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i forgot to post this back when i got it but honestly… it’s still the most ridiculous photo prompto has taken in my game

Jumps, Explained

So, going by the tags on my recent jump gifsets, the difference between jumps is apparently still a source of great bewilderment for some people. Now I could link you to some excellent posts on the topic, but since I am, as usual, an extra lil piece of dirt with too much work to do and a lifetime’s worth of procrastination, I’ve decided to put together my own layman’s guide to identifying figure skating jumps (stressed on the layman part).

First, here be a flowchart, since everybody loves flowcharts, right?

If the flowchart works as intended and you can now tell the jumps apart, great! If you need a bit more explanation and illustration, read on.

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so playing andromeda and drawing kaleans got me thinkin’ on another minor complaint i have about ME and it’s this:

dang they can’t figure out how to make digitigrade legs work on a humanoid character and they end up adding extra joints to the legs to try to make it make sense

like i watched the animation cycle of that angara working out at the resistance camp and when he started doing crunches and his legs made an M shape i was just like smdh

i mean i think they handle it better with the angara since they have those weird little hand-feet (angara are so cute i cannot stand it) but the worst offender is probably the salarians

anyway i love the concept of humanoids with digitigrade legs so here’s some notes about it. it’s not beautifully formatted or anything but maybe it’s helpful!

basically the main thing to get out of your mind is that you’re not going for “backwards knees.” i am sure backwards knees could work and would be an interesting design, but it’s gonna change how this character moves and sits, it’s gonna affect the character’s center-of-gravity, it’s gonna be a much bigger overhaul of the anatomy than creating a digitigrade leg requires.

when you’re thinking of a digitigrade leg as having backwards knees, it’s probably because the joint you’re thinking of as the knee is actually the ankle

both plantigrade and digitigrade legs will have four major points of articulation:
the hip
the knee
the ankle
the toes

and a digitigrade leg isn’t a plantigrade leg backwards, but on its tiptoes:

that’s basically all you gotta do! then you exaggerate the effects by changing the proportions of the leg, starting with making the knee-ankle length shorter, and the ankle-toe length longer.

the benefit of drawing digitigrade characters like this is that they can sit in chairs without looking ridiculous!

and finally, if your character doesn’t have paws or hooves or talons, they probably want to wear shoes! hell, even if they do they still might wear shoes. the ground is nasty! think this through and let it be another cool design opportunity. a good place to start if you’re stuck is looking at wedge heels, then drawing them without the heel!

aaaand here’s some aliens

now get outta here and draw some weird-ass legs aight


If it hasn’t been already, I propose KELPIE Mabel for the Monster Falls AU :vc

bun emoji review

a good friend, tho his head is a lil too small. his eye is also too red, even for albino. 7/10

a good take on a cartoon bun!! that smile must mean she is living a happy life. 9/10 would feed a nanner

oh microsoft, when will your ugly thick lines end? the silhouette looks ok but his tail looks like a backwards broken leg. 6/10 take him to the vet

cute, though the ears are weirdly placed and the nose should not be a pink button. 7.5/10 would still snuggle

outstanding bun loaf anatomy, but where is her tail? 8/10 she looks concerned

would be a neat stylistic friend but he has a single ominous red eye. 4/10 i do not trust him

again with the great anatomy! but that button nose looks weird. 7/10 the texturing is also odd

best bun on list!!!!! he is a nice shade of beige and a+ bode. 10/10 would shower with all the timothy hay and veggies

is this a joke? really now. this is a tailless rat wearing apple slices on his head. ok cosplay tho 1/10

this is also not a bun. this looks like it was supposed to be a dog but the tail, teeth, and ears were changed last second. 2/10 not a bad face though

this “bunny” came from the area of hell where the minions andthe happy meal mascot were spawned. his face terrifies me. 0/10 save your children

not a bad bun, but the red outline is vague and menacing. 6/10 what happened to his ears

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Yuuri is in the kitchen when he hears Victor call it out in question. They had just finished up supper and Victor had cooked so Yuuri was in the kitchen washing up the dishes to return the favor. And he’s just standing by the dishwasher, humming idly and wondering if Victor has picked out a movie for them to watch or if tonight is going to be a night where they watch game shows featuring Victor yelling out the answers that can actually be correct on occasion. It had been a long day at the rink and Yuuri even wonders if maybe they’ll have a nice glass of wine before bed.

So, Yuuri is just minding his own business, not thinking twice when Victor calls out his name. He hums back, expecting a question or statement about leftovers but then…

“What’s yaoi?”

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Okay, so
There is officially enough cannon material to make a decent stab at what all of Jasper’s markings look like
So I made an as cannon as possible map of them
And it was also a great excuse to draw a hot af Jasp so why not
(If the clothes look bullshat then that’s because they are. I drew her without them at first since Gems don’t have sex parts but I went ahead and covered her anyways and I’m sad)

Edit: shiiit I got her leg markings backwards and now I can’t freaking edit my post even though I fixed the drawing ;A;
Camping Antics – ArchiexReader! Mini Fic - Part One.

hey guys, so this is going to be an ArchiexReader! mini fanfic, probably with two or three parts! This was a prompt sent in by @sweetvengeancee so hopefully it does it justice haha. Part one is basically setting up the storyline :) If you’d like to be added to the taglist, please hit me up, and also send me some feedback in my ask! :)

Summary: (Y/N) and the others go camping, which leads to Archie and (Y/N) sharing a tent for a night ;)

Warnings: THIS FIC WILL CONTAIN SMUT. There are hints of smut in this part, but please be warned, that the second part will definitely be smutty. Could I say smut any more? Yes, yes I could.


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The sky was an inky, midnight blue with tiny pin-pricks of bright white. The chill in the air was evident by the visible clouds of our breath that enveloped our faces. We sat around the small campfire that Betty had expertly lit, and the smell of toasted marshmallows wafted through the air.

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STEAL HIS LUNCH MONEY (standalone picture from this post)

@koryos from what you’ve written about working with flying foxes, they seem the type to bully some poor nerd.

a thing about bats that I completely forgot earlier: not only are their knees backwards, but their whole legs and feet are backwards– gr8 for hanging upside-down from stuff, absolutely terrible for being drawn standing up. Bats, god.

Pretty Baby

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Character(s): Reader X Hyungwon

Genre: Smut

Warning(s): orgasm denial/edging, praise!kink, vanilla rough smut

Length: 1.6K (a drabble but not rlly a drabble)

Summary: In which Chae Hyungwon gets rough sometimes.

Hyungwon likes routine. He likes constants, things he can count on to be there at the beginning and end of every day. He likes naps during the day where he can feel you snuggling into his neck. He likes cooking Italian lunches with you as you both dance to music, the smell of basil and tomatoes in the warm air. He likes spending Saturday nights with you at home, watching old movies on television, when you tell him that the Bee Movie is a ‘contemporary masterpiece’. He likes the smell that wafts off your body at night when you press close to him and whisper sweet nothings into his ear as you both drift off.

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 And just like that, your fate was sealed - because Min Yoongi was absolutely going to destroy you. But hell, if you weren’t going to let him, or bask happily in the flames as he did so.

And sadly, at the time, you didn’t think that your thoughts would become so literal.

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Word Count: 12,039 yikes!
Chapter Index
◇ Soulmate!Au, Slowburn, Angst

Over the short magnitude of time that Min Yoongi has been a part of your ever moving life – his decision or not, you have come to discover one thing about his complex character, and that is: when you think you have him figured out, he does something to throw your entire thought base off balance and send it spiraling into the depths of somewhere unknown.

This is what happens the following Monday when he ventures into your shared English Literature class.

Now, when you had told Jungkook to pass along your reply to Yoongi, you weren’t sure he had received it. Because you had yet to acquire a text message from him. That’s right, not a letter, word, sentence, or paragraph had you received. In fact, you were starting to wonder if Yoongi had indeed changed his mind regarding the friendship or not.

To be honest, it wouldn’t surprise you.

Because, after all, trying to guess when it came to Min Yoongi was trying to guess the weather. There was a fifteen percent chance that the New’s was correct and a seventy five percent chance that something irrational could happen and everything would change.

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by: mldrgrl
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary: Set somewhere around the end of season 6.  They have to beat the heat somehow.

The air conditioner in Scully’s motel room rattles too loudly for her to sleep, but it’s too hot to turn it off.  The ancient, noisy box doesn’t provide much cold air, but it’s enough to beat back the humidity.  Restless, she gets out of bed and slips on a pair of sandals.  She distinctly remembered seeing a vending machine by the manager’s office, maybe she could get a cold water, or at the very least, a bucket of ice.  She doesn’t bother putting on another layer of clothes over her shorts and tank top.  It’s after midnight, there were only four cars in the parking lot at this motel and one of them was the rental she and Mulder picked up at the airport that morning.  Who would be out this late in the middle of nowhere?

Mulder.  Of course, Mulder is out this late in the middle of nowhere.  As soon as Scully steps outside, she sees him, sprawled in one of the tiny plastic chairs that dot the front of the rooms beneath the windows.  He’s got his running shorts on and he’s wiping his face with the front of his t-shirt.  When he sees her, he bends his wrist up and flutters his fingers once in a wave.

“Can’t sleep?” he asks as she shuffles by.

Scully raises the ice bucket in reply and wipes a sheen of sweat off her upper lip that’s already formed in the few moments she’s been outside.  He nods and she keeps shuffling towards the office.   The vending machine won’t accept her dollar.  Even though it’s lit, it doesn’t seem to be on.  She sighs and fills her bucket with little rectangular pellets of ice and shuffles back towards her room.

“I was thinking,” Mulder says, as she passes him, “what if the witnesses stories aren’t rehearsed, but it’s part of a post-hypnotic suggestion?”

She pauses and sighs.  “We can talk about it tomorrow,” she says.

“Technically, it is tomorrow.”

“Mr. Rappaport won’t be any less dead in the morning.”

Behind them, a bug zapper hanging next to management’s door sizzles and snaps about every ten seconds.  It suddenly occurs to her that the glowing blue light is irresistible to the bugs in the same way that lights in the sky are irresistible to Mulder.  Can’t stop, won’t stop, even if he - if they - get burned.  

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I’m kinda obssesed with this atla episode when crew watch a play based on their adventures and it makes me see that scene (in voltron) when Keith tells that Shiro is like a brother to him in a different light.

<Keith and Lance trapped in some prison>

Keith: Oh Lance! I’ve always been attracted to you!
Lance: Really? Aren’t you Shiro’s boyfriend?
Keith: Shiro’s?! He’s like a brother to me!

<Keith and Shiro parting before battle>

Keith: Shiro, I love you…Like a brother!
Shiro (showing thump up): And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

<both hold each other’s hands and gracefully bend one leg backwards>

Gone - Part 4

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Part 4!!!


The first-time Bucky tries to touch your stomach, Natasha attacks him and Thor puts him in a restrictive hold. It had been innocent, just Bucky wanting to feel the baby kick, and suddenly your two self-appointed protectors are flying across the room and restraining him.

“Oh my God!” you yelp, “Tasha! Thor! Stop it! Let him go!” Neither of them listen to you, and Natasha starts growling at Bucky in Russian, “STEVE!!!!”

Steve runs into the room, and lets out a put-upon sigh when he sees Tasha and Thor. “Guys, let him go”

“He hurt her once, I won’t let him hurt her again” Tasha snarled, but she slowly let him go.

Thor released Bucky once Natasha had. The god still glared at Bucky, but he stepped out of the room at Steve’s insistence.

“Ow” Bucky groaned sitting up from his position on the floor.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, sweetheart, I’m fine. Just have a few new bruises”

“Help me up and we can go to my room. You can feel our son kick there, hopefully no one will attack you when we’re there.”

Bucky smiles and gently pulls you up from the couch. Two weeks after Bucky had found everyone in Ireland, you had decided to move back to New York. You didn’t have to hide from Bucky anymore so there was no point to be out of the country. The two of you head to the elevator and JARVIS takes you up to your floor.

Once you close the door to your floor, Bucky turns to look at you, hope in his eyes, “I can really touch you?”

You smile softly, “Yes you can.” Ever since he had been back, you had barely let Bucky touch you. At first it had been because you were skeptical, you didn’t quite believe his story about Rumlow and Hydra. You didn’t believe him until he showed you the files and the plans that Hydra had for you and your son. Hydra had used one of their undercover nurses to find out about the pregnancy, Bucky had taken care of her, and they had intended to use your breakup with Bucky to bring you back to Hydra.

Bucky gently nudged you backwards until your legs nudge against the bed, then he helps you up onto it. Bucky arranges you so you were laying on your back and supported by a bunch of pillows.

His hands hover over the hem of your t-shirt, which is really his shirt, he looks up at you with big, desperate grey eyes, “Can I …”

You pull up your shirt and tug your yoga pants down slightly, exposing your stomach in its entirety. Bucky’s fingers tremble as he brushed them gently along our stomach. You were lucky, there weren’t very many stretchmarks on you, and you made sure that your skin stayed silky soft. Bucky let out a soft sob when you took one of his hands and pressed it flat to your stomach. After a moment, the baby kicked, right where his hand was.

“The baby just kicked me!” He gasped, eyes wide with delight.

“Yeah babe, he did”

Bucky leaned down and pressed a kiss just below your belly button, nuzzling closer when the baby began to nudge him again. Suddenly Bucky looked up at you with tear filled eyes, “I so sorry I haven’t been there for you” he sobbed, “I missed so much, I missed you so much”

“Come here, baby”

Bucky crawled up the bed and tucked himself tightly against your back, a pillow supporting your stomach. You lace your fingers with his and lay your hands over your stomach.

You can feel Bucky nizzle the back of your neck, laying quietly with you for a while. After about an hour he sits up, “Doll, I gotta tell you something” he pulls you up into a sitting position

“What is it?”

“I need you to stand up for a minute”

You heave yourself onto your feet. Bucky drops down onto one knee, and hesitantly reaches into his pocket, pulling out a small black box. You gasp, your eyes widening, one hand rising to cover your mouth. “Buck, is that …”

“Just give me a minute” He takes a deep breath. “I know that I’m a major fuck up, that I can never seem to do the right thing when it comes to you. But, I love you with everything I have. I love you with all my soul, and I love our child even though they aren’t even here yet. I know that I’ve done horrible things, and that I can never escape that, but you make me better. You make me whole. Y/N Y/L/N, will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

You gasp, “Yes! Oh, my God, Bucky, yes!”

With a delighted laugh, he slides the ring onto your finger and wraps you with a tight hug. You laugh when he spins you around, he’s strong enough to lift you even with your added weight. Suddenly you feel a warm, wet sensation in your pants.

“Bucky …”

“What is it, doll?” Bucky sets you down, still grinning. His smile immediately falls when he sees your concerned face

“My water just broke” you whisper

“What? Speak up, I can’t hear you”

“My water just broke, Buck. The baby’s coming”

Natasha has been alerted, and Bruce is on his way. James, if you would kindly sit Y/N in a chair and breath, sir. It would be most unfortunate for you to faint

“I’m calm, I’m calm” Bucky rushes. He quickly scoops you up and gently sets you down in a chair, gripping your hand with his.

Tasha is the first one to get to the room, “Y/N, where is your bag?”

“In the closet.” You gasp as you feel your first contraction. It isn’t the worst pain you have ever felt, not yet, but you can tell that eventually when they come closer together it’s going to feel like hell.

Tasha pulls the blanket and sheet back, laying out a waterproof cover onto the bed. She then lays down another sheet and several towels. You were going to give birth in the tower, Tony and Bruce had the most advanced technology in America, and since Bruce was technically a doctor he had agreed to help you. Soon everyone was gathered in the room, Bruce wheeling in an IV pole, and Tony bringing in a heart monitoring system for you and the baby.

Bucky gently smooths your hair out of your face, “How ya doin’, doll?” he whispered

You chuckle, “As well as I can be right now”

“Barnes, help Y/N onto the bed, she needs to get into her gown. Everyone but James, turn around” Tasha snaps

Bucky helps you strip down and get into a nightgown. As soon as you put your hand onto the bed you feel another contraction squeeze through you.

Bruce quickly put on a pair of gloves, “Your contraction are 7 minutes apart, Y/N. That’s a little close, I’d like to check and see how dilated you are.”

You nod quietly and finish getting onto the bed. Bruce is quick at checking your dilation, “You’re 5 almost 6 centimeters dilated. Your labor is progressing rapidly, but you need to be at least 10 centimeters before you start pushing.”

“It’s probably the serum speeding everything up” Steve says, sitting down beside Bucky.

You nod quietly and try to relax into the sheets. Thor and Tasha sit on the other side of the bed, Clint and Tony taking seats at the end, and Bruce rechecks all his supplies.

“I need to move; I need to kneel” you whimper after about 30 minutes of labor

Bucky helps you into a kneeling position, crouching in front of you, allowing you to support yourself on his shoulders. Bruce checks your dilation again, “9 centimeters, Y/N. Just a little while longer and you can push”

You rest your hands on the bed so you are on your hands and knees and gently rock yourself back and forth. Tasha puts your hair up into a bun, and Thor grabs some ice for you to chew on.

“I need to push” you gasp out 20 minutes later

Bruce quickly puts on a fresh set of gloves and checks you one last time. “Alright, you’re fully dilated, you can push on the next contraction”

You raise yourself up and grab onto Bucky’s shoulders, spreading your knees a bit wider. At your next contraction, you start to push, letting out a sob as you bear down as hard as you can. You keep pushing until the contraction fades and even then, you give tiny little pushes, ready to meet your child. You had decided to keep the gender a surprise, but you had a feeling that you were going to have a son.

You have only been pushing for about 15 minutes when Bruce spoke up, “The baby’s beginning to crown, if you reach down now you can feel the head.”

You do as Bruce suggests, releasing one of Bucky’s shoulder and reaching down to feel your baby, you let out a chocked sob when your fingers come in contact with hair.

“You’re doing so good, doll, so good. I’m so proud of you” Bucky whispers, kissing your forehead.

At the next contraction, you push even harder, crying out when the baby’s head is free from your body.

“Don’t push, Y/N. Bruce has to get the fluid out of the baby’s lungs” Tasha whispers, quickly handing Bruce another towel.

You nod quietly, trembling as you resist the urge to push. Once he baby’s lungs were clear, you were given permission to push again. The baby’s shoulders were quick to deliver and once the shoulders were clear, you quickly reached down to catch the baby as the rest of it slid out.

“Alright, Y/N, swing your leg up and roll onto your back, you have to deliver the placenta”

You obey quickly, Bucky helping you keep your balance when you refuse to let go of your baby. Once you are on your back, Bruce hands Bucky a towel to wipe off the blood. You quickly glance at the baby and gasp when you see that your baby is a little boy.

“Bucky” you whisper frantically, “We have a son, Buck, we have a little boy! Guys, you have a nephew!”

Tony and Thor shout with joy, clamoring to get a peek at the newest Avenger.

You stifle a giggle and glance over at Steve, “Looks like you’re a grandpa, Steve!”

Steve lets out an indignant sound, “No way! I’m the same age as the kids’ dad! I’m gonna be the best uncle ever! If anything, Thor would be the grandpa, he’s over a thousand years old!”

Thor lets out a booming laugh, “Ay, I am”

You chuckle, “Alright, alright. Everyone can be aunts and uncles, if anything Phil or Nick can be the grandpa”

Tony lets out a roar of laughter, “That’ll be the day! Grandpa Fury!”

Bruce smiles, “I think that the baby needs a bath, and you, Y/N need a shower. Tasha and I will give the baby a bath, Clint and Tony can clean up, and Bucky you will help get your fiancé clean … oh! And think of a name of the little guy!”

You look up at Bucky, reluctantly handing over your baby, and heading toward the bathroom, “Have you thought of any names?”

“Umm, Richard? No, then his nickname would be Dick, not happening”

“How about Christopher?”

“Yeah, Christopher, I like that. What about his middle name?”

Bucky blushes, “Can his middle name be Steven?”

“Yeah, I think that’s a fitting name” You start rinsing off, “You know Steve’s gonna cry when he finds out the name”

“I’m looking forward to seeing the bastard cry” Bucky chuckled, ”So his first name is Christopher and his middle name is Steven”

“Yeah,” you whisper, “Christopher Steven Barnes”

“I love it, and I love you” Bucky whispered, leaning in to give you a kiss.

You kiss him back, “I’m all clean, now we need to get out so I can get back to our baby, and so we can tell everyone his name”

Once you and Jason finish drying off, you walk back out into the bedroom. Tasha was holding her nephew, whispering Russian endearments to him. You walk over and scoop the baby up, nuzzling his cheek, “I’m going to feed him, can’t have the little prince go hungry!”

Everyone gather back into the room as you settled down. Tasha once again perching on the side of the bed, “What’s his name?”

You glance over at Steve, “Christopher Steven Barnes. Chris for short”

Thor grinned, “A fine name for a prince! A mighty name for a mighty warrior!”

Steve stands there, his mouth open in shock, “Did you … did you …?”

“Yeah, Cap, we named him after you, thought he might get some of your good luck and old fashion charm”

Steve sniffles and tries to hold back his tears, “I’m … so happy”

Bucky pulls Steve into a hug, “You’re my best friend, of course I’m gonna name my first son after you”

Steve grins, “We’re gonna call in some food, do you want anything?”


Bucky chuckles, “What the lady said. Y/N and I’ll stay here with Chris for now. JARVIS will let us know when the food gets here”

Everyone files out of the room quietly so you and Bucky are left alone. You glance over at Bucky, who climb into the bed beside you. You look up at your new fiancé, and then down at your son. All of the people you love are in the next room. You couldn’t think of a better way to bring a child into the word, so loves and so full of potential. Everyone who matters is here, everyone has come home.


I wrote the birth scene as well as I could. I have never had a baby, but I have witnessed several being born!

So this ends the Gone series. If anyone has any ideas for another series I can write please message me! I need some ideas! Just send them to my inbox!

Behold French!Graves

Or, that one AU in which Grindelwald erased Graves’ memories and dumped him in Europe, leaving him alone to rebuild his life from scratch. Everyone believes him dead. Newt and Credence run into him in France by accident. 

They’d been staying in Paris for a couple of days, trying to find the wizard Newt was searching for. Another supposed expert when it came to magical beasts. Newt absolutely wanted to talk with him about the Beast of the Gévaudan, and other legendary creatures he’d heard originated from France.

There were staying at a Hotel in separate rooms, a cheap but nice place to be with everything they needed. America was far behind, now. It had been two years since the debacle with the Obscurus in New York, and a year and 9 months since Newt Scamander found Credence residing in his suitcase, occupying the freezing landscape in his Obscurus form.

He’d taken Credence with him, refusing to tell anyone about his discovery, and offered to teach Credence magic. With Newt at his side, Credence had grown. He’d learned to raise his head higher when he talked, had learned to be more confident when he expressed his opinions, had learned to say what he liked and disliked and most of all, he’d learned to control the dark force within him and now managed to do actual magic. Sure, there was still a lot to accomplish yet, but Credence was a far cry from what he’d been a few years ago. He’d let his hair grow as well, getting rid once and for all of the horrible haircut Mary Lou gave him. It was still short but it curled around a bit, giving his face a gentleness he thought didn’t resemble him.

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Your child accidentally hurts him (EXO)

Xiumin: -he would just move away after his son stepped on his crotch. He was hurting and didn’t want to swear or anything around him. You would come over after a few moment to check on him- “I’ll be fine. I just need a minute that’s all”

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Suho: -your daughter was an infant so she had no idea how sharp her little finger nails were when they dug into his chest. He would startle her when he let out a yelp and she was the one crying. He would feel bad and would try to cheer her up- “sweetie no need to cry you’re fine. Daddy just needs to get your little mitts”

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Lay: -your first reaction was to check on your son after he ran into his father’s leg. The two of them collided hard and Yixing wouldn’t let it slip that it hurt but he would have liked a little concern from you- “he’s young so he should bounce back, I’m fine to thank you”

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Baekhyun: -he scared your daughter when he kicked her walker away from him. She was very active so when she went over to him she ran her walker right into him. Out of reflex his leg kicked out sending the walker backwards. He clutched his leg but made sure she was alright- “sweetie are you alright? I didn’t scare you right?”

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Chen: -your son was laughing after he smacked Jongdae on the head with his little metal car. It hurt but he wouldn’t let his son know that it hurt him. He was happy with the smile he had- “I’m glad you’re having fun. This is the only time you’re going to do this”

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Chanyeol: -your daughter was at the age where her head was more of a wrecking ball than anything so when she threw her head back and hit his chin. He simply moved her off of him and you worried as he was silent- “well her head is really hard. It kinda…really hard”

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D.O: -you lectured him for yelling at your son. He was sitting on the floor when your son was running around so he accidentally tripped over Kyungsoo and knocked the air out of him which made your son start crying when he was yelled at- “ah, what? Why are you yelling at me? He’s the one who hurt me”

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Kai: -he was shocked when his check was jumped on by his daughter. Her knees dug into his chest. He ended up sitting up and she ended up looking very confused- “you jumped on my chest baby. It didn’t feel nice”

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Sehun: -he didn’t think he would be actually hit in the gut with the soccer ball but it hit him with enough force to knock the air out of him. Your daughter quickly asked if he was okay or not- “yeah I’ll be fine, just give me a minute”

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Kris: -she was walking around on the couch and tripped falling on him. He was surprised more than he was hurt but quickly checked on his daughter instead of worrying about himself- “are you alright princess? Did you hurt yourself?”

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Luhan: -your son got lectured by you after he threw a toy at him. Luhan was hit in the face with a toy car because he wasn’t paying attention to your son. You made your son ask him if he was alright- “I’m alright buddy. But please don’t do it again”

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Tao: -your son would run over to him as soon as he got home. He threw most of his force into Zitao and made his head collide with his crotch. He would groan and hunch over as you rushed your son away. You waited before asking if he was alright- “I mean my crotch hurts but what do you expect”

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More of The Getaway please? I am addicted to this amazing teenage AU.

Opting for safety, Claire hid herself in the back of the Frasers Land Rover. The blacked-out windows shielded her from the prying eyes of students as they streamed out of the school gates. Burrowing further into the seats, she wrapped her arms around her middle as Ellen tapped her fingers nervously against the faux-leather steering wheel.

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Spiders, man (Bucky)

This title is gold and i love it, ur welcome except don’t get excited it doesn’t have any spiderman in it (also this is bucky like right after everythings over. he’s delicate, don’t judge his coldness.)

“Bucky!” You scream, panting from your position on top of the desk. You hear a thump from the hallway and a few moments later see him skid into the room, gun drawn and expression wild.

Where’d he get the gun?  

“What’s wrong? Y/N?” He pants, his eyes wild as they search the room and you wince. You hadn’t meant to panic him, though technically, you’re a bit panicked yourself. “What’s going on?”

Is he always carrying it?

At the now mild tone of voice, and the placid confusion in his eyes as he watches you, you can’t help slumping against the wall.

Your hands shake the barest amount as you point to the spider. Or the spot where the spider had been standing. “Oh god! Bucky! Find it, oh god.”

He blinks and you can tell his pulse jumped up a notch but he doesn’t know what to do. This is going in the wrong direction, oh god. His lips part to speak and you can tell that once he says it, the situation will end with you and Steve fighting and Bucky nursing a nightmare.

“Spider!” You say hurriedly, before a sound can escape him and his shoulders relax the slightest amount. “There was a spider in here and it’s gone, I’m- Bucky, please find it. You have to kill it.”

He nods once, stoic finally, and you hesitate before leaping from the desk.

You’re surprised when he steps forward and catches you, even more so when he lightly carries you to the hallway and sets you in the empty doorway.

“Wait. I’ll find it,” he says gruffly before scanning the room about his feet and getting down on all fours.

You shift nervously in the doorway as he crawls about your floor, his eyes searching every crevice and under every object.

Finally, he sits back on his heels and you take half a nervous step into the room.

“You found it?”

He nods once, glancing at you before his gaze moves about the room once more.

Leaning to the left, he picks up the empty box of biscuits you’d been eating and removes the plastic packaging inside.

“Seriously?” He says, the word so dry you find yourself licking your lips.

“I was snacky,” you mutter sullenly and take the proffered plastic with it’s crumbs before stuffing it in your bin.

Bucky leans over your shoes and for a moment you wait as he coaxes the spider into the box. When he finally rises, you tilt with relief, your shoulder brushing the wall.

“Come on,” he says, quiet and so very Bucky that you find yourself padding after him as he stalks down corridors and through doors.

Finally in the sunshine, Bucky looks at you curiously. You eye him right back and the smallest tilt turns up his lips.

“Why’re you afraid of spiders?”

“They have too many limbs,” you counter instantly, “and they’re uncool, I choose not to associate with them.”

“Did you know that there are only 11 species of spiders poisonous enough to hurt you in the US? Out of 3 000,” Bucky says conversationally and you frown, staring at him as he watches you. The silence drags and you’re unsure how to proceed.

“Well, that’s 3 000 brand new enemies.” You sigh and the half smile on Buckys lips blooms just the slightest bit more.

Turning away, he kneels on the grass and gently shakes the spider free of the cardboard box. For a moment, he stares at it serenely, until it jumps on his boot and he screams.

The sound raises hairs on the back of your neck, but you’re not actually panicking as he leaps backwards and sideways, legs flailing as his body rolls and he leaps to his feet. No, you only start panicking as he runs toward you, fear plain written on his expression.

It’s a split second decision and suddenly your arms are open and you’re catching him, before he barrels right past, in a hug. His momentum has you flying forward with him and you both tumble into the grass, Bucky clinging to you as you hold him.

“Holy hell…” You pant, your grip on the assassin tight and unrelenting. He doesn’t make a move to leave your arms and you relax against the grass, even as it prickles and itches your skin where your shirt has ridden up. “I got you.”

“I know,” he says, his voice the same as ever, but he doesn’t release you and you tighten your grip just a little more.

“What happened?” Steve shouts, leaping out the door a minute later and for a moment, his face goes white. His expression is stark panic until Bucky moves to look toward the door where Steve stands and then suddenly Steve is kneeling and clutching his chest. “Damn- Damn you two- Damn.”

Bucky doesn’t spare him another look and returns to hiding his face in your hair but you keep your eye on the Captain.

“What happened?” Steve asks when he’s recovered, stepping closer and your placid gaze turns into a fiery glare that has him stilling.

“Nothing. I tripped,” you say, your words blunt and cold and Steve blinks for a moment then his furrowed brows relax and he steps back toward the compound.

“Okay. I’ll leave you two,” he says, slipping back inside and Buckys fingers rub a soothing circle on your back that has tension you didn’t even realize you were harbouring leaking from your limbs.


“No problem,” you say, releasing him as he pulls from your embrace and sits up. Grass blades cling to his hair and your fingers twitch to pull them out. Instead, you clamber to your feet and offer Bucky your hand.

Pulling him up turns out to be more difficult than you thought and you find yourself tumbling forward and over him. He laughs softly before you can complain and you find your eyes falling closed as you revel in the quiet sound. Shifting sounds beside you and something flutters onto your cheek.

Blinking, you stare up at cold faced man and you offer him your hand with a grin, glad when he takes it and pulls you up.

“I won’t tell anyone,” you say once you’re on your feet and he grunts, once. Eyeing him sideways, you can somehow tell he doesn’t believe you. “I mean it.”


You frown but don’t press. It’s not like he can really believe you considering the gossips that’re on the team.

“Thanks though,” you murmur, filling the silence as he holds the door for you. “For the spider, and the hand up.”

“Thank you,” he mutters, not needing to say exactly what he was referring to and you nod once. When you don’t smile, the tension in his expression seems to lessen, and he turns on his heel and stalks away.

why did the reader call for bucky when it seems like they’re barely close at all? 

i couldn’t tell ya (idk)