Overall I had a great weekend. Had a potluck dinner at the trailer with some OTRA members (Ontario Trail Riders Association), food was amazing. One of which was Beer can chicken that my mom made, and dad BBQ-d. Bonded with dad, at dinner, we always have good laughs together cause our sense of humour is the exact same. 

Came home, the weather was perfect on the long drive back, so I listened to some tunes with the windows rolled down. 

Got home, and within 2 minutes Jer was pulling into my driveway in that big GMC of his. Very excited to see him after so long. Got to have the first bonfire of the season, sat on the tailgate on the back of my brothers pick up with a glass of wine.

Fell asleep beside my love, slept in. Got up and made some chicken salad sandwiches, while Jer worked on some speakers for his new boat. Then sat outside watching Jer on the tractor. Attempted to ask if he needed help, but he refused, cause he likes doing things on his own. Plus he knows what he’s doing so I won’t get in his way. Dug up some grass, and layed out some manure, mixed up some dirt and vola the beginnings of a veggie garden!

Love that man so much, for making things like this possible for me to have. And for motivating me to do things that make me happy. I’m burnt from watching him outside for an hour, but it was well worth it! Not sure yet, what I’m going to put into this garden, but I’m totally excited!

Great weekend. :)