backwards hats

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spring is here i  got my hat on backwards and we’re all gonna write some stuff together

gay/trans/lgbt+ ppl are pressured to ‘’not be stereotypes/cliche” or ‘’be too obvious” while cishet ppl literally all look the same yeah ok lol bye

you’re a butch lesbian?? you wanna wear flannel and backward hats and be masculine?? go for it!!

you’re a femme gay dude whos super soft and wants to wear makeup?? go ahead!!

you’re a trans boy and u wanna be super duper masculine?? do it!!!!!

you’re a nb trans girl and u wanna be ultra feminine? yessssss girl!!!!

you dont gotta ‘’subvert stereotypes’’ or any of that shit.

Fratboy!Jensen with BeerPongChamp! @preciousmish and I

So we went up to him and I asked him if we could be “douchebag fratboys together” and he said “sure” so I handed him the glasses and then asked if he would wear the hat backward, but instead he gingerly placed it on his head like so and tbh it just made it look even more like a douchebag. Originally he was holding the cups in front of himself but I asked if he could put his arms around us. I could not be happier with this op. the jpeg will be posted as soon as we get it so PLEASE DO NOT CROP OR EDIT this particular version!

muchadoaboutannie  asked:

If I come to FL will you teach a fellow bisexual cubana how to figure out which girls also like girls? Because I am like a lost little rabbit!

luckily miami wlw are easy to spot. there’s 2 major categories. The one that’ll fight u if you look at her girl wrong: wife beater, basketball shorts, backwards hat, 5 bitches with them, optional eyebrow slit. or The one that may or may not be an art student: hipster looking chick with the different colored hair. Both categories will have girls with one side of their head shaved so look out for that overlapping feature that’s a dead giveaway green light and she ‘bout it. go get ‘em. dale