Or how he would read her a chapter from her favourite book before bed? How he would sometimes buckle her up in his car and just drive with her, listening to the radio while she hummed along?

Maybe we don’t talk about it because we don’t want to remember that now, Hopper doesn’t go to parks. He never listens to the radio or makes pancakes (instead, he listens to homemade cassettes; instead, he makes waffles; instead, he builds her a fort in the backyard; instead, she stubbornly reads to herself).

I just realized that one of the biggest tragedies of the marauders era is that it has to be separated from the age of the golden trio
•lily and James were supposed to live and love much longer and their deaths are really when the marauders era ends
•what the marauders era should’ve been is that short period of time they lived before harry
•before quidditch in the backyard while lily read a novel or tended flowers
• before cooking as a family (and burning things as a family cause they got in a food fight)
•before bed time stories about their Hogwarts days that seemed so exciting that Harry spouted almost the same line as James had years past when he was asked what house he wanted (“Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart! Like my father! And my mother. And my uncles.”)
•before visits to the Weasley’s and the Longbottom’s to see Harry’s friend and so James could have long talks with Charlie about Quidditch
•(and to the twins about pranks but that was behind Mrs. Weasley’s back and therefore a secret)
•along that vein the twins should’ve known who the marauders were the second they got their hands on that map
•because they should’ve grown up going to parties or dinner and hearing “pass the salt moony” or “grab me a beer pads”
•harry should’ve grown up going to diagon alley with his rich ass godfather and getting spoiled not living in a literal cupboard and getting hangers for birthday presents
•Neville should’ve grown up with the best parents that poor boy possibly could’ve had because they made him feel so safe
•like rly attacking Alice and Frank Longbottom or anyone they loved truly would’ve been a death wish
•Draco should’ve recognized Harry that day in Madame Malkins because they grew up going to some of the same high class pure blood balls that James hated and was honestly thankful when he wasn’t invited because of his wife’s status but at the same time was pissed and so was Lily so they always went and were on their best behavior when they did go
•Harry should’ve known that his mother could light up a room with her smile and his father could electrify it with a wink and together they could’ve made the whole place explode with envy over this beautiful family
•Harry should’ve known the most archaic pure blood traditions that even Ron didn’t know because James might’ve really hated the whole pure blood culture but he was also a Gryffindor and understood honor and pride and the importance traditions hold in life
•Harry should’ve had those visits to the zoo and to football games because lily might’ve been a witch but she would not turn her back on a culture she had loved and lived and fought a war for, damnit
•he should’ve been getting letters full of tips from Sirius on getting girls and prank ideas from Lily and Quidditch strategies from James and homework help from Remus
• anyways the marauders era shouldn’t have to be a completely separate time and I hate it

I was tagging something the marauders era and I got rly mad so here are my feelings lol this post was not meant to get this long

High Times II Abbi&Dhani


Dhani liked the forest. He liked the quiet. He liked that he found a route that would allow him to sneak off past the guards at the back of the school and a tree big enough for his body to hide behind until they walked the other way. He liked climbing a heavily foliaged tree and reading in the branches. It made him feel like a kid. It reminded him of spending weekends and staying after school at Uncle Gordy’s while his mom was undergoing chemo. He’d sit in the giant coral tree in Gordy’s backyard and read. Dhani thought he was daydreaming about the feeling so much he’d start smelling Gordy’s “special cigarettes” as he’d call them when he was a kid. But he wasn’t. Someone was partaking…

Dhani shut his book, moving to sit up a little in the adjacent tree to see who it was. Or more importantly if there was a collar around their neck. Students like him, he could stomach being indebted to. Anyone else… He leaned forward a little too much and felt himself loose balance. He grabbed onto the branch above him, the one holding his bag from a smaller branch. The jolt shook the smaller branch, the weight of his bag too much to bear. The small branch snapped, sending his canvas bag plummeting to the ground. Dhani heaved a sigh and after shoving the bookmark in the crease of his paperback wrapped it in the towel he’d taken to carrying around. He let that fall before climbing down from the tree. He looked over apologetically to the woman sitting a few feet away.

“Sorry. I hope I didn’t scare you. It was an accident, I promise you.”

Abbi took out her phone, staring at that same text for maybe the hundredth time. Just today alone. Selfish..just like all of the others. The words cut her deep, but she guessed she deserved them. For once, after over three years of being here, she went after what she wanted. And someone had gotten hurt. So yeah, she deserved to be hurt back. But what was what this evening was about, to get out of her own head and release some of that pain, so she could try and not be a burden on Sterling. It seemed to be working so far, her mind drifting and settling pleasantly on nothing at all.

That is..until the branches about her began to snap, and before she could move, a rucksack landed mere inches from her foot. Abbi scrambled back, the death grip that she kept on her blunt the only thing that kept her from setting the patch of grass that she sat on ablaze. “Fuck!” she cried, looking at the male that rather calmly followed the storm. “So you weren’t trying to bloody kill me? Good to know..”


anonymous asked:

Okay but imagine sitting in the backyard just reading or something and Daniels watching from the living room and Corbyn sits next to him and says "that's how I felt" and Daniels like "what??" And corbyns like "ya know, when watching them do nothing makes you smile or then doing something simple still makes your heart beat faster than ever... that's how I felt when I realized that I loved Christina" and Daniel just kind of stops because oh my god... he loves you...

IM LITERALLY CRYING AHHHHHHHH. Honestly tho, things like this make my day:)