backyard man

my character, a vampire bard, is traveling with a drug-addict healer (human) , a wizard, and a monk.

we reach a village and find a house with an old man. 

DM (old man) : i’m… to old… to escape this town… burning down…. (my character accidentally set the whole forest on fire) you’re welcome to take some water in the old well behind my house though.

me: we don’t have any water bottle to store the water in. 

DM: the old man has a mug which he’s been working on for decades. it has some beer in it.

me: i fight the old man for that mug

healer: why?? ? he hasn’t even finished the mug let him have the mug 

me: we need water

healer: forget the water. i see if the old man has any chickens in the backyard.

DM: the old man indeed has some chickens that you can catch.

healer: can we please just leave the old man alone and take the chickens; i’m tired of you idiots causing ruckus again


healer: DON’T

after a few rolls, the old man with one eye socket empty, lies on the ground with bleeding wounds.

me: can i suck his blood




healer: UGH i exit the house to go to the chickens.

DM: bard, roll for the action

me: (rolls a 3)

DM: you approach the man, but the blood has already drained all to the ground. you sadly lick the puddle of blood.

me: amazing. this isn’t going to cut it, im going to need a live chicken to feast on. i approach the healer with all the chickens.

me: hey can i have a chicken

healer: wait, actually,

healer: here, wizard, hold this chicken.

wizard: (holds the chicken) what for?


everyone in the room goes NUTS as i continuously scream NO in frenzy for twenty minutes.


DM: the blood is soaked up in the dirt and you eat dirt instead

me: SHIT



  • Maxson: The Brotherhood of Steel cannot allow civilians to have any form of technology! Humanity simply cannot be trusted with anything more complex than a slingshot! After all, it was misuse of technology that brought about the apocalypse!
  • Sole Survivor: Your plan to bring down the Institute involves a giant robot that can throw actual nuclear bombs
  • Maxson:
  • Maxson: I fail to see your so-called """point""" Knight

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Humanized Warrior Cats

- Territory is like really fucking big. The camps alone are the sizes of small towns, and then are surrounded by a huge ass forest (or moor)

- Apprentices are 8-16 years old. And in the Clans, sixteen year olds are considered mature, but are not yet aloud to have children. It’s kind of forbidden for someone to have kids before 18 years of age.

- Warriors don’t share one house, and instead are split into separate ones. Though, apprentices all share one, and their mentors take turns on who has to take care of them for the night

- When Daisy and Ferncloud don’t have kids of their own in the nursery, they go to the apprentices house and read the young ones bedtime stories

- Medicine cats (still calling them that lmao) and med cat apprentices have satchels they use to collect herbs

- Kittypets are basically just humans who live in normal houses and have electricity, go to work, shop in stores ect. (Just normal, modern humans) and loners and rogues are homeless people. Though, Barely is a farmer and so was Daisy.

- BloodClan is literally just a street gang

- Each Clan has different outfits for their warriors. ThunderClans outfits have extra padding and boots and gloves for climbing, Windclan’s are more comfortable, thin, and easy to move around in while running, ShadowClans are dark with hoods and many pockets and such for weapons, and RiverClan has two outfits, one that is similar to ThunderClans but with less padding and no gloves (and obv blue) and one that’s just for swimming

- Medicine cats make their own clothes, and they usually consist of knee length skirts, any kind of shirt, and an apron with literally millions of pockets for herbs

- Since Jayfeather can’t see, Leafpool just made a mini version of her outfit for him to wear. He still doesn’t know

- Though usually all warriors are meat eaters, medicine cats are pretty likely to be vegetarian, vegan etc. It’s because they don’t like the idea of killing, plus they have bomb ass gardens in their backyards

human warrior cats, man

I’ll probably make more later. Feel free to add on if you’d like to x


a/n: i got a wild hair up my ass to write a drabble so…enjoy nudist!Peeta!

Katniss loves the view from her new house. Particularly, the backyard.

It backs up to the woods, and just beyond the evergreen tree tops rolls the distant landscape of mountains. It’s breathtaking. Like a Bob Ross painting. The yard itself is pretty small and borders her neighbor’s fenced-in backyard, but her bedroom opens up onto a balcony, where she can sip her morning coffee as she basks in nature. Some days she even takes an early afternoon cat nap while curled up in her outdoor chaise.

Which is her plan today, after she indulges in a few chapters of her latest guilty-pleasure romance novel. Pinning her hair on top of her head in a messy knot, she grabs her mug of herbal tea and her book before slipping out onto her balcony. She squints in the sunlight, wishing she’d grabbed her sunglasses. It’s after 11, and she’d decided to take a long lunch break. She’s so glad she works from home most days instead of shut up in an office.

Setting her mug and book down on a small table next to the chaise, Katniss strolls over to the railing to admire the view for the hundredth time since she moved in a couple weeks ago. She inhales the fresh mountain air and smiles.

Movement in her peripheral catches her eye, and she turns her gaze to her neighbor’s backyard. A blond-haired man walks through the yard, a lounge chair in hand, a towel slung over his shoulder. Katniss watches him with mild curiosity as he sets the chair up in the middle of his yard.

She hasn’t met her neighbor yet, recluse that she is. She’s seen him in passing, whether in the moving truck or on her way to the store. He always gives her a wave. He seems friendly enough. Cute, too.

And with a body worthy of magazine centerfolds, she realizes with awe, watching him peel his shirt off. He could be a model. His shoulders are broad, his chest and abs sculpted. She grows flushed. She should probably stop ogling him, but it’s hard to look away from such a perfect specimen of masculine beauty. Her eyes follow the path of his hands to his waist.

And her mouth hits the ground when his shorts do.

He’s naked. Utterly naked. Butt-ass naked.

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How far is the moon?

Textbooks reluctantly write it as 384,400 km on average. But How on earth did they figure out how far the moon was? Here is an interesting way:

The Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment.

The ongoing Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment measures the distance between the Earth and the Moon using laser ranging.

Lasers on Earth are aimed at retro-reflectors ( device or surface that reflects light back to its source with a minimum of scattering.) planted on the Moon during the Apollo program (11, 14, and 15), and the time for the reflected light to return is determined.

The distance to the Moon is calculated approximately using this equation:

Distance = (Speed of light × Time taken for light to reflect) / 2.

(since distance=speed* time )

The reflected light is too weak to be seen with the human eye: out of 1017 photons aimed at the reflector, only one will be received back on Earth every few seconds, even under good conditions. They can be identified as originating from the laser because the laser is highly monochromatic.

There you have it! The distance between the moon and the earth, and also conclusive proof that astronauts did land on the moon. 

Can you test this in your backyard ? Unfortunately no ! You would need highly sensitive detectors and a laser that can shoot 1017 green 532 nm photons per pulse. Not to mention the fancy electronics ! Phew !

( Extra : Lunar laser ranging The Big Bang Theory style. 

Mythbusters try the lunar ranging experiment. ( for real ) )

Bitter’s End

But that’s a funny thing– maybe I actually am happy.  Maybe it happened, and I didn’t realize that it had.  Maybe all I ever wanted was in my own backyard.  No man, no, but everything else.  Everything but the man.  The drugs, and booze, and  music, and movies, and art, and perfume, and velvet, and romance.  Maybe love and sex were never going to be part of it.  That’s some other boy’s paradise.  Maybe I get the drugs and rock n roll, but not the sex.  Maybe a person can only ever have two of the three.  Maybe that’s what keeps us searching in this life.  It keeps me searching, and I’m growing old.  I’ve been a miner for a heart of gold

Wes’s Stakeout - DP

Not sorry. Another Wes-drabble for you.

The Fentons finally weren’t home. He’d been staking out the house most of the weekend, camped out in a small tent in old man Gurket’s backyard, waiting for his opportunity. But just minutes ago, he’d watched all four of them pile into their strange van and roar off down the street.

“You done mowing yet?” came a hoarse yell. It was the old man, who poked his head out of the back door every few hours to ask the same question.

“NO!” Wes yelled back, kicking the unused (and wouldn’t ever be if he had a say in it) mower out of spite, before he jumped over the fence and crossed the street. He grinned manically. The front door was solid and unmoving, but Wes happily dug a key out of his pocket and slit it into the lock.

It wasn’t breaking and entering if some idiot just left the key lying around to be found, right? Mr. Fenton was just begging for someone to come rob him.

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“Y/N. Can you take the trash out?” Your mom called from across your house. “I’m busy mom!” You screamed back. You heard angry footsteps coming to your room - you knew it was your mom. “Y/N!” your mom called again. “Alright! I’m going!” you called running out of your room towards your backyard. You suddenly heard a loud sound. “Mom-?” you called. There was no answer. You opened your back door, and your mouth hung open wide. A blue police box stood in the middle of your backyard. There was a man standing at the edge of the box. He smiled at you, as he thrust his hand out “Allons-y” he said.

Anonymous asked: ‘I caught you swimming in my pool without asking my permission and I was gonna tell you off but shit you are too cute’ AU

Castiel woke up smiling, stretching languidly, blue silk sheets caressing his skin. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been allowed to wake up like this, on his own terms; no alarm clock, or the sound of his phone ringing persistently. As much as Castiel enjoyed running the Novak family business, being a CEO was hard work. His life consisted of meetings at ungodly hours, long days at the office, and no time for sleeping in.

But Castiel was only human, and so he’d decided that this once, he could get away with taking a Sunday off. He’d instructed his assistant Becky to cancel all of his appointments, and he’d let her know that he’d be turning off his phone for the next twenty-four hours. No business calls today. The only thing he had planned for his free Sunday was a little BBQ get-together with some of his siblings and friends this afternoon, and other than that he would make sure to do absolutely nothing.

Throwing back the covers and getting up, Castiel’s grin stretched even wider once he opened the curtains. A captivating sunrise greeted him, painting the sky in soft tints of orange and yellow. Perfect weather. Castiel most certainly had picked a lovely day to stay at home.

The morning sun was reflected in the cool, clear water of the giant swimming pool that took up at least half of Castiel’s back yard, the surface sparkling invitingly, tempting Castiel to take a swim. Castiel considered doing just that, when a sudden movement caught his attention. Stretching his neck to get a better view, he realized that someone was already in his pool.

“What the…” Castiel muttered out loud as he squinted at the intruder.

Because that was definitely an intruder; Occasionally, Castiel’s brother Gabriel would let himself in to go for a swim, but the man currently splashing around in Castiel’s pool was clearly not Gabriel. How rude.

Castiel huffed, having every intention of rushing downstairs and telling the unknown man off. However before he got a chance to even move, he found that the stranger was already climbing out of the pool. At the sight, Castiel abruptly stopped breathing, because his couldn’t possibly be a regular human being. That was a Greek god, right there. Strong muscle, tanned skin, soaked sand-colored hair that was sticking out in all directions, and a face possibly carved by angels.

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anonymous asked:

I loved your deconstruction of BG. Only 1 thing Id take issue with. I dont think Simon sabotaged Zayn. Zayn is still making him big $. He/Syco/ RCA created a huge international profile for Zayn partly through tabloid 'scandal'. I think because Harry wouldnt leave the band to become Syco+Sonys next generation money maker, Zayn went instead. The 'shock departure' ->solo superstar was meant to be Harry. Imagine how huge he'd have been if he were in Zayns position? OT4 are being sabotaged for sure.

Thank you for your message! I’m glad you liked my train of thought realisation on my current apathy towards Babygate being due to the fact that it’s becoming a major non-issue and hopefully fizzling out to an unceremonious end. 

It’s a good thing you sent this to me and not @mellygrant because I’m sure she would need an arsenal of snacks and capri sun to prepare herself to answer this question. I, on the other hand, can answer this with relative calmness. I can tell you that having previously thought that things were weird around the Zayn leaving narrative but then being like, “Oh well he’s still linked to Syco so he never truly left I suppose…” And then seeing what has happened with the utter incompetence of his promotion I’m still confused about a lot of things, but I am no longer under the impression that Zayn was just given a handshake, a record contract and a private plane to get him the hell out of Asia and away from his 1D commitments last March. Also the fact that the most in depth story we got about him leaving was from el Diablo himself Simon Cowell on the Late Late Show had me all kinds of suspicious. 

Not to mention that this “big name” they’ve created for Zayn is literally as someone’s boyfriend. His DEBUT album went straight to number one and yet they can’t get him to sit down and play box of lies with Jimmy Fallon despite singing on the show twice? Not to mentioned the only interview we have of him is a recycled print interview that’s made the rounds about how much Zayn loves to hang out in that death trap of a tree house he built (I LOVE ZAYN BUT I WOULDN’T STEP ONE FOOT IN THAT THING) drinking and smoking weed all day whilst staring out at his collection of Marvel figures in his lawn. Why do I have a vivid image of Zayn’s backyard and man fort? Because it’s literally described in every single article. A bored supermodel lounging in the background is also mentioned repeatedly. We get it - HE’S STRAIGHT AND SMOKES ALL THE WEED. But he can’t talk? The last time I heard Zayn’s speaking voice live was on that shambolic excuse of a Periscope where he just sat and leaked his own album. That is not how one promotes an album. Like, AT ALL. 

Remember 1D’s debut album? They went to every radio station in the UK to sing and be interviewed and yeah people know who Zayn is, but show me one other artist as famous as Zayn that is too famous to promote their own album. Even Justin Timberlake did an extended bit with Jimmy Fallon this week before announcing that he was dropping a new single. A SINGLE. Zayn has had an album out for over a month and I’ve seen his face on telly exactly three times. Every other appearance or print article or Vogue spread is about “Gigi Hadid’s Boyfriend Zayn”…I don’t know how in the span of four months they’ve taken a relatively random model and propelled her into overshadowing Zayn fucking Malik from One Direction, but they have. In what world is him being more famous for his girlfriend than his current album normal? That’s why I used the word “sabotage” because they might be making some money off of Zayn but probably nowhere near as much as they could be because Zayn exists as a living example that “look, the boys are free to come and go as they please.” 

They took Zayn out because the other four could work without him. I think Zayn has the best voice of the five of them but, having seen them live as a fivesome and a foursome, Zayn doesn’t have the charisma and stage presence of Harry. None of them do, so you are right that Harry could easily be a star, but I don’t think that’s something Harry has ever wanted to do judging by his actions and insistence to the contrary. If they took Harry out of the group I can’t honestly say that I could see the other four having the kind of success that they continued to have without Zayn. Harry carries a lot of the concerts with the banter and jokes. The other three have good stage presence and are entertaining, but the reason that Harry stands out like he does is because he is by far the most charismatic and engaging when onstage. 

Anyway, an excellent source/masterpost of Zayn’s solo career fuckery can be found here. Smelly and I also discussed this yesterday in this post about Zayn. Thanks again for your message! Hope this elaborated my original claim sufficiently xx

lillianmmalter  asked:

I'd love anything Peggy/Daniel, but something about her meeting his nosy neighbors for the first time at a block party or something (such a scandal that he's switched girlfriends so quickly when Violet was such a good girl and this one seems off somehow. Have you seen the cut of her dresses? She actually sleeps over sometimes. It's clearly all about the sex with them) could be amazing. Alternatively, some or all of the girls bonding over surfing or something would be fab.

Oh, this was really fun to do!  (I’ve got some ideas for your other prompts, look out for those later!)

Summary: Peggy and Daniel attend a neighborhood barbecue over Labor Day weekend.  Gossip ensues, and the m-word (MAWWIAGE (I’m a big Princess Bride fan, alright?)) is introduced.  1296 words.


  The weather’s unusually hot for early September (at least, it feels unusual to Peggy, but this is California, it’s probably not), and judging by the gentle roar of noise coming from both inside and outside the house, there’s quite the little crowd at the Hanover’s barbecue.  

“Daniel!  Come in, come in,” Mrs. Hanover says, and then she reaches out, shakes Peggy’s hand. “You must be Daniel’s new girlfriend!”

Peggy smiles, thoroughly uncomfortable.  “Peggy Carter,” she says, “you must be Mrs. Hanover.”

“Call me Helen,” she replies, with a vaguely false smile, and then she gestures across the room to a balding man, about forty, “That’s my husband, Bob, over there.  Come on through to the back.”

They make their way through the house (it’s the mirror image of Daniel’s, Peggy notes, and there’s something unsettling about the uniformity) to the small fenced backyard, where there are tables covered with assorted food offerings.  Peggy’s carrying an apple torte that Mr. Jarvis had very kindly offered to make when she’d approached him that morning in a panic, asking “What, in God’s name, is a potluck supper?”

“Just set that there,” Mrs. Hanover says, gesturing to an empty spot on the desserts table, and then she vanishes, presumably to greet the next guests.

Daniel puts his arm around her waist and then leans in, whispers in her ear.  “You ready to go yet?”

She laughs, quietly.  “If only we could.  It’s just a couple of hours, Daniel, not the end of the world.”

“Oh, I know,” Daniel replies, dry and sarcastic, “I’ve faced that. It was easier.  More fun, too, even if you count the part where I almost died.”

Peggy shakes her head and rolls her eyes.  “Don’t be overdramatic.”

He smirks.  “Just telling it like it is, Peg.”

A woman, several years Peggy’s junior, strides up to them with a wide, fabricated smile on her face.  “Danny!” She says, and Peggy looks at Daniel, raises her eyebrows as if to say who on earth is this woman and why is she calling you Danny?

“Hello, Martha,” he says, sounding thoroughly irritated, and Peggy has to choke back a laugh.

“Is this your new girlfriend?”  Martha asks, ignoring Peggy entirely.  “Helen told me that poor Violet seems to have just disappeared into thin air, which is too bad.  She was such an angel.”

Daniel looks past irritation, now, and more angry than anything else.  “Martha, this is Peggy Carter,” he answers, and Peggy reaches out her hand to shake Martha’s, but Martha waves her away.  “Peggy, this is Martha Gaines.  She and her husband Richard live three houses over.”

“Nice to meet you,” Peggy says sweetly, and Martha smirks.

“Nice to meet you, too,” she replies, less than sincerely, and, god, Peggy wants nothing more than to get out of this conversation, but Martha beats her to it.  “Well, I’ve got to run; Helen wants my help in the kitchen.  Enjoy yourselves.”

Daniel holds his breath until she disappears into the house, and then he lets out a wide exhale.  “The nerve of some people,” he says under his breath, and Peggy laughs.

“Married women are notoriously gossipy,” she replies, not at all bothered.

He rolls his eyes.  “For my sake, I hope you won’t be,” he says with a grin, teasing, and Peggy stares at him blankly, unsure of whether or not he realizes what he’s just said.  

“I’ll just go inside and get us something to drink,” she says, totally and completely flustered by his unintentional admission.  “Lemonade?”

“Yeah, sure,” he says, and as she turns to walk into the house she sees a wave of realization come over him.  “Peggy, I-“

She waves him aside, attempting to act calm and collected. “We’ll talk about it later.  I’ll be right back.”

It’s cool inside the house, and dimly lit.  There’s a group of women congregated in the kitchen, and Peggy can hear their loud whispering above the dull hum of the conversation in the rest of the house.  

“She seems very full of herself,” Peggy hears Martha whisper, and she stops.  They’re talking about her, she thinks, and so she casually approaches the table of hors de oeuvres in the dining room and looks over them contemplatively as she listens.

“She stays the night at his house sometimes, have you noticed?” Another voice, Mrs. Hanover, maybe. There’s a few disapproving clucks from some of the other women.

“Violet was such a nice girl,” another woman says, and Peggy rolls her eyes.  Nice, yes, but also wise and discerning, with a bullshit detector miles wide.

“What do you think she sees in him?”  Martha asks, and Peggy comes to an abrupt, startled stop, and tries her hardest not to stare right at her, right through her.  “I mean he’s cute, sure, but who’d want a man with just one leg?”  

The other women hum their assent, and Peggy marches, as calmly as she can under the circumstances, into the kitchen and begins pouring lemonade from a pitcher into two paper cups.  They’re all staring at her, she notices, and as she leaves the kitchen the whispers begin again, so she pauses and holds the screen door open for a woman carrying a baby.

Martha’s voice is lower now, and carries a scornful tone.  “Have you seen what she’s wearing?  If I were that well-endowed, I’d be spending all of my time trying to cover up.  She’s just out there, flaunting it all for the whole world to see.”

“It won’t last,” another woman, the same one who’d made the remark about Violet, says, and Peggy rolls her eyes at this and walks out into the backyard, to the man who mere moments earlier had let slip a comment about marriage. (Personally, Peggy thinks that hardly more than a month in is a bit too soon to be thinking about these things, but he’s always had eyes for the future.)

“Thanks,” Daniel says, taking one of the paper cups from her hands, and she smiles tersely.  

“I can’t,” Peggy says with a grimace, “imagine spending that much time discussing the lives of people I barely know.”

“More gossip?”  He asks, tweaking an eyebrow.

She rolls her eyes.  “Yes. My presence in your life appears to have scandalized your entire neighborhood.”            

He smirks.  “Too bad.”

Peggy gently shoves his shoulder, not enough to throw him off-balance. “It’s ghastly, the way they were talking about your life like it was a commodity to be freely traded.”

“Gossip is a commodity, honey,” Daniel says, and she rolls her eyes again.

“I know,” she mutters, “but it would be nice if they waited until the people to be discussed weren’t actually around.”

“Hey,” he says, his voice suddenly gentle and upset, “don’t listen to them.”

“I heard them, Daniel, but I didn’t listen,” she says.  “I know where you and I stand; I just didn’t particularly enjoy their outside observations.”

He purses his lips, takes a sip of his drink.  “Okay.  Listen, about what I said before you went in there-”

Her eyes narrow at this and he clenches his jaw, obviously distressed. “Peg-“

“It’s fine, Daniel,” she says.  “I was just surprised.”

“So you-“

She shakes her head.  “I’m certainly not opposed to the idea, but I think it’s a bit soon to even be entertaining it.  Is that… is that alright?”

Her eyes are uncertain, and it brings up a memory of mere weeks before, of her kissing him and then pulling away, cautiously, with a questioning look in her eyes.  

He lets out a wide exhale and grins, and she feels all the tension melt away.  “Perfect.”

“Now,” she says, taking his hand, and she’s smiling, “let’s figure out a way to survive the rest of this abominable gathering.”


I’m taking fic prompts here!  Send away!

Unexpected (One Shot #4)

Harry Styles One Shot/Imagine

The Boxer Series

Past One Shots

NOTE: All of this is completely fictional. The male lead is only being used for physical appearance. 

You couldn’t imagine another way to spend such an evening other then relaxing in the backyard next to the man you adored. 

The night air was cool, its breeze caressing your cheeks lightly as it crossed the land. Tonight all the stars were out for the both of you as you gazed up at the bright specks. 

“Do you ever think about the future? Like what it could have been if you didn’t make the choices you made?” Harry’s deep voice sounded over the peaceful moment. 

“Look who becomes all deep after laying outside looking at the stars,” you teased. Harry scowled in your direction and you began to giggle. Once you had yourself contained you took a deep breath and thought about what he had asked. 

“I do think about the future sometimes. I mean isn’t the future unknown to a point, sure you know the things you plan but you cannot know what to expect. Sometimes it isn’t about thinking about the future but learning to except what is going to come your way. The people around will be there but in the end it’s learning to live with yourself and to love yourself no matter what you have gone through or whats going to come; the future takes what you have been through and the strength you have gotten from it and it molds what is to come. One thing for sure is that the unexpected is always lurking and you have to be ready to take it head on.” 

You glance over at Harry waiting for him to laugh at your response but you got a thoughtful expression.

“That’s an interesting way to look at the question, but I like it.” He grasped your forgotten hand that lay on the cold grass and held onto it. More silence passed but it was refreshing in a world of noise. 

“I see my future still here in England. I don’t think I could ever leave here; I see myself with you for a very long time.” His deep voice wasn’t above a whisper as he spoke to you. You smiled and looked over at the beautiful boy who only had eyes for you. 

“If what you see is true then the future isn’t so bad for us.” You snuggled into his strong embrace and closed your eyes letting the cold night breeze take away all daylight stress and sleepiness. 


They say that when things get scary you shut yourself off from the world to deal with what is going on. You never really understood the true meaning of that until now. 

As you were driving over the speed limit trying to rush to the hospital you could feel yourself closing in more and more. You didn’t want to believe that bad things happen to good people but they do. 

At an inhuman speed you ran into the hospital entrance, head thrashing left and right, attempting to keep balance and find a familiar face. You asked the receptionist where you could find who you needed to see and he directed you. You immediately took off to where he had said, only to stop dead in your tracks. 

In the waiting room stood your parents and Harry. Once he saw you Harry came over to you, holding you closely and murmuring in your ear. You couldn’t speak, you didn’t comprehend anything but the words of “she’s okay.” 

Tears filled your eyes as you repeated them back. Harry smiled and confirmed your hope with saying it again. Harry took your hand and lead you down the hall to where your Grandmother was. 

“You can go in, she’s just fine darling. Everything is going to be okay.” You slowly made your way into the room where she lay and you breathed out the air you had subconsciously held. 

“Grandma, you scared me for a second there.” Tears were rushing down your face as you stood next to her small form. She smiled up at you and put her hand over your cheek. 

“Oh my sweet Y/N your old grandma is just fine. When the doctors called you they made it sound much worse then it was. Now enough with the crying, I’m just fine, let us talk about the boy in the waiting room. He fought his way in to make sure I was alright after you must have called him. He was in this room faster then my own son was; he made sure I was taken care of alright. Y/N/N I like him, he may a bit domineering but he has a heart that boy, he may not show it too often but oh is it there.” With all that said she looked through the window was to where Harry was waiting impatiently and waved him in. 

Harry brazenly walked over the threshold over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist. You looked over to your grandmother and saw her smiling at the sight of you both together. 

“See I told you she was alright darling,” he whispered in your ear before he turned to your grandmother. 

“Y/G/N is there anything you need? I can fetch your son for you if you wish,” Harry smirked at the end of the statement. Your eyes widened as you realized that your boyfriend had just met your parents without any warning. 

“Harry-” you were cut off by your parents walking into the room and them glaring at you. 

“Y/N what are you thinking dating a man like this? Do you know how rude he is, and to tell us that he was going to get through with or without our permission. I knew that this boy was trouble when he came but the first thing you do is run into his arms in the presence of your family. You should have seen him, shouting orders and acting all possessive and angry; you would have been appalled,” your mother huffed and paced the room as your father would not break eye contact with Harry. 

“Mother, I had asked Harry to make sure Grandmother was okay so that I could know right away when I came. You do not know him whatsoever so you do not have the right to write him off right away. He was doing of him what I had begged him to do; surly father would do the same for you if it was asked upon him.” That shut your mother up and your father’s stare to you. You and never spoken in this tone to your mother let alone defended the boy you brought home, though there were few you had deemed worthy of them meeting. 

“You don’t even know him well enough Y/N, don’t you understand that. You don’t know what you want in this relationship, I mean look at you two. Night and day thats what you two are, and I will not stand for this. I have seen what these types of relationships come to and it will be your that is left heartbroken. Now either you can step out of this room with your father and I or you can go with him,” she spat. You were stunned at her hateful words and tears cascaded down your cheeks. You couldn’t chose, you shouldn’t have to chose, but before you could say this Harry stepped in. 

“Y/N is a grown girl and she can chose who she wants to be in a relationship with; that person happens to be me. Of course I would like for you to accept me, I can take what you have to say but I will not have you talking to her like that.” Harry’s voice was rough and you could sense his anger. Your parents rolled their eyes.

“Then we will make the decision for you,” they walked out of the room alone, but not without your father saying something last. “Y/N call us when you come back to reality.” 

You began to break down in Harry’s arms, grateful they were holding you up because you felt that any moment you would crumble into a heap on the floor. 

“Please stop crying baby I’ve got you, they’ll come around.” Soothing words were coming from both sides of you and you could feel yourself slowly taking in their words. You stood up, gently pulled out of Harry’s embrace and took up your grandmothers hand. 

“You’re both right,” you turned over to glance at Harry which hand moved closer to you. “A very wise woman once told me that the unexpected is always lurking and you have to take it head on.” You smiled as you repeated the words you had said to Harry just last night. 

“Sounds like a very wise woman,” your grandmother said as she took in her words of advice she had passed down to you. 

“Oh and what a wise woman she seems to be.” Harry added in having thrown her a dimpled grin that made your heart swell. 

“I like you boy, my son and daughter-in-law might not, but you treat my granddaughter with respect. The minute that stops then you have a war to expect, you understand?” 

“Yes ma’am I do.” 

In that moment, though it was unexpected, you felt two very important people come into understanding as you stood in that hospital room. No matter what was going to happen you had one hell of a fighter next to you and one hell of a fighter in yourself.

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