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Clint’s Daughter

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Request: I adore ur writing and was wondering if u could do where the reader is like Clints daughter and last time Bucky saw her was when she was younger and now she’s grown up and he starts feeling things and ya know maybe throw some make out in there and some touchy stuff ;) and DOLL JESUS PLS YES LOVE U - @iblamemichael181

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Clint was probably as excited as you were to finally have you back at Stark Tower in a few short hours. You haven’t been there in so many years, you actually lost count. You were tired of the country life and you desperately needed a change in scenery. 

Your dad said you had a place at Stark Tower anytime you wanted to visit the city and your family, as he calls them. So, you packed your bags and told your dad you wanted to visit.

Your mom was a little more reluctant to let you go, she always wanted to make sure you were safe. Clint assured her time and time again that nobody would be able to mess with you, not when you had an army of Avengers by your side. After convincing her to let you leave, you made your way to the jet Tony had so kindly sent out for you.

Clint was pacing along the common room floor, checking the clock every five minutes. “Clint, she’ll be here. Sit down, you’re making me nervous.” Tony said with a loud sigh. Clint shook his head and stopped pacing, turning to face the others. “She hasn’t been here in years, I just want her to feel at home.” Clint said, checking the clock once again. You should be landing anytime now.

The team was talking among themselves, all gathered around, waiting for you to get there. Everyone was excited to see you again, only remembering you as your younger self. They always tried to keep in touch, mostly Steve and Nat than anyone else.

Soon after, the jet finally landed on the roof of the Tower and Clint basically screeched in excitement, causing the team to laugh. “Jesus.” Sam muttered, shaking his head as he chuckled. The team all stood around in a welcoming line, ready to see you.

Clint stood in front of them, a big smile on his face. “I can’t wait to see her!” Nat squealed, bouncing on her feet. Steve smiled and nodded. “Me either, I wonder how much she’s grown.” Steve said, staring at the elevator anxiously.

Bucky stood beside Steve, his hands stuffed in his pockets. “Y'think she’ll remember me?” Bucky asked quietly, catching Steve’s attention. You had just briefly met Bucky the last time you had visited the Tower, you didn’t have a lot of time to stay. You were much younger and didn’t get to properly warm up to him.

Steve turned to Bucky, a small look of shock on his face. “Of course she’ll remember you, Buck.” Steve said, nudging Bucky’s side. Bucky smiled and sighed. He enjoyed having you around that one time, you were young and full of energy. You made everyone smile and just made the place feel happy. Bucky could remember how you wore pigtails in your hair and wore little sundresses, he thought you were such an adorable little girl.

You sighed, nervously playing with the hem of your sundress. The elevator suddenly dinged and the doors opened. You saw the entire team standing with big smiles on their faces. “Y/N!” Clint and Nat both yelled, rushing over to you. 

You smiled shyly and set your bags down, letting your dad pick you up and twirl you around. Clint’s smile was so wide and you couldn’t help but squeeze him tightly. “Dad!” You said, your arms tight around his neck. You laughed as he set you down and you turned to a rather overly excited Nat. 

“My turn!” She yelled, pulling you into a tight embrace. “You’ve grown up so much!” She yelled excitedly. You hugged her back and she swayed you from side to side. “I’ve missed you!” You yelled back, smiling as she giggled into your ear.

She pulled away and you turned to see Steve standing there. You squealed as you ran and hopped up, wrapping yourself around Steve. “Steeviiieee!” You yelled, hearing him chuckle. “Y/N!” Steve yelled back, twirling you around just like Clint did. He set you down on your feet, helping you keep steady.

You beamed up at Steve, your hands resting on his biceps. “Dang, Brooklyn! Those muscles have grown!” You said, your eyes and mouth wide in amazement. Steve playfully flexed under your hold and chuckled. “You haven’t grown much height wise, but wow! You’re so beautiful!” Steve said, causing Clint to clear his throat, eyeing Steve. “Oh Dad, stop it.” You said giggling. Steve pulled you along, your dad and Nat following behind.

You shyly waved at everyone and Tony stepped forward now, gaining your attention. “Okay, has it really been that long?” Tony asked, giving you a tight hug. You smiled and gave his back a light pat. “It has.” You pulled away, “You’ve gone grey.” You said, making Tony gasp and pull away from you. “Dammit!” He yelled but you stopped him before he could rush to the nearest mirror. “I’m kidding!” You laughed along with everyone else.

You shared hugs with everyone and it was time you reunited with Bucky. You smiled and Bucky stepped forward, his eyes raking up your body. “Y/N, you’ve grown.” Bucky said, letting out a breathy chuckle and pulled you into a hug. “It’s been so long, Doll.” Bucky said, causing the room to fall silent at the sudden nickname. You smiled and hugged Bucky back, feeling his arms tighten around you.

Your heart started to race in your chest and you blushed, noticing Bucky held you longer than anyone else did. Clint cleared his throat again and you quickly separated from Bucky. You noticed Bucky’s eyes fall to your cleavage as you pulled away. “I know, I’m sorry I was away for so long. We have so much to catch up on!” You said, smiling up at Bucky. His blue eyes locked with yours and you swear you could see him blushing.

You heard Sam snicker. “Oh, boy.” He whispered, though nobody commented on it. Clint held your bags and smiled at you. “I wanna show you your room. Tony and the others are gonna start dinner. We’re all gonna hang out outside, we’re having burgers!” Your dad smiled widely, dragging you away from everyone.

You turned to wave and Bucky stood there, seemingly full of shock. You turned back to the elevator and the doors closed, taking you to your room. “How was the flight?” Clint asked, rubbing your back. You smiled. “That man and his fancy jets.” You laughed softly, your dad doing the same.

A few hours passed and you caught up with everyone pretty quickly. They were all surprised at how much you had grown up over the years. You enjoyed talking to the team and every now and then, you would catch Bucky staring at you. You felt some sort of connection between each other.

You were all sitting at a table in the backyard, eating dinner. The sun was just beginning to set and you were laughing at something Tony said. “I swear, you never left the tower without wearing a sundress! I don’t know what it is.” Tony said, making you smile. “My mom always bought them for me when I was little,” You shrugged, “It stuck with me, I guess.” You said, watching Tony nod with a smile.

The conversation carried on and you noticed Bucky looking at you again. You had to admit he has gotten a lot more muscular and he was a very handsome man. You blushed when he winked at you and you felt an elbow gently jab your arm. You turned to Nat, seeing her sip from her cup, her eyebrow quirked. You sent a questioning look at her, but you knew what she was hinting at.

Bruce cleared his throat and looked at you. “So, Y/N, you went to college, didn’t you?” Bruce asked, his eyes kind and his smile small. You nodded. “I did! I really enjoyed it, but I’m not entirely sure what I want to do.” You said, feeling everyone’s eyes on you. Bruce nodded, smiling at you. “That’s understandable.” He commented.

Sam smirked at you. “Party a lot?” Sam asked, making you blush. You giggled and rolled your eyes. “No, I was too busy for all of that.” You replied, shaking your head. Sam smirked again, leaning in closer to you. He was sitting right across from you. 

“No time for a boyfriend either?” Sam asked, earning a slap to his arm from Steve. “OW! It was just a question.” Sam said, furrowing his eyebrows at Steve. “Wings off, Sam.” Steve said in a stern voice. Everyone laughed and you blushed, slowly looking over at Bucky. Bucky’s head was hanging down a tad and he was picking at his food. 

You sighed softly and turned your attention back to everyone else. Clint was staring daggers at Sam and you rolled your eyes, smiling to yourself. Your dad was always protective about a guy stepping into your life. He wanted someone he approved of and you feel like the only guy your dad would approve of would be Steve, but your eyes have been on Bucky since you got here.

You felt something in your gut when you look at Bucky. Something is drawing you in and you were nervous, yet you wanted to be near him so badly. You wanted to touch him, feel him, hold him, in the most innocent sense. But also in another sense of those words. The way his hair was hanging loosely in his makeshift bun and the tight black tank top he was wearing now made your mouth water.

A snap of two fingers broke you out of your thoughts and you jumped slightly in your spot. “Hm?” You asked, looking towards Wanda. “You okay?” She asked, looking at you. You sighed and cleared your throat. “I-I just need to use the ladies room. I’ll be back.” You rushed, standing from your seat. “Is everything alright?” Clint asked, putting down his cup. His eyebrows were creased together with worry. All eyes were on you, even Bucky’s.

You nodded and gave your dad a small smile. “I just need some fresh air.” You said before walking away and up the stone path that led to a back door. “Aren’t we outside?” Vision questioned as you walked off. The team all looked over to you and Bucky watched your figure walking away, his tongue lightly darting out to wet his lips.  (refer to gif omg)

You sighed and shook your head, more thoughts of Bucky coming into your mind. What was wrong with you? You just got here today after years of being gone, why are you already catching feelings for someone like you’re desperate for a guy? But you just couldn’t help it, Bucky was just so hot. He was nice, too. 

You walked up to the elevator, sighing again. You looked at the buttons, your floor number disappearing from your clouded mind. You bit your lip, wiggling your fingers as you tried to remember it. You looked at the mass amount of floor numbers and pressed what you thought was yours. You waited patiently for it stop.

As the doors opened, you slowly walked out, seeing a floor similar to yours. You hoped you got it right, but as you walked down the long hallway, the musky cologne smell from the three rooms made you realize that this was not your floor. You kept walking down the hallway anyways, looking at the decorations on the doors as you walked by.

You walked by Sam’s room, a sign saying “Falcons Only” on his door with a drawing of him hanging off of it. You smiled and looked to your left, right across was Steve’s door. It had a decal of his shield on it, with a small picture of him and the team pinned to it. You stepped up to his door and gently let your fingers touch the photo. You giggled when you noticed the bunny ears Sam held above Bucky’s head.

Your eyes remained on Bucky’s face for a little longer. His smile was genuine, his eyes squinted from his smile being so wide. His hair was framing his face and he had a cap on. He looked really happy and at peace with himself.

You smiled and moved away from Steve’s door, seeing another one at the end of the hall. There was a large window on the wall you faced. It was almost dark now, surely the team would be inside soon.

You waked over to the last door. There was nothing on it. No name tag, no drawing, no photos, no symbol of the Avenger who lived in this room. Curiosity getting the best of you, you turned the doorknob and peeked inside. The room was simple and had minimal in it. You walked inside, leaving the door cracked.

You looked around the room, looking for anything that would give you a hint of who occupied it. You saw a perfectly made bed, no wrinkles on it. There was no clutter, nothing out of place. Everything was neat and clean, organized as if the person hated clutter. A cluttered bedroom meant a cluttered mind. Maybe this person suffered with a cluttered mind before.

You walked over to the desk in the bedroom, seeing a few books. You recognized some of them, others you didn’t. A red journal shoved in between two books caught your attention. You knew you shouldn’t look, but you were in too deep now. Your fingers gently tugged the book free, not a speck of dust was on it. It was red and there was a star on it. Your fingers traced the star and you heard the door creak open.

A gasp fell from your lips and you turned to face the door, seeing Bucky standing there. “Bucky!” You squealed, holding the book to your chest, your heart racing and your breathing heavy. Bucky walked in and over to you, making you gulp. This must be his room and he didn’t look pleased to see you in here. Actually, you couldn’t tell how he felt. His eyes and expression were unreadable.

Bucky stood in front of you, his body towering over yours. His hand reached up and he tugged the book from your chest, his eyes glancing at your cleavage again. You took a shaky breath and Bucky leaned closer to you, his torso resting against your chest. Bucky slid the book back in its rightful place and you licked your lips nervously.

Bucky leaned back a little, his hand rising up to hold your waist. You gasped softly. “I-I’m sorry, I just-I, uh, I forgot my floor number.” You said quietly, looking up at Bucky. He held your waist with both hands now and he leaned back enough to look into your eyes. You felt small under his gaze, his blue eyes staring into yours. “Bucky?” You asked softly as he started leaning into you.

Your breath was uneven and Bucky’s lips ghosted over yours. “Tell me to stop.” Bucky whispered, his breath fanning over your mouth. Your eyelids fluttered a little and you felt Bucky squeeze your waist. You looked into Bucky’s eyes. “I-I,” you breathed, “Don’t.” You whispered back. 

Bucky’s lips quirked into a smile and he leaned in, pressing his lips to yours. You let your hands rest on his forearms, letting them glide up his arms and to his shoulders as you kissed him back. Bucky’s lips were soft and plump, perfectly moving with yours. You let your eyes flutter shut and sighed into the kiss.

Bucky pulled you closer and your wrapped your arms around his neck, standing on your toes. Bucky easily picked you up as the kiss deepened, wrapping your legs around his waist. You carefully pulled out his hair tie, letting his thick hair fall, only to be tangled by your fingers. You gently tugged on it, hearing Bucky groan into the kiss. 

He pulled away, your lips and his making a smacking sound. You breathed heavily, Bucky doing the same. He gently laid you down on your back on his bed, keeping your legs wrapped around him. His lips connected with yours again and you felt his tongue poke against your bottom lip. You opened your mouth, letting your tongue wrestle with his.

A moan fell from your lips and Bucky’s hands lifted your dress up, resting his hands on your thighs. Bucky ground his hips against yours and you moaned, feeling his crotch rub against you. His lips attached to the side of your neck and you gasped, tilting your head so he had better access. “Bucky.” You breathed, feeling him sucking on your pulse point. Bucky smirked against you and stopped sucking before he left a mark.

Bucky pulled away from you and you turned to look at him. His lips were wet and red from kissing you. “You’re so beautiful, Doll.” Bucky said, his hand gently caressing your cheek. You blushed and looked away from Bucky. “Hey,” Bucky kissed your cheek, “Look at me, Doll.” Bucky said softly. You giggled and looked at Bucky again, his eyes looking into yours.

Bucky smiled and leaned in, pressing his lips against yours again. You kissed him back, letting your fingers run through his hair. Bucky gasped a little, grinding his hips into yours again. You moaned softly and suddenly heard someone calling your name. You gasped and Bucky moved off of you, clearing his throat.

You quickly stood off Bucky’s bed, straightening your dress. Bucky stood away from you, rushing over to his desk to casually lean against it. The door suddenly opened and Steve looked inside. “There you are! I’ve been searching for you guys!” Steve said, sighing out. He looked between you and Bucky, noticing both of your red cheeks and the slightly messed up bed.

Steve pointed to the bed, his eyebrows furrowed. Steve scratched the back of his head and you blushed, shifting on your feet. You shyly looked at Bucky and he was blushing like you were. “You-your, the bed, Bucky.” Steve said, his eyes widening. “Don’t tell my Dad! Please!” You begged, seeing Sam barge into the room now. His eyebrows raised and he caught on quicker. “No way!” Sam said, laughing.

You groaned and walked over to Sam and Steve. “Promise me you won’t tell!” You pleaded as Bucky walked up to you. His arm slithered around your waist and Steve sighed, eyeing Bucky. “I won’t.” Steve finally said, looking at Sam. Sam stopped laughing and cleared his throat. “You have my word.” Sam said, smirking at you. You sighed and thanked the two guys before they left.

You turned to Bucky and he smiled down at you. “That was close.” You breathed, shyly smiling at Bucky. He chuckled and pressed a kiss to your forehead. Your stomach erupted with butterflies. “Let’s go before someone else comes in.” Bucky said, grabbing your hand. You smiled, looking down at your joined hands, suddenly not caring if anyone saw it. Not even your dad.

You were happy you decided to visit again.

Note: oh gosh, I hope you like this. the ending sucked, I feel like. :( thanks for the request, sweetie! feedback is welcome, I love when you guys let me know you enjoy my writing! .c

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Wine, Meddling, and Temptation

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Word Count: 1,703

Warnings: None, just a little bit of language, implied smut, fluff

AN: I wrote this for @whispersandwhiskerburn‘s challenge Much Ado about SPN. I hope you like it, I’m trying to get back into the rhythm of writing! Congrats again on 1.5k followers, love! Quote is in bold along with the first use of all 3 of the J’s!

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Jody Mills has been one of your best friends for years. You met her through Bobby years ago while you were helping him out with some research for the Winchesters. Truth be told, you weren’t fond of her right out of the gate. She was nice enough; understanding towards the town and made sure everything was right in the world, but you didn’t like how she assumed Bobby was the town’s crazy drunk. You were always protective of Bobby, just as he was with you. Once she had learned the truth though, you got along like two peas in a pod.

Thankfully you still got to see her often even though your job tended to take you all over the place. Hunting never stopped because evil never sleeps. Anytime you got the chance though, you ended up on her doorstep to catch up over a bottle of wine and some pizza. This happened to be your current predicament, slightly buzzed and laughter ringing throughout the house as you both traded stories.

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Rescue •P11•

Avengers x Reader

Summary:  reader is getting a tour of her new job at the Avengers tower, but happens to be the only one who notices an oncoming jet, about to crash into the building.

Word Count: 2535

Warnings: nothing?

A/N: I’m so sorry, you guys. It took so long to post this and it still scuks ass. I didn’t do this part justice, I’m sorry. I feel like the interest in this fic has decreased a bit, so it’s a bit discouraging to post when I don’t get much feedback. Anyway, I’m sorry. 💛

The only moment of peace between all the chaos I can recall is a moment where I’m floating. The edge of a galaxy is at the end of my fingertips. I reach out desperately to touch it, to salvage its calm, but I’m yanked back into a never-ending hell. Perhaps it’s a sort of relief to know it’s all like a terrible dream of sorts; once I wake up, back in reality, I can live again. But it’s not a dream, and that’s what’s terrifying. It’s my life. My lives. I was so many things. I`ve had so many faces, it’s impossible to concentrate on one. So I don’t. That makes my trip a lot easier. Once the sound has died down, I know it’s over. I know I’m free.

The last sounds I hear are the faint calls of my mother. Not my real one. She died a long time ago. My adoptive mother. Calling me from the backyard to come eat dinner. Odd, isn’t it?

My eyes open slowly as her voice fades into the back of my mind, dissolving into nothing. It all skims through my head in the flash of a second. I’m not in my body. I can’t feel anything. I’m a ghost listening to noises. The heart monitor beside me begins beeping rapidly. Footsteps. Urgent talking. The heart monitor is going so fast. Too fast. It’s unnerving. It’s almost a relief when I hear it flatline.

It takes eleven days. Eleven days I am trapped in my body, confronting all the thoughts and all the things I’ve done, all the things that have happened to me. Eleven days in my induced coma. It would’ve hurt less to die.

I hear everything; every shift in my room, every nurse or friend coming to see me. Every time Tony comes in and tries to talk to me because he knows I can hear. Every time Penny cries quietly, and I want to reach out to her and tell that I’m fine, I’m here. But I’m not. Not really. I’m somewhere far away, in total darkness. All I can do is listen and recall the horrible, horrible things I want out of my mind. I can’t cry; I can’t scream. I can only endure it until it’s finished. Until I get myself out.

“Okay, so I know you can hear me.” Tony had said. His voice was hoarse and weak, but he still tried to keep a withering strength to it. “I wanna start by saying I’m sorry for doing this. But you would’ve died. And, well, this…if you really do have a past, it’s all coming out. You have to deal with it. All you can do while you’re in there is remember. That’s all there is to do. And the only way you can get out is to be able to remember without freaking out. You can pull yourself out of unconsciousness, but not while you’re, well, breaking down about it. You have to face it. Once you’re calm, you can wake yourself up. That’s how it works. It’s psychological.”

And each day in my living hell, I’d get a brief moment of mercy. Tony would come in and talk to me. Help me. And sometimes, he’d vent to me. When it all got too much.

“You know I’m terrified I killed you?” he said on the third day. He’s no longer trying to keep his voice strong. It’s slurred with the sure effects of alcohol.  “Because you aren’t dead, you aren’t gone. You’re living in it all, the pain. For who knows how long. That’s worse than death. I found a fate worse than death for you.”

Somewhere along the way, my thoughts became my own again as it all replayed, over and over and over. It hurt every time, but it became repetitive, and with each time I endured the past, a little bit of me came back, hardening each time. Bracing for it. Fighting it.

And on the eleventh day, I sat in my backyard while my mom called for me to come inside for dinner, and I decided I knew exactly who I was.

I’m Y/N L/N. I was born sometime in the fifties, the result of a forbidden love of a man and a woman who were on two different sides of a civil war. My very existence brought the war to an end. Or so they thought. HYDRA led The Reform to believe they had ended their battle, but instead they had brought their guard down. And when they attacked, my mother and father were executed and I was left for dead. The Reform took me and saw me as a treasure; the sign of what could’ve been, and the sign of the future their revenge would bring. But they weren’t ready. So they froze me and began rebuilding their empire. Then, twenty-five years ago, when they intended on training and disciplining me, then putting me back under, I was raised at a camp. A camp on a lonely road of short buildings. I wasn’t even given a name. Just a number, a code. I was 108. I was their weapon; I was their child.

But eventually, they became too greedy and began to use my skills prematurely. An eight year old assassin, a ghost, flying from place to place, doing their biddings and calling them accidents. I spoke dozens of languages and knew how to use most any weapon given to me. I was ruthless and merciless and murderous. I took down whole governments with the blink of an eye. And when I was suspected, they aborted. The 108 protocol was instated. I was wiped and given to two agents to be raised under their watch. And from there, Y/N L/N, a shy little girl with half the world’s blood on her hands and no knowledge of it, proceeded with a normal childhood. And when they were ready, they took me. They were keeping tabs, all the time, but they didn’t anticipate Tony Stark’s next move: to come after me. That wasn’t in the plan. And all that remains is the balance of the world: whether they decide to proceed without me or not. Whether their oblivion child will lead them to the end. I see it. All of it. And after eleven days, 264 hours, every waking moment replaying it all in full speed, a trip down multiple memory lanes that I didn’t even know existed, after spending every second for nearly two weeks enduring it, I’m exhausted. And I look at my past, with no energy left to pray for help, and I internally sigh. I’m finished with you, I think. Stop controlling me.

And my eyes are opening. My nose is twitching. Some poor young nurse is running into my room with wide eyes. He presses a button on the pager at his waist and approaches me slowly.

“Ma’am, please stay where you are. You’re going to be physically exhausted for the next little while and you won’t be able to move on your own, so don’t be alarmed.” I blink and look up at him, trying to collect my thoughts. I realize what’s happening. I’m awake. I got out. “You’re safe now.” My eyes prickle with tears as I replay his words in my head like a mantra. You’re safe now. I’m safe. I’m here. No more of my past. I’m done with my past.

I’m drifting in and out of consciousness for the next half hour while doctors are streaming into my bedroom to check my vitals and brain activity. I can’t move even if I want to. The very weight of my eyelids seems too much for me. I’m totally limp.

After the thirty minutes, in one of the few moments that I’m awake, I jolt at the sound of my door flying off its hinges and crashing against the wall opposite it. My eyes widen and I turn back to the door frame to see a big red and yellow suit undoing itself from the middle to reveal Tony Stark. He steps out of the suit and approaches me with a million emotions running over his tired face. When he reaches the edge of my bed, his eyes are darting all over my face for a sign of anything at all. I don’t want him to be sad. I try to think of a way to break the tension.

“Doc says I’m practically paralyzed for at least twenty-four hours.” My voice comes out hoarse and scratchy from being unused for so long. I think Tony realizes this, because he’s pressing his lips together, something he does when he’s trying to hide his emotions. “So I assume you’re gonna be delivering me breakfast-in-bed?” I try out a smile, only managing to move my lips up a little. Tony lets out a breath and reaches for my motionless hand. He squeezes it tight.

“It’s good to have you back, kid.” he says softly. Footsteps are moving to the door. Tony and I both look to see a shirtless Dr. Banner with sweat practically dripping off his face and a blanket covering his shoulders. “What took you so long?” Tony says, turning back around and looking at me with a smirk. Dr. Banner pants like an animal and keels over on his knees.

“We…don’t all…have iron man suits, Tony. And I was a little busy trying not to kill millions of New Yorkers.” he wheezes. I look back at Tony’s suit standing guard by the doorless frame.

“You were on a mission?” I ask. My voice is still so raw. Tony nods, still looking at me. Analyzing me. How many months ago had it been, that I was sitting in a conference room, watching him observe me like I was a rare specimen? How little I had known. “Why’d you come?” I frown. “You shouldn’t have left your mission.” Tony lets out an amused exhale.

“You just got out of a coma and you’re scolding me on leaving a mission?” he shakes his head. “Don’t worry. I’m sure the rest of the Avengers can hold their own just fine, even without me.” he smirks. I tiredly roll my eyes. Once again feeling drowsy.

Bruce approaches my bed and smiles at me, still breathing heavily. I can’t help but be amused.

“You okay?” I ask. He gives me a look.

“Daddy Daycare over here just made me sprint through half of New York to get here.” he glares a Tony, who shrugs innocently. I let out a sleepy laugh. God. I’m awake. I feel giddy with possibilities. I’m living. It feels like a new day.

“You broke my door.” I say accusingly. My eyes are half closed and I’m not looking at anyone in specific, but Tony responds.

“Well, I was preoccupied on trying to make sure you weren’t dead, kid.” he points out. My lips quirk up into a small smile. It feels so good to do that.

“Yeah, yeah. That better be replaced when I’m up.” I murmur. I can faintly hear Tony respond before returning to my slumber.

“Sure thing, kid.” he lets out another breath. One he’s probably been holding for eleven days.

“BOOOO!” Penny throws a handful of popcorn at my TV. Despite the fact that we’ve watched every episode of Sherlock together at least nine times, she still reacts as if it’s the first. We’d started to binge it ever since I woke up, four days ago. It’s been absolutely boring. After waking up, all I wanted to do was live. I wanted to learn languages and go for a walk in the cold October air and go shopping. I can’t do that in a bed. To be completely honest, I’ve probably been a total nuisance. But I can’t help it.

No one has pushed me to talk about what I endured, but I know it’s coming. I know the moment I’ve regained movement in my limbs, I’ll go back into Dr. Simone’s office. I’ve been pushing the thoughts to the back of my head for the past four days, and having Penny sleeping in my bed with me and keeping me company has helped. We’ve had food brought to us and downloaded tons of shows and movies to keep us busy. Tony drops by to check on us twice a day, just as he does now.

“There a problem?” he peeks through the door. I pout with furrowed eyebrows.

“He jumfpef off the frichkin’ bvuildin’.” I mumble with a face full of popcorn. Tony raises an eyebrow, but leaves it be.

“How’s movement?” he asks. I start stretching the muscles on my face and weakly flail my arms and legs. He chuckles. “You doin’ the exercises?” he raises both his eyebrows.

“Yes, dad.” I stick out my tongue. He purses his lips non-aggressively.

“I swear, you’re getting more annoying by the day.” he jokes. I shrug and try to move my back from its place on the headboard, but it won’t budge.

“You would be too if you just got back from the dead and can’t even move.” I mutter. There’s a different air around the room now. It’s awkward. It’s interrupted by footsteps behind Tony.

“There you are. We have to go. Now.” a female voice says from behind him. Tony turns to the person with an annoyed expression.

“You couldn’t have called?” he says quietly. Penny and I turn to look at each other with confused faces.

“I would’ve if you’d answer.” she huffs. I can see shift from the door, and I catch a moment of black clothing and bright red hair. Penny whips her head over to me.

It’s the Black Widow.” she mouths with wide eyes. I scrunch my nose at her. What? She reaches over and pulls my shoulders to her place on the bed. From her spot, I see the woman’s face; Penny is right. It is her. My jaw drops open as I watch her place a hand on her hip and bicker quietly with Tony. She looks so graceful. So deadly. I look back to Penny, pushes me back into my place. I try to catch a bit of the conversation.

“You can’t keep her from the others forever.” she accuses. Penny hears it too, and looks at me with anxiety written all over her face, because she knows what happened the last time Tony kept something from me.

Eventually, Tony sends her back from where she came from and turns to me.

“What are you keeping from the others?” I blurt. Tony chuckles.

“You get right to the point. Don’t worry. I just haven’t alerted the other Avengers about your situation. They rescued you a few months ago, but they still don’t know much about the operation.” I nod along.

“Are you gonna tell them?” Penny chimes in. Tony looks at the popcorn by the TV and nods.


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I know what to request finally! So how about kise wanting to marry his s/o and proposing to her extravagantly, with all the sparkly lights and fireworks and in front of all their close family and friends? I hope it's ok this time (≧◡≦)

Gender neutral instead of the requested Fem!Reader. I hope you enjoy nevertheless (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

It was a delightful dinner you had with him, and at a fancy place too, where you had to dress up and do your hair differently. Kise was absolutely charming, though that was not a surprise for you, having dated him for a number of years now. The night isn’t over yet, according to Kise, so here you are with a hand in his as you sit on the porch in front of his house, as if you were still high school students.

He is being very sweet, telling you stories of the early stages of your relationship. How it felt pining for each other for a long time before finally confessing, that time when you went for a trip together. You watch him as he talk, beautiful like when you first met, and the nostalgic memories you both talk about certainly sends warmth to your heart.

“I can’t believe it’s almost been five years with you, Ryouta,” you murmur, smiling a little, “time flies by so fast.”

“Mmm,” he hums back, looking at his own thumb drawing circles on the back of your hand. “That’s a long time, huh.”


“But it doesn’t feel like it for me,” he adds softly, “because I have so much fun whenever I’m with you.”

“Me too, Ryouta.”

That’s when the porch ceiling suddenly lights up, making you gasp out in surprise. The two of you are now bathed in yellow light from the string lights hidden meticulously in between wooden bars up above, twinkling in a way that reminds you of Christmas. Your eyes wide, you look up to the porch ceiling and back at Kise—

—only to see him on one knee in front of you.

You have a hand cupping your mouth in shock—is this really happening?—as the night makes an unexpected turn. Kise looks at you, nothing but earnestness, love, and a bit of nervousness in his eyes. The normally playful boyfriend is suddenly solemn, dare you say, as he holds one of your hands in his.



“I can’t be more grateful to have you in my life, but after having you by my side for so long, I realize that I can’t continue without you in it. I promise that I’ll always treat you right, and that I’ll love you.”

Kise pauses, sighs, and shakes his head, while you wait with emotions a mix of confusion, anticipation, and unshed tears.

“I really can’t,” he finally says, looking down at his feet. Before you can ask what’s wrong (is he having second thoughts? Does he not want to marry ou?), he takes out a velvet box from inside his suit jacket, opening it in front of you. A brilliant ring sits inside, shining under the twinkling lights, and it looks as if it’s calling you to wear it. 

“I can’t love again if it’s not with you, _________-cchi. You’re the only one for me—and I really hope that I am the one for you, too—so will you… will you please be mine forever?”

He looks at you, a tear falling down your cheek as you try to hold back a sob. The sound of blood rushing and the rapid beat of his heart almost deafens his ears, but despite this he stills hear the choked ‘yes’ you whisper to him.

“Yes,” you repeat again, louder. If only your eyes weren’t so blurry from the tears, you would notice how Kise visibly relaxes at your answer, a smile on his face as he wipes your wet cheek. You blink a few times until you see the ring slipping on your finger—cold and heavy, but strangely makes you feel warmer and lighter at heart. In fact, you feel faint, so you place a hand on Kise’s shoulder for support.

Instead, he pulls you up by the waist, the two of you now standing, before he proceeds to kiss you. He cups your face, and at that moment everything in the world seems right and you feel as if you could hear metaphorical fireworks in your ears in celebration of the moment.

When you pull away, slowly opening your eyes, the sound of fireworks sound too real and something flashily colorful catches your attention.


Jaw slack, you look at the sky from the front porch as a firework shoots up into the dark, only to burst its redness into a heart shape. You are, once again, flabbergasted, but this time Kise has a smug look on his face when he sees your reaction. You are enthralled and hypnotized, and the moment seems too perfect to be true—maybe you passed out and this is just a dream, but when you feel Kise hugging your waist from behind, planting a kiss against your neck, it feels so real.

A loud slam of the door makes you jump even in Kise’s embrace, and the next thing you know is a chorus of “Surprise!!” and shiny colors blinding your vision. You feel the confetti on your nose and hair, and the vibrations in Kise’s chest as he laughs. When your eyes open, it’s everyone: your family, your friends, his friends from basketball with peculiar hair colors, his sisters, crowding the small porch of the house. 

The tears that you thought were dry immediately resurface and you have to bury your face in your hands to hide them, triggering a series of ‘aww’s from your friends. Kise lovingly strokes your hair, slowly prying your hands away to reveal your reddened face.

“Congratulations on your engagement, _________!”  

“You guys, thank you so much!” You say before rushing over to hug everybody. Kise’s friends are patting him on the back, congratulating him for a job well done and of course your newfound relationship. Kise looks over to you, making eye contact as he asks you to come over.

“Show them the ring,” he says, loud enough to catch everyone’s attention. You shyly hold up your left hand, half-hiding behind Kise as praises are given. 

“Looks really good on you.”

“Thank you,” you say, offering a shy smile. “Still, everyone… I can’t believe you all took part in this.” That earns an honest chuckle from the crowd, especially from Kise’s sisters, who steals you from their sibling’s grasp to lead you to the backyard.

“We prepared dinner!”

“That’s very kind of you, but we just ate—”

“Oh, sorry about that, _________—the dinner is for us, your job is just to drink, dance, and be cute with Ryouta, okay?”

So that’s exactly what you do. The backyard is lit with lights similar to that on the porch ceiling, illuminating the modest area. Kise arranged several nice tables and food for the partaking crowd while he sits next to you for the whole affair, whispering sweet nothings in your ear as he pours wine for you while drinking plenty himself, until some of your friends teasingly suggest that you dance. 

“This is sort of embarrassing,” you chuckle, hiding your face in the crook of his neck. Maybe you drank too much.

“Come on, _________-cchi,” he replies, hands enveloping yours. Just feeling the bump of the diamond ring on your finger makes his heart skip a beat or two. “Look at me.” His lithe fingers lightly bring your chin up, urging eye contact. Kise seems pleased at the extremity of your blush and presses a kiss against your pink ear. 

“If you’re already so shy here, how are you going to survive the wedding ceremony, darling?”

“Oh, Ryouta…”         


Erika’s Harry Potter 30th Birthday: Part 3 - The Great Hall

I decided that I wanted to have our dining area be outside instead of inside (like Friendsgiving). Doing this took a lot of prep work. Austin had to mow the gras a couple times and trim the grapefruit tree. We strung up lights and the banners from the roof to the fence and I was able to string faux candles (LED tea lights and paper) to the lights. The four rows of chairs were for each Hogwarts house: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw. Each place setting had a place card, cup with straw and broomstick, and handmade wand (chopstick/hot glue/paint/matte) and spell book (each page was tea stained by hand). The back fence had a banner for a photo booth with props and I made the direction sign by painting card stock and then cutting each letter out individually with an Xacto and then glueing/hair-spraying it to painted wooden arrows that Austin cut. 

Addickted Chapter 8

Hey Dersha Fam! Here I am again with the next chapter! Chapter 7 has already been posted in case any of you missed it! After this chapter we will have our last set of chapters..yes the series is ending but don’t fret because I personally have an special surprise for you all right after! But anyway here’s where things can take a turn for better or worse. Will Ahsha reveal her secret to Derek? will he stay and listen or will he leave? What’s next for this couple moving forward? Find out now! Enjoy ! @wicked-gamesofdersha 

3 Months Later

It was a Saturday afternoon. Jasmine and Cameron, Sloane, and Ahsha had just went grocery shopping for the house. Sloane was helping her daughter put things in the cabinets while the kids picked a movie for them all to watch later. Ever since Derek moved out of the house, Sloane had been over almost every day to help Ahsha with Jasmine and Cameron, while Ahsha had been going through her SAA meetings three times a week. Despite the separation between her and Derek, Ahsha was doing a lot better than she was three months before. She decided to continue her sessions with Raquel during and after her treatment. She had also adjusted her work schedule in a way where she could spend more time with Cam and Jasmine. She is still devastated at the fact that her husband’s not home, but like everyone else, he must deal with this in his own way. She had no choice but to except that, for now. The only good thing coming out of this situation was her second chance at getting closer to her children again and her mother’s unconditional support.

“Thanks again mom for helping me so much this week. I feel like between my job and the meetings, I barely have time to do anything else besides read stories to Jasmine and Cam and tuck them in.”

“You’re making a fuss about nothing. I’m a mother just like you, no matter how old you get, that won’t change.”

“I know that Mom but I’m sure your husband’s feeling a little neglected right now considering you’ve been with me and the kids practically every day.” The young mother laughed for the first time in a while, whilst placing the fruit snacks and cereal in the cabinets.

“Don’t you worry about your father he’ll live. Besides I plan on making it up to him later.”

“First time for everything I see.” Ahsha chimes.

“Who said it was the first time?” Sloane corrected her daughter opening a box of crackers and smirking.

“Okay mom I really, really don’t need to know that. My gosh! Have you no shame?”

“Hey you said it, not me. I’m just making sure you have all the facts baby-girl. You should know by now, not everything is what it seems.” Sloane interjects, taking a bite out of her cracker. The mother and daughter look away then look at each other and fall into a sequence of laughter together. The duo was so occupied with their humor they didn’t see Cameron popping in grabbing a pluck of grapes from the fridge.

“Hey, hey, I just bought those today boy, you ain’t devouring them all in one day.”

“Come on mom we have three new packs; can’t I just have one to myself?” The little boy requests walking towards his matriarch to hug her waist, giving her those brown doe eyes. She wraps her arms around his back looking into his pretty browns.

“You can have half of the bag but make sure you share with your sister.”

“Okay, hey mom?”

“What honey?”

“Do you want me to make enough room for daddy on the couch too so he can watch the movies with us?” Cameron assumes.

“Sweetie, I don’t think dad’s going to watch the movie with us today.”

“Why not? He told me he was going to.” Cameron asks, feeling confused with his mother’s change in attitude.

“I know that but, sweetheart he- “

“Are you two fighting again?” He says pulling away from her waist a bit.

“No son, we aren’t.”

“So what then?”

“Hey Cameron, why don’t you take those grapes and share with your sister while I talk to mommy for a little while. Alright?” Sloane interrupts. Ahsha had a sigh of relief with a hint of sadness as she watched her son exit the kitchen. Ahsha places her palms on the counter with her head up to the ceiling, taking a deep breath. Sloane places a hand on her shoulder.

“Have you heard from him lately?”

“I haven’t.”

“I thought you two were on speaking terms.”

“We were for a while, then he just stopped returning my phone calls. Too close for comfort I guess.” The wife said removing a bang from her eye.

“He’ll come around.”

“What if he doesn’t mom?” Ahsha implied as her head shot up to face her mother. Before Sloane could say anything else they heard a third voice in the living room and laughter came from Jasmine and Cameron.

“Nana! Nana! Daddy’s here!” Came Cameron’s excited, chirpy voice.

“Guess you’ll find out today then” Sloane confirmed before walking out the kitchen to greet her son-in-law. As she walks in, she attempts not to make direct eye contact with her grand-babies, otherwise they would know something was up.

“Well look what the wind blew in.” She teases, making her way to Derek.

“Hey ma.” The two hug briefly.

“What brings you by?”

“It’s my day off and Cameron texted me saying you guys were having a movie night later so I figured I’d drop by and visit for a bit and I needed to grab a few more things I needed as well.”

“Well you’re welcome to stay for dinner. Ahsha’s making spaghetti and I’m making my famous apple pie. All your favorites.” Sloane coaxed. She knew it’d be a long shot but she was desperate and she knew it would help Ahsha.

“As much as I love your pie, I’m gonna have to pass on that.”

“Come on dad, it’s grandmas pie you have to stay!”

“Not tonight buddy, maybe next time, tell your mother that I’ll stay next time.”

“She’s okay with it, right mama?” Everyone turned toward the kitchen to see that Ahsha was now standing in the living room watching the entire scene unfold.

“Right baby. I’m sure you and your sister would love it and…so would I.” Right at the end of that sentence is where the estranged couple gazed into each other’s eyes. Like a moth to a flame, they were immediately drawn to one another. It didn’t matter how long they’d been apart and somehow all the troubles they’ve been dealing with slowly disappeared and just for a second, it was just the two of them. They stared intensely at each other as if they were the only two people on Earth. But this small victory was short-lived as Derek was the one to look away first. Luckily Sloane knew it was her cue without Ahsha even telling her so.

“Come on babies, let’s go play in the backyard awhile before dinner. Let’s give your mommy and daddy some privacy.” She collected the children and headed for the door while Ahsha continued staring at her husband as he did his best not to look back. It was the two of them in the house now. There they were in front of another, so much to say but no direction on how to say what they wanted. It was too unusual for her so she took the first attempt to kill the silence.

“Didn’t expect your presence today.” Ahsha tells him, folding her arms.

“Trust me, I wasn’t planning on it but I…I wanted to see the kids.”

“Well since you’re here, you should stay. We can…talk.” Ahsha pleaded.

“Can’t. Listen I’m running low on time and I still have some things I need to get before I go.”

“You can’t just stay for a little bit?”

“I’m gonna go get my things now.” Derek replies coldly. He heads up to the bedroom they once shared and starts rummaging through his drawers. Ahsha truckled behind him and stays by the door folding her arms once again.

“You can’t avoid me forever, Derek.”

“I’m not avoiding you Ahsha.”

“Then stay” She insists, approaching him.

“I told you I can’t. I won’t take long I just have a few things I need to get for work. I’ll be our here in a flash.” He says, speaking without even looking at her.

“Will you talk to me please?”

“Derek.” He continues to pack, not paying her any mind. “Derek.” She calls out again, this time her voice goes in one ear and out the other.

“Derek!” She yells, raising her voice now which caught his attention. He doesn’t turn around but he still moves to speak and stops doing what he was doing.

“I don’t know what to say to you, Ahsha! Part of me just wants to find the words to say to hurt you like you hurt me.”

“I am hurting Derek.” She argued.

“Would you look at that, she cares.” He says, sarcasm dripping from the tip of his tongue.

“That’s not fair.” He turns around now.

“Fair? You want to talk about fair? Like you daydreaming about fucking other men when you’re lying next to me in this bed? Or how bout every-time I look at you, that’s all I see? Is that fair to me, huh, is it?”

“I didn’t go and do any of these things, Derek!”

“It doesn’t matter if you didn’t go out and do them, it’s the fact that you thought of doing it to begin with. You’re my life, you’ve been my life since the day we met and never would I ever think about another woman. You’re all I think about but you, you need more than just me, I see.” He spat. She flinched at his words, but he was completely right. Even if she didn’t complete these acts of deceit, her mere thoughts of another man was still a betrayal. Everybody knows embarking on an emotional affair hurts more than the physical. Physical is just sex; anyone can get that. But when you give your partner the indication that your heart no longer belongs to them, that’s worse than any pain a person can feel from walking in on someone sleeping with their man or woman. Even though Ahsha knew this could never be true, this is the way Derek felt right now and there’s nothing she could do or say to change it.

“Is that what you really think?” She asks, inching closer to him.

“It’s what I know. Look, I didn’t come here to fight, I just came for my things.”

“Our love is forever.” Ahsha lets out eyes closed silently to where only she could hear, or so she thought.

“What?” He whispers back, now facing her. She jumps and opens her eyes inhaling shaking her head.

“Nothing, Derek.” She whispers. Her footsteps start to recede until she hears his voice.

“Ahsh.” She turns around with tear-filled eyes and as quickly as she could, rushed into his chest, closing up the space between them. For a minute, she just wrapped her arms around his waist, her head on his chest, her hands gripping his shirt.

“Derek please just talk to me. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry” As she’s talking he slowly encircles his arms around her waist and hesitantly placed a single kiss on her hair, caressing it with his fingers. Love is stronger than any addiction, as a matter of fact, it is one.

Even though things were far from perfect, Derek couldn’t deny that he still loved this woman. Even still, he was very angry. He let his anger subside because he could never just sit and watch Ahsha fall apart in front of him like that. He repeatedly caressed her hair and kissed it over and over. Ahsha wasn’t sure what to think but she was in the only place she wanted to be right now, the comfort of his arms.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” She sobs into his chest.

“Alright, shh, it’s alright just calm down.” The husband soothed and comforted, gently rubbing her back. She raised her head up to reach his lips and for a second, they meshed together. She moved to peck his lips again but then he pushed her away with great force.

“Ahsha, stop, I can’t do this. I’m sorry can you just go? Please.” His hands having a strong hold on her wrists. Just like that it felt like time had just stood still.

“I understand. If you don’t love me anymore.” She removes herself from his grip and began to walk away.

“Our love is forever.” He announces and she stops walking away. She turns to face him.

“That’s the fucked-up part of it all Ahsha. I do love you, and I always will. I just can’t trust you. I’m not sure if I will…again.”

“Derek I…”

“I gotta go.” He cuts her off, grabbing his duffle bag walking past her and out the door and leaves. She charges out the room standing by the staircase watching him as he makes his way down the stairs. Her knees buckled as she tried to hold her composure but that proved to be easier said than done. Meanwhile, Derek is at the bottom of the stairs with his bag in tow heading towards the front door. He grabs ahold of the knob.

Did he want to leave? No. But like any other man, he’s human and right now he wasn’t in the mood to kiss and make-up with his wife. This was going to take some time and he knew that. So, he opened the door and started walking out to his car. Little did he know, somebody else was watching him. He unlocked the car door and a familiar female’s hand touched his shoulder.

“Thought you were staying son.”

“I want to but I really can’t.”

“You can’t or you won’t?” She asked him. He sighs under his breath turning to face her leaning on the side of the car.

“Look, I’m going to say what I have to say and you can take it with a grain of salt if you have to but hear me out on this. You two built this family together. Years of hard work and dedication, are you really prepared to throw all of that away?”

“I didn’t throw anything away, she did.”

“I know it’s easy for you to believe that but we know that’s not the truth here.”

“So, what’s the truth Ma?” The man disputed.

“That there’s still a lot you don’t know about and questions you want answered. Maybe you should start here.” She exclaims pulling something out her back-pocket and hands it to him.

“What’s that?”

“Something that can help explain what you don’t know about your wife. I’d advise you to go home and look at it.”

“Man I really don’t- “He refused.

“If you won’t do it for her, do it for yourself.” She pushes, trying to convince him. Reluctantly, he takes the brochure from her hand as it reads: Sex Addiction Anonymous. Sloane places her palms on both sides of his face and kisses his cheek.

“You’re loved here, you hear me?” He nods at his mother-in-law than jumps in his car throwing his bag in the front seat. He drives off as the little ones and Sloane watch him leave the driveway.

“You think he’s coming back Nana?” The son wondered.

“Don’t worry Cam, he’ll be back.” She promises and ushers the two kids back inside as Ahsha sits on the floor upstairs, silently crumbling over her husband’s visit.

Where did Derek go after he left? To the other man who knows his wife best, Corey Beckford. The two men have built a great friendship since the first day they met, thanks to Ahsha herself. Derek knows that Corey is the one person that he can trust, especially with an issue as serious as this. He felt comfortable calling him at three in the morning when he was awake thinking about Ahsha, feeling his world caving in. The good listener that Corey is, had no problem whatsoever with helping Derek through this.

Hey, thanks for meeting with me, man.” Derek asks as he takes a seat at the bar in front of Corey.

“No problem. How have you been?” Corey asks, sashaying to the cups and grabs one, filling it with orange cream soda for Derek. Derek’s smile turns upside down; he avoids Cory’s gaze and takes in a loud sigh.

Corey pats Derek on the shoulder after sliding him the cold soda. “Rough, huh?”

“Corey, I can’t even sleep, let alone see her. It took everything in me to not pull her back into my arms the second time. To not throw my bag down and promise her and our kids that I’d stay. I miss her, I really do, but she needs help. I want to help her, but there’s something that she’s not telling me. Do you know what happened?”

Corey takes a deep breath and looks at his best friend’s husband.

“I know exactly what happened, Derek. I want to tell you; I really do but it’s not my place to tell you what’s going on. There’s more to the story, but you’ll hear about it in due time, from Ahsha. I will tell you, something about her past is the reason why she was having these thoughts.”

“Corey,” Derek starts and pauses, feeling his stomach turn. He takes a quick swig of the soda, letting the cool liquid hit his throat, focusing on the feeling instead of keeping his attention on his feelings. “Did I do something to Ahsha? Something that caused her to gravitate towards him? Like not give her enough attention? Not keep up communication like I promised we would do?”

“You shouldn’t be blaming yourself, Derek. This is Ahsha’s battle, not yours. You didn’t have anything to do with it.”

Derek’s eyes continue to water and he looks away from Corey to avoid crying in front of his face. One thing that Derek Roman does not do is tears, especially not in front of people, not even Corey, no matter how much he trusts him.

“I just want to know what happened that caused all of this. I need to know what happened.” Derek chokes out and finally lets out the sob that he had been holding in for so long. Corey takes a deep breath and gives the man some comforting by giving him a pat on the back.

“This is tough, believe me I know, especially when you need answers, but they’re not mine to give. Look, something happened in her past and it had nothing to do with you, whatsoever. She’s held it in for so long in fear that she’d be judged…”

Derek cuts Corey off before he can even mention another word. “Why would I judge her?”

Corey takes another deep sigh. “Look, what happened to her is something that could make you guys stronger, or break you two apart. Hopefully it’s the first option because you two are strong enough to get through anything. You two not speaking to each other for three months, co-parenting, and keeping your distance is not you two at all. The Derek and Ahsha that I know are that beautiful couple that everyone knows and adores, the couple that I looked up to when I was married.”

“Corey, you were only married for a year.” Derek jokes, wiping his eyes and sniffling.

“Whatever, Roman. Learn from my mistakes, I didn’t hear Jessica out and look at where we are now, divorced and co-parenting our child. You and Ahsha are better than that, D.”

Derek nods his head and sighs, running his hot hands down his tear stained face. “You’re right, we are.”

“She still loves you, her eyes say it all, they always do. Even when she’d come in here crying and telling me about the therapy sessions, or the dreams that she had about you. She knew she had a problem and for the first time in a long time I finally saw Ahsha leave her pride and get help. Derek, she went to seek help because she felt that if she didn’t, you two would fall apart.”

“Why couldn’t she have told me what was going on? I get that I was always at work, but she could have said something.”

“I’m not going to sugar coat things, but she needed someone to listen to, a woman’s point of view. We men don’t get things the way that women do.”

He is not one to run around in circles with things, but he felt that he needed more information to soothe his aching heart.

Corey looks at Derek and sees how heartbroken he is, so he tries to come up with a careful response to soothe his aches. “She came to me because I’m her only friend that knows her secret. She came to me so that she could find out how she could tell you. I’ve given her advice on how to tell you and when she told me that she was finally ready to tell you, I was so excited. I wasn’t expecting for you guys to take a break.”

“How do we recover from this? She had a mental affair…”

Corey raises his eyebrows and cuts Derek off. “Yes, that she sought help for, once again. There’s ways to recover from this, it seems impossible, but I know you two can get through it. Just keep your head up, D.”

A customer comes in to the club, interrupting the neatly finished conversation that the men tried to have with one another. “Thank you for having this conversation with me. I really appreciate it.” Derek says, feeling his spirts slightly lifted.

“There’s no need to thank me. Go talk to her, Derek. I expect a great report out of all of this.” Corey encourages.

“Well I’m thanking you anyway, C. I’ll talk to you, soon.” Derek answers. He gives his confidant and friend a sincere smile and heads out of the quiet nightclub before business starts picking up, feeling slightly better.

It’s three in the morning when Ahsha stumbles out of her bedroom and heads downstairs to make a cup of Sleepytime tea with milk. She had been tossing and turning in bed all night and finally realized that there was no way she was getting any sleep tonight. Derek’s appearance earlier was still fresh on Ahsha’s mind. All she wanted was her husband right by her side, but she knew that wasn’t happening until he heard her out about everything. Everything.

“Since when did we become like this?” She asks herself as she pours her milk into her mug.

Sloane wakes up to hearing her daughter downstairs and makes her way to see what all the commotion is. Heading into the kitchen, she sees Ahsha working on her a la seconde and fouette turns. “Ahsha!” Sloane calls out. Ahsha stops spotting her head and stumbles on to the floor.

“Mom, you scared me!” She says and picks herself up, taking a deep breath,

“Why are you up, sweetheart?” Sloane asks, lack of sleep is evident on Ahsha’s face. The dancer takes a seat at the barstool waiting for the tea kettle to make a noise.

“I can’t sleep. Derek’s visit is still fresh on my mind. I miss him but I didn’t know how bad I did until now.” Sloane nods her head in complete understanding.

“I see. You two and your stubbornness wear me out. I see it’s wearing you out too.” She stresses to her daughter who looks awfully offended at her comment.

Ahsha takes a deep breath. “He couldn’t hear me out, stormed out, left, and then came back. Part of me missed seeing him, the other part was ready to scream at him for leaving me without hearing my explanation.”

Sloane hesitates and looks down at the floor, alarming Ahsha. “Mom?”

“I gave Derek the brochure on SAA.” Ahsha’s face changes at Sloane’s confession. She secretly thanks God that the kids are hard sleepers and starts to get loud.

“Why would you do that? I wanted to tell him myself.”

“Right, but you couldn’t stop him when he walked out the door. I knew he’d listen to me, so I gave him the paper. I just wanted to help.”

Ahsha takes a deep sigh, placing her head in her hands. “But I wanted to handle it myself.”

“No! You handling things yourself got you two in this situation. You didn’t get help until this year and I’ve been begging you to go for years.” Sloane sternly answers, hitting Ahsha in the core. The dancer no longer craves her tea and gets up to turn the kettle off.

“I was scared to go. I thought that I was going to have a repeat of what happened back in college. I’m going to lose him.” The dancer changes her mind about turning the kettle off and walks away from it, still reflecting on the conversation with Sloane.

“You were also scared that Derek wouldn’t know how to handle learning this information,” Ahsha nods her head as her mother continues to talk, “baby, you know Derek loves you. Always has, always will, but you’ve got to tell him what happened at some point. I know you tried, but keep trying. I gave him the SAA brochure in hopes that he’d come back and ask questions which would prompt you two to talk. This is a hard conversation to come across, but you and Derek can make it through anything. The only way that you’re going to lose Derek if is you keep this behavior up and don’t tell him about what happened.”

“What if we can’t mom? What if he can’t bring himself to forgive me for these thoughts? What if I don’t get better?” She inquires, feeling her eyes pool up with tears.

“You can, and you will. Ahsha, you never know until you try. Making up assumptions on how Derek is going to react is not healthy. Only Derek knows his reaction, your job is to breathe and just tell him everything that is going on and let everything else fall into place. Corey and I are here to help you through this. Derek is going to be here too. I know he is.” The mother soothes her daughter’s fears with this response. Ahsha turns off the now whistling tea kettle and heads to turn it off.

“How, mom?” Sloane plays with her hands and takes a deep breath in.

“You two have been together for years and this was your first major fight. You two have had an amazing thing going until this happened. The both of you promised you wouldn’t let your marriage crumble, remember?”


“You have all this support all around you, but the only person who can help you overcome this addiction is Derek. Why? When you two made that commitment to be husband and wife, you two were bound spiritually, sex however is a different thing. When you two slept together, you two were not only bound body to body, but bound by your mentalities, your emotions, your spirits, that is when you two were soul tied. Soul ties are a very powerful thing.” The mother concludes, staying quiet for a minute to let the information marinate in her daughter’s head.

“Derek can help you overcome this due to your powerful soul ties to each other. Marriage, partnership, as well as sex are the things that bind you two together, no matter how rough things get. You two are bound spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. You two cannot throw that away.” Ahsha wipes her face and falls into her mother’s arms, holding the woman close to her. Sloane eagerly wraps her arms around her daughter, giving her a comforting hug.

“You two are going to be okay, Ahsha. In due time.”Sloane encourages, pressing a comforting kiss to her daughter’s forehead.

“Please let them go back to what they were before.”She silently prays in her head as she still holds her only child in her embrace.

Ahsha had just said goodbye to her mom after their heart-to-heart, it is now five in the morning and sleep still wasn’t an option. She calls her best friend Kyle just to clear her head. The blonde answered on the first ring which shocked Ahsha, but she felt grateful for her friend being there for her no matter what time of the day it was.

“And that’s all he said?”

“Yes Ky, that’s it.”

“Well there must be something you can do to get him to come back, right?”

“Kyle. I’ve already begged him to stay when he came over. If I do anything else, I’m being selfish. I’ve already put this man and my family through enough. I’m just going to give him the time he wanted and hope for the best.” Ahsha justified.

“You can’t just stand around and not do anything, this is your family we are talking about.”

“You think I don’t know that Kyle?” The mother snapped hitting her leg violently on the counter out of irritation. She regrets her decision and rubs the red mark on her smooth mocha leg.

“Listen, I’m not trying to make you more upset, but this is the time for you to do something.”

“He has to come home for that, Ky.”

“No, he doesn’t. You just need to get your head out of the clouds, and find out where he’s staying and talk to him. Make it an intervention.” The blonde expressed bluntly.

“I don’t even know where’s he’s staying right now.”


“Because he never told me?” She replies, answering a question with a question.

“Find out then. You know I’m sneaky. What’s his iCloud info? I can just track his iPhone and then we can go drive to wherever the hell  he is and talk to him there. You’re just making this difficult, Ahsha.” The two women stay silent over the phone and then Ahsha starts to laugh at her best friend.

“I would love to do that Kyle, but I can’t. Sounds like a lot of fun though.” The woman sighs deeply.

“I know you are, babe but you need to try harder, Carebear. Don’t be such a Carebear right now.” She says in a serious manner, making Ahsha chuckle once again. The young mother has a strange, instinctive feeling in her stomach and heads downstairs. She sits in the living room to continue her conversation with her best friend.

“Kyle are you really trying to-“ She froze in her thoughts and turned around realizing she was no longer alone downstairs.

“Ky, I have to call you back.”

“Okay, no problem.” Kyle replies, hanging up the phone and going back to sleep. Ahsha places her phone away and stood in shock but awe as well. Her dying wish came true.

He came back.


“Hi.” She chokes out. The distant couple stands across from another. Derek sealed his hands in his pockets while Ahsha placed a hand on her hip.

“I want you to listen to me and not say a word until I can get this out. Please.”

“I can do that.” She insists.

“I’m not ready to come home yet, but I do want to at least try and give you an opportunity to explain. There’s still a lot that I’m not sure of and I don’t know if I really want to know what’s happened but I’m willing to listen.” He began walking to her now reaching for her hand.

“Can we sit?” He asks, giving her a reassuring smile, sensing her nervousness.

“Sure.” She lets him grab her hand and lead them to the couch. They sit together while they still hold hands.

“So, I went to see Corey today.”

“You did? Why?”

“He’s your best friend and I just thought that maybe he could tell me about whatever it is that you’re so afraid to tell me about. But he wouldn’t tell me. He told me that it was your job to tell me.” He commenced.

“So, what did he say?”

“He told me about the sexual fantasies you were having, why you were having them. He also said that there’s more to the story. What did he mean by that?”

“He was talking about my sophomore year in college before we met.” Derek perks up and the unsettling, sick feeling creeps back into his stomach again.

“What happened in college?”

 Last two chapters coming! Thank you for reading x 

Dallon Weekes x Reader : Blind Date

A/N: thank you so much guys! you’re the best! sorry, school is starting and i might get a little behind, but i promise i’ll stay active as much as i can. requests are always open, and feel free to message me if you want. :) love you all and hope you enjoy

“Come on y/n,” your best friend Kenny tried to persuade you. “Dallon is a great guy. I’m sure you’ll love him.”

“I don’t know,” you sighed. “I don’t think I’m ready for a relationship right now.”

“He’s good looking, tall, funny, talented, he plays instruments, and he’s single. I think you guys would be good together, you just have to give him a chance. You’d love him,” Kenny insisted.

“I told you Kenneth Harris, I’m not interested in getting into a relationship right now,” you argued.

“Yes, you are,” he rolled his eyes. “You’ve been complaining about being single for over a month and now all of a sudden when I actually find you a guy, you turn me down. You haven’t even met him!”

“Exactly,” you put your hands on your hips. “I haven’t met him, I don’t even know him, and I’m not going to date a complete stranger.”

“Well he won’t be a stranger once you meet him,” he reminded. “Come on.”

“No, you’re being ridiculous,” you shook your head.

“It’s a blind date,” Kenny explained. “And besides, I already told Dallon you said yes, and he made reservations for the two of you tomorrow. Friday night at a fancy restaurant in the city, just the two of you. Listen, if you don’t have a good time, I’ll give you ten bucks. Deal?”

“Make it twenty,” you decided.

“Okay,” he complied. “Just give him a chance though. Dallon’s a sweet guy.”

“I will,” you reassured. “I’m just nervous, that’s all. If he’s really the amazing person you make him out to be, then I’m starting to think I might not even deserve him.”

“Don’t sweat it,” he put a hand on your shoulder. “You and Dallon are the perfect match. You just have to wait and see.”

That night you went to the restaurant hesitantly, walking in and going to the receptionist table. “Hi, reservation for two, Weekes?” you wondered.

“He’s been waiting,” the waitress replied with a smile. “Don’t worry, it wasn’t too long.”

“I was late?” you cringed.

“No, he was early,” she whispered. “Don’t worry. And have fun.”

She led you to a table where an absolutely gorgeous man was sitting. You looked down at what you were wearing and started to doubt if it was fancy enough. He was dressed in a tuxedo, wearing all black, his brown hair styled nicely. He was so handsome. His shiny blue eyes and a small smile on his lips, tall and lean, absolutely amazing. It took your breath away. Kenny was right, Dallon was perfect for you. Well, so far anyways. “Hi,” you waved, sitting down across from him.

“Hi,” he waved back. “I’m Dallon.”

“Y/n,” you introduced.

“Kenny was right,” he laughed. “You’re gorgeous.”

“Nah, you’re better than what Kenny described you to be,” you joked.

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” he raised his eyebrows.

“It’s a good thing,” you smiled.

“Well-” he began to speak, but when he reached for his glass of water it toppled over, and you both backed out of your seats instinctively. “Sorry!”

“It’s okay,” you chuckled.

“I’m clumsy,” he frowned. “I’m so sorry.”

“No, no, it’s fine,” you shook your head. “I’m a bit of a klutz myself.” A waiter came by and sat you guys at a different table while he cleaned up the mess.

“I guess I’m just nervous,” Dallon shrugged.

“It’s okay, I sort of am too,” you admitted.

The rest of the dinner you two spent talking about your favorite music, some of your favorite TV shows, and also things you loved to do and places you wanted to visit. While you spoke about how you discovered your favorite bands, Dallon explained how life was like as a musician, traveling and touring with the band. During the dinner also, you both had little mistakes and slip ups, which you actually thought was cute. Whether it was his appetizer falling on the floor or table or how he accidentally drank out of your glass instead of his it was all clumsy and adorable. You also had a couple silly mistakes, but it was all good. It only showed each other that you both weren’t flawless, and you both had your own little quirks and personalities, and it was sweet. Dallon seemed extremely nice, and when you both decided to just ditch the stupid dinner and go eat something else at his house, the car ride back you listened to your favorite songs.

When you got to his house, you both walked to the kitchen. “How does peanut butter and jelly sandwiches sound instead?” Dallon asked. “I mean, it’s not quite as fancy as the food we could’ve eaten, but it’s a timeless delicious classic.”

“It sounds great,” you smiled.

You both sat in the grass of his backyard beside the sunset, munching on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. “You’re really nice,” Dallon remarked. “I think I really like you.”

“Me too,” You nodded. “Kenny was actually right about something for once.”

“Why? What did he say?” Dallon wondered.

“He said we would be the perfect match,” you explained. “And I’m starting to think that we might be.”

“You think?” Dallon raised an eyebrow.

“I know,” you responded, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“I think you missed,” Dallon frowned.

“What do you mean?” you asked, and Dallon kissed you on the lips, and pulled away.

“You missed my lips,” he gave a sly smile. “You want to kiss me, do it right sweetheart.”

“You’re silly,” you shook your head laughing. “And you taste like peanut butter.”

“Is that a good thing?” he joked.

“It’s a great thing,” you rolled your eyes.

“I feel like a little kid,” Dallon chuckled eating his sandwich. “I haven’t had one of these in forever.”

“Me too,” you agreed as you took a bite. “I forgot how much I liked them.”

“I know it’s not the classiest meal, but it’s pretty tasty,” Dallon shrugged.

“It’s perfect,” you reassured.

You both finished your sandwiches and then watched the sunset, and when it started to get dark, you both went inside. “My house isn’t the biggest or the fanciest, but it’s pretty nice,” he explained.

“I love it,” you remarked. You walked around and then spotted a guitar by his couch. You picked it up and examined it and then walked over to Dallon. “Can you play me a song?”

“Really?” he asked quizzically.

“Yeah,” you nodded. “I want to hear you sing.”

“No you don’t,” he laughed.

“Yeah I do,” you insisted. “I bet you’re great.”

“I don’t know,” he chuckled. “I can try though.”

“Play me one of your songs,” you begged as you both sat on the couch and he strummed a couple chords.

“This is kind of an old one, it’s from when I was still in the band The Brobecks,” Dallon explained. “But I like it, and I think you’d like it too, so I’ll play it.”

“Okay,” you smiled.

He plucked out a melody and strummed a couple chords, then cleared his throat and began to sing. “Could this be love at first sight or should I walk by again?” he started, and your heart fluttered. You had heard this song before, and it was one of your favorites. He kept singing, his voice beautiful, and you stared at him and he smiled at you, still singing and you began to sing along with him towards the end. When he finished, strumming a couple chords and laughing, you grinned at him.

“That was great,” you told him. “I loved it.”

“It wasn’t much,” he shrugged.

“I thought it was amazing,” you beamed.

“You don’t have too bad of a voice yourself,” he raised his eyebrows.

“Nah, I don’t think so,” you chuckled.

You finished the night cuddled on the couch and drinking Dr. Pepper, which Dallon insisted to be one of the best sodas on the face on the planet, and eventually fell asleep in his arms. When you woke up, you had to go to work, and Dallon gave you a kiss on the forehead, wished you the best of luck, and you both decided on a dinner date later than evening. Well, if eating hamburgers in the backyard counted as a dinner date.

You were driving to your job when you got a phone call. You expected it to be Dallon, but when you picked up the call, it wasn’t. It was Kenny. “Hey y/n,” he greeted. “What’s up?”

“Nothing much,” you replied. “Getting to work. How about you?”

“I’m at Guitar Center,” he responded. “So should I get my twenty dollars out now or later?”

“Never,” you answered. “I think you can keep the twenty dollars for a very long time.”

“Really now?” he laughed. “I take it last night went well then?”

“Best night of my entire life,” you told him. “I love Dallon.”

“I’m glad,” Kenny sighed. “I thought you two would get along well.”

“We did,” you agreed. “He’s great, so sweet, and an amazing musician.”

“You heard him play?” he wondered.

“Yup, he’s awesome,” you chuckled.

“So do you think you guys will be around for a while?” Kenny inquired.

“A very long time,” you responded.

“Then my work here is done,” Kenny decided. “Now if I could just find a person crazy enough to date Brendon…”

“Good luck with that one,” you laughed. “I think I’ll be with Dallon for while.”

“I hope so,” he replied. “I knew you two would be a perfect match. See? The blind date didn’t go bad after all?”

“Yeah I guess you’re right,” you admitted. “You got me this time, Kenny.”

“I’m just happy you’re happy,” he chuckled. “So when’s the next date?”

“Tonight,” you answered.

“Wow,” Kenny responded. “Not wasting any time, huh?”

“Nope,” you answered. “But we’re still taking things slow.”

“That’s good,” he agreed. “I got to go. But I wish you and Dallon the best. I think you two will get along very well. Maybe even get married if you stick around long enough.”

“Believe me,” you reassured. “I’ll be around for a long time as long as it’s with Dallon. I don’t think I’d ever want anyone else. He’s perfect.”

“I know he is,” Kenny added. “If he wasn’t, then I wouldn’t have let him date you.”

“Thanks Kenny,” you smiled.

“Anytime y/n,” he told you. “I hope this works out for you.”

“I hope it does too,” you nodded.

“I think it will though,” Kenny whispered. “Two perfect people means one perfect relationship, right?” He hung up before you had a chance to say anything else, and then you just smiled, thinking about everything he said. Dallon was perfect. Perfect for you.

Pet Names

Imagine Damon didn’t call you a sweet pet name for the day.

One thing you loved about Damon is that he always has a new pet name for you, he has a few that sticks to him but there’s always a new one that he’ll use for the day or the situation. Some girls probably hate it when their guys give them nicknames, but to you, it’s a form of affection.

Damon loved calling you princess, because you are his princess, babe and baby, are just the basic ones, while baby girl often comes out during intimate times. He likes calling you doll, sweetheart, honey, darling, when he’s particularly passionate; kitten, bunny, tiger, butterfly, flower, when he’s playful; gorgeous, beautiful, cutie, sweet cheeks, hot stuff, when he’s being flirty.

While you like to call him babe, baby, love, most of the time. You weren’t as versatile as him in giving pet names.

Damon and you also like to insult each other, which you have more pet named for him in that category than being affectionate, in reality. He’ll call you a bitch, but never as an insult, more like a sarcastic ‘you’re such a bitch sometimes’, or he’ll say you’re such a little shit. He can never call you anything beyond those, it’s against his own morals.

You, on the other hand, you call him asshole, dick, ass, fucker, jerk, and all other filthy insults. But never did you call him those nickname with burning rage or hatred.

You both love each other so much, have been for more than a literal hundred years. What surprised you is that on day, for the whole day, he didn’t call you any cute pet name, it was either (y/n) or your general nickname, (y/n/n). It was as if you’ve lost connection without him calling you pet names. So by the end of the day, you wanted to ask him what the matter was.

But when you found him in the backyard, a little dinner for two with fairy lights everywhere was set up. You gasped and he smiled at you, offering his hand out. You smiled and walked up to him. He wrapped his arms around you and hugged you tight. “I thought we’re having a problem.” You murmured. “Why is that?” He asked, pecking your forehead. “I didn’t have my pet name of the day.” You said, pouting. He chuckled. “I knew you’d realize that. I’ve always given you one for the day, right?” He asked and you nodded gingerly.

“But today, I want to call you,” He paused, looking at you and then kneeling in one knee. You gasped. “Today, I want to call you my fiancé.” He whispered. He opened a small blue velvet box to reveal a nice simple diamond ring.

Tears welled up your eyes and you didn’t know what to say. “We’ve been together for so long, (y/n), and I don’t know why I haven’t done this before, I guess, I wasn’t really ready, I was scared. But last week, when I almost lost you, I –I would’ve killed my myself. I love you, more than anything else. Will you marry me, (y/n)?” He asked. His eyes were glossed over with a thin sheen of tears.

“Yes, Damon, I love you, I will marry you.” You breathed. He slipped the ring into your left hand and he stood up, gathering you in his arms, hugging you tight before he captured your lips in a searing kiss. “You will still call me pet names, right?” You sheepishly asked. He chuckled. “Of course, princess.” He whispered, softly pecking your lips. “Soon enough, I get to call you my wife finally.” He said. “Husband, hubby. I like that.” You said. He smiled and nodded, kissing you once more.


Can you spot Evie…? 👶

So the kids decided to play hide and seek in the backyard after dinner yesterday. I really didn’t expect Evie to be so good at it! Aaden actually had a hard time finding her when she hid under that armchair 😂 Eventually, she ran out of hiding places though. So she decided to just stand there and hide her face, probably thinking that somehow that would make her invisible. Aaden was trying so hard not to laugh at her, and he was actually a pretty good sport about it and pretended like he was looking for her. 

Moments like these are so precious to me. It reminds me of how lucky I am to have two perfectly healthy kids. And a loving man in my life, who is an amazing father to these two. All that’s missing now is that ring on my finger… 

in retaliation to dan’s influence on sophii’s amnesia au

here @blackjacktheboss and @spooky-son-of-rome . I know you guys love jasper.

  • It’s been twelve years.
  • Twelve years since the final battle with Gaea.
  • Twelve years since all of her friends were together.
  • Twelve years since Piper has seen Jason.
  • He sacrificed himself that day, right before Leo could. It was–Piper hadn’t expected Jason to grab Leo’s arm and push them back down toward the ground, and all she could hear was Leo screaming and yelling and Piper was falling toward the ground watching as the sky lit up with fire and and and–
  • Piper doesn’t believe it for a long time.
  • Leo doesn’t either.
  • It’s just–he’s gone. There’s nothing left. No body. No glasses. No clues. He’s just gone. Erased from the world. Incinerated. Blown to dust.
  • It makes it worse when Leo tells her all of the stuff that he did to try and make it so he could get to Ogygia because it was supposed to be him. It wasn’t supposed to be Jason and if he would have just stayed out of the way then they wouldn’t be having this problem and Leo blames it all on Jason right then and Piper can’t stand to listen to him anymore and–
  • Piper doesn’t speak to Leo for a year. Even after he apologizes because Jason saved the world and saved them and Leo just threw that away because he wanted to save Calypso. It takes Piper a long time to forgive him for that, but that’s when she realizes that he’s been hurting just as much as she has.
  • They officially say goodbye to Jason one night in the winter of the following year. They go out to that museum at the Grand Canyon where they technically met Jason for the first time since their other memories of him weren’t real. They sneak out onto the observation deck, letting the wind blown around them, and Piper remembers Jason jumping out after her even when he had no idea if he could fly.
  • As the wind ruffles her hair, she lets her tears fall.
  • “Jason,” Leo’s voice is rough because he’s crying too, and Piper reaches out for his hand. “We miss you. You were–you were–”
  • “Our best friend,” Piper finishes for him, staring out at the dark sky. “And we love you. We’ll see you soon.”
  • They cry that night, but it helps them move on.

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Somewhere in Neverland

(gif credit to the creator)

Part 4 - It Goes Like This

Master List

Summary: Jensen Ackles wasn’t looking for love, he had all but given up on finding it. One thing was for sure, he wasn’t expecting to find it in his best friend’s nanny.
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1,081
Warnings: language
Disclaimer: For the purpose of this story Danneel and JJ don’t exist, you shall see why as you read :)
A/N: I love you guys for all the awesome feedback I’ve been getting on this. As promised from the voting that just happened here is part 4! Tags are still being super weird. If you asked to be tagged I promise I added you, but for some reason I can’t tag some of you! I’m sorry! I hope you guys like it. Feedback is cool :)

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after work today, i met two of my good friends with the intention of attending Ustazah Izzah’s class together. we were early so i went to the backyard to have dinner by myself. a beautiful lady came to me and greeted me with a smile. she took a seat and invited me to a conversation:

“tudung saya okay tak?”
“okay. perfect. lawa macam orang dia.”
“hehe. saya ni selalu pakai purple. awak dari mana?”
“kerja kat NUH.”
“oh, kerja dalam bidang?”
“oh, yang tukang scan cancer semua eh?”
“ye saya. bukan cancer sahaja. saya buat X-ray, ultrasound, MRI semua.”

i am someone who thinks twice before sharing about herself to strangers because i tend to feel queasy if i do. however, somehow Allah opened my heart to open up to her. i told her that radiography wasn’t something that i intended to do initially and i went through multiple rounds of rejection from various hospitals during my sponsorship application.

“dulu saya rasa kecewa sebab tak dapat first choice saya.”
“jadi sekarang?”
“saya dapat bond dengan KK alhamdulillah dan saya dapat tahu yang first choice saya tu tak benarkan saya pakai tudung.”
“masyaAllah, tengok. indah betul perancangan Allah ni kan? awak harus bersyukur kerana diberi peluang untuk berbakti kepada masyarakat dan berjasa dengan mereka yang sakit dan lemah. terus berjuang. mungkin awak tak dapat apa yang awak inginkan tapi itulah kehidupan. penuh dengan kejutan.”

we ended the conversation by thanking each other for sharing our heartfelt thoughts. when i retreated to my seat, i realised that the beautiful lady whom i have been talking to was Ustazah Izzah! i didn’t even realise it was her. how can i be so blur and silly? i deserve to be laughed at by my two good friends, hahaha.

a much needed reminder indeed. thank you, Ustazah :)

62 Thing you didn’t know about BrBa (one for each episode)  

04 - Cancer Man Ep 1x04

During a backyard dinner with the family, Walt tells Walt Jr., Hank, and Marie, for the first time, that he has lung cancer. “It’s bad,” he tells them. The title of the episode has a double meaning, though; it’s also an ode to “the Smoking Man,” aka “the Cigarette-Smoking Man,” aka “CSM,” aka “C-Man,” aka “Cancer Man,” a villain on “The X-Files,” the Fox drama on which Gilligan was a writer and producer. That show was where Gilligan first worked with Bryan Cranston, an “X-Files” guest star, and vowed to work with him again.