backyard observations

Operation Mermaid + A Daddy!Killian One Shot

Alright, here’s the second part of THIS little prompt that @optomisticgirl spawned and a few people requested :]

“Swan, move over-”

“No,” she hissed. “You move….”

“Seriously, love - scoot….”

“I’m not moving. I barely have any room, Killian-”

“Bloody hell, Emma,” he groaned, bracing his hands on the counter as he leaned to the side for a better line of vision. “I can’t even see what’s going on. Just shove over a bit-”

“Not a chance.”

They’d been elbowing one another for the better part of their undercover task, each battling for the best view as they stood side by side at the window over the kitchen sink. The glass pane provided them with a stealthy spot where it was easy to observe the backyard and set up shop for what Killian was affectionately calling ‘Operation Mermaid’. Emma hadn’t fought him on it - naming their schemes was always a necessity and this one was very fitting given just who they were spying on.

Killian checked the clock on the stove - dammit. It had only been two hours. There was no way they’d survive this - and that wasn’t just in terms of this particular playdate.

It had all started after Liam shared some rather enlightening news with his newly coined Grandpa Jones on the walk home from school a few days earlier. Killian’s head had filled with confusion and a few shreds of denial as his father narrated the boy’s admission with caution. His little Liam had a crush, one he apparently had no problem discussing with his chaperone on their little jaunt. Killian had been disbelieving at first - the boy wasn’t old enough for such interests. Hell, Killian wasn’t old enough to be the father of a little heartbreaker - because yes, that is exactly what Liam would end up being. He was a Jones boy after all.

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