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America’s Douchiest Colleges! The Book! The Blog! The Excerpt!

A long long time ago we took it upon ourselves to rank America’s schools in ascending order of douchitude. That was fun.

Apparently it bounced off a Budweiser keg and hit a nerve, for we now have a bonafide douche franchise bigger than Summer’s Eve. For people who know and love young pre-formed d-bags, or just enjoy funny books, The Rogers & Littleton Guide to America’s Douchiest Colleges is available for purchase! And there’s a College Douchebag Tumblr to continue the book’s very scientific, important field studies plus a Twitter handle @collegedbag, because, uh, why not?

Bonus: an exclusive online excerpt detailing 2011’s Top Ten Douchiest Colleges. Complete with embarrassing pictures of college d-bags. God bless camera phones.

“My self-summary:

I like the color orange. I rarely use my expensive cell phone unless I have a gf. I love Dungeons and Dragons, and most Eberron Novels. I draw a bit and have a deviantart account that I never use. I have very few friends as I tend to stick to myself although I love being in groups. Im part of the juggalo family. I like both Star Trek and Star Wars. I don’t LARP but I roleplay quite a bit. Im BIG into the Chuthulu Mythos and love almost anything Lovecraft. Its a big passion for me. Once in a while I will get into a game of Borderlands with my brother online. I like vultures, boars, bats, hyenas, and rats. I wish I could own a ferret again. I cannot live without my laptop or a good dungeons and dragons novel. I hold the door for people, smoke cigars once in a blue moon, and very RARELY ever drink. And when I do I can drunk off of a wine cooler. My favorite food of all time is Chicken Lo Mein, I am turned off by foodies, and I don’t cook. Not that I feal cooking is a woman’s job, not at all, I just hate doing it. I have a dream of one day moving to japan and living out the rest of my life there as an interpreter.

I’m really good at:

Embarrasing my friends with my "I don’t care what they think of me” attitude, putting together a good story.

Critiqing other people on gramar and then mispelling half the words in this sentence.

The first things people usually notice about me:

Every once in a while some one comments on the fact that I always wear my hats backwards. Its not a ghetto style thing, its just how I’ve alway worn them.“

xy&z 40 prediction

ash: can i please have just one last request before you start using me as a power source or whatever

lysandre: depends, what is it

ash: just…. turn my hat backwards for me ok

lysandre: that’s it? sure i guess (turns ash’s hat backwards)

(xy&z theme plays as ash flexes his arms and legs and breaks the Limbprisonment Orbs, smashes the ones on his pokemon with his fists, and activates ash greninja)

ash: thanks man i owe you one

Josh’s hair is blonde now!
(More proof on his snapchat [joshuadun] if you’re a bit skeptical like I was when I saw this.)
Do you guys think he’s gonna leave it blonde for a while or dye it another color soon?? Let me know either by reblogging and leaving a comment or sending me a message in my ask box!
I’m hoping he dyes it purple again! :D