S hey everyone! it was suggested that I put together a masterpost of all the supplies that I use myself and recommend to you guys. I hope this is helpful! {most of the links are amazon for ease but these supplies will be available in many different stores and elsewhere online}

pens and pencils


paper and notebooks

binders and folders


post-it notes


my favourite stationery websites

I hope this is helpful! xo

Spent some time making these charts. I never really knew what colors were in my pan, lol. One day I will only have professional paint, but for now a few tubes here and there just have to be good enough :p Been reading more about mixing too, and my new red can make some awesome colors (at the bottom) I will keep reading and testing, this is fun :D #watercolor #gouache #backtoschool

With the autumn term well underway, the OUP Archives ask that you spare a thought for the boys who attended the OUP Night School. The school was established in 1853 by the Printer of the time, Thomas Combe, who was keen to improve the education of his workforce. It was intended that the school would give the younger employees at the press, many aged 11-12, a thorough grounding in the three Rs. This document outlines what a boy was expected to know on leaving the school—if he passed this test then he would be given the exciting chance to choose his own book.

The school appears to have been a success on the whole although poor attendance caused the cancellation of some classes. In fact, the lure of the Oxford-Cambridge boat race proved too much for the students one year!