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The Right’s defense of Nazi ideology on the basis of the first amendment is astoundingly revolting. Seeing real actual people in this country defend neo-Nazi rhetoric as being legally recognized under free speech first-and-foremost over hate speech is fucking disgusting in so many ways. It is bewildering how this shit is allowed to fester under the very nation that fought to destroy the failed fascist state they hold so dear. The irony that they proudly fly the star spangled banner next to the swastika and iron cross, despite the fact that its legacy represents the very entity that fucked their tyrant daddy in Germany, is dumbfounding. And just the fact that those white nationalist groups were able to abuse our freedom, legally obtaining a permit to have a literal Jew hating, race damning, skinhead supremacy rally in public, shouting chants of bigotry, marching with weapons, threatening violence and (now having committed) actual murder is absolutely fucking reprehensible. That is NOT what this country stands for, is fought for, or should be protecting. Nazis should NOT be able to be defended legally or otherwise in this country, let alone anywhere else in the world. These groups need to be formally recognized as terrorist organizations and fucking e l i m i n a t e d. i tend to see myself as a moderate when it comes to general politics, but there’s nothing moderate about this issue. after this development, I honestly don’t feel comfortable being middle-ground when one side will condone such heinous behavior, twisting our laws against us to justify it. the fact that a large section of the Conservative US is using state sanctioned loopholes, a bastardized interpretation of the Bill of Rights, and a warped sense of national freedom to justify the defense of literal motherfucking Nazi sympathizers in MY backyard after over half a century later and tens of millions of lives lost just to prove that Nazism is unquestionably WRONG is so bat shit backwards that I can’t even fathom how it’s logically legal anymore.

If She Never Knew Me (Part 1 of 2)

Written by: @ilovebeingjoyful
Posted: April 21st, 2017 
Warnings: Fluff, non-detailed smut (will place * when it starts and ends)
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
AN: This is going to be a two-parter. 

Bucky’s bit his lower lip as he watched the baseball field ahead of him. His eyes scanned the dugout for that little boy. 

“Now, coming up to bat is Jared (Y/L/N).”

The announcer’s voice spoke over the speaker. Bucky felt his heart swell as he watched (Y/N) on the other side of the field standing to her feet to cheer for her son. He gave a closed mouth smile before letting his eyes flick back to the 10-year-old boy. Jared took a deep breath before turning his ballcap backward, letting his bat rest on his shoulder as he looked over to his mother and giving her thumbs up. Bucky’s fingers played with one another as he watched the boy walk up to the base and take his stance. 

“Come on, buddy, you got this,” Bucky spoke as he felt his heart pound in his chest, just like it always did when he watched Jared’s games. He never missed one, just as he promised the young boy. 

The pitcher rolled the baseball in his hand a few times as he shook his head to the catcher once–twice–before nodding. A lump grew in Bucky’s throat as he watched closely, his eyes flicked over and just like always, (Y/N) was sitting on the edge of her seat. Even from this far, Bucky knew exactly what she was saying. It was the same words she would whisper when her hand would squeeze his. 

“Jared, number #17 on the field, but #1 in my heart. Always a winner in my eyes, relax son, win or lose–you are always my favorite baseball player.” 

Now, her hand is gripping the leg part of her jeans. Bucky forced his eyes away when he saw the pitcher was just about to throw the ball. His eyes followed the ball as his metal hand fisted, “Swing–NOW!” He whispered to himself. Sure enough, the young boy whipped his bat around. The loud hit of the ball meeting the metal bat rang loud, Bucky threw his hands in the air, “That-a-boy!!!” He cheered as (Y/N) screamed and stood to her feet. 

“That’s my boy!!! RUN JARED!!! RUUUNNN!!” 

The little boy took off in full sprint his foot hitting the first base before continuing around to second, “Okay–stop!” Bucky whispered and once again, Jared listened. A proud smile came across his bristled face, “Good job.” He said softly before leaning back against the tree. As he watched the game, Bucky could not help but watch her. The way she cheered and often became vocal toward the refs. A sad smile came across his face at the memories that flooded his mind. With each memory, it made his heart crack more and more…

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Behind the camera with Eddie Vedder and the Cubs' 'Bryzzo'

MESA, Ariz. (AP) – Eddie Vedder walks through the door, guitar in his right hand, folder in left, a backward Chicago Cubs batting helmet on his head.

He places the folder on the desk, swings the guitar around and begins his pitch to Cubs players Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo. The Bryzzo Souvenir Company needs a jingle, so the Pearl Jam frontman starts playing a punk rock-esque song that ends with: “That ball was Bryzzo-ed!”

Bryant and Rizzo rise, high-five and shout: “Yes! That’s it!”

They do the scene again and again , at least a half-dozen times, each take filled with the same enthusiasm.

Vedder and the two ballplayers are not actors, but nail the scene each time.

This is part of what made the Bryzzo Souvenir Company commercial so good last season and what should make this year’s spots even better.

“They’re great,” director Jacob Rosenberg said. “Teams that fight for their championships are tight units and working with them, you see just how well they jell together.”

Bryant and Rizzo teamed up last season to shoot a spot for the fictional Bryzzo Souvenir Company as part of Major League Baseball’s (hash)THIS ad campaign.

The first commercial featured the teammates pretending to be working at the souvenir company that combines their names, ending with the catchphrase: “We put the ding in dinger.”

This year’s spots have more star power.

In addition to Vedder, a huge Cubs fan, the commercials will include current Cubs players Ben Zobrist, Javier Baez, Addison Russell and Kyle Schwarber. It also features David Ross, the catcher on last year’s World Series team, working as the intern after retiring from baseball.

Ross plays the role to perfection, equal parts try-hard and bumbler.

While stamping boxes, he fastidiously makes sure every corner of stamp hits the cardboard, slowly blows on the ink then smiles with a look of satisfaction. In another scene, he has his arms full of baseballs and tries to bump a box back onto a table with his hip. He spills the balls on the floor and feigns disgust, leading to laughter by the crew watching the monitor outside.

“How we doing?” Ross asks after emerging from the office. “I’m sweating in there from trying so hard.”

Ross’ job is to bring the bosses their coffee-and-danish order. Before Ross can read off the fake list of items on his tray after walking through the door, Rizzo bursts out laughing at his former teammate playing intern.

“I can’t do this!” he says between laughs.

The trio gather themselves and run through the same scene multiple times, each with a different twist: Ross running off a list of breakfast items; Ross talking too loud before sheepishly realizing his bosses are on the phone; Ross meekly asking if there was a scratch on the van before he left.

Then word hits the set that Vedder has arrived.

“Is Eddie in the house?” Rosenberg asks.

The scenes in the conference room wrap up with closer shots of Bryant and Rizzo, who reel off lines rapid fire fed to them by Rosenberg and the writers.

Bryant and Rizzo move out to the main office to shoot a scene of them walking through the cubicles with coffee, saying hello to Baez and Clark, the Cubs’ mascot.

Vedder, waiting for his turn, hangs in the back and watches the scene on the monitor, breaking into a smile as Rizzo nails a line.

When he gets the call, Vedder enters the conference room, says hello to the players, then goes over his role with Rosenberg.

The golden-throated singer wrote several songs a few days earlier - all to the same tune - and began singing them to the Cubs players, who feign excitement with each one.

The group decided the version that ended with Bryzzo-ed was the best fit, so they went through several takes of Vedder singing and the players reacting in different ways. Vedder surprises the guys with a handful of Bryzzo picks, which leads to them flicking them at the camera.

Vedder’s job done, he grabs a bag that has two custom-made ukuleles that he brought from Hawaii and hands them Bryant and Rizzo.

While the three stars pose for photos, Rosenberg and a crew member repeatedly drop the picks on the table, trying to get just the right splash for the close-up.

Part 1: Reverse Bat-family Fanfic

For this Batfam Fanfic, I was asked to write it “reverse,” and so all the Batkid’s ages have been switched. Thanks to @dixie-grayson for the request! Here’s an idea to their ages:

Dick: 8

Jason: 11

Tim: 15

Steph: 16

Cass: 17

Damian: 25

Damian observed the latest addition to the Batcave’s collection of memorabilia. The latest mission had resulted in some more files under Poison Ivy, but Bruce had left the work behind to his eldest son when some Joker sightings had flared up on the other side of the continent. As Damian settled back to putting away the folders and papers, he felt a small tug on his sleeve. Glancing down, Damian was greeted by the grinning face of the youngest Wayne Manor residence, Dick. Although legally, the boy’s name was Richard, such a name was much too regal and mature for the most bubbliest and energetic child in the family. The eight-year-old’s voice squeaked as he began to speak.

“Dami! Dami! The computer says that Commissioner Gordon wants you! And I was wondering… can I patrol tonight? Please please please!”

The small boy’s wine was enough to break any adults’ heart, but Damian had been answering the same question almost every night now.

“Dick, you know–”

But the phrase was cut off, never to be finished as a whirlwind of fists and shouts came out of nowhere. It was like a human hurricane, and at the center was Jason, Tim, and Stephanie. Cassie was busy giggling on the sidelines, as if they were a performance group set to entertain. 

“You give it back right now!”

“I never took it!”

“Liar! We know it was you!”

The fighting grew more and more intense, and the noise ricocheted off the cave walls, creating a major head ache.


Damian’s powerful bellow caused the group to stop mid hair-pulls and punches, leaving the attention the the towering figure who had become icily serious. One look was rumored to turn one into a Popsicle faster than any of Mr. Freeze’s inventions. 

“Jason stole our–oof!”

Tim’s cry was cut short as Steph jabbed him in the stomach, trying to keep the situation a secret for as long as possible. Her efforts were met by a sharp glare from Damian as he continued to figure out the situation. 

“Cass!” He barked, “Tell me what’s going on here right now!”

The seventeen-year-old had gone stock still. However, right as her mouth was about to open, the alarm from the Batcomputer went insane. Sirens exploded with noise as red lights flared. Everyone in the cave but Damian jumped from the alarm. 

“What’s going on?!” Shouted Jason, both hands placed firmly over his ears. 

Such a warning meant one thing: the Joker was in Gotham City, and he had the Batman.

Instincts (Day 2 of Sheith Week)

Note: Is this technically early, very much yes, but patience is not one of my virtues.  Hope ya’ll enjoy reading this as much as I did imagining it.

Shiro wasn’t quite sure how suddenly gaining feline features was even theoretically supposed to help a paladin bond with their lion, but he had a sneaking suspicion that the explanation was just an excuse made up after the fact to cover for an accidental malfunction of a real Castle training machine.  Either way, Coran had assured everyone that the effects of the melding device would wear off by morning.  Until then, they just needed to sit tight and not scratch themselves or each other with their new found claws.

A resolution that lasted all of thirty seconds.  He didn’t hear what Lance had said, distracted as he was by trying to force the claws on his Galra hand to retract, but he did hear the sudden hiss from Keith and burst of laughter from Lance.  Shiro barely turned in time to put a restraining hand on the Red Paladin’s shoulders.  Keith had come a long ways since his early days in the Garrison.  He was well past the point where mere words could prompt him into a fist fight, but his new ears were laid back flat and the hair on his head had poofed up like he’d been out in a windstorm.  There was a good chance this melding was messing with their heads along with their bodies, and Shiro didn’t want to risk a practical demonstration of their new claws sharpness just because Lance had terrible timing.

“Hunk,” Shiro said, keeping his hand on Keith but directing the attention of the room to where the Yellow Paladin was standing beside his friend, “Why don’t you take Lance and Pidge down to the kitchen and make sure this melding hasn’t changed our taste buds or digestive tracks.”  He had no doubt Pidge and Lance would wander off to do their own thing the second they were certain normal food goo wouldn’t poison them, but a little separation would give everyone time to adjust to the changes.

“Sure thing boss man,” Hunk said, looking relieved at the excuse to drag his friend away from the impending fight, “Come on guys, Coran showed me a computer in the kitchen that can tell you if food is edible to your species.”  Lance complained a bit, but the three paladins quickly filed out of the room.  Shiro could hear Pidge in the hall excitedly pressing Hunk for details on how exactly the device worked through the closed door.

As soon as the sound of their conversation became indistinguishable, Keith spoke, “I wasn’t going to hit him.”

“I didn’t think you would,” Shiro said, turning Keith to face him, “My hearing is just a little sensitive right now, and I’m pretty sure you two arguing would hurt my ears.”  A white lie, but with a good bit of truth to it.  He really didn’t feel up to a shouting match between Lance and Keith right now.

Keith gave him a skeptical look, but didn’t call him on his excuse. “So, what are we supposed to do while they make dinner?”

“I didn’t really think that far ahead,” The dirtier parts of his mind had a couple of suggestions, but the public living spaces were not the place to try them. Huh, Keith’s hair was still fluffed up to the extreme, “We could try to tame your hair?” He suggested, “80’s glam rock looks good on you, babe, but not quite your style.”

Keith’s eyes went wide.  He whirled around, and rushed to the closest window to get a look at himself, “What the hell,” Keith said, frantically patting his hair back down, as his tail twitched back and forth.  Keith was far from the vainest person he knew, but even he had standards.

Shiro chuckled, walking up behind him to wrap his arms around his boyfriend’s shoulders.  Keith ears perked up to listen, but he didn’t stop messing with his hair.  His reflection showed a little snarl of frustration.  Shiro wonder if Keith would scratch him if he called him cute or adorable right now.  His feelings about the terms had a tendency to fluctuate.  Better not, the hair and new appendages were enough blows to the ego for one day.  Instead, Shiro leaned in and rubbed his nose and forehead into Keith’s hair, messing up his hard work without remorse. “Seriously, Shiro?” Keith said, pulling away to give him a scowl, ears flitting downwards a bit.  Not really angry with him. A single tuft of hair caught Shiro’s attention. It was standing up perfectly straight in the middle of Keith’s head.  He could fix that, Shiro moved forward and flattened the hair down with a lick.

They both froze, tails stopping mid swish, “Did you just lick my hair?” Keith asked, shock evident in his voice.

Shiro immediately let Keith go and took a step back, “No,” he denied.  He could feel his face heating up.  What in the world had inspired him to do that?

“You did.  You just licked my hair.” Bad mood forgotten, Keith was grinning now, “Do you want to groom me, Takashi?” He didn’t know if Keith had meant it that way, but as his blood stopped rushing to his face and started rushing south, that was the way his little head was going to interpret it.  They were in a public place.  He needed to think responsible leader thoughts before this got out of hand.

“It must be the melding,” Shiro said, doing his best to look at anything that wasn’t Keith, “There must be some mental effects to go along with the physical.”

“The melding, huh,” Keith said, something mischievous slipping into his voice.  Keith reminded Shiro of cat with an unsuspecting mouse in its gaze. He didn’t like feeling like a mouse, “Well if it’s just the melding, then we should probably go tell the others what happened.  We wouldn’t want them to get caught by surprise if they suddenly felt the urge to lick each other’s hair,” Keith said all false innocence, as he turned and started walking towards the door. No. Keith had to just be teasing.  He wouldn’t actually tell the others.  Would he? “I bet they haven’t even made it to the elevator, yet.” Keith would.

Tackling Keith was probably not the most graceful solution to preventing him from reaching the door, but it was the one that felt right in the moment. Keith went down with an eep and an oof. He struggled, of course, but Shiro knocked his arms out from under him as he tried to push back up off the ground.  Shiro straddled the back of Keith’s thighs and layered himself front to back on top of him. Letting his superior weight and mass do the work of keeping the smaller man pinned to the floor.  “You aren’t telling anybody.” He growled.

His boyfriend laughed at him, not intimidated in the slightest, “Oh really,” Keith said, craning his head to look back at him, “How are you planning to stop me. Going to lay on top of me all night?” Keith squirmed under him to emphasize his point. The movement had him rubbing against places, and Shiro choked.  Damn his libido, wasn’t he supposed to have grown out of the horny teenager stage in high school?

“Stop that,” He hissed, pressing down harder to keep Keith still.  He saw the exact moment his lover realized what his squirming had done.  Keith’s grin grew impossibly wider, showing off some of his newly sharpened canines.  Shiro was so screwed.

“Why Takashi, am I giving you impure thoughts?” Keith sing-songed, purposefully shoved back into him.

“Keith,” Shiro groaned, “We’re in public.”  Anyone could walk in.

“Guess you’ll have to let me up then.” Keith said. Oh no, he wasn’t letting him win that easy.  You didn’t get to be top of the Garrison without a competitive streak.

Shiro shifted himself up so he could get a better angle at Keith’s head, “Or, I could lick you again until you stop moving.” Shiro threatened, “Make all your hair stick straight up until you look like a porcupine, then send a picture of it to Lance.”

“Don’t you dare.” Keith said, looking appalled, “I swear to God.  I will make you regret it.”

Sounded like a good time to him.  Shiro smiled then leaned down and licked the side of Keith’s mullet. “Shiro!” Keith squeaked, flailing backwards trying to bat him off.  He was mostly unsuccessful, until one of his new claws nicked Shiro’s chin.  Damn, those were sharp.  Shiro jerked back, giving Keith a chance to wiggle halfway out from under him.  Shiro recovered before he could get completely free, though.  He reached forward and wrapped his Galra arm around Keith.  Pinning his arms to his side, and knocking him back to the floor.  Shiro licked him again, catching the edge of his ear while he struggled.  The new ears must have been sensitive, because Keith gave him a bark of laughter.

“Agh, Shiro stop,” Keith squealed, an undeniable smile on his lips, “I give, I give, Uncle.”

Shiro didn’t loosen his grip, terms of surrender had to be laid out before he could let his prisoner go, “So you aren’t going to tell anyone what happened.”

“Yes, jeez, I was joking,” Keith said, “Now quit it, you big lug.”

Shiro was tempted to hold on longer.  Pinning Keith was always fun, especially when he smiled at him like that, but he had surrendered.  Shiro let him go and sat back on his haunches.  Letting Keith roll over to look up at him.

“So,” Keith said.

“So,” Shiro replied.

“Want to go somewhere that isn’t public?” Keith asked.

“Not Clownin’ Around Anymore” (A Hyungwon Angst)

Anon Asked:  Hi I was wondering if I can get a monsta x hyungwon scenario about the whole people seeing clown shit and where he finds out that his girlfriend has been kidnap by one of them I hope it’s not to much to ask

Oh jesus! I honestly loved this request and with my Ult Bias too ?! Bless you ! Here you go sweetie!~

Reader x Hyungwon

Genre: Violence + Angst

WARNING* Strong Violence, And Language

Originally posted by honeykihyun

   “God I really hate all this clown shit all over the news,” Hyungwon breathed out as he stood up from the couch cushions as he stared at the dimly lit television that sat in front of him and his best friend Shownu.

   “Yeah,It’s really pathetic.” Shownu sighed as he sat up resting his strong arms up on his knees. “Honestly, you would think people have more common sense, but I guess with the way things are now, you never know anymore.” He shook his head, but kept his eyes glued to the news report that said there was another attack around their area.

   “Well I have to go.” Hyungwon spoke up as he checked his phone and slipped it back into the pocket of his dark jacket. “Y/N is waiting for me and I promised that I would take her out tonight to make up for the fight we had the other night.” Hyungwon spoke as he made his way towards the front door with Shownu following behind him.

   “Well you both be careful out there okay man? You know with all this crap going on.” 

   Shownu slung out his hand and slapped it against Hyungwon’s slightly grabbing his fingers in unison,pulling him into a half-hug only to let go and nod his way.

   “You too.” Hyungwon nodded back before opening the door and heading out into the cool brisk afternoon.


   Hyungwon slipped his phone back out of his pocket and clicked on the homescreen to squint at the time.

   6:30 P.M.

   He stuck his phone back into his pocket and leaned against one of the trees that stood next to the sidewalk as he waited there for you to emerge from corner of the street, which you did.

   His solemn expression beamed into a smile as you turned down the corner and down the sidewalk towards you.

   He felt his heart flutter when you smiled his way. He blushed slightly as he noticed you wearing that dress that was a little to tight for his comfort sway above your knees as you jogged up towards him.

   All his worries melted away once he saw you. Yes although you two had fought the other night in a terrible way, none of that mattered now. He had hoped that you would forgive him and you two could go back to how things were. He was head over heels for you, he loved every inch of your body and soul and didn’t know hat he would do if something ever happened to you, the love of his life.

   But he would soon feel that feeling, as he saw two men dressed in gaudy and brightly colored outfits emerge from the trees next to you and lunge towards you pulling you off the ground.

   Hyungwon broke out in a run trying his best to scramble over towards where you were. 

   “Hey let her go !” He yelled out angrily as he kept running trying to catch up to them who where now running down the street with you on slung on one of their backs screaming and reaching out for him.

   “Hyungwon!” You yelled out as you thrashed around,tears spilling down your face.

  “Y/N!” He screamed out as he kept running slower and slower as his legs became heavier and heavier with each step until he finally came to a stop from his feet giving out from underneath him.

   “Shit!” He spat out as he leaned hunched over, planting his hands on his knees as he watched you along with the clowns disappear down around the corner.


    He huffed loudly as he ripped through his room, tearing things apart, until his hands landed on the cool metal bat that he brought up to his chest.

   Growling under his breath he trudged from his room, back outside.


   “Let’s just go to the police Hyungwon, Don’t do this man.” Shownu’s voice pleaded through the phone. “Co-”

   “They took Y/N ! They fucking took her. I’m not just going to sit here and do nothing.” Hyungwon yelled into phone cutting Shownu off. 

   “I understand that, but look man, if you do this then you are either going to get your ass beat or worse, I mean you don’t know…..”

   Hyungwon let Shownu’s words trail off as he stopped at the end of the sidewalk when he saw one of the exact same clowns walking across the street on the other side of the road from where he stood clutching the cool, metal bat that he held in the other hand.

   “I gotta go.” He spoke as he stuffed the phone back into his pocket with an angry and worried Shownu yelling for him to stop.

   “Hey!” Hyungwon yelled out as he ran up to the man in the brightly coloured suit who now scrambled to his feet, but Hyungwon was far too quick when he smashed his knees making him fall to the ground with a disgruntled scream.

   “Where is she?” He huffed out,now towering over the man who now seemed so small. 

   “Wh-who?” the man asked.

   “Who else?! My girlfriend! The woman that you and your little buddy took !” He lost his temper slamming the bat to the side making it strike against the paved sidewalk.

   “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I didn’t touch your fucking girlfriend.” He said in an angry tone.

   “Don’t give me that shit! “ He yelled as he pulled him up by his clown suit, “Now tell me where she is you son of bitch!”

   “Okay just take it easy,” He spat out turning his head from Hyungwon’s twisted frown.


   Knock Knock

    “Yeah Yeah I’m coming.” The tall,burly young man stood up and dragged his feet towards to the loud banging that sounded on the door. As soon as he swung it open he was taken aback by Hyungwon, who pushed him backwards with the bat to his stomach making him falter backwards with a loud outcry accompanied by a thud as he hit the ground. 

   “What the fuck?” The man opened his tightened eyes and looked up at Hyungwon who glared down at him angrily gripping the bat. “Who the fuck are you?”

   “I’m the guy that’s going to bash your head in if you don’t tell me where my girlfriend is right now!” This time he completely lost here, because here in front of him ,was the man that has the nerve to touch you and take you away from him. He got the bat and swung it to the side in a menacing and threatening way as if to scare him.

   The man below him stood up when he realized who he was talking about. “Ohh… You mean that little beauty ? It was just a prank man.” He chuckled lowly and shook his head which made Hyungwon’s face twitch as he threw the bat to the side and grabbed ahold of him.

   “She did nothing to you, and this isn’t a prank. It’s not funny to anyone the things you are doing out here.People like you make me sick.” He spat out as he shook him back and forth violently.

   “Now tell me where she is you shit bag!” He yelled out as he stopped shaking him, holding him there with shaky and uneasy hands.

   “Or what?” He grinned at Hyungwon as if to challenge him.

   Hyungwon had just had it with all these games, he couldn’t take it anymore as he threw him back away from him and started to throw blows to his face. He kept punching him over and over again until his knuckles busted and his arms grew heavy and tired. 

   The man that was now below him was grunting in pain as he tried to catch his breath and wipe the blood from his face.

   “Okay okay!” He pleaded as Hyungwon threw back his fist,ready to throw it back against his face. “She’s in the creek on the main road before you get on this one.” He put his shaky hands up to his face, trying to speak as quick and clear as he could before Hyungwon lost his temper again. “S-she fought back and took off into the creek. We just left here there.”

  He stood up and grabbed his bat, and made his way back towards the door.

  “She did that to herself.” The voice of the bloodied and broken man followed him outside but he ignored him as he broke off into a run. He had to get to you, What if the creek was full of water and you had drowned. He put that thought far from him as he kept off into a run back down the road and turning the corner making his way on the main road.

   His breathing was shallowed yet heavy as he stopped at the side of the road and looked over the cool railing peering into the darkness, having the only light source come from the dim lamppost that stood at the corner of the street. 

   He let out a sigh of relief as he noticed that the creek was just a dry and grassy area that stood only a few inches below.

   “Y/N?” He spoke out his eyes darting around.

   “Hyungwon?” He heard your tiny voice peak through from near a thick brush that stood on the side of the open area.

   Iimmediately he jumped over the railing and landed on the ground and made his way to where you were.

   “Y/N!!!!” He yelled out as he found you sitting down in the dirt, legs sprawled out forward.

   One of your ankles was twisted abnormally, from the impact of jumping in the wrong way, so all you could do was sit there until someone came.

   Your hair was matted against your wet,mascara stained cheeks from crying, and your clothes where dirty with dirt and leaves that clung to the fabric.

   “Oh God.” He sputtered out as he leaned a hand in holding your face, bringing your gaze up to his. “You’re hurt.”

   “You are!” You cried out, your eyes falling upon his bloody and darkly colored knuckles. “What happened?!”

  “I’m alright. It was nothing baby.” He sighed and pressed his forhead against yours closing his eyes for a brief moment.

  “Come on.” He finally said pulling away. “We have to get you to a hospital!”

   He turned around while crouching down and motioned for you to get on his back.

    “No please, I’m okay, I promise, I just want to go home…” You quietly pleaded.

  As soon as you wrapped your arms around his neck, he slowly stood up and started to make his way out the the dark grassy area and back onto the lit up street.

   “They didn’t touch you, did they?” He breathed out as he kept on walking back towards his house.

   You shook your head “No, they just took me down her, I got away by kicking the guy and throwing myself around, and I ended up hurting myself in the end.” You blushed feeling embarrassed as you buried your face into the crook of his neck.

   He couldn’t help but smile a little as he spoke the next sentence. “That’s my girl. At least you got away. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if you didn’t get away. God job babygirl.”

   “What happened to them?” You finally asked as you both made your way up to the house’s walkway.

   “Well they got what was coming for them and I texted Shownu the address to the guys house and told him to call the police.” He went up to the door and unlocked it,walking inside. “For sure they will get arrested for their little “pranks”.”

   He set you down gently on the couch before going over to the bathroom to get his first aid kit and coming back to kneel down in front of you.

   “Thank you for coming to my rescue baby.” You smiled down at him as he started to slowly pull your shoes off.

   He smiled up at you and nodded. “I’m sorry that our date night didn’t quite go as planned, as soon as you are better I will make it up to you.” He spoke as he wiped away dirt from your foot, before massaging it gently.

    You shook your head with a smile. “It’s not ruined,and I don’t care anymore about the fight we had the other day, none of t matters to me, we are here together now, we can just have our own little date night right here.” You gestured towards the T.V as if implying to watch movies the rest of the night.

    He nodded back returning the smile before kissing your hand.

   “Just nothing with clowns.” You chuckled.

Hope you liked it ! :-)

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Caught In Winter - Part 1-Prologue

Originally posted by amjeth

Killing is all they’ve ever known. Bucky and (Y/N) were both captured by Hydra and turned into their prized killing machines. Memories wiped, Bucky and (Y/N) have turned into Ava and Jamie, and Hydra will do anything to keep the pair in their grasp. How far is Hydra willing to go to retain the pair as they begin to learn about what’s really going on?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2.4K

Warnings: Killing, Death, Language, Violence/Abuse(Some Graphic), Angst. So much angst. Probably a few other things I’m forgetting.

A/N: This part is a bit slow I guess, but the rest of the story isn’t like this, I promise.


My finger made an odd noise as the metal drummed on the table. I was sitting in a small café, waiting for my partner to give the signal that he found our target. My dull eyes scanned the crowd surrounding me. It seemed like everyone was clueless about the world around them. They were only concerned with their lives in the current, not about anyone else or what could really be going on right beside them. Tap. Tap. Tap. I glanced to the window beside me, and my partner was standing on the other side. He motioned to the host standing behind his podium at the entrance to the restaurant. With a nod, he stalked out of sight, blending into the crowd outside the café.

I focused on the suit-clad man standing behind his podium. That was our target. Apparently a man who knew a little too much about Hydra. My partner and I were sent here to take care of our loose end. Keeping my expression blank, I stood from my booth and grabbed the mask that rested on the booth seat. Tugging the stiff fabric over my face, I started forward, heading straight for my target. My goal would be to get him out back to deal with. Less witnesses.

In my peripheral vision, I could see everyone in the café watching me with unbidden curiosity. I was only steps away from my target when he finally caught sight of me. He held his hands up and began backing away slowly. He knew what I was, and why I was here. His eyes widened, and the man spun on his heel and took off running. Shit. I picked up my pace, able to keep up with him easily. I was hot on his heels as the man slammed through the kitchen doors. He flung them closed behind him, hoping to slow me down enough to let him escape. It was no use though. I pushed the door out of my way and caught sight of the man running out the back door.

He’d fallen for my trap easier than I’d expected. Jamie should be waiting on the other side of the door and that would be that. Only, I didn’t hear gunshots when I should have. My eyes narrowed, and I rushed through the door. Throwing the door open, I skid to a stop when my feet hit the uneven pavement. The was no sign of either Jamie or the target. “Son of a …”

My vision blurred when something heavy slammed into the back of my skull. I crumpled to the ground almost instantly, but within seconds, I was back on my feet. I spun to face the offender. The target took a small step backward, waving the aluminum bat before him. I cocked my head to the side, causing my long, (h/c) bangs to fall across my eyes. I began forward, my Vibranium arm reaching for the man’s throat. Suddenly, a set of images flashed through my mind. There was a train. And … Jamie? What was he …? I shook my head, refusing to let the visions cloud my mind.

I started forward again, rushing the man. He swung the bat, and I ducked. Before he could prepare for another swing, my hand was around his throat. I watched as his hands shot up, clawing at my hand. It was odd really, seeing his nails scraping at my appendage, but not being able to feel a thing aside from the pressure. Already tiring of hearing the man sputtering as he tried to draw air into his lungs, I felt slightly merciful. Increasing the pressure around his neck, I heard the telltale sound of bones snapping. His hands dropped away from mine, and I released his now limp form.

Mission complete.

I ducked my head and began to walk briskly out of the alleyway when I was hit with another wave of unwanted visions. My hands clutched at my head, fingers weaving their way into my (h/c) strands. I dropped to my knees and curled in on myself. Images flashed through my mind. I was laying in snow. My body was battered and broken. There was a man lying beside me, and around us, the snow began to turn a vibrant red color. In the present, my hands curled harder into my hair. The images didn’t stop there. There was another man. We were in … a train. Snow flew past us outside the small windows. The blonde in front of me spoke, but I couldn’t hear him.

Everything sounded like I was underwater. Nodding, I turned from the blonde in front of me and met the gaze of Jamie. A strangled cry broke free from my throat in the present. It felt like my mind was breaking in two. Who was the blonde? What was I seeing? Why did I feel overwhelming sadness? I didn’t even know I was capable of feeling anything. My (e/c) orbs were wide, and I felt something warm trailing down my cheek. I lifted my flesh and blood hand to my face and swiped at my face. It was wet. Was I crying?

“Ava!” a familiar voice called. Heavy footfalls rounded the corner, and my head snapped up. I took in the masked features of Jamie’s face, and another wave of sadness overtook me. I wanted to say something, but I choked on my words. What was going on? More warmth leaked from my eyes as I stared at the soldier in front of me. Jamie’s eyes narrowed as he took in my crumpled form. “What’s going on?” he demanded. I didn’t answer. I couldn’t. Finally, he strode forward and dropped to his knees in front of me. Jamie was now at eye level. He grabbed my chin and tugged my face upward. “Are you … Crying?”

I swallowed hard. “What’s happening to me?” I asked. Something wasn’t right. I was broken. Or was I? Isn’t this how people are supposed to feel? I wasn’t like them though. Sure I felt small things, but nothing like sadness. I couldn’t feel such a thing when I was completely surrounded by death.

Suddenly, Jamie’s hand tightened on my jaw. I snapped out of my thoughts and focused on his blue eyes. “Tell me Ava, what happened?” If I focused hard enough, I swear I could hear concern in his tone.

My eyes fell shut, and I took a deep breath. “I don’t know what’s going on. If I did, I’d say.” Shaking my head, I freed myself from his grasp. Shakily, I pushed myself off the ground and stared down at Jamie still kneeling on the pavement. “Whatever it was, it’s over now.” I nodded back over my shoulder. “The target’s dead. We need to get back now.” Jamie gave a quick nod in affirmation and stood.

“If you say so.” Jamie spun and disappeared around the corner. I was still a bit shaken about the odd visions. Jamie was there. What if … What if they were memories? I had to have a past. I couldn’t just be this … thing. With a heavy sigh, I followed the path Jamie had taken out of the alley.

I was currently sitting in one of the briefing rooms in the small Hydra base. My fingers made small pinging noises as they bounced off the metal of the table. I wasn’t listening to a word the male was saying as he paced about the room. Instead, my mind drifted to the images of Jamie and I facing each other in some far off world. I replayed the scene over and over, focusing on Jamie’s lips, trying to understand what he was saying. So far, all I had was, “Don’t worry, it’ll be okay.” What were we doing on the train? “Soldier!”

My breathing stopped, and my eyes snapped to Karpov who now stood in front of me. “Yes Sir!” I replied automatically.

“Are you listening to me, Soldier?”

This couldn’t end well. “Yes, Sir,” I stated again, though not as firmly as the first time.

Karpov’s eyes narrowed at me, and he leaned in close. “What did I just say?” I had no answer, so I simply kept my mouth shut. A second later, there was a sharp crack, and I was no longer facing Karpov. Almost instantly, my cheek began to burn, but I remained obedient to the man. I turned to face him yet again. “That’s what I thought, Soldier. Pay attention.” I watched as the male stepped back and began his speech again.

I tried to pay attention, I really did, but my mind drifted yet again. I quit trying to figure out the message and just relived the scene. Jamie smiled at me, and something in me shifted. “We’re gonna stop Hydra. Don’t worry. It’ll be okay. So just calm down, alright (Y/N)?”

Rolling my eyes, I gave my friend a pointed look. “Do I look panicked, Barnes?”

He chuckled. “Not particularly, but maybe I want a chance to calm you down.” Barnes gave me a wink and a smirk.

Back in the Hydra base, my eyes went wide. Jamie and I were going to stop Hydra? But, we work for them now. What was going on here?

“Ava!” Karpov shouted my name before he came into my line of sight again. He only used my name when he was pissed. Usually I’d be worried, but right now, I couldn’t care less.

I stood from my chair and took a step toward Karpov. “That’s not my name,” I stated plainly. Karpov’s eyes went wide for a second before his face fell blank again.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” His voice was now strained and his form rigid.

“What’s going on here? Where’s Jamie, or should I say, where’s Barnes?” I used the name I’d pulled out of my subconscious. Karpov’s face paled. He obviously didn’t like what was going on. I reached forward with my right hand, my entire being aching for the cold Vibranium to close around his windpipe like I’d done to the man earlier. “My name is (Y/N), isn’t it?” When Karpov didn’t answer, my metal fist clenched, and I swung at him. “Isn’t it?” I screamed. My fist swung forward and caught Karpov in the jaw. The man stumbled back, his hand shooting up to nurse his wounded jaw. “Why don’t I remember who I was?!” I moved forward again, closing in on the man.

Rather than beating him to a pulp like I craved, I took my chance and rushed the door. I flung the heavy metal back and bolted. Moments later, an alarm shrieked, and I could hear Karpov yelling in the background. “Soldier loose! Capture her and get her wiped! Ava has become non-complacent!” His words echoed in my head, but I only had one goal at the moment: Find Barnes and get the hell out of here. I don’t know what we doing before, but this sure wasn’t what we were supposed to be doing now.

My body ran on autopilot. Guards spilled from doorways, but I took them out with ease. It only took a good swing from my right arm, or a swift kick with my left leg. The men around me dropped to the ground like sacks of bricks. Apparently flesh wasn’t very strong against Vibranium. After landing a heavy punch to a guard’s temple, I rounded a corner and ran smack into a hard body. The leather vest adorning the chest before me was familiar, and I knew before even looking up that I’d found Jamie. “About time. We need to—“

I was cut short by a flood of guards rushing down the hallway. “Seize her! I order you to seize Ava!” the man leading the charge called to Jamie.

Jamie cocked his head and stared down at me. His blue eyes narrowed slightly. “What did you do Ava?”

I swallowed hard. “My name isn’t Ava, and yours isn’t Jamie.” The words seemed to tumble past my lips before I could stop them. “I don’t know why they call us those names, but I’m (Y/N). Your real name is Bucky.”

Jamie-er-Bucky’s features hardened. “You’re mad.” The crowd of guards had finally reached the two of us, and they converged on me. I wasn’t going down without a fight. Hands reached for me, and I began swinging madly. Both my metal and flesh fist made contact with soft flesh. The space surrounding Bucky and I had turned into a mad fray. Suddenly, a cold hand grabbed the nape of my neck. The pressure he owner applied was intense—much more than a human hand could exert. Bucky had a hold of me.

“Bucky, what are you? We need to go!” The grip on my neck tightened, and pained cry slipped past my lips.

Brown hair brushed my cheek as Bucky leaned in close. “My name is not Bucky,” he growled into my ear. His warm breath disappeared, and I was left stunned. “You said to capture her. What now?” Bucky held me at arm’s length, swinging me around, trying to figure out who to hand me off to.

“Bring her this way,” a familiar accented voice demanded. Bucky strode forward with me still in his grasp as he followed Karpov into a bone-chilling room that resembled a laboratory. Hydra men milled about, preparing for my arrival. “Place her in the chair and leave.” Bucky did as he was command and dropped me in the chair that sat in the middle of the room, surrounded by machinery. Instantly, men rushed forward, strapping me against the chair.

My former friend didn’t wait around to see what happened next. He was already striding out of the room, and my heart dropped at the sight. “Bucky!” I began fighting against my restraints, not caring about the pain as the metal dug into my left wrist. Suddenly, there was a hand in front of me, and something was crammed into my mouth. Behind me, I heard mechanisms whirring to life. My eyes widened as I could do nothing but stare as Karpov eyed me like a caged animal.

“Begin,” was the last thing I heard before the pain started and everything went blank.

Fanfic: Midwinter

So after I added a sad heacanon onto @vertibird‘s post about Stan, I figured I had to write this to make up for it. 

And I know Hirsch has said the Pines have no specific canon religion, but it’s my fic and I totally saw a mezuzah in AToTS, and I can do what I want so nyah ;)

Tires screeched against the icy grit of the parking lot outside, and Stan’s eyes snapped open. He was awake.

He lifted his head, grimacing at the lance of pain that traveled down between his shoulders. He’d fallen asleep in his chair again. He really needed to start going to bed in bed. He was getting too old to sleep curled up wherever he found a spot, and his body was making him pay for it.

He heard a car door slamming outside and quietly cursed. The Shack had been closed for over a week. No point keeping it open during the holidays—winter was the off-season anyway, and nobody wanted to spend Christmas at a tourist trap. The locals were all busy with their own lives this time of year, and anyone who might be passing through would be focused on their destination. They all had families to see. No time for stops along the way. At least, that was usually true. Apparently someone had been drawn in by the billboard today.

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Guilt- Rick Grimes Imagine Part 1

Request by Anon

Request: Rick imagine where it’s in the line up and his gf Y/N is in the line up. Rick is at one side and Y/N at the other. Negan lands on her . Somehow she gets out of it alive and Glenn gets killed instead and Y/N blames herself and won’t talk to anyone.

It was over. The life we thought we were living is gone. We weren’t safe, especially not now. Not when we were all on our knees in front of Negan, one of us about to meet our end with a bat he called Lucille. I’ve never seen any of us shaking with so much fear, especially Rick, seeing him on the ground made me begin to lose hope. When one of Negan’s men pulled me from the back of the van, Rick was scared. I’ve never seen him look at me like that. It made me want to hold him, to tell him that we would all be okay. But that would be a lie. I ignored the man’s speech, unable to concentrate on him. The only thing I knew was that he was going to kill us.

“And you….are….it,” Negan’s boots were in my line of vision as I shook.
“No,” Rick’s voice softly said. I looked only at him, my eyes tearing up as was his. ‘I love you’ I mouthed to him before looking back towards the ground.
“Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boys other eye out and feed it to his father, and then we’ll start. You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry, hell you’re all going to be doing that.”
This was it. After all the things I did to survive, it was all about to be over.  My eyes were clenched shut , my fingertips digging into my thighs through my jeans until the man above me chuckled.
“Have the decency to look at me while I’m about to kill you.”
I refused, not wanting him to see the fear on my face, “Just do it.”
He placed the bat under my chin and forced me to look up, “Shame such a pretty one has to go to waste,” he moved the bat to my cheek, pressing down, a stinging sensation building on my skin.
When he raised the bat to me once again, Glenn shouted, shoving me backwards, making the bat hit his skull. The brute force made him collapse and Negan hit him again. Glenn brought himself back up and I cried out seeing his cracked skull and his eye half popped from his head.
“Mag……Mag-” Glenn gurgled.
“Buddy are you still there? I just don’t know. It seems like you’re trying to speak but you just took a hell of a hit. I just popped your skull so hard, your eyeball just popped out….and it is gross as shit.”
“Mmmag…Maggie I’ll…I’ll find you.”
“Oh,” Negan looked at Maggie. “Oh, hell. I can see this is hard on you guys. I am sorry. I truly am. But I did say it,” he paused before grinning. “No exceptions!”
I was shaking when Negan finally stopped hitting Glenn, him grinning down at me. “It looks like you get to live another shitty day.”
My sobbing got worse as I stared at Glenn’s body. My hand was covering my mouth as I trembled. He was dead. And it was all my fault.

“You shouldn’t have came back for me.”
Glenn turned to look at me, stopping in front of a tree, “I had to.”
“You could’ve died.”
“And you think I wanted you to die?”
“This group needs you, you hold them together, Glenn.”
“And you hold Rick together, believe it or not he would go insane without you.”
“I still think you’re stupid.”
“You’re like my sister, the only thing close to a sibling I’ll ever have. If you’re ever in danger, I’ll step in and save you, no matter what.”

AN: I’m going to turn this into a two part kind of deal, it would be easier so I didn’t have to cram everything in all at once.

ktsaurusr3x replied to your post: zombiekittensandmadscientists ask…

I know I’ve definitely heard other keepers talking about how they have to monitor the flying fox exhibit in case one falls off the ropes and trees, because they can’t move on the ground. Is it that they’re helpless or just awkward?

It depends on the species. Some, like ghost-faced bats, are literally dead if they hit the ground, because their legs have rotated 180 degrees in the course of evolution and have all the muscle mass of uncooked pasta.

He’s looking at his useless, stupid noodles. He knows.

Other bats are ok at crawling on the ground, but most excel at scrambling over vertical or upside-down surfaces- hence the backwards-facing feet with the little hooky claws.

Fruit bats in particular suck at being on the ground because they have those really long, specialized thumbs for hooking onto branches. They get in the way on the ground. They’re also so large and encumbered by their wing membranes that they have a hard time lifting their bellies off the ground. But they are accomplished climbers.

Depending on the species, microchiropterans may have completely reversed hind legs like that ghost-faced bat above, or only partially reversed legs. The few species of “walking” bats have partially reversed hind legs. Still, the feet of the vampire bat point backwards when it walks.

The pekapeka’s point sideways.