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One Foot Out of the Grave Pt. 3

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A/N: It’s been a while, I apologize. Writing has been a challenge lately, my brain has been too crowded with non-story related things. I am also trying to start up my Supernatural Imagine Blog—this one storyline has been swirling around in here for far too long. Here you go!

It’s time to battle Ultron. With a few modifications to your suit, a bit of courage, and an intense moment with Pietro, you are ready to do your job and kick some robot ass. 

Pairing: Pietro x Reader, Dad!Tony x Reader

Warnings: violence, references to death, language

Words: 2,770

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Did you know that Jess never lets any of her electronics go below 25%, just in case someone else needs to use them?

(No, but seriously how does she even do that? How long is her battery life? Does she do nothing on her phone? What about when she’s at work? Oh- I just figured it out. Jess charges her phone at work. She probably has a backup portable charger and an emergency flip phone just in case though.)

(Also: Nick and WInston are wearing matching colours. Nice one, wardrobe team!)

WitchTips’ Concert Tips

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I know this isn’t one of my usual topics, but many of my followers know that I’m an avid concertgoer, music fan, and a member of the industry. I’ve been attending concerts since the ripe age of 8 months old. That being the case, I decided to put together some tips to make your concert experience a little bit more pleasant! (Sorry, the “read more” made the numbers get all messed up).

  1. Wear comfortable clothing. You will most likely be sweating, moving, and walking a whole bunch. Things can get rough, depending on what environment you’ll be in, and the last thing you want is a torn piece of clothing or a ripped off bra strap (believe me, it’s happened). After the show you’re not going to care about how cool you looked, you’re going to want to be able to get back home/to your ride in a painless manner. If you have long hair bring a hair tie just in case you’re in a tight spot or you get too warm. (Note: This does not mean you can’t look cute AND be comfortable! There are tons of great looks that don’t take a toll on your comfort. Plus, you’re cute regardless of what you wear.)
  2. Wear proper footwear! I cannot stress this enough and I’ll be the first to admit that I often disregard my experience and convince myself that I’ll be fine wearing a new pair of shoes, heels, or sandals. Only you know what the best pair of shoes for you is, so don’t try to convince yourself that just because someone else can wear 5 inch platform heels comfortably that you can too if you know you can’t. Blisters and bleeding feet are not what you want when you’re out enjoying your favorite band/artist.
  3. Be kind to your body. Get a good amount of sleep before a show, eat something, and drink a lot of water. You’re not going to have any fun if you fall asleep or pass out in the crowd. If you’re going to be outside in the sun bring sunscreen and sunglasses.
  4. Bring as little as possible, or carry it in an appropriate bag. We all want to be fully equipped during a show. Backup charger, phone, I.D., cards, money, makeup, menstruation supplies, sunglasses, tickets, etc. Depending on the show, it’s length, the venue, and your personal needs you’re going to need most or all of these things with you. Having pockets is always a major plus, but not everyone owns/opts to wear clothing with nice spacious pockets. Backpacks are good for festivals, but can be annoying in tight spaces and when going through security. Wristlets are nice and usually can fit everything you’ll need, but depending on how much you move your arms they can also be troublesome. If you’re going to bring a purse, make sure it has a long enough strap that you can wear is across your body. This way, your hands and arms will be free and you won’t drop or misplace your bag. Something that is extremely important in any of these is a substantial zipper or button to close the bag. Having a way to keep your items secure inside of your bag or pockets prevents others from stealing or going through your stuff and it keeps you from inadvertently losing items because of sub par closing methods.
  5. Conserve your phone battery. Concerts have terrible signal, as does any place with lots of people all using their phones at the same time. Don’t use your phone for unnecessary things, especially if you don’t have a backup charger (I usually carry two). Your Snapchats, Facebook posts, and texts might not go through until after the show, but that’s okay.
  6. Keep the information you need available at all times. This not only means having your possessions with you and easy to access, but also that you should take advantage of technology. If you have a smartphone, save the digital version of your tickets (if you get them through an app or pdf) to your pictures. Just screenshot the bar code so you have it. Also screenshot transportation schedules if you plan on using public transportation or if you may have to take public transportation in a pinch. It also doesn’t hurt to screenshot the map of the area you’re in if you are unfamiliar. If you like to look up the set lists for acts, screenshot that, too! There’s no point in wasting your phone battery to look it up. That brings us to:

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The year is 2017.

I pray to God that I will be okay. I hug my family extra tight. I make sure my phone is charged up all the way. I keep my backup chargers in my back pocket. I take time to make plans of what to do in the event of an attack. I fear that each breath I take might be my last. I step outside and think to myself, I hope I make it back alive. All I’m doing is going out with my friends. All I’m doing is going to school. I am going to a concert. I am going to the movies. I am walking to my car. I am walking into this harrowing, cruel, petrifying, perilous world. The world I grew up thinking we would all survive in. But we won’t. We don’t. 


Most fiction has a romance of some sort. Historical, literary, suspense–most plots, even if they’re not a romance novel, have a romantic subplot at the minimum. And actually, most of this advice can be used for all sort of relationships between characters (mother/daughter, best friends, lovers).

The interaction between your characters is what brings a book to life. No novel is written without dialogue, secrets, plot and emotions that cross between the characters in your novels. So how does this all come to life and become real for the reader?


1. Coincidence. It’s not that easy.

There is nothing more transparent than characters who come together serendipitously. It’s easy for a writer to have characters bump into each other on the street. What’s hard is to plot interaction naturally for each character’s own motivations and goals separate from their relationship to each other. Comb your writing for things that seem too easy; chances are, the reader can see right through it.

2. Can they just get in a room together?

The opposite of this is a similar problem. If your relationship issue could be solved by two people simply being in the same room and talking it out–it’s not plotted deeply enough. The characters have to be up against something external and bigger than themselves. If they themselves are the limitation to their happiness or coupling then the reader will get frustrated very easily.

3. Technology. The curse of modern relationship writing.

I know writers, this one isn’t easy. But, setting your novel in the 90s isn’t the answer either! (The reason for writing a historical novel has to be more than just avoiding the cell phone or internet.) Even having a characters’ cell phone drained of battery is hard because of the modern conveniences of car charges and backup chargers. No reader will believe this unless it’s a character quirk and even then we’re all frustrated by our own friends who don’t travel with a fully charged phone! Plus, there is wifi everywhere we go, so of course in a modern novel there will be the same amenities for your character. Therefore, you can’t make your plot too simple or else we’re back at Problem 2 (i.e. why can’t they just talk?). If you have to keep them away with a forgotten cell phone or dead battery then the see above (i.e. external conflict!).

5 Things Meme

I was tagged by @hogwartsismyhometoo and you should go read her post to remind yourself that sunshine can be personified!

I. 5 things in my bag

1. Glucose tabs, juice, and skittles; all cause hypoglycemia and I are old friends at this point

2. Insets, syringes, novolog insulin, IV Prep wipes, lancets; my diabetes backups keep me alive and make me look like a hoarder

3. A backup portable charger and headphones

4. My elephant wallet stuffed with enough ones that people would question my real profession. (I’m not a stripper- I promise!) 

5. My sunglasses I got like 4 years ago from a plato’s closet for like two dollars. At this point I’d trust them to last me through the apocalypse with all they’ve gone through.

II. 5 things in my bedroom

1. My disney pin collection, I have been collecting since age 7 and I have about a lanyard full of my absolute favorites

2. 4 laminated posters that were advertisements for my favorite production I was in every year of high school, including this year’s “The Addams Family Musical”

3. A bunk bed, I’m a top bunker for life; but if I go up I’m not going back down so I better have brought everything I need with me or I’ll suffer without. It’s become the principal of the thing.

4. Rufus! He’s the bear with diabetes kids will get at diagnosis to practice insulin shots on. He has a little alert bracelet and everything.

5. A small bookshelf my 3rd grade class made. Each kid painted a cute bug on it and my Dad’s friend bought it at the charity raffle and gave it to me for a gift.

III. 5 things that make me happy

1. When you hit a good tee shot and it makes that perfect “ting” noise.

2. Scream / Singing to “oldies to us” music in the car

3. That happy feeling after you read a good line in a book, and you have to curl your toes and squeal.

4. The Wisconsin Lions Camp. CAMP! Enough said.

5. Reading my teacher’s feedback on my google docs / rubrics, or when anyone ever peer edits my stuff and comments “lol.”

IV. 5 things I’m currently into

1. Photography but pretty much exclusively from my iphone.

2. Hiking; my pictures from the smoky mountains still warm my heart.

3. Hanging out with my two new adoptive cousins Mallory and Gabe almost every weekday after school.

4. Meditation: whenever stuff starts stressing me out my guided meditation especially in the sun puts me on the right track.

5. Diet Orange Sunkist, not healthy, but I also don’t seem to care with the amount I’m consuming.

V. 5 things on to do list

1. Join the Peace Corps after college

2. Pack for summer camp and college before May 27th

3. Put out closed toe shoes for the Bio field trip we’re taking to a lab tomorrow to do some gel electrophoresis.

4. Call my insurance company to switch to the Medtronic Insulin pump company

5. Talk to my future roommate and current diabestie on what we still need to buy for our college dorm

VI. 5 fun facts

1. I live nearby the largest musical festival in the US and thus have seen, Kelly Clarkson, Train, John Mayer, Phillips Phillips, The Fray, Panic! At The Disco, and Wheezer there.

2. I’ve hiked two sections of the Appalachian trail; the Shenandoah Valley and Smoky Mountain areas.

3. On every calc test I’ve ever taken I put a disney fun fact in the corner and on the ‘best ones’ my teacher usually comments back.

4. I am unusually obsessed with coral and I find them fascinating, which makes me believe that in a past life or something I was a hardcore ‘coral rights activist’ / environmentalist.

5. I love cooking shows more than even the average wine mom and have talked about Iron Chef Gauntlet and Cutthroat Kitchen with such fever that when someone mentions a cooking show my friends audibly groan.

I’m tagging @after-avenging-hours and @starkstony because they’re posts have been making me smile lately and I would love to hear more about them. But anyone who wants to can do it! 

A College Student’s Guide to Dealing With Anxiety About Due Dates, Schedules, and Other Things

Ok, so, you’ve got anxiety about that due date? Don’t think you’ll be able to finish the semester? Anxious that something will go wrong this semester? Well, as a college student who thinks too much about the future and has been in school for 10 years, let me tell you how I fight my anxiety. 

1. I do things early. I give myself about 3-4 days extra to budge around when writing papers and studying. It really works. I write my papers in sections for a few days so I have free time and it’s not weighing on my mind. Whenever I think about my paper, a rush of relief comes over me because I have already started it. 

2. I plan my routes. I plan my walking route from building to building. I make sure I double check to make sure I know where that building my class is in is. 

3. Double Check. For example, make sure you double check classroom numbers and building locations on the first day of class. Have it written on your hand. Have it on your cell phone. Double check everything before you turn it in. Triple check that shiz, even. Papers need to be triple checked also. 

4. Back things up. Back up everything. For example, have a hard copy backup of your room numbers and your schedule just in case your phone battery goes out on the way there. 

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I went to L.A. to see EXO plus hang with my friends who I’ve talked with for a long while now. We all went together but got separated at the concert but our theme was to wear rose crowns because it was Valentines Day 

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Hey fellow Pokemon Goers.

If you need a portable battery, I recommend this one.

The Solar Charger, Portable Solar Power Bank 10000mAh Dual USB Battery Charger External Backup Power Pack

This sucker will last you all day. It does take a while to charge, so I do it overnight. You also have to watch your phone from time to time, because once you finish charging, the charge turns off. 

The solar charging part doesn’t really work that great — it’s faster to plug it in to let it charge. 

The best part of this? It’s only $19. It’s a steal for how well it works. FSH Tech Portable Power Bank with Built-in Micro USB Cable Specially Design for Iphone 5 5s 5c 4 4s and Other Smartphones Support IOS 7.1 - Ideal and Pocket Size External Cellphone Battery Charger and Backup Pack 4000mah user Friendly with Full Satisfation Guarantee: Cell Phones & Accessories

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“I guess, my dear, that the tables turned.”

 Actually I had this wip half colored for a long time, but only finished today 😅 and, as I find my backup charger, here it is, @nimbusfox! Submitted by Don

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Photography is my passion; technology is my vocation. I carry what I need (and might need) for both situations.

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