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Society astonishes me sometimes…Can we lessen the superficial and strengthen depth? Can we stop fawning over actors, artists and models? We as young minds should lift up our scientists, astronomers, biologists, chemists, and mathematicians …from past to present days. Learn from people like Tesla, Einstein, Galileo, Pierre & Marie Curie, Moseley, Pasteur, Franklin, Rontgen and so one and so on… Let’s lift our modern day scientists (Goodall, Gellar, Bonner, Bard etc.) that are working hard and trying to make society better..Some of them trying to create free energy technology that is being suppressed..Isn’t it odd that in this day and age we still don’t have free energy (technology is there, innovations are happening). The power structure is so addicted to control and sustaining the oligarchy..These people are  hell bent to maintaining the status quo because it only benefits them.  Here we are accepting it in this macroeconomic prison..with our blinders on..being entertained by meaningless things.
No technological progress…none on the scale of something that can create a far superior, clean, free and happy society. It is infuriating to see The USA going backwards and seeing other countries  making strides in technology and innovation. Being open minded, embracing science (instead of forcing christian ideology and dogma onto the democratic process). A clear separation of church and state. Uniting people instead of dividing.
Change happens when one open their minds..Think critically and think like there is no box at all.  Learn about meditation,  connecting with nature and awakening the dormant mind. People don’t even realize how powerful the mind is. You don’t need additional means to do this..Training the mind and opening oneself up to the possibilities. No drugs, clean and healthy food.   During mediations in nature there is always this little voice in the back of my mind that says that this is not how society should be…an existential crisis about our conscience and social development. We should be welcome progress, change, growth, This is the destiny of humanity. Earth is a school moving through space and we are here to learn certain lessons about self realisation and self actualisation..and creating a new world.  There is power in the many, only if they are acting like one. that is when resonance happens…. Just one of many thoughts I have during the day..

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It's really amazing to me how my little old country (NZ) has widespread usage of PayWave/contactless card payment (you hover your card over the reader and the chipped card communicates without pins or inserting) and America doesn't really have it? Like here it's odd to go to a store that DOESNT have paywave, but for you guys, it's odd for a store that DOES. Our country is so backwards compared to USA tech and yet for this little thing we are years ahead. It's weird!


I don’t get to walk in White people’s private spaces and say: “You know, I identify with you, therefore I AM you.”

White Women….and Black Women don’t have the same type of hair. So this entire debate with Curly Nikki is ass-backwards typical USA camel shit. I posted the article in Ebony by Jamilah Lemieux because anybody with common sense and motherwit could see Jamilah was right.

Me personally, I think this is going to get much worse for Black Americans. And I blame centuries of being raised on White people’s 1 drop rule. This entire way of thinking goes back to that slave tenet….that there is no definition of Blackness.

Yet everybody else is clearly defined.

Whether it’s casting a movie role or promoting “natural hair” beauty, the actual Blacks go on the bottom or in the back. It’s the same shit. A Filipino woman in Oakland (who has 0 black blood) was chosen to represent Nubian Queens on a float in a parade. And on Hot 97 radio in NYC, a black man is calling white women, “White Nubian Queens.”

Are yall woke?

Most Black American people are just not ready to deconstruct this problem that has been brewing for centuries in USA. They cling to the notion that Blackness is simply a state of mind…anybody can access that mind-set and BE IT; represent it. You notice the AAs love to say: “Well she/he identifies with”… that means shit.

Of course…it never goes both ways. I don’t get to be “Miss Japan” or “Miss Swedish-America” on a float. Hell no.

And the more that “Faux Black” folks begin to have WHITE MOTHERS and Non-Black Mothers, this shit is going to get more and more contentious with all the power and representation going to …guess who?

Meanwhile, Real Black folks who have 2 Black parents (or a black & a mixed parent) will be pushed to the back; eased to the bottom….told that they aren’t the ones who define blackness….

THIS is why I’m the way I am. I don’t adopt the AA plantation tradition. I firmly reject it. Because I can see clearly how it’s destroying AAs and how it encourages them to breed out; to erase self. I can see how they keep changing the definition of “Black” to accommodate everybody but Black people.

I can’t go in White People’s homes and announce “I identity with you, therefore I AM you”…..hell no.

This is NO LONGER the Jim Crow era. And AAs need to begin the PAINFUL work of adjusting how they’re going to identify themselves because quite frankly…the infiltration by OTHER MOTHERS and their children (who ride in 2 boats) is putting your black ass right where you were to begin with…the bottom.

At some point….“Actual Blacks” have to define Blackness in ORGANIC terms and begin closing ranks to protect their representation and their power of their own group. I mean, seriously, how many White Presidents of the NAACP Chapters do you need in order to feel that you’re inclusive and no-racist.

“Oh but, Kola they jess as black as I am…and Bill Clinton was the first black President. Dey identify with us!”

To me, you just seem like a slave. The shit is pitiful.

Let these White women & their “Hair adventures” not displace our social struggle to be ourselves and to assert our blackness. Their blues ain’t like ours. They don’t go through SHIT compared to what we with The Helix (nappy African hair) go through. White women & Non-Black women are FREE as fresh air compared to us. And sisters or not, we need less White Supremacy…not more of it.


Kola Boof

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