GEAR: Master Backwoodsman

The winter’s thaw is a great time to get outside and get muddy. The weather is cool enough that you have to keep busy, but clear skys means theres no threat to your good times. Inspired by spring fires, muddy trails, and the pioneer backwoodsman, we put together this first edition of GEAR to get you in and out of the Great Outdoors in style.

  1. The North Face Back to Berkley Boot is insulated with lots of traction and support, with a classic look that will have the fauna breaking their necks to peek the sneaks. See our full review HERE.
  2. A Rugged Collared Shirt thick cotton work shirts are durable, breath well and protect you from the elements.
  3. Almonds because your appetite will be like never before, and almonds provide energy and satisfaction.
  4. The North Face Vintage Brown Label Backpack they don’t make them like they used to, and smaller is better.
  5. Gransfors Bruks AB Scandinavian Forest Axe for limbing fallen trees to keep the fire burning into the night.

Supplementary Reading

Camping and Woodcraft by Horace Kephart (Amazon) (pdf)

The Master Backwoodsman by Bradford Angier (Amazon)