backtraced it

December undid itself
the way we unclench
our fists: bones, joints
unweaving to open
better, wider airports for
the flight of the unstaying 
look at the back
trace the contours:
your palm has dimples
—a safe place where
your knuckles have
always hidden.

see, lovely?

your tired hands, a testament
a tender smile despite
the weight of silence

j. p. berame // no. 0927-121416

So my friend from Japan, Mai Uhnkal, works at a Japanese game retail and decided to go into the forbidden backroom where only the manager is allowed. While in there, he stumbled upon the Pokémon Sun & Moon placeholder boxart, revealing that the cover Pokémon will be Ash Greninja for Moon and Porygon Brock for Sun!  He sent me this pic to upload so he wouldn’t be backtraced by his employer.  I’m so excited!  Not only can Pokémon fuse with other Pokémon, but trainers as well!  Which one will you catch?  Ash Greninja or Porygon Brock?

Larries: omg whoever has been harassing Niall is scum, who the fuck does that?

*it’s revealed the people harassing him are the same ones behind the Anne hack and who called Louis hoping his baby would die*

Larries: omg like if niall was really bothered why wouldn’t he have had the police and fbi backtracing and arresting them like my cousin whose sister’s cousin dog walker who works in the fbi once sent me an anon saying he could do? like this is so fake omg lol who can really believe this, it’s such a stunt lol

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