Since it looks like I might get outta here soon I cannot wait any longer to thank the amazing people in my life who have been sending their warm thoughts and encouragement and especially those who have dropped by to make the week go by much faster, company was awesome! Love you cousins Brigid, Cait, Torn, Meghan, Joe, Lam, Damian, uncle Charlie and Aunt Kackie, my besties, CPrete, LNevins, and LGooch, Sid, JSlice and of course mom dad Alley Kasey Padraic and Ruben who were here everyday!! If I forgot someone I am SO sorry, foggy brain.

Must also have to give it up to the amazing nursing staff here on the MSK neurology floor and physical therapy team, they were so great to me, such a tough job.

Will post soon about the many highlights of this week, which yes there are some worth noting. (Hint, most are food related)

I was tagged by backtobrooklyn
 Name: Sa'Miyah
 Nicknames: Mom mom (family calls me that. I’m tryna get them to shake it tho but they won’t. Birthday: June 21
 Sign: Gemini/Cancer cusp
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'7
 Sexual orientation: Demi/pan 
 Favorite color: I’m into olive green rn
Time right now: 8:56 pm
Average hours of sleep: uhmm 5-6 hrs
Lucky number: 3 or 21
Last thing I googled: urban outfitters
Happy place: in my bby’s arms ☺️
Number of blankets I sleep under: one and a half kinda lol
Celebrity crush: I don’t have one lol
Favorite artist/bands: J. cole, erykah badu, willow, jaden, lion babe, logic, jhene aiko, frank ocean, pink floyd, lauryn hill, beyonce
Last movie I saw: white chicks lol
Dream trip: somewhere like Greece or Egypt or some island or part of the world a lot of people don’t know about.

the ten of you should do this so I can know us betta:
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