backward glance

Remember that time when Sherlock discovered that the teammate Mary abandoned without so much as a backward glance, who endured six years of torture because of it, had some hard feelings and was trying to kill her, so Sherlock went to John with the information and the thumb drive to ask him what to do, and John said something along the lines of, “Yeah, if you offer to help her, she’ll definitely attack you like she did the last time you tried to help her, so we’d better just put a tracking device in the thumb drive now so that she doesn’t get too far when she runs after, because you know she will, Sherlock, that’s her pattern, and also maybe wear a bullet vest when you go meet her, yeah?” and Sherlock agreed to it and everything happened exactly the way they thought it would? Remember that? Just checking. 

Stealing The Bite Pt. 4

Word Count:

Genre: Angst, Smut

You swiped a finger through the mess and tasted it, “Hmm, delicious. I’ll have you cumming in my mouth next time.” He groaned and leaned down to kiss you but you pushed him off, standing up and heading for the adjoining room, “I expect you to be here tomorrow morning with the details of the person I will impersonate.” You call out, not sparing him a backward glance. He was left to collect his wits and adjust his clothes, thinking about what he has gotten himself into, as the sound of running water and your soft humming floated to his ears through the closed door.

You were perched on a seat in the far corner of the colossal celebration hall, observing everything around you with wide-eyed wonder. The guests hardly batted an eye at the extravagant decorations, but you on the other hand have never seen such splendor before in your life. You wanted to shake them out of their haughty stupor and make them acknowledge the splendidness around them, have them say that, yes, they too are astonished.

Everyone present was a mixture of every color and form, all wearing rich fabrics and lavish jewelry. Clothes of every shape and design, styles you’ve never even heard of. You yourself weren’t any less striking, clad in a dress soft as a lover’s caress, the satin showing not a hint of a crease. The color was that of the purest emerald, Taehyung’s favorite, and clasped around your neck was the magnificent spotted coat of a black panther that Taehyung had hunted down himself.

You were assuming the form of the Lady Tiye, a noblewoman whose roof Taehyung had stayed under during his six month visit to the Amarna lands. She was the perfect disguise. The king and queen knew of her enough not to question her presence, but not enough to know her face or much else about her. Taehyung had come to your room early this morning and stayed there, describing every detail of her and making sure you immolated her perfectly. He left before anyone could notice he was missing. Left alone in your room, you stood in front of the mirror, staring at your new form for a good while, awestruck by the woman’s beauty. She had silky flowing black hair, dark piercing eyes, and luscious full lips. Her body was a perfect hourglass figure, her breasts ample and her legs long and slender.

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Damon x Reader

“This is nice.” You admitted to Stefan who chuckled.


“Yeah, the urm… teen crowd gets a little old pretty quick.” Stefan smiled and flicked at one of the lights that lit the bridge.


“I dunno, the Caroline girl… Pretty cute Stef.” You teased making him double over and snort.

“She’s far from my type.” He chuckled and glanced backwards to see Elena stood with Bonnie both looking away when they met his gaze.

“She likes you.” you mumble as you link arms with your best friend and lean your head on his shoulder.

The two of you continued to talk quietly, neither noticing the dark haired vampire watching the two of you huddled together in the seemingly picturesque way.

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Bath Time ~ Josh Washington One Shot/Imagine~

Fandom : Until Dawn

Character : Josh Washington x Reader

Word Count : 1,930

Warning: Contains swearing and some very badly written smut (sorry)

Also please request for more imagines/one shots here , I would love to hear what kind of one shots you would like to see!

Also this is set a year before the accident with Hannah and Beth.

It’s freezing in here!” Ashley whimpered beside you.

You nodded in agreement, rubbing your arms with your hands vigorously in attempt to warm yourself up. You jumped slightly when you felt someone place their hands over yours, tugging you backwards. You glanced over your shoulder to see your boyfriend Josh, his arms wrapping around you from behind as he copied the motion your hands had been doing a moment ago.

“You ok Ice Princess?” Josh whispered in your ear.

You laughed at the fitting nickname, “Yeah, I just wish I bought a thicker jacket.”

“It will warm up soon.” Josh reassured you, placing a kiss on your cheek.

“Do you two have to be so cute and make the rest of us feel depressed?” Chris teased; although you noticed his eyes flickered to Ashley. Everyone but Ashley knew he had a huge crush on her; he had only admitted it you and Josh but the rest of the group knew just by the way he acted around her.

“Sorry Cochise, I just can’t keep my hands off my girl.” Josh shrugged, making you beam with happiness. You loved how Josh was so open about his feelings for you; it reassured you that he wasn’t ashamed of you. You always felt that you were punching above your weight; that Josh was too good for you.

All through high school you had heard Emily, Jess, Ashley and Sam gush about how hot Josh was. He was really good looking - tanned skin, black curly hair and a smile that could light up any room. You knew for a fact that Sam and Jess both had a small crush on Josh, Jess had admitted it in a game of Never Have I Ever and although Sam had never admitted it to you, you still knew by the way her eyes lingered on him sometimes.

You and Josh had gotten together a few months ago; when Josh had kissed you out of nowhere when you had been tutoring him in English around at his house. You had been speechless, you couldn’t believe out of all the girls, he had chosen you.

“Come on guys, let’s get the party started!” Jess whooped, dancing around the cabins living room in excitement. You rolled her eyes at her childish antics but chuckled, you were excited about the trip to the cabin too.

“Let’s get some drinks.” Beth suggested.

“I’ll get them.” Sam offered. She began walking to the kitchen before she paused and looked back at Josh and you, “Do you mind helping me Josh?”

You gritted your teeth in attempt to contain your irritation. Sam could have asked anyone to help her; Mike, Chris or Matt would have jumped at the opportunity, yet she had to ask your boyfriend.

“Yeah, sure Sammy.” Josh grinned.

You looked down at the ground, your stomach dropping as you felt Josh’s arm slide away from your waist as he went to join Sam; who was grinning at your boyfriend. You resisted the urge to scream at the blonde and instead turned around and headed towards the stairs.

“Hey,” Hannah’s gentle voice sounded from behind you, “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine.” You answered bitterly.

“Just ignore Sam, she’ll get over her crush soon.” Hannah tried to reassure you but you shook your head; you knew Josh, girls were hooked on him forever. “Come and sit with us.”

“I’m gonna take a bath,” You said; in no mood to sit around and watch Sam flirt with yor boyfriend. “I’ll see you later.”

Hannah sighed from behind you but let you go. You knew she was trying to help but right now you just wanted to be alone. You insecurities bit at you as you ran upstairs, comparing yourself to Sam who in your eyes had always been prettier, skinnier and nicer.

Yes, you really needed a nice bath.

You sighed and rested your head against the bathtub. The water was warm against your skin, the steam clouding the bathroom as you felt your whole body relax. The bathroom was illuminated in the warm and gentle glow of the candles you had lit and the stereo was playing some soothing music on low volume.

You closed your eyes and tried to rid your mind of the toxic thoughts. You didn’t want to be the jealous girlfriend who didn’t trust her boyfriend, but you couldn’t help it; you were only human. You jumped slightly when you heard a knock on the door. Your eyes flitted to the towel on the other side of the room as you remembered how you hadn’t locked.

“Hello?” You called out nervously.

“Y/N.” Josh called, his voice slightly muffled behind the door, “Are you in there?”

“Yeah.” You confirmed, “I’m having a bath.”

“Are you ok? Hannah said you were upset.” Josh questioned in concern.

“Damn it Hannah.” You hissed, “I’m fine Josh.”

“Just tell me what’s wrong Y/N.” Josh pressed.

“I’m fine!” You protested unconvincingly.

“Tell me or I’m coming in.” Josh threatened.



“Josh, it’s nothing-”


“Josh, no!”


The door flew open and Josh stepped inside, closing the door and locking it behind him. You pulled your knees up to your chest, sinking down into the bubbles in attempt to cover your bare skin. In the months you and Josh had been going out he had never seen you naked, whenever you had a hot makeout session you would either be interrupted by your Mum and Dad or his parents or his sisters. The most Josh had seen was you in your bra.

Josh turned around, halting immediately when he took in your appearance. His eyes dragged over your figure, his eyes lingering on your collarbone, thighs and face. Despite your knowledge Josh thought you looked stunning in the gentle light from the candles, your hair trailing down the side of your neck, your skin shiny from the water.

“Jesus.” Josh swallowed, his eyes dark with lust.

“Just turn around, I’ll get a towel-” You started to say but Josh shook his head repeatedly.

“No, there is no way in hell you are moving.”

“What? Why?” You questioned in confusion.

Your eyes widened when Josh started unbuckling his pants, revealing his tight black Calvin Klein boxers.

“Because I’m getting in with you.” Josh stated huskily, his mouth lifting up in his handsome smirk. Your heart stuttered as you watched him tug off his jumper, revealing his tanned chest. You couldn’t stop your eyes from sweeping over the taut muscles, the broad shoulders and the deep v-lines.

“You’re…You’re getting in?” You stuttered.

Josh grinned, “Try and stop me.”

You glanced down at the bubbles as you glimpsed Josh pull down his boxers. You tighten your hold around your knees as you heard him walk towards the bath; his bare feet slapping against the tiles.

You shivered when you felt him lean behind you, his breath hot at your ear, “budge up baby.”

You shuffled forward, the water sloshing around you as Josh climbed in behind you. His legs came either side of you and you froze when you felt his warm hands against you shoulders.

“You don’t need to be nervous around me Y/N.” Josh reassured you, his lips grazing your neck, “You’re gorgeous.”

You hesitantly loosened the grip on your knees before you allowed yourself to relax into Josh, your head falling in the place between his neck and collarbone and your legs straightening as you laid down. Josh’s hands rested on your naked stomach as his lips pressed against your forehead.

“Tell me why you’re upset.” Josh begged, his voice a rumble against your wet hair, “Talk to me.”

“It’s stupid.” You whispered.

Josh’s hand stroked your hip causing your heart to malfunction slightly, “It’s not stupid if it’s upsetting you.”  

“I just…” You sighed before allowing the words to tumble from your mouth, “I know it’s stupid but I hate how the girls look at you, it makes me feel like shit. And I know you don’t encourage them and you’re not trying to flirt with them because that’s just who you are, but I don’t think you understand how much other girls want you.”

“Who are you talking about?” Josh frowned.

You rolled your eyes, “Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed how Sam and Jess fawn all over you.”

“They do not.” Josh denied.

“Do you mind helping me Josh?” You imitated Sam, making sure to flutter your eyelashes for effect.

“Sam’s just a friend.” Josh protested.

You scoffed, “Yeah sure.”

“I’m serious Y/N.” Josh said, his tone serious, “I’m not interested in Sam, or any of the other girls, the only girl I’m interested in is the one in my arms right now.” His lips brushed against your neck, his hands trailing lower down your stomach. You jerked slightly as they dipped between your legs, the movement causing you to arch your back and bang your head against his collarbone. “How could I be interested in anyone else when you look the way you do.”

His hand moved against you, causing you to bite your lip to stifle the moan that was dying to escape your lips.

“Do you know how long I’ve been dying to see you naked?” Josh whispered in your ear, pausing to take your lobe between his teeth and nibble gently, “To admire that beautiful body.”

One of his hand moved upwards before cupping your breast in his hands, “You have beautiful curves.” He moaned appreciatively, his hand moving harder between your legs and causing a moan to escape your lips, “Moan for me again Y/N.”

You couldn’t help yourself as he slipped a finger inside of you, his thumb circling the little bundle of nerves between your thighs. You arched your back further, your lips parting as you panted and moaned at his touch.

“I don’t want you to ever feel insecure.” Josh mumbled before trailing kisses and bites down your neck, his hand that wasn’t busy between your thighs squeezing your breast and causing your breath to hitch. “You’re the only one I want.”

“Josh.” You breathed as he slipped another finger inside you.

“God, say my name again.” Josh growled, his fingers moving harder and causing you to moan out loudly.

The heat was building inside your stomach and you pinched your eyes shut, your legs trembling as you became a mess of moans and whimpers. You whispered his name as he bit into your neck, his lips sucking the tender skin to ensure he would leave his mark on you.

“Jesus Christ Josh.” You panted when he finally allowed you to calm down.

Josh chuckled, his hands stroking your hair, “Did it feel good?”

“Yeah.” You breathed, turning around slightly so you could kiss him. His lips captured yours in a passionate kiss, his tongue grazing your bottom lip as his hands tangled in your hair.

You both jumped when a knock sounded at the door.

“Hey guys…” Sam’s voice sounded from behind the door, “We’re gonna watch a film if you wanna come down?”

“But we’ll understand if you don’t want to,” Chris snorted, “It sounds like you two have been having a hell of a time!”

You blushed at the thought that everyone had heard your moans, but a part of you aso didn’t care, the experience had been amazing and you would definitely not regret it.

“Oh sorry guys, but me and Y/N will not be down any time soon!” Josh shouted efore his lips captured yours in a searing kiss once again.  

Kaiba’s bursting into Atem’s throne room like ‘you are going to stand here and face me, because you left me without a backwards fucking glance, causing me unbearable pain, and we need to talk about this’.

But he doesn’t have that kind of emotional self-awareness, so he has to demand a duel instead.

Hannibal Rewatch meets Hannibal Advent: Sorbet


Turning up unannounced? Bad idea. The wine, too. 

Feelings crowd in. Embarrassment (must hunt out the iron). Admiration for the choreographed dinner preparations. Surprise when Hannibal says ‘stay’ (yeah, Graham, you’d fit right in with his society friends). And something else, covered by fleeting smiles and weak jokes. Wistfulness. For more time like this, sharing confidences. For guests and help to evaporate. Dinner for two and they could share the wine. 

Pain behind a goodbye smile, then warmth coiling low, sensing Hannibal’s thoughts, almost audible. 

Don’t go. 

Can’t stay. I’m sorry. 

No backward glance but buoyant steps. Expectation is building.


Don’t go. 

For a moment, Hannibal thinks he may have said it aloud: he can read Will’s reply clearly in the apologetic bob of his head, the slight twist of his mouth, the faint flush staining his cheekbones.

Can’t stay. I’m sorry. 

But the kitchen is filled only with the quiet, efficient bustle of the sous-chefs, Vivaldi filtering through the speakers. Hannibal watches Will leave, glances down at the gift he’s left behind. A very decent Vernon Bordeaux, 2008. He’ll store it away for now, saved for another evening. Perhaps they could drink it together.

Expectation is unfamiliar but… nice.

acourtofwrathandrhysand  asked:

Omg sin nights are my fav, can you do Rhys and amren because I'm curious😂😂

Alright wait a minute I know I said I was done with Sin Night requests but YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO SEND THIS IN SO HERE TF WE GO

Okay so you know how Rhys canonically invited Amren into his bed and she laughed? CHANGE OF PLANS. SHE SAYS, “…I suppose I have nothing better to do tonight.” And he just FLIPS, like loses his cool seductive composure for a full 3 seconds and she just grins at him wickedly and he is already regretting this decision because SHE MIGHT KILL HIM?

So AMREN leads the way to his chambers barely sparing him a backwards glance, flinging the door open with her magic as she strips casually. Rhys is PANTING, like Amren terrifies him but also arouses him to no end and his lovers are usually intimidated by him and his power (rightfully so) on some level, but Amren could not give less of a fuck.

She’s naked at this point and he’s just staring with his mouth open and she lays back at the edge of the bed, spreading her legs slightly. He’s frozen.

“Well?” She asks, and he meets her silver eyes. “It’s not going to lick itself.”

And then Rhys is jumping into action and he is UNDER PRESSURE OKAY Amren is way older and more experienced than him and he KNOWS this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and he better not mess it up. So he jumps right into it, using his mouth and his fingers and he is controlled and intentional with his every movement and she tastes like fire on his tongue and she’s??? Actually into it???

He goes hard as a rock at the sound of her deep moans and he knows she means them because Amren would never give him or any other lover pity moans of any sort and that only spurs him on more. She grabs his hair HARD and he kind of yelps against her sex and she just chuckles wickedly, arching her back. He uses both hands and his tongue on her and when she comes his room SHAKES and her whole body arches.

She takes maybe two breaths to collect herself after she comes down from the high and then she’s sitting up. Rhys is staring at her wide eyed with his lips swollen and she chuckles. She pats him on the cheek, leans down to inspect his hard on, then just nods and stands up, stepping around him easily.

“Don’t even think about telling those other three idiots about this. They won’t believe you.”

She disappears and Rhys just stares open mouthed at where she had just been standing.

She was right. They didn’t believe him.

Single Looks Good.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: Just a short cute little drabble I had in my files. Figured I would post just to see.


Originally posted by luvinchris

Adjusting your skirt, you take in the outfit you choose once more before you leave your room, your short black pleated skirt, the white crop top T-shirt with the scoop neck with the smallest peek at cleavage, you had paired with a pair of black ankle boots. You gave your curls a fluff, checking your lipstick as you pick up your sunglasses before heading out the door without a backwards glance. You stroll down the hall making your way to the kitchen, as your boot heels click against the wood floor you see the men in the kitchen look up as you walk by eyes traveling the length of you, you stop at the island popping a few grapes into your mouth, smiling at them as you turn heading for the elevator leaning forward you press the call button and wait.

“Feeling better?” Sam ask still staring at you.

“Much thank you.” You turn giving him a smile as you give your curls a fluff once more in the reflection of the elevator, the doors open and Pietro steps off, checking you over as you brush by stepping on to the elevator.

“Wow (Y/N).” He smirks at you, scrunching your nose up at him you grin.

“Eat your heart out lover.” You giggle as the door slides close again.

“Did anyone know she had legs like that?” Tony asks looking around.

“Who know she looked like that?” Sam asks tilting his head.

“I think my heart just stopped.” Pietro sighs leaning against the wall.

“I think the break up is doing her some good.” Buck nods sipping his coffee.

As you step off the elevator you slide your sunglasses on as you make your way through the lobby, pushing the main door open, and running straight into Steve Rogers.

“Oh!” You squeal as you get your footing, laughing.

“You okay?” Steve looks you over, blushing slightly as he takes in your exposed skin and navel.

“Great.” You smile up at him, biting your bottom lip.

“(Y/N) you look,” He grins that half one sided, crooked grin down at you. “wow.” His eyebrows raise for a second but the crooked smile stays.

“Thanks Rogers.” You grin back. The car horn honks and Nat rolls down the window, waving for you. “I’ve got a few things to do.” You smile tilting your head, you start taking backwards steps towards the car.

“Well single looks good on you.” He looks at you before quickly looking down again, you giggle still stepping backwards, you slide your sunglasses down your nose looking him up and down over them.

“Thanks, hopefully not for long.” He smirks at you raising an eyebrow. “I have my eyes set on something,” You look him up and down again. “bigger, you know better.” You shrug pushing your glasses up and turning towards the waiting car leaving Steve blushing and grinning after you.

anonymous asked:

Hey could I request a fic where R has to go visit her family (abusive/neglectful/homophobic) and A, M, K go with them to help them deal with gross-ass comments.

Originally posted by diver5ion

“If they say anything to you, just ignore it and keep grabbing your things.  We’ll make sure that they don’t try to stop you, okay?” 

“Yeah, got it,” you nodded and glanced backwards at Kara after the blonde squeezed your shoulder reassuringly.  After a few seconds of hesitation, you walked up the three steps that led onto your front porch and opened the door to the house you had grown up in.  Without being spotted, you slipped upstairs and were quick to lock yourself in your room.  Adrenaline took over and your hands shook as you moved around the half-emptied bedroom and shoved everything your racing mind deemed important into the two duffel bags you had brought.  Muffled voices started to sound from downstairs and your heart hammered.  

By the time you managed to pack up the reminder of your possessions, the voices had risen to shouts and then fallen silent again.  Cautiously, you unlocked your door and slipped out with the two bags slung over each of your shoulders.  When you made it downstairs, you found your father in a stare-down with Kara near the front door.  Alex waved you past them before you could try to interfere and you hurried out onto the porch without a word.  Your stomach was in knots.

“You okay?” she asked.  Her hand guided you towards the car from its place on your lower back and you nodded stiffly.

“I guess.”

A Warrior’s Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Thirteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think.

RATING: Mature.

“If you wish to leave, then leave. You are free to do so. No one will stop you.” Loki yelled, pointing to the door. He watched as Maebh grabbed the wolf pelt she used to stave off the cold when she was working outside, then turned once more to glare at Loki silently, as he did to her, and walked out the door and away from the homestead without another backward glance.


It took a few weeks for Maebh’s hand to heal, the knife had not gone through bone, but it was still very tender to move or touch. And though Loki had tried to forbid her from doing anything that would strain it in anyway, she continued with most of the housework. While she was injured, Loki did the jobs that Maebh found she was unable to do, and it was then that he realised how much she did without ever even being asked, or him even thinking it needed doing, such as sharpening the knives, axe and even his sword, as well as beating the pelts to freshen them.

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The 90s weren’t particularly special. Whatever sense you get from them about the music and the vibe comes more from your own dynamism. Nostalgia makes you think the past was great because of what you’re feeling. It makes you unaware that what you are feeling is your own enthusiasm about life, your own power that something from the past is bringing out of you.

That sensation is what matters and that sensation is now, alive in you at this very moment. You don’t need to go backwards. You weren’t born at the wrong time. It wasn’t better before. All the fury, all the joy, all the sex and wild magic, lives now in you. Don’t snuff it out in despair through a backwards glance. Take the impetus and live your life.

christtinedaae  asked:

❝ i don’t feel like smiling today. ❞

short stories | accepting 

He pauses, ceasing his speech of instruction for her performance as his disgruntled pupil is obstinately adverse. Yet behind her stubbornness there is a true sort of sadness to her, something just beneath the cracks. He as teacher knows what is best. The persona of the maestro will do little to instruct, in this instance. The Phantom cannot be employed, for fear is not RADIANT. He approaches her carefully, his fingers softly gracing her neck and lifting her chin near to his.

smile then ❞ he begins, ❝ Not for joy, success, or least of all THEM, ❞ he gestures humorously to accentuate his point about the rabble. ❝ Smile for music. ❞ …For ME

The Jedi had never tried to rescue his [Anakin’s] mother or buy her out of slavery. Instead, they had taken him, given him this new life, but left her behind on Tatooine. He had just accepted it at the time, but now … now he knew how much power Jedi had, and all he could wonder is why she hadn’t been worth their time and trouble, too, if only to keep him happy.

Not even Qui-Gon Jinn had cast a backward glance at Shmi Skywalker. As the months and years wore on, the question would not leave Anakin alone.

He didn’t want to let resentment eat away at his fond memories of his old Master, but he couldn’t stop it sometimes.

The Jedi Council had credits. Real wealth. Would it really have been beyond them to buy his mother out of slavery?

—  Star Wars: The Clone Wars by Karen Traviss
what if a girl was sorrow?

what if a girl was wishing wells filled with dead dreams scattered on the cobblestones? what if a girl was a single candle in an old house that has gone years without feeling fire? what if a girl was ghosts that have forgotten the path home or the name etched on the doorway?

what if a girl was stepping stones left behind after leaving? what if a girl was lips after a final kiss? what if a girl was gravestones in neat rows that haven’t seen footsteps? what if a girl was clockwork that would never tell the right time?

what if a girl was goodbyes? what if a girl was backward glances? what if a girl was a glass half full and could never hope to be filled as long as she kept looking for brighter places to rest her head?
—  what if a girl was sorrow and she never stopped looking for more to savor? for @dear-oceanus | jocelyn

Scott x Fem!Reader

Requested By Anon

Scott smiled across the hall as you hurried to your locker, normally you’d meet Scott and Stiles by their lockers but today you hurried away from them without a backwards glance.

“Maybe she got confused or didn’t see us.” Stiles offered with a rapid hand gesture.

For two days you avoided your boyfriend, your knowledge of the school’s corridors had become impressive to the point that Stiles decided to memories them himself. 

He gave up trying to engage you in conversation because you just blushed and fidgeted, he didn’t even bother to invite you to the lacrosse match at the end of the week, normally he’d leave you his spare jersey before heading into the changing rooms.


The team jogged out and Scott trailed behind feeling deflated and unambitious, until he heard the familiar voice. He slowly turned to see you blushing and attempting to duck down when he looked at you with a confused smile, he should have known you had his missing jersey, he smiled to himself as he hurried onto the pitch the sight of you proudly sporting his shirt making him feel a little better.

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Playing in the Rain With B.A.P

Anonymous asked: the VIXX in the rain scenario was so cute!! Could you please do that but with b.a.p?   A/N: I hope you like it Anon!

Yongguk – Fingers lightly linked together as you two strolled along, the sprinkle suddenly turned into a downpour. Bang squawked and tried tugging you under an overhang. You stopped him by throwing your weight backwards and he glanced back at you confused and ducking his head against the rain. Impishly you smiled and said ‘catch me’ before you took off running the other direction. So used to trying to set an example of maturity, he’d feel too old to play like that initially. But the boyishness still living in him would soon take over and he’d come after you, laughing the whole way. After a good chase he’d catch you, your momentum spinning the two of you around a few times. Coming to a stop you looked up at him with sparkling eyes and raindrops clinging to your lashes. Struck by the undeniable need to kiss you Yongguk abruptly covered your mouth with his own. The kiss was deep, but already being out of breath you’d have to break apart frequently for air, almost adding a feeling of urgency that built your passion. Finally coming back to an awareness of clutching drenched clothing and the insistent rain against you, Yongguk would want to get you somewhere warm and dry before you got sick. Expansion

Himchan – He’s not feeling it. Annoyed at being wet and chilled he wouldn’t really want to run around and make that worse. Even if you pouted it’s not going to work. Pulling your protesting self under shelter to wait out the storm he’d wrap his arms and as much of his coat around you as he could and ask you if this wasn’t better than getting soaked to the bone. Once the rain let up he’d take you to a nice little cafe to get some hot coffee and warm you up. Then he’d want to get you home so he could fuss over you and get you into some dry clothes. He’d want to snuggle close to you and listen to the rain pounding outside from the warmth and comfort of your place.

Daehyun – His eyes would light up at the suggestion and he’d grab your hand, promptly heading out into the rain. With you in tow he’d be zooming around screaming like a banshee. Your heart would swell at seeing him so carefree and happy. Caught up in the moment and not paying attention he’d slip, hitting the ground and taking you down with him. Tangled in a mass of limbs he’d frantically start checking to make sure you weren’t hurt. After assuring him half a dozen times you were fine he’d take your face in his hands and lightly kiss you in relief and apology. However the adrenaline and the taste of rain on your lips brought him back in for another, much longer kiss without him even making the conscious decision to do so. You’d be oblivious to everything but each other and a sensation of drowning that had nothing to do with the water. At some point you started to shiver and Daehyun reluctantly helped you to your feet to go home. Expansion

Youngjae – Having checked the weather report ahead of time he’d been prepared with an umbrella. Not really understanding why you’d want to play in the rain when he’d made the effort to plan ahead Youngjae would be a bit reluctant. He really wants to take care of you and he’s not certain that’s what’s best for your health. But he’d cave if you cajoled him enough. He’d be playful but mostly just follow your lead and be more than ready to call it quits when you’d had enough. Placing an arm over your shoulders he’d pull you into his side to give you what warmth he could, dreaming the whole way home of curling up with you on the couch with snacks and a movie.

Jongup – Woohoo! You probably turned to each other at the same time with the suggestion and then laughed yourselves silly as you ran hand in hand through the rain. Arms raised to the sky, twirling about and jumping in puddles to soak each other you would have so much fun just being in the moment. There were no worries in life, no demands or schedules, just two souls in perfect harmony enjoying yourselves no matter what the circumstances. He’d feel so grateful to have someone like you in his life that could be a free spirit with him.

Zelo – When you made the suggestion he’d want to, but he tries so hard to seem mature for you. He doesn’t want to ruin that. So he’d resist at first, but deep down it’s just for show. Stepping behind him you started pushing at his back knowing if he really had a problem with it you wouldn’t be able to budge him. Suddenly getting in the spirit of things he’d side step you quickly so you’d go sprawling ahead but he’d catch you around the waist before you hit the ground. Making sure you were on steady footing again he’d take your hand, leading you forward while he walked backwards, watching you with a big grin as he led you out to play.

Demon Board

a/n: i’ve got this one thing that i’ve been working on for literal months, i really don’t want it to be shitty and rushed like some other works i’ve done (i cant take them down tho bc they give me a reference for how i started out lmao) so it’s going to sit in my folder and rot until i decide it’s good enough. but i love it v much. :)) BUT here’s this small thing i wrote while not doing my biology hw.

Fuck that.” You said incredulously, hopping up from your spot on the floor and making your way towards the front door. You ignored the multiple calls from your friends as you flung the door open and walked out of the house without a backwards glance. You were not going to be part of that game. Not a chance in hell.


“Fuck you, Dunbar!” you yelled over your shoulder as you made your way down the driveway. “I am not going to fuck with that creepy shit. I’m going home and you’re leaving me the fuck alone.”

Liam laughed and snagged your upper arm, moving to block your path, “It’s just a game, (Y/n).”

You scrunched your face up and looked at him as if he were an idiot, “It’s not a fucking game, Liam. Do you know what happens to people that mess with that shit? They die. In those horror movies, they are haunted and murdered by evil spirits. None of them were smart enough to say ‘hell no, I’m not messing with that’ and they died. I’m gonna play smart and I’m going to take my ass home. I do not fuck with that shit.”

“Good point,” Liam admitted. “BUT, have you ever thought about how they were just movies? And how none of it’s real?”

You considered him for a moment too long and nodded, “You know, you’re right. How about you take your werewolf ass back into that house with all of your very real supernatural buddies and play with the demon board to test out if it’s real or not, and I’ll go home and not die.” You pulled your arm out of his grip with a too sweet smile and shouldered past him.

He sputtered out an incoherent response and stared after you, “You don’t even have shoes on! All your stuff is in Lydia’s room! (Y/N)! You live like five miles away from here and it’s almost midnight! It’s dangerous out there!”

You flipped him off over your shoulder but kept walking, “It’s a lot safer out here than it is in there with that board!”

“It’s really not!”

“Liam?” you called out.

“Yeah?” He said hopefully, speeding up to catch up to you.

“Shut the fuck up.”

“I’m just saying,” Liam said from beside you, running a hand through his hair, “we both know that it’s not. It’s just a fact. There could be any number of threats out there right now and I—” You stopped in the middle of the road and turned to glare at him. He held his hands up in surrender, “Shutting up.”

You gave him one more good glare before you started walking again, ignoring the fact that rocks were digging into the bottoms of your feet and it hurt like hell. But you’ll be damned if you go back to Lydia’s house where an Ouija board was being held and messed with. Your momma didn’t raise no fool.

“So, are we really going to walk five miles?”

“I thought you were shutting up.”

“I was until I realized that you were still walking.” Liam said, “I could drive you home, you know. We could watch a movie there. Or at my house. We could make out a little at either house, which is one hundred percent better than messing with spirits, or in the back of my car. I don’t know. Just some suggestions that I’m tossing around. You can take a swing at any that appeal to you. Hopefully the one where we’re making out, though.”

You rolled your eyes and fought back the smile creeping at the corners of your mouth, “You’re an idiot.”

“But you love me anyways,” Liam ducked his head and batted his lashes in the most obnoxious way.


The day you finally realize just because you would never dream of hurting someone doesn’t mean they wouldn’t turn your world upside down without a backwards glance is the day you finally get to set some of your demons free.
—  allishunland