Fic Masterlist (Jikook Only)

Full Fics

Nanny (M, 13 097 words, 3 chapters, single-dad!jimin)

Don’t Go Home (T, 3489 words, mute!jungkook)

Practice (T, 5087 words, non-au)

We Don’t Talk Anymore (T, 3584 words, non-au) 

Can You Trust Me? (T, 3565 words, dancer au) 

Get A Room (T, 1294 words, non-au)

Theirs (G, 6147 words, adoption au)

Forget-Me-(not) (T, 3606 words, tattoo parlour/flower shop au)

Strawberry (T, 5188 words, former childhood friends au)

Dance For Me (T, 3010 words, bellydancing!jimin)

Thanks For Watching (T, 3285 words, youtuber au)

Just Wait a Little Longer (T, 2946 words, childhood friends au)

Listen Closely ; Kiss Me Better (T, soulmate au, 2 parts)

Warm (T, 1116 words, maknae!jimin)

Cheat (T, 2678 words, babysitter!jimin)

Say My Name (M, 6551 words, prince/servant au)

Wish You Were Here (M, 7 chapters, 28 488 words, online relationship au)

Touch Me (Please?) (T, 1147 words, arranged marriage au)

I’ll Never Let Go (M, 3156 words, titanic au)

Fluidity (G, 2210 words, ATLA au)

Turtleneck Talk (T, 1483 words, meet the parents)

Shorts (T, 2921 words, ballet!chim/dorky!kook)

Penicillium (G, 1248 words, non-au hawaii)

Genuine (T, 2104 words, android!jimin)

Shiver (M, 9 chapters, 34 432 words, friends with benefits au)

Picture (Not) Perfect (M, ongoing, enemies to lovers)

Untitled Oneshots

Spiderman AU



College AU


Roomates-With-A-Cat AU


Jungkook’s Birthday




Age-Difference AU

Disapproving Friends



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