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Learn to Let Go|| Corbyn Besson||Daniel Seavey|| Why Don’t We Imagine

When Corbyn and Christina break up, he turns to you for support.

Can we, we keep, keep each other company? Oooh company.” You sing as you dance around the kitchen, making dinner. The Why Don’t We house’s kitchen is so much bigger than your apartment’s, it’s surreal to you. You turn towards the stove, frying the beef for the tacos you’re making, still singing and dancing to your favorite Justin Bieber song. When you turn around, you find your boyfriend, Daniel recording you on his phone, smiling ear to ear. 

“Daniel! I swear, that better not be Instagram.” you growl, extremely embarrassed. 

“No, no. It’s actually Snapchat. Much worse.” He laughs. You launch yourself at him trying to snag his phone, but he holds it up above his head, far out of your reach. You even try reaching it by jumping, which makes Daniel laugh even harder. 

“Stop laughing at me! Give it!” You groan, blushing intensely.

“Babe, I think you’re burning the beef.” You spin around to the stove where a small plume of smoke is swirling the pan. 

“Crap!” You rush over and turn down the heat, finding that only the bottom was burnt. Daniel comes up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist, hugging you tightly. Just then the front door opens and slams, making the walls shake. 

Corbyn appears from around the corner, making a beeline for the stairs. “You okay, bro?” Daniel asks, but is completely ignored. He looks at you and all you can do is shrug. For all the years that Corbyn has been your best friend, you’ve never seen him act like that. 

You serve up fulling stuffed tacos to four out of five of the band, all of them making some kind of noise to convey their gratitude. “Tastes great!” Zach shouts, stuffing the taco into his mouth. 

“Of course it tastes great. It was made by my beautiful girlfriend.” Daniel winks at you and plants a kiss on your cheek. Jack and Zach make a series of barfing noises in disgust. 

“Get a room!” Jack shrieks, making Jonah laugh. 

“Hey, where’s Corbyn?” You ask, looking at the stairs.

“In his room. He hasn’t come out since he got home from his date with Christina. Hasn’t talked to anyone either.” Jonah says while chewing. 

You leave the boys in search of Corbyn. You find it weird that he would act like this. He usually loves my tacos! 

You burst into Corbyn’s room without knocking, wearing sunglasses and one of Daniel’s baseball caps backwards. “Yo, yo, yo! I made tacooosss…” You scan the room, Corbyn not being on his bed like usual. You find him lying on the floor staring up at you with red eyes and a framed picture of him and Christina in his hand. There are several used tissues littering the floor, as well. 

“Uuhhh,” You take off the sunglasses, hanging them on your shirt. Corbyn sniffles, interrupting your thoughts. He sits up, leaning his back against his bed. “Do I even wanna know what’s happening right now?” You ask, closing the door and taking a seat next to your best friend. 

“Christina broke up with me.” He says, making your eyes widen immensely. 

“Wha… what happened? Why?” You ask, turning your body so you’re completely facing him. 

He goes on, explaining how being on tour a lot wedged a gap between them, how the distance made it hard for him to be there for her when she needed him. You sat there patiently as he explained everything. By the end of it, you could see more tears pricking at his eyes. 

“You’re gonna be okay, man. You have me and the guys when you need us. For now, you just gotta take it one step at a time and learn to let go.” Corbyn nods along with what you’re saying, giving you a weak smile.

“Come here.” You open your arms to him, giving him a big hug which he happily accepts. He snuggles his head on to your shoulder and you hear another sniffle. “I love you, but I swear Corbyn, if you get your snot in my hair or on my shirt, you’re a dead man.” 

He laughs, pulling away. “You’re unbelievable. You ruined the moment.” Corbyn glares at you as he reaches for another tissue. You throw the entire Kleenex box into his lap.

“Blow your nose. You sound like Karen from Will & Grace.” You tease. “Wash your face and come downstairs. If you don’t hurry, all of my world famous tacos will be gone.” You get up and open the door. 

“Aye!” Corbyn shouts. You turn around, looking back at him. “Thanks. And I love you too, Y/N.” He finishes by sticking his tongue out at you.

“Tryna’ steal my girl, bro?” Daniel teases, appearing out of no where and slinging his arm around your shoulders. 

“Never.” Corbyn laughs.

“Not surprised. Have you seen how she dances?” You smack Daniel’s arm, giving him a death stare. “I was just kidding, geez.” He laughs and kisses your cheek. Corbyn laughs too, the red in his eyes finally starting to disappear. You smile.  I’ll never get tired of this.

First impressions with my 11 year old brother - GOT7

Mark: Such a lady’s man
JB: He just tries too hard
Jinyoung: Looks like a High School Musical extra
Youngjae: He looks like he’s being forced to do this, why
Jackson: What a gangsta, hes always wearing a backwards cap like “yo”
Bambam: Is he the youngest? (me: “no”) hoW IS HE NOT THE YOUNGEST? HE LOOKS THE YOUNGEST???
Yugyeom: He’s always looking right in photos… in more ways than one ayYYYE

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