backwards hats

Roll to Breathe unknown parties Spring Fling possibilities:
1. Becket is taking Blue Mystic
2. Becket is taking a h4t3r
3. A h4t3r is taking blue mystic
4. A h4ter is somehow taking Cathy who is there disguised through a backwards baseball hat and an emoji tshirt to blend in with the teens

gay/trans/lgbt+ ppl are pressured to ‘’not be stereotypes/cliche” or ‘’be too obvious” while cishet ppl literally all look the same yeah ok lol bye

you’re a butch lesbian?? you wanna wear flannel and backward hats and be masculine?? go for it!!

you’re a femme gay dude whos super soft and wants to wear makeup?? go ahead!!

you’re a trans boy and u wanna be super duper masculine?? do it!!!!!

you’re a nb trans girl and u wanna be ultra feminine? yessssss girl!!!!

you dont gotta ‘’subvert stereotypes’’ or any of that shit.

IPRE Orientation
  • Magnus, in a shirt with the sleeves ripped off and a hat on backwards: Hi! Your name tag says "I am... BETTER THAN YOU" and I think you just cheated at arm-wrestling a guy, which I didn't even know was an option. Do you want to be friends?
  • Lup, taking a step back, complimentary mints cascading from her pockets: Whoa, holy shit, muscleman. Do you think you could pick me up?
  • Magnus: Definitely. I could probably throw you too. These puppies can handle a lot.
  • Lup, already trying to clamber onto his shoulders: Benchpress me, my man.
  • Taako, running back over with his arms full of cheap plastic pens and fridge magnets: Lup, no, don't let the strange human boy carry you, you don't know where he's been!
  • Lup: Taako, come on, we're gonna go find some really high shelves to raid. Or maybe just a library to hold dominion over. We're unstoppable now.
  • Magnus, helping himself to some pocket mints: I heard there are training rooms somewhere.
  • Lup: Choice, homie.