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i just KNOW supergirl’s promotion material is gonna be feeding us GOOD like… we’ve gotta wait four weeks and they’re going to bend over backwards to keep us interested… for the sake of their ratings… not to mention katie numerically improves their audience… and having a hiatus before her centric episode? it’s all to give them more time to hype us up. i’m ready and i’m busting it tf open for lena luthor material

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unpopular opinion: every time i look at a rpt’s post they got smth to say abt hte rpc not being good enough like it used to n yadda yadda people going ghost uM HELLO!!!!! BITCH!!!! IT’S MARCH. PPL ARENT ON VACATION. THEY GOT STUFF TO DEW THEY GOT LIFES. THEY TRY TO BE ALL CONDESCENDING N SHIT N try to make ppl feel BAD for not applying to things LIKE ….. IF IT MEANS PRACTICING SELF CARE AND PUTTING MYSELF FIRST BEFORE APPLYING TO UR 24 HR ACTIVITY LIMIT AINT SHIT RP THEN …I WILL DO JUST THAT… not bending over backwards…perhaps chill and wait for the summer ….especially w these new aesthetics n shit u think repyign to stuff is easy? takes me an hour to do one like im tired……anyway im done rambling 

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I only took 2 positives from these spoilers and I had to really bend over backwards to make them positives: 1)No overt C@rzekiel Things 2)As contrived as the Morgan/Carol scenes are, they're being forced again to finally bookend things and next season, Carol can be relatively Morgan free. But that's it, that's all I got. I'm glad that the hiatus is here. This season has been wrenching Bc of its sheer ineptitude. And we lost Glennand Sasha, two excellent characters sacrificed for fucking nothing

This is definitely, coupled with season 6, the worst season ever. I just can’t believe this show had so much potential at the end of season 5 and they simply went through a path where they still had many ways to fix it but made all the wrong choices. The show lost its essence and what made it be one of the most watched shows in the television. Twd is a walker now. Died way back on season 6, episode 3, Thank You. Under the dumpster.

Women love so differently. I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason males never pick up on a woman’s interest is because we never do things explicitly. We don’t buy men flowers or offer to take them out. We invest, we bend over backwards and we’re patient, but to men that’s just a woman being a woman. A man is never going to realize you’re going the extra mile until you tell him or until you stop trying.

deancas!au where:

  • cas takes a gap year after his bachelor’s degree and travels, deciding he’ll blog while doing it instead of keeping a formal travel journal
  • his ends up catching intense wanderlust and decides to make it two gap years
  • his blog takes off and people suddenly pay him to travel and then it becomes three years, then four, then five
  • on the sixth year, while in cambodia, he gets a call from kansas city general hospital
  • jimmy and amelia have been in a car crash. drunk driver. they were dead on arrival
  • they’ve named cas as two year-old claire’s guardian
  • cas is on the next flight out
  • but it turns out that you can’t actually travel while trying to take care of your niece and planning a funeral and looking for a job 
  • and then jimmy’s pos car decides not to start
  • enter dean winchester
  • dean, who takes one look at cas’s rumpled, dirty clothes and the bags under blues eyes and the squirming child in his arms and bends over backwards trying to make things easier for him
  • dean, who didn’t know jimmy personally but who’s sorry for cas’s loss, and offers to drive he and claire wherever they need while their car is in the shop “’cause we don’t have a car for you to use in the meantime, but you must be real busy so.”
  • which turns into dean chauffering cas to the grocery store and dropping him off at the mall with a ton of resumés while claire is at daycare
  • and then into cas and dean going out one night because dean insists cas needs some grown-up time
  • and then into cas inviting dean over so he and claire cook him the best indian food dean’s ever tasted even though cas insists it’s a cheap imitation
  • and then into cas and dean kind of… hanging out a lot. and maybe starting to touch a lot
  • and this, ultimately, culminates in a kiss on dean’s front porch

first of all here’s yuuri’s serene unsweaty face 2 seconds before viktor opens his horrible mouth

umm viktor kissed his skate on international television meaning yuuri’s boot ≥ gold medal > silver medal I see right through you viktor. only the best of the best can touch that mouth #standards

oh no. yuuri knows exactly what’s coming you’re in public don’t do this,

where’s that leg going viktor… MEANWHILE PEOPLE ARE JUST STARING…

there’s no gold medal to kiss but I still intend to put my mouth on something, can you think of some other exciting place I could put it? also I’m standing between your legs while you’re bending over backwards and my huge ugly coat is conveniently shielding our crotches btw?

viktor has No shame so yuuri always takes it upon himself to have enough self control for the both of them. is it viktor’s mission in life to make yuuri’s job as difficult as possible? signs point to yes

please he’s pouring sweat… he’s struggling. viktor has no mercy.

Mean Astrology: The Moon Signs

~Trigger Warning~

These came out a little…. meaner than anticipated. It’s downright cruel and will feel personal, though I promise you it’s not, but remember to TAKE IT LIGHTLY and if you can’t do that, think of it as something to avoid/learn from.

Aries: Your default setting is angry, it’s toxic and dangerous and no; that’s not as hot as you think it is. You’re selfish and uncaring even with the people you love. You lie when you get bored so you don’t have to deal with anyone else’s feelings. You are an undeveloped child who has to grow up and realize you hurt people and then expect them to forgive you because you’re a wounded child.

Taurus: You shut everyone out, don’t let them know. But then you expect them to bend over backwards for you; they’re not mind-readers! You complain about everyone being selfish and how no one ever “cares about ME” but whenever someone tries you act like you’re completely fine! You’re a hypocrite and you need to change your own fucking ways for once. 

Gemini: Just because you don’t understand how to process your emotions doesn’t mean everyone else does, you suppress your feelings until it comes out in a tirade and you throw it all at people close. You’re smart, and you cut with your tongue. You see through people, see their most sensitive weaknesses and you will throw it all back at them when emotions rise, no matter what they mean to you. You need to learn you can’t take back what you say no matter what you do. 

Cancer: Fuckboy. You’re so basic, you think you’re so thoughtful and kind-hearted but the truth is you are so self-absorbed in your own shit and unable to perform emotional labor for anyone else, that you forget that saying you’re kind and understanding and being kind and understanding are two very different things. 

Leo: You are like the stereotypical toxic masculinity-form of emotional stability. Like you don’t have to act like a suburban dad who doesn’t know how to act when their daughter cries so you just don’t deal with it, it’s okay to cry and be soft. And to purposefully ignore other peoples’ hurt just because it’s easier not to deal with it? It’s downright shitty. 

Virgo: You are the first one there whenever anyone needs you, and you always do your best as you always need to be relied on, but emotions aren’t logical. Not everyone feels better by breaking down their emotions and realizing how nonsensical they are. People don’t need to hear they don’t make sense, they probably already know. You need to accept that not everything is logical, and it’s almost never the solution in matters of the heart. Also, stop being so goddamn hard on yourself it gets old.

Libra: You are a case of “the grass is always greener” you are never satisfied with what you have, what you feel. You throw away friends once you feel you’ve found better ones to prioritize but you aren’t honest with them, you pretend you’re still all in but you don’t do anything but let them drift away. You cheat but you will never understand you’re not becoming a more accomplished person by throwing away genuine though imperfect people. People aren’t corporate ladders. 

Scorpio: You are a mess of trust issues and insecurities but you’re so obsessed with control you don’t let yourself work it out, you don’t share it. You eat up emotions all around you but try to never feel your own. It’s barbaric and stupid. You let it culminate into self hate and anger, and you have a hard time forgiving although you would never share that out loud, you lie to people instead. 

Sagittarius: You are an emotional rollercoaster, while your default outward expression is of peace and philosophical understanding, when the goings get tough you go from 0 to 100 way too fast, with any and all emotions. You need to realize that just because you feel things like a flamethrower, it doesn’t mean other people don’t feel the world on their shoulders too. You just go through it faster and don’t always share until it comes out antagonistically. 

Capricorn: We get it, you feel like you had to grow up fast, be tough; never let anything take you down.But sometimes you have to realize that being tough is a two-edged sword; yes you feel stronger, but that means you don’t always let people in, don’t always act vulnerable and soft. You can’t dissociate from your loved ones when the goings get tough, you have to take down your walls; not be angry or simply not there.

Aquarius: You can’t just not process emotions and state that you’re a beacon of true mental health, it doesn’t work that way. And just because other peoples’ emotions make you “uncomfortable”, doesn’t mean you get to walk away from them. It’s uncomfortable because you beat that shit down so fast that you never realize its value or necessity and you do it to others just as much as you do it to yourself. Let feelings happen, you can’t deal with it by being up in arms.

Pisces: You manipulative assholes, you are not as wise as you think you are. You use other people’s emotions as toys until you get bored with them then press the self-destruct button and assume the role of the victim to make everyone feel bad for you, even though you’re to blame. You’re good with your tongue but you’re not smart enough to pull your games off. And if you keep them up? You will be alone just as you secretly fear.


911, Chris Labrooy

UK-based artist Chris LaBrooy continues his exploration of “auto elasticity,” continuously releasing new selections of his trippy renderings via his Instagram account

This time around we find LaBrooy playing with the Porsche 911, highlighting the vehicle hopping forwards and backwards on one tire, bending back and forth, floating in a pool, and wrapped in an elevated cage.

FE Fandom: “Fire Emblem needs to have more complex characters! No more of these stupid, one-note anime tropes!”

Takumi: (has low self-esteem, implied to have depression/anxiety, works his ass off with his archery and has high standards due to being in Ryoma’s shadow, feels inferior to the rest of his family due to that, gets possessed by the true villain due to aforementioned feelings of inferiority, is one of the few characters who doesn’t immediately love Corrin when the fandom complains about how much everybody bends over backwards for them, admits that he was wrong and apologizes for his mistakes in Conquest’s endgame, comes to realize his flaws in several of his support chains)

FE Fandom: “No, not you–”

Few things piss me off more than seeing how women celebrities bend over backwards, pinch, prime, suck it in, paint it on, start prepping their skin weeks in advance for awards shows, and then male celebs like Casey Affleck show up looking like they’re goddamn homeless. Like I’m afraid that if I go to close to him, I’ll get fleas (well, it’s more likely that if I go too close to him, I’ll get groped). Like seriously what do you think would happen if a lady celeb showed up looking like she hadn’t bathed in a month?