backward version


Sometimes, you find a gif opportunity so great, you need to show it forwards, backwards, and with the derpy freezeframe.

Also, when creating the backwards version, my computer got confused and temporarily said the gif was from 1984. So… that’s fun.

anonymous asked:

Idk if anyone else has thought this but to me it seemed that the mom in chapter 13 wasn't his mom? Her hair was darker and her mole was to the left (from reader's view) of her mouth, while in the chapter 3 flashback she has hair that's a lighter shade and her mole is on the right of her mouth. I thought it meant he was role playing with someone dressed like her? & he said he'd kill yoonbum like he did to "that girl" (the fake?) Idk, it's my first time making theories or posting a comment but...

Idk I think it’s his mom….maybe it’s “mirror mom”, like a backwards/distorted version of her that his subconscious dug up?

Goner Backwards
  • Goner Backwards
  • Twenty One Pilots
  • Blurryface

[DISCLAIMER] This audio may be triggering.
This is a backwards version of Twenty One Pilot’s Goner that they released previous to anything blurryface. After hearing the backwards stressed out videos, I thought “what might goner sound like backwards.” I swear it sounds like he says “I am more evil there” and “if I stay I must…” The backwards song also strips itself down to him singing and this noose. When he is done, the noose sounds like it has a heavier pull on it and the accordion could be breathes that inhale and exhale a few times and then quickly cuts off. But this is all just me so It also may just be a song played backwards. I don’t know. What do you think?